Chapter 298: Truly Fighting as a Team for the First Time

Chapter 298: Truly Fighting as a Team for the First Time

A fat and short Evil Dragon follower inwardly screamed in frustration as he watched two figures burst out from a nearby thicket.

“Hat of Pain!”

The Evil Dragon Follower gnashed his teeth as he waved his still numb hands. A gray whirlwind formed before him and then peculiarly condensed into the form of a hat before shooting towards the two newly emerged figures.

But then, the Evil Dragon Follower’s eyes glazed over in disbelief once more.

Of the two figures who had burst forth from within the thicket, one was a boy with golden hair and the other was a tall female arcane master.

A look of frustration was present atop the golden haired boy’s face as he emerged. For some inexplicable reason, weeds and vines continuously wildly grew over him as he soared through the sky. Within just a few moments, he was entangled within a thicket once more.

Meanwhile, the female arcane master, whose face and body were mostly obscured, released an incredibly strange arcane energy fluctuation which seemed to contain… the aura of darkness?

“What the hell! I just escaped the thicket! Why am I already stuck again!” Stingham screamed. He felt like dying from the frustration as he was struck by the gray hat.


Stingham’s figure emerged once more as all of the weeds and vines surrounding him were blown away by the collision. But now, he was surrounded by countless spinning gray blades.


A beam of black light shot towards the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower.

The Evil Dragon Follower’s body violently trembled as he exerted himself and adjusted his materialized shield to block the beam. But it wasn’t enough. The beam of black light took but a single second to penetrate through the shield and strike the Evil Dragon Follower’s chest. As he looked down, his expression quickly turned ugly. Large cankers had begun erupting across his skin as if his organs and blood had been polluted.

“It’s actually dark arcane energy…” Even more feelings of disbelief began welling up within the Evil Dragon Follower as he realized that the “female arcane master” before him was no ordinary person.

A perverse scream abruptly interrupted his thoughts. “Great! I’ve finally stopped growing vegetation! Your arcane skill was quite nice! Hurry up and use it again! Hit me one more time!”

“Hat of Pain didn’t manage to harm him at all? Is he really a three gate arcane master?!”

Even the face of the young snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower who was tying up the two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa paled.

He watched as Stingham charged out of the encirclement of spinning blades, his body covered with a dim yellow glow.

“This…” A look of absolute astonishment emerged on the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower’s face as he abruptly lost all will to fight.


A sensation of complete terror engulfed him as his body seemed to suddenly become unable to move. An enormous shadow grew over him.

“Lotton, why are you making trouble again!” Stingham shouted in annoyance.

“Water Dragon!”

Seeing how the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower was no longer able to invoke arcane skills, Stingham decided to use his skill to smash them and send them on their way.


The short and fat Evil Dragon Follower was sent flying backwards as the water dragon slammed into him.

“Here I come!”

Before the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower could crash into the ground, Ayrin, who was burning with fighting intent, charged through the crashing waves of water and appeared before him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just like in the national tournament, Ayrin’s punches and kicks began to rain down upon them, causing their body to twist and contort in unbelievable fashion in midair.

“Even Galahad is not their opponent. Just who are these people?!”

Seeing the scene unfolding before him, the thin middle-aged Evil Dragon Follower who was facing Rinloran felt a chill rush through him.

“Not good!”

It wasn’t just in his mind as a biting chill began to spread from his left side.

“Pit of Snakes: Devour!”

The layers of green chains floating around him began to revolve even faster as arcane particles spewed out from his hands, creating hundreds of colourful snakes which shot towards his left.

“What?!” he gasped.

His breath abruptly caught in his throat as something loudly slammed into the green chains on the right side of his body, creating a shocking convulsion.

A frigid object pierced into his right abdomen.


A wave of green air and a massive number of magenta arcane particles erupted from this Evil Dragon Follower’s body.

A faint blue light flickered several times in the air as Rinloran reappeared in the center of a nearby pile of stones.

His right hand with which he held his slender flower-shaped longsword faintly trembled as fresh blood dripped down his nails.

As for the thin Evil Dragon Follower, blood was violently spurting out of the right side of his abdomen even as he covered it with his hands.

On the other side, Ayrin finished beating up on the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower, letting them crash to the ground with a bang as he charged towards Rinloran’s side.

At the same time, a giant thicket slowly crept up on the thin Evil Dragon Follower from behind.

“Do you truly think I am blind?! Did you really think that I wouldn’t notice you sneaking up on me?!”

As he was still standing even after suffering Rinloran’s strongest sword skill, it was evident that this thin Evil Dragon Follower was no pushover. For someone like Stingham to think that attempting to sneak up on him would be successful caused a feeling of shame to well up within him.

“Death’s Mire!”

Following his angry roar, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation rippled out from him and enveloped Stingham.

The ground beneath Stingham’s feet abruptly melted and transformed into a bubbling quagmire full of toxins.

