Chapter 289: Kaleidoscope Arcane Master, Advancing Forward! The Death God’s Teachings

Chapter 289: Kaleidoscope Arcane Master, Advancing Forward! The Death God’s Teachings

“Rinloran, the Tree of Life has such great power. Even my most severe injuries have healed already. So how come the ancient elven kingdom wasn’t an invincible existence during the Era of the War with Dragons? If all wounds disappear after being brought before the tree, how come elves still die?”

Stingham couldn’t resist asking questions as he felt himself quickly recovering under the shower of faint blue light. In fact, he felt even more energized than when they began.

“Idiot, do you think that the Tree of Life’s energy is inexhaustible? The Tree of Life’s energy draws upon the entire forest under which it is rooted. If the ancient elven kingdom ever consumed too much, then the Tree of Life, along with the forests above it, would completely wither,” Rinloran responded in incredulity.

After all, the elven kingdom wasn’t the only kingdom which had fallen during the Era of the War with Dragons. The barbarians and beastmen kingdoms had fallen as well. Which of them didn’t have their shocking geniuses and powerful treasures?

During an era like that, how could just one or two special things decide the life and death of a race?


At this time, Stingham finally looked at the sapling of the Tree of Life in Rinloran’s hands. Upon seeing that the glow released by it had now greatly dimmed, he asked, “How many more times can this sapling be used?”

“If it is used when we are like we were just now, then we have ten or so more uses,” Rinloran impatiently replied.

“That’s so overpowered!” Stingham exclaimed as his eyes widened. “That means you can be our super doctor ten more times. I guess I’ll have to act nicely towards you. Otherwise, you might not save me when the time comes…”

“Thanks for reminding me, you idiot. I’m already feeling regretful. I never should have saved you,” Rinloran cursed as he viciously glared at Stingham.

“This is the Treasured Book of Sealing? How do I use it? Do I just insert some arcane particles into it?” Ayrin abruptly asked at this time.

“Ayrin, you truly are a natural thief. Your hands move even faster than mine!” Stingham exclaimed as he suddenly felt a bout of dizziness. He turned around, only to see Ayrin already rifling through the book.

As Black Witch Melissa’s Treasured Book of Sealing was a legendary and powerful weapon, many annals and texts of history atop Doraster contained records of it. Thus, Rinloran was quite knowledgeable on it. “The book itself provides a strong amplification affect. As for sealing domains, every time will require one to expend at least a third of the arcane particles expended by the domain’s caster,” Rinloran explained as he observed the book between Ayrin’s hands. “Truly powerful domains can only be invoked by four gate or higher arcane masters. But with how many arcane particles they use, I’m afraid we cannot seal their domains unless we use Holy Gate of Life. Otherwise, we will expend all of our arcane particles and still fail to seal the domain.”

“What? We spent so much effort on this Treasured Book of Sealing, but only Ayrin can use it? You’ve got to be kidding me,” Stingham shouted in annoyance. But then, he remembered something as he immediately moved away, “But it’s alright. There is still the Lightning Spirit’s demonic crystal.”

“Indeed. The Lightning Spirit’s demonic crystal is quite suitable for you,” Rinloran replied.

“What do you mean, Rinloran? Why do I feel like something is off…” In the span of a few seconds, Stingham quickly pulled the Lightning Spirit’s demonic crystal out from within its mouth. But as his gaze continuously switched between the crystal and Rinloran, he saw the smirk on Rinloran’s face growing ever larger.

“The Lightning Spirit is also called the White Haired Demon Lord,” Rinloran tried to maintain his seriousness, but as he spoke, the smirk on his face continued to widen. “The White Haired Demon Lord’s demonic crystal is a natural arcane weapon. It is sometimes called the Lightning Body Crystal. Just by infusing some arcane particles, the wielder’s body will become covered in a protective layer of lightning.”

“What? It’s another thing which requires me to be hit?” Tears began to form in Stingham’s eyes as he realized the meaning behind Rinloran’s gloating.

“Another thing which requires you to get hit? Don’t forget you have a girlfriend now. At the least, you must stand in front of her and protect her, right?” Rinloran gloated even more.

For some unknown reason, even after the battle had ended, the Dark Queen Mermaid remained at Stingham’s side as if it couldn’t bear to leave him.

“That’s right! Thank you for reminding me. My girlfriend!” Stingham’s jubilant response caused Rinloran to nearly choke on his own saliva.

As if the Dark Queen Mermaid understood Stingham, its expression became a little gentler.

“This taste… isn’t it a little too much…”

Rinloran speechlessly shook his head. Although all kinds of bloodlines had been mixed in strange ways during the Era of the War with Dragons, he still couldn’t imagine what kind of offspring Stingham and the Dark Queen Mermaid would have if they truly ended up together.

