Chapter 301: A Strange Little Dragon, Encountering Jean Camus Once More

Chapter 301: A Strange Little Dragon, Encountering Jean Camus Once More

“This guy was so strong!” Ayrin exclaimed, his hands still trembling. They had both swelled immensely.

If not for Rinloran, he would have lost all consciousness following the snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower’s earlier beam of white light.

“Snake Eye Corolla has been killed even after using his Snake’s Rosary skill!”

“And the ones who killed him seemed to have merely opened three arcane gates each!”

The two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa were completely in shock as they quickly approached Ayrin’s group and asked, “Which team are you?”

“We are Holy Dawn Academy’s team,” Ayrin replied as he turned and glanced at the two of them.

“Holy Dawn Academy’s team?”

“That strange team which entered the semi-finals of the national tournament?”

“A team composed of only students dared to come to a place like this?!”

The two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa exchanged looks as they both took deep breaths. Afterwards, one of them spoke in a sonorous tone, “We are a team from the Kingdom of Doa’s Jungle Lion Corps. If we survive beyond this war, we will repay you in the future, whatever it is that you request.”

“Move out!”

Exhausted, the two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa didn’t wait for Ayrin and his group to respond as they departed immediately after expressing their gratitude to find somewhere away from the battlefield where they could replenish their arcane particles.


A couple of moments later, a look of surprise flashed across Ayrin’s face. He reached into his robes and slowly took out the dragon egg given to him by the Nether Ice Flying Fish.

“What is it?” Rinloran asked as he turned around and looked towards Ayrin. Upon seeing the egg in Ayrin’s hand, he stiffened.

A fragment of shell fell off from atop the dragon egg.

“Was the impact just now too intense? Did it crack it?!” Ayrin mumbled.

“No,” Rinloran replied, shaking his head. He could sense that the dragon aura coming from the egg had not weakened but become stronger.

“It seems like it is about to hatch,” Rinloran mumbled in disbelief.

From what he knew, dragon eggs only hatched when very strict conditions were met. For example, some eggs would only hatch if they came into contact with dragonbreath, or if they were placed in extreme heat or extreme cold, or if they were continuously incubated for many years.

In Ayrin’s case, he had not possessed the dragon egg for very long and had just simply been carrying it around with him. Thus, it was extremely strange for it to be hatching so quickly.

But a moment later, Ayrin cried out, “The dragon aura has disappeared! Has it truly been destroyed?”

Rinloran too felt the dragon aura emanating from the dragon egg disappear.


Small shell fragments fell to the ground as a large crack abruptly appeared atop the egg and a tiny yellow claw emerged.

“It’s hatching?!”

Ayrin and Rinloran froze once more.

“What?! Ayrin, your dragon egg is hatching?” Stingham asked as he reached them. Stingham’s face was bruised and swollen all over.

As the tiny yellow claw pushed its way out, the upper half of the egg completely fragmented, revealing a small, somewhat wrinkly, yellow dragon with a large belly.

The little dragon’s eyes were still hazy as if it hadn’t completely woken up. At first glance, Ayrin and the others felt like the little dragon looked a lot like a shell less turtle. But upon closer inspection, they could see two yellow horns bulging from its forehead and two stubby wings on its back. There was also a prismatic purple mark on the center of its forehead.

“This little dragon… yellow with a purple mark on its forehead. What kind of dragon could it be?” Stingham perplexedly muttered to himself.

The little dragon’s appearance was just too unique.

As far as they knew, even newly hatched dragons would have wings much larger than their bodies.

While the three youths were still lost in thought, the little yellow dragon stretched out its limbs and broke the rest of the egg.

Crack crack crack…

Afterwards, it quickly ate all of the shell fragments.

Having eaten a meal, it seemed to become spirited as it opened its eyes wide and stared at Ayrin for a moment before quickly burrowing into the depths of Ayrin’s robes.

“Is this really a dragon? Are you sure it’s not a gopher or something?”

Stingham’s mouth was agape as he said, “Why are there no arcane energy fluctuations coming from it? Even newly hatched dragons should have enough power to kill adult cows.”

“At the least, it is very cute,” Ayrin chuckled.

But then, he felt something wrong and reached into his robe and quickly took out the Treasured Book of Sealing.

“What is it doing?”

Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham’s eyes all filled with shock as Ayrin pulled out the Treasured Book of Sealing. The little dragon had firmly bitten onto a corner of the book and dangled in the air, its two round eyes sparkling as Ayrin held the book before him.

“Is it trying to eat the Treasured Book of Sealing?!”

As he watched the little dragon motionlessly dangle from the book without letting go, Stingham’s expression became strange, “Ayrin, you yourself are a giant food monster. It can’t be that your dragon is something similar right? It won’t be some kind of dragon that eats everything, right?”

A feeling of nervousness abruptly washed over Ayrin as he extended a hand towards the little dragon and said, “This Treasured Book of Sealing is a very powerful artifact. You can’t eat it.”

