Chapter 299: Fighting as Three

Chapter 299: Fighting as Three

The dragon egg placed within his pocket seemed to have suddenly wriggled.

Startled, Rinloran quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I just felt the dragon egg given to me by the Nether Ice Flying Fish tremble,” Ayrin replied.

“It trembled? Then it’s about to hatch? No way! Isn’t that a little too fast?” Stingham and Rinloran were both stunned.

But before Ayrin could take out the dragon egg and take a look, the pale snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower had already finished preparing his skill as he shouted, “Limitless Pulse!”

A terrifying sound rang through the air as a white compression wave surrounded by countless white crystals of ice formed before the Evil Dragon Follower, who was still several hundred meters away, and tore through the sky towards Ayrin’s group.

“Even from so far away?”

“Careful! Using his skill from so far away, it’s as if he doesn’t think we can avoid it or doesn’t care if we try to. This skill, it must have some hidden secret,” Rinloran said sternly. “Look, it seems like it is attracted to our arcane energy fluctuations!”

“Let me deal with it!” Ayrin shouted as he impulsively charged forward to meet it.

Although the chaotic and scattered currents of arcane energy flowing atop this massive battlefield had allowed Ayrin to replenish some of his arcane particles, he was still a far way from being full.

Thus, he wasn’t able to use Melissa’s Treasured Book of Sealing.

It was unfortunate, as atop this battlefield full of four and five gate arcane masters, there were plenty of targets for it.

“Ack, I let this guy steal the defensive role away from me again!” Stingham screamed in annoyance as he watched Ayrin bounding towards the compression wave.

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Lustrous dragon scales covered Ayrin’s body as he confidently greeted the white compression wave head on.

Although the white compression wave was releasing extremely violent arcane wave fluctuations, his intuition told him that it was something he could deal with.


But the moment he was about to collide with the white compression wave, his eyes widened as he subconsciously crossed his arms before him and rolled up his body.

This white compression wave contained an extremely terrifying vibration. Even before he truly came into contact with the wave, he could already feel his entire body violently vibrating. A great pain pierced through his body, as if his all the bones in his body were on the verge of shattering. Even the scales condensed by Dragon Scale Absorption began to crack.

There was a muffled thud as a helpless Ayrin was heavily slammed into the ground by the explosion of the white compression wave. Foam collected over his lips as his body continued to shake.

As was often said by Stingham and several others, Ayrin had been mushed into a meat patty.

Rinloran and Stingham both hung their mouths open in shock.

Ever since they first met Ayrin, they had never seen him get beaten into such a miserable state.

“That fellow is this strong?”

“He must have opened at least five gates, right?” Stingham blurted as he continued to dazedly watch the snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower advance towards them.

“You idiot! Did you forget about your bloodline’s True Sight ability?! Why don’t you just take a look and see?!” Rinloran berated Stingham as he moved in front of Ayrin.

“But plants start growing over me the moment I use arcane particles,” Stingham responded in frustration. Indeed, the moment a green light flickered through his eyes, grass and flowers began to grow atop his head once more. “He has indeed opened five gates. But why does he seem so much stronger than the previous five gate arcane master that we fought?”

“You idiot, it’s because that Evil Dragon Follower had to deal with a domain at the same time! Also, he didn’t expect for us to be so strong. Otherwise, how could it be so easy for us to deal with a five gate arcane master? That’s someone on the same level as Teacher Liszt after all!” Rinloran admonished.

“If you want to scream at someone, then scream at Ayrin. He decided to charge out in front even though he isn’t as handsome or as strong as me.” But then, worry pervaded Stingham’s mind as he turned and stared at Ayrin and said, “Why are there no sounds coming from him? This fellow can’t possibly have died just like that right?”

“Whew, he’s alright. He’s still frothing…” Stingham weakly let out a sigh of relief as he saw more white foam coming out from Ayrin’s mouth.

“Idiot!” Rinloran inwardly swore.

Afterwards, he took a deep breath as he recomposed himself and thought, “This fellow’s skill was so strong, just who is he?!” As he watched the pale snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower continue to approach them, his pupils couldn’t help but tremble.

At the same time, he could sense that Ayrin’s body had reached its critical point. If not for his astonishingly strong body, he would have already died.

Rinloran took another deep breath and then sternly shouted towards Stingham, “Protect me while I save Ayrin!”

Standing atop this battlefield, Rinloran’s fighting intent had become fully aroused.

With Stingham’s incredible defensive abilities, Rinloran believed that they would be able to put up a fight against this powerful enemy before them if Ayrin recovered.

And there was still the Dark Queen Mermaid standing beside Stingham and Lotton, who was hiding somewhere in the shadows and ready to attack at any moment.