“If this Treasured Book of Sealing can only be used in conjunction with Holy Gate of Life, then we can only use it once per fight. It seems like we will have to do as the Allen Brothers did and store two or three domains before fights. That way, we can fight against even the strongest enemies.”

Ayrin had completely zoned out during Rinloran and Stingham’s squabble as he became lost in thought over the book in his hands. But at this moment, he abruptly turned to Stingham and said, “Stingham, can you carry me when we depart for the Abyss of Evil?”

“What? Carry you? Didn’t Rinloran just heal your wounds? Are you trying to take advantage of me?!” Stingham exclaimed, “Watch out, or my girlfriend and I will beat you up.”

“It’s not that. I was just hoping to use this next period of time to learn some more arcane skills… in preparation for all of the enemies who are more powerful than these brothers. There will probably be a lot of them within the Abyss of Evil, right?” Ayrin explained.

Fighting against the Allen Brothers just now had caused Ayrin to realize just how different real battles were from the tournament battles he had fought before. It caused him to realize the gap between him and truly powerful arcane masters.

The arcane skills Liszt had him learn were enough for him to use to deal with his opponents during the national tournament. But now that he was encountering truly powerful arcane master enemies, his methods of attack and defense were too limited and easy to see through.

“This fellow… his speed of improvement and learning abilities are indeed the scariest aspect of him. Learning more arcane skills and becoming a kaleidoscope master is definitely the most effective method for him to become stronger. We are members of the same team, but his progress… he has already opened his third arcane gate and mastered so many more powerful arcane skills… I can’t help but feel jealous…” Rinloran couldn’t help but sigh in his mind as he watched Ayrin. Ayrin had just grown so much.

“I shall carry you,” Lotton abruptly spoke at this moment.

“……” Stingham had originally wanted to speak, but he immediately closed his mouth as Lotton spoke.

Ever since he had seen Lotton’s face earlier, he had felt flustered whenever it came to Lotton.

“To think that I am teammates with a vengeful spirit… and going to the Land of the Undead,” Stingham couldn’t help but think that he was kind of amazing.

“It won’t be taxing for me,” Lotton added.

“Alright!” Ayrin said as he vigorously nodded his head. It seemed like he had no extra thoughts as he continued, “Let us depart then?”

Lotton didn’t reply Ayrin’s question as he instead asked, “Are you interested in learning my arcane skills?”

Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham all froze.

“You mean your super powerful arcane skills?!”

Ayrin became excited as he exuberantly shouted, “You will really teach me?”

“I think you will be able to learn them,” Lotton nodded.

Upon hearing Lotton’s neck creak, tears emerged in Stingham’s eyes once more as he cried out, “Teammate Lotton, if you are going to speak, then just speak. Don’t nod your head.”

“Also, after we enter the Abyss of Evil, I can only lead the way. I will not be able to use any arcane skills,” Lotton added, this time without moving his head.

“That means you won’t be able to fight?” Stingham exclaimed. “You are the most powerful person here, but you won’t be able to fight? Are you really just having us go to our own deaths?”

“Why?” Ayrin asked in surprise.

“If I circulate my arcane particles while we are in or next to any of the bishops’ territories, then I will immediately be detected. Because I have not followed their orders since leaving Eichemalar… the bishops will definitely not hesitate to come and kill me if they detect my presence,” Lotton slowly explained.

“But you are already dead,” Stingham said.

Rinloran was flabbergasted as he reacted, “Stingham, your words are not amusing at all.”

“I will be completely erased off this word, regardless of my wishes,” Lotton responded.

“Just what have they done to you?” Rinloran asked.

Although Lotton had previously been a most hated enemy, his current state and his hidden past caused Rinloran to feel strong sympathy for him.

“Bloodline… the Evil Dragon Bloodline given to us is incomplete. It is easy for them to cause our bodies to mutate and perish,” Lotton explained. “In other words, I am a scum manufactured by them… one whose life and death decided by their whims.”

“So the Lunar Spring Essence will eliminate some of those negative factors within your body!” Ayrin exclaimed as he finally understood Lotton’s intentions. His eyes began to burn with fighting intent as he looked at Lotton and vowed, “Lotton, I promise that I will do my utmost to help you obtain the Lunar Spring Essence. This I swear on my name as an arcane master!”

“For now, I will teach you my Avarice – Beast of Fear skill. Once you have mastered it, then we shall set off. As for the other skills, I will teach you later,” Lotton said.

“Is that the skill which causes others to fall into a state of extreme fear? The one which limits their movement and speed?” Ayrin immediately became excited. He had long been interested in this skill which he considered Lotton’s most powerful skill.

“Why does Lotton believe that Ayrin can learn his arcane skill… and with such certainty? Lotton has the Evil Dragon Bloodline… but Ayrin?” Rinloran abruptly sucked in a breath of cold air as a thought crossed his mind.

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