Chapter 297: Charge, Brave Warriors!

Chapter 297: Charge, Brave Warriors!

“Hmmm? Stingham coincidentally managed to defeat an arcane master who snuck behind us?”

“Just what skill were they using? Even the Dark Queen Mermaid didn’t sense their presence!”

Only after the arcane master crashed to the ground unconscious did Ayrin and Rinloran finally realize their presence.

“Brave warrior Stingham, you did well! You are strong after all!” Ayrin praised Stingham as he raised his fist.

“Naturally. I am the most handsome!” Stingham replied as he combed through his hair, sending a pile of green grass falling onto the ground.

“Ayrin, let us charge forward and slaughter!” Rinloran abruptly cried out as he saw three Evil Dragon Followers encircle two leather armor wearing arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa nearby.

Having been surrounded, the two arcane masters seemed to be out of other options as they constantly invoked defensive skills in the face of the bombardment of attacks launched by the three Evil Dragon Followers.

“Brave warrior Stingham, we are charging!” Ayrin shouted as he felt his blood begin to boil. He could hear the anthem of Holy Dawn ringing clearly in his ear.

The wind gusting around them must have contained the particles created by broken skills as Ayrin could feel his arcane particles increase as the wind violently battered him. This sensation of unlimited arcane particles caused his fighting intent to ignite further. Under these conditions, there was nothing he needed to fear.

“You… aren’t you just a little too poor…?” Stingham silently swore to himself as he searched the arcane master whom he had defeated and only found a coinpurse, two small scrolls, and a green bracelet.

Before he could further examine his spoils, however, Ayrin and Rinloran had already charged off. “Wait for me!” Stingham cried as he stuffed everything into his pockets and chased after them.

Like an obedient wife, the Dark Queen Mermaid followed beside Stingham.

Ayrin rushed forward. Upon feeling enough arcane particles for an arcane skill accumulate within his body once more, he immediately thought his dragon crystal shadow ball. But then, the corpse of the Evil Dragon Follower who had been standing within the mouth of the massive water dragon abruptly fell not far from him.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

Ayrin quickly changed his plans as he invoked his skill. An insidious, dark purple ring of light descended over the corpse of the Evil Dragon Follower.

A black sphere immediately emerged and floated over to Ayrin.

“Can these people not be so poor?! Why do they even follow the Evil Dragon if they are still so poor?!” Stingham screamed in annoyance as he searched the corpse, only to find a single square white crystal.


Stingham’s screams unfortunately caught the attention of the three Evil Dragon Followers and the two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa.

A young, pale faced male Evil Dragon Follower with strange, snake like pupils and surrounded by white mist immediately shouted, “Scatter!”

It seemed like this arcane team was extremely cautious in picking its fights. As long as they felt the slightest danger, they would immediately retreat with no hesitation.

But as Ayrin and Rinloran emerged in their view, they all stopped in their tracks. The young pale faced Evil Dragon Follower who had issued the original command exclaimed, “Eh? These arcane masters are so weak?”

They could clearly tell from the arcane energy fluctuations rippling from Ayrin and Rinloran’s bodies that the two of them had both yet to open the fourth gate.

“Even teams of this level are here? Do they want to die so badly? The Kingdom of Eiche must have already reached its limits! Galahad, Dida, go and kill them!”

There was an audible whoosh as the pale faced Evil Dragon Follower abruptly produced countless long strands of snow white silk. The silk surrounded the two arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa and then gathered to form two massive snow white scorpions.

As for the other two Evil Dragon Followers, they silently began to move towards Ayrin and Rinloran after hearing the order. One of them was a rather thin and balding middle-aged man with liver spots on his face, while the other was a rather short and cold looking fatty.

“Rinloran, Stingham, let me take the defensive role this time! You two go attack!” Ayrin said as he watched the two Evil Dragon Followers head toward them.

“Heh, stop playing around and assigning roles to each other, just go die!” coldly sneered the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower as he approached Ayrin and Rinloran from the left.

“Bird of Lightning!”

A meter long bird formed of golden lightning shot towards Ayrin at a shocking speed, causing the air to crackle in its wake.

“So fast!”

Ayrin’s heart violently tightened as he felt the feeling of death approach. His body abruptly exceeded its limit once more.