Faint blue flames began to burn over Rinloran’s body as he directed the healing essence contained within the fragment of the Tree of Life into Ayrin’s body.

“This grandfather told you to lick his feet, yet you went and attacked this grandfather’s teammate! Hurry and come lick this grandfather’s feet, and he might forgive you!” Stingham arrogantly shouted towards the cold faced Evil Dragon Follower as he propped up a pair of nonexistant glasses. Covered in grass and vines, he charged forward.

“High level Elven Bloodline? Fragment of the Tree of Life?! But what use is it? Even if you save him, I will still end up killing him! Hand it over!”

The anger which had just arose within the Evil Dragon Follower’s eyes abruptly disappeared upon seeing the fragment of the Tree of Life within Rinloran’s hand as it was replaced by greed.

Zap! Boom!

Seven large hands of golden lightning emerged before him and grabbed towards Rinloran.

These seven hands of golden lightning were extremely strange. They seemed to be Materializations, but at the same time, they were too agile to be Materializations.

“You dare try to steal from us?! We haven’t even stolen anything from you yet!” Stingham shouted incredulously as his figure flickered. Grass and saplings began to sprout atop his body as he moved in front of the seven hands of golden lightning. It was as if a small tree had suddenly sprouted before the hands.

“You’re courting death! Let me send you on your way!” the pale snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower had been completely infuriated by Stingham’s antics.

Dong dong dong dong…

The seven strange hands of golden lightning disintegrated the vegetation covering Stingham and then heavily crashed into Stingham’s body.

“What’s this?”

The Evil Dragon Follower’s eyes widened as he watched a layer of dim yellow light appear around Stingham, preventing the hands of golden lightning from hitting him.

And then he saw the strange metal zombie emerge atop Stingham’s body.

But this Evil Dragon Follower was unable to connect two and two together and failed to recognize it as the famous Lover’s Corpse.

He thought that it was merely a strange skill which happened to counteract his skill.

“Die for me!”

Arcane particles surged out from his body once more as the seven hands of golden lightning slightly retracted and then crashed towards Stingham once more.


Stingham’s lower half disappeared as he was beaten into the ground.

Although Lover’s Corpse had yet to disappear, Stingham’s condition was still not great. It was clear that he was feeling nauseous from taking so many powerful blows of arcane energy.

In order to further soften the blows and alleviate some discomfort, Stingham immediately used the shield he had obtained from the underground laboratory, “Sandworm Shield!”


Countless particles of yellow sand began to whirl around the area, gathering to form three massive sandworms around him. For once, Stingham’s appearance was quite fierce.

“Just what kind of arcane skill is this? He’s clearly only a three gate arcane master, how can he keep blocking and enduring my attacks?!”

The Evil Dragon Follower felt a chill surge through his heart as he saw Stingham remain alive and manage to summon the three massive sandworms.

At this very moment, Ayrin abruptly jumped up from the ground screaming, “So painful! So painful!”

“How is this possible? Such a powerful recovery ability!”

The Evil Dragon Follower’s snake-like pupils, which had already contracted to mere slits, contracted once more.

Although Ayrin was still letting out screams of pain, it was clear that he had already mostly recovered his strength. For normal arcane masters, it was impossible to recover and become able to fight so quickly, even with a fragment of the Tree of Life.

“Ayrin, Stingham has taken on the defensive role. As for me, I shall be the healer and disruptor. You are in charge of attacking!” Rinloran immediately cried out. Being so familiar with Ayrin, he knew that Ayrin was able to fight as long as he was able to stand.

As Rinloran spoke, a streak of faint blue light flowed out from between his hands and descended over Stingham.

“So comfortable!” Stingham cried out as he vigorously jumped up from within the ground. He felt as if his spirit had been refreshed as his mind which had been muddled from so many collisions regained its clarity.

“Limitless Pulse!” the snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower screamed as he shot out another white compression wave.


Sand and stone flew alongside fragmented white flames around Stingham, yet he remained unmoving like a stone pillar.

Yet another streak of faint blue light descended upon Stingham.

At the same time, a dazzling and frosty longbow appeared in Rinloran’s left hand.

Pew… pew… pew…

Sharp whistles rang through the air as arrows continuously rained down on the snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

An evil dark purple ring of light shot out of Ayrin’s body and enveloped the corpse of the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower.

A shadow ball shrouded in black shadows formed and then shot toward the snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower.

At this moment, a loud crack rang out as the two snow white scorpions behind the Evil Dragon Follower cracked.

As the two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa saw the state of the battlefield for the first time, their mouths dropped in shock.

“Their arcane particles are only so?”

“Just what team is this? So balanced! And how do they cooperate so well with one another?!”

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