It was because he could feel the arcane energy emanated by the book becoming increasingly chaotic after the little dragon bit it.

Ayrin was speechless as he was shocked by the little dragon’s strength. He had to exert almost all of his strength to pull the tiny dragon away from the Treasured Book of Sealing.

Upon being separated from the book, a look of dismay emerged atop the little dragon’s face. But then, it quickly turned its gaze towards Stingham’s neckline.

“What are you looking at?” Stingham felt a chill run through his body.

He looked down.

Before he could register anything, he felt his neck lighten.

“My Spirit Obstruction Gem!” Stingham shouted as he watched the gem, which they had stole from the Abel Academy team, disappear into the mouth of the little yellow dragon.

“How is this possible!”

“How is it so fast?!”

Stingham’s eyes widened to their limits as he screamed in disbelief, “Ayrin, Rinloran, did either of you see it move? How can it be so fast? How did it manage to steal away my Spirit Obstruction Gem before I could even react?!”

Ayrin and Rinloran were also dumbfounded.

Neither of them had been able to see how it managed to obtain the Spirit Obstruction Gem from Stingham’s neck either. This little dragon moved even faster than Rinloran!

“You little rascal, give it back! That is a treasure which defends against mental attacks! It is not a candy for you to eat,” Stingham shouted as he reached out to grab the gem out of the little dragon’s mouth.

But it was immediately followed by a scream of agony.

Unlike before, it didn’t treat Stingham quite as courteously as Ayrin. The moment Stingham pulled on the necklace connected to the gem, the little dragon opened its mouth and bit Stingham’s fingers.

No matter how hard he pulled, Stingham couldn’t free his hand. Tears streamed down his face as he shouted, “Ayrin, hurry up and tell it to let go! This pain! Otherwise I will flatten it!”

“Can you let him go? He is our teammate.” As Ayrin joined in, the little dragon could only dispiritedly release the Spirit Obstruction Gem. But it was clear that it hadn’t given up on one day obtaining it as its longing gaze followed the gem back to Stingham’s neck.

“Just what kind of dragon is this? Although dragons are known to all love treasures and precious jewels, I have never heard of one which was so quick to steal,” Stingham said, tears still streaming down his face.

At this moment, Rinloran’s body began circulating arcane particles once more as a faint blue light emerged from the fragment of the Tree of Life and descended over Stingham and himself. He abruptly whispered, “Careful, another powerful arcane master is approaching.”

“Which powerful fellow is it this time?”

Ayrin took a deep breath as he too felt the shocking arcane energy fluctuations approaching them. But at this current moment, he was unable to discern where this powerful entity was approaching from.

“It’s Crystal Master Clayston,” Lotton’s voice suddenly rung out from beside them.

“Can you not come and go without warning like a ghost? It’s terrifying. And how come you didn’t help us just now?” Stingham cried out in annoyance as he watched Lotton’s figure emerge from within a dark shadow cast by an enormous stone.

“Crystal Master Clayston?” Rinloran’s expression wavered.

“Are they stronger than the fellow we just defeated?” Ayrin’s face was still filled with fighting intent. After all, he still had a domain stored within the Treasured Book of Sealing.

“They are a former member of House Baratheon. Like Ferguillo, they were ultimately forced out of the main house, resulting in them becoming an Evil Dragon Follower,” Rinloran slowly explained after taking a deep breath.

In the past, Crystal Master Clayston had been a renowned elite teacher of Winterfell Academy. Rinloran believed that they wouldn’t stand a chance if not for the Treasured Book of Sealing and Lotton.

It was clear that Lotton had only emerged from the shadows to warn them of this powerful arcane master who was targeting them.

“Eh? It’s you guys?!”

At this moment, an extremely tranquil voice rang out from behind all of them.

Upon hearing the voice, Stingham felt a tingle surge through his body. He rapidly circulated his arcane particles, causing grasses and saplings to grow wildly around him and envelop him completely.

At the same time, a chill ran through the mind of Rinloran. From the sound of the voice, the person behind them was only twenty or thirty meters away from them, yet none of them, including Lotton, had noticed!

As Rinloran quickly turned around, he slightly stiffened, “Jean Camus?”

Indeed, standing not far behind them was a slender, composed youth with long hair. It was none other than Jean Camus, the number one genius of the Kingdom of Doa.

“Ah, this is the fellow who beat up Stingham?” Ayrin asked as he sized up the genius standing before him.

Jean Camus’ white robes were pristine, as if he had yet to fight.

Jean Camus nodded towards Ayrin and Rinloran as he quietly muttered to himself under his breath, “What’s going on? The Office of Special Affairs actually allowed them to enter the battlefield?!”

“Hmmm? Are you trying to sneak attack me?” Jean Camus said calmly as he turned his head and gazed to the left of Ayrin and Rinloran.

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