At this crucial moment where he was unable to dodge, he was able to control the shadow ball floating beside him to fly up and collide with the bird of lighting, creating an enormous explosion.


Ayrin uncontrollably stumbled several steps backwards from the explosion as he felt his entire body go numb.

“How is this possible?! How can this child invoke such a powerful skill?!”

The short and fat Evil Dragon Follower’s expression turned ugly.

His “Bird of Lightning” was undoubtedly one of the fastest skills atop the entire continent of Doraster. From his point of view, it should have been impossible for Ayrin to react to his attack.

But not only had Ayrin managed to defend against his attack, the strange dark sphere which had collided with his golden lightning bird remained intact whereas his bird had completely dissipated. And it was now shooting straight towards him.

“Tower Shield!”

Bluish white particles gathered between his hands, forming a square metal shield which was enough to cover his entire body. It was a Materialization.


Ayrin’s shadow ball crashed into the thick shield. It failed to penetrate through the shield, but the following explosion was enough to send the Evil Dragon Follower tumbling backwards, a loud cracking sound ringing out from both of their arms.

“A necromantic skill?”


The other Evil Dragon Follower, the balding middle aged man, mumbled to himself as he watched. But then, his pupils contracted as he watched Rinloran abruptly disappear from behind Ayrin.

“So fast!” he gasped.

Rinloran’s speed had surpassed his eyes’ limit! It was clear that Rinloran was moving towards him as faint blue spots of light emerged on the ground between him and Ayrin. But there were too many of them. How could he tell where Rinloran’s body truly was?

“Behind?!” he suddenly cried out.

The spots of light continued to dance on the ground before him, yet a sensation of coldness had begun to crawl across his back.

A sinister killing intent emerged within his pupils.

“Pit of Snakes: Devour!”

Lights of varying colors flashed all around him, forming countless toxic snakes.


A streak of blood abruptly spurt out from his left abdomen.

At the same time, the countless snakes all spat out colorful clouds of poison, revealing the outline of a human figure into which the snakes immediately sunk their fangs.

A smug look flashed through the middle aged Evil Dragon Follower’s eyes as he slightly turned his body right as Rinloran moved in that direction.

Rinloran’s body was covered with a dozen or so small wounds. Black toxins flowed out from them as his skin gradually became mottled.

“Hah, did you think that you could beat me purely with your speed? It’s a shame that your attack was too weak. Now you will lose your life,” the middle aged Evil Dragon Follower disdainfully sneered as he examined Rinloran’s mottled appearance.

But then, a look of shock emerged on his face.

As Rinloran coldly glared at the Evil Dragon Follower, numerous particles of starlight began to glow atop his body.

A pure and holy arcane energy emerged within the atmosphere, causing the wind to sing like a fairy of the forest.

Rinloran’s skin abruptly returned to normal, as if he hadn’t been poisoned to begin with.

“Gaia’s Blessing?!”

The middle aged Evil Dragon Follower subconsciously looked down towards the sword wound on his left abdomen.

His body trembled as he saw that the wound was cross shaped like a mark. A faint glow emanated from the wound like fading moonlight.


Rinloran’s figure disappeared once more.


The middle aged Evil Dragon Follower let out a miserable scream as arcane particles violently spewed forth from his palms, forming countless green chains which began to revolve around him.

But this time, Rinloran was even faster than before. He couldn’t even see the spots of faint blue light left behind by Rinloran’s movement anymore.

“So strong!”

“After using the Lunar Spring Essence and completing stimulating his bloodline’s potential, he has become so much stronger! The healing effect of his Gaia’s Blessing skill is so much more potent. And that was Cross Calibration… then now, he should be following up with Moonlight Erosion to deal the fatal blow!”

Seeing the scene unfolding before his eyes, Ayrin felt more confident in Rinloran than ever before.

He immediately turned his gaze back towards the short and fat Evil Dragon Follower. Their hands were trembling uncontrollably.


This Evil Dragon Follower had been shocked into a daze by Ayrin’s prowess. But the sudden warning coming from the pale, snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower behind him caused him to suddenly regain his senses.


The short and fat Evil Dragon Follower’s glazed over as he turned his head and looked.

There was a large thicket of vegetation sneaking up on him?!

“Geez Ayrin, you really are strange. To think you stole the defensive role from me! Do you like getting hit that much?!” Stingham’s melancholy voice rang out from within the thicket.

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