A pitch black arcane energy arose from within the quagmire, forming one small black skeleton after another, until there were too many to count. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

“Death’s Mire! This is the taboo skill used by the former Lord of Decay, Arisa!” Rinloran shouted as he saw the quagmire form, his expression slightly wavering.

Arisa, the Lord of Decay, was the lord of the Southern Swamplands of the Kingdom of Eiche. Since his death, the Southern Swamplands had turned into an uninhabited wasteland as no one else was willing to put up with the stenches which had long since seeped into the very earth itself. There were still positions of lordship, but no one was willing to accept them. As for Arisa’s unique skills, they were lost with his death. As a result, it was a great shock when Arisa’s ‘Death’s Mire’ was used at this very moment.

The most terrifying aspect of this skill were not the skeletons condensed from the toxic fumes, but the fact that it was impossible to exert any force on the quagmire. This made it very hard for anyone to escape from sinking deeper and deeper to their horrible death and fate as another rotting skeleton.

“How can this be?” Rinloran gasped, his mouth hanging in shock as he watched Stingham walk atop the quagmire as if he was taking a casual stroll in the park.

Only Stingham had walked through the entire ten meter or so wide quagmire did Rinloran finally realize what was happening.

There were countless numbers of dead weeds and saplings floating atop the surface of the quagmire as well as a thick layer of lichens and mushrooms.

By stepping atop the surfaces provided by this vegetation, Stingham was able to casually stroll across the quagmire.

Any feelings of shame held in the mind of the thin Evil Dragon Follower abruptly disappeared.

“Gale of Blood!” he cried out as he removed his hands from the wound on his abdomen.

His blood and arcane particles began to peculiarly interact with the arcane energy around him, creating streaks of blood red light all around him.

“What is this skill?”

Ayrin felt some nervousness as he stepped in front of Rinloran.

“He’s running away?”

As the blood red light disappeared, the thin Evil Dragon Follower reappeared a hundred or so meters away. He was running away without looking back!

“Tch! You guys are just too strange! You scared him off before I could extort him!” Stingham muttered in frustration as he stepped out from the thicket. His arcane energy seemed to have calmed down as grass was only growing atop his head.

“Stingham, clearly you were the strangest one. You were the one who scared him off, alright?” Ayrin replied weakly.

Stingham ignored Ayrin’s words as he abruptly turned towards Rinloran and asked with a rare smile, “Rinloran, can we discuss something?”

“What is it?” Rinloran coldly responded.

“What was that skill that you used just now which allowed you to cause all of those plants to wither away? In the future, can you use that skill to help me get rid of all the plants which grow on me?” Stingham said as he attempted to please Rinloran.

“Hmph!” Rinloran coldly snorted. He didn’t agree, but he also didn’t disagree.

In all truth, Rinloran was actually feeling quite depressed at this moment.

It was because everything was just like the legends had stated. A high rank Elven bloodline fighting together with a Green Dragon bloodline did indeed result in shocking combat power. After absorbing the Lunar Spring Essence, the wielder of the Green Dragon bloodline was just like an amplification artifact, helping him gather and condense energy of nature.

It was just unfortunate that the wielder of the Green Dragon bloodline was an idiot like Stingham.

“Will I have to fight beside this idiot for the rest of my life?”

Rinloran felt greatly exasperated as he silently argued with himself.

“There’s still one left!” Ayrin shouted loudly at this moment as he looked straight ahead.

The pale youth with snake pupils coldly stared back.

“I’m suddenly kind of missing Belo,” Rinloran said softly as he turned and saw the snake-eyed youth glaring at them with eyes filled with murderous intent. “If Belo was here, he would say… What are you looking at? Hurry up and obediently come over here to lick your grandfather’s feet!”

“I wonder how they are doing right now.” Ayrin couldn’t help but wonder about Belo, Chris, and Charlotte as he chuckled at Rinloran’s words.

Afterwards, he took the page out of Belo’s book as he shouted towards the snake-eyed youth, “What are you looking at? Hurry up and obediently come over here to lick your grandfather’s feet!”

“That’s not right, it should be like this!” Stingham chortled. Afterwards, he himself took a try as he tried to make an excited expression and acted as if he was propping up his glasses, “Come lick this grandfather’s feet!”

Wily looks emerged on Ayrin and Rinloran’s faces.

The abilities wielded by someone with a Green Dragon bloodline could certainly be shocking at times. Stingham’s imitation of Belo was just too similar.

“You are courting death!”

The pale youth with snake-eyes became thoroughly enraged as the streaks of white light radiating from his body abruptly disappeared.


In the blink of an eye, he quickly shorted the distance between him and Ayrin's group by dozens of meters.

At the same time, a dazzling cluster of white light emerged within his hand.

Right at this moment, Ayrin subconsciously looked down at his chest. "Eh?"

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