Chapter 287: Escaping Death, A Deal with the Death God

Chapter 287: Escaping Death, A Deal with the Death God

An immense, seemingly unstoppable, domain energy spread across the hall, completely immersing Ayrin, Stingham, RInloran, and the Dark Queen Mermaid within a sea of dark red light.

“What is this?!”

Drops of blood abruptly began to seep out from under their skin.

The domain was sucking out the blood within their bodies!

Field of Blood!

It was the unique bloodline skill of the Dark Elves!

Only a few seconds passed, yet Ayrin had already lost an enormous amount of blood as a mist of his own blood enveloped him.

Suffering such massive blood loss, Ayrin’s consciousness became blurry. He had no clue as to whether or not his shadow ball was still shooting towards the elder Allen Brother.

“It’s actually…”

“I can’t die like this…”

Rinloran felt a cold pervade through him as his body slowly stiffened.

He inwardly roared in resistance as thoughts flooded his mind.

Of the two powerful opponents before them, they had already managed to defeat one.

Ayrin had broken through in the middle of the fight and managed to open his third gate whereas Rinloran had managed to receive the blessing of the sapling of the Tree of Life while on the verge of death, completely recovering from his wounds as the energy of life filled his body.

The three of them had managed to endure to this point. How could they accept losing now to the elder Allen Brother’s final domain?

“How could my wise, divinely skilled, and handsome self die at the hands of such an ugly shorty?”

“Someone! Hurry up and come save us! There is an Evil Dragon Follower here!”

Stingham began shouting in despair.

Seeing the unwavering looks in their eyes, the elder Allen Brother’s eyes filled with pleasure.

“You all are still not willing to resign yourselves. With your strength, you have managed to heavily injure my brother… and you have also forced me to use my trump card. Hurry up and obediently step onto the path to hell. Don’t waste any more energy shouting. None of your cries will make it out of this domain. There is no one who can save you,” the elder Allen Brother said cruelly.

“Bastard… I will defeat you!” Ayrin inwardly roared over and over again.

As he did so, the particles within his body began greedily devouring the domain energy surrounding him as he surpassed his limits once more.

But regardless of how many arcane particles emerged within his body, he still couldn’t prevent blood from seeping out of his body.

Ayrin could feel the end coming. He could feel the God of Death descending for him.

Indeed, a figure cloaked in black slowly stepped into his vision.

The elder Allen Brother cruelly smiled once more as he thought of all the treasures and artifacts that would be his when he defeated the three before him. He and his brother would finally be able to receive the fruits of all their hard work.

But then, he suddenly felt a strange atmosphere descend over the hall. “What is this?!” he exclaimed as he sharply turned around.


But as he turned around, shadows descended around him and his brother, completely trapping the two.

The shadows didn’t release any arcane energy fluctuations, yet feelings of immense fear abruptly invaded the two Allen Brothers.

“Mother… don’t leave me here…” the younger Allen Brother brokenly muttered, his voice full of dread.

“Who is it?!”

The elder Allen Brother felt his heart shrink in terror as his body inexplicably became extremely heavy, as if he no longer had the strength to move. He felt as if he was standing face to face with a giant monster.

“Coffin of the Death God – Funeral!”

An abnormally emotionless voice sounded through the hall.

A thin and weak looking figure with a stooping neck releasing pale white arcane particles appeared in the elder Allen Brother’s vision and began slowly walking towards him.

At the same time, countless shadows twisted around the elder Allen Brother’s body, forming a huge coffin around him.

“You are Lord Dias’…” the elder Allen Brother cried out as he regained his wits.

A shocking number arcane particles abruptly surged out from within his body, pushing his body forward.


But at this point, the coffin’s lid was already closing.

The elder Allen Brother wasn’t able to completely make it out of the shadow coffin.


The small portion of his body caught by the shadow coffin abruptly turned into a paste of flesh and blood!


At this moment, the elder Allen Brother wretchedly cried out, “You dared to attack us! Lord Dias will never let you go!”

The thin figure surrounded by pale white arcane particles didn’t react at all to the rain of blood and the elder Allen Brother’s screams.

“Coffin of the Death God – Funeral!”

Yet another shadow coffin took form around the elder Allen Brother. The lid rumbled as it closed.

The elder Allen Brother turned into a bloody mist as the shimmering Treasured Book of Sealing fell to the ground with a plop.

“Brother…” the younger Allen Brother cried out with his dying breath.

Afterwards, his eyes glazed over as his body stiffened and turned cold. It seemed like his heart had stopped beating under the immense pressure and terror.

“I’m not hallucinating?”

As a stream of pale white particles surged over him and pushed him out of the elder Allen Brother’s Field of Blood domain, Ayrin felt a familiar presence.

“Lotton?” Ayrin cried incredulously.

There was no response.

Several minutes later, as Ayrin’s consciousness slowly returned, he realized that he, Rinloran, Stingham, and the Dark Queen Mermaid were all at the entrance to the hall.

The Field of Blood domain had already begun to disperse, but the air was still tinged with the sickly scent of blood.

The younger Allen Brother and the lightning spirit were both dead on the ground before them.

As Ayrin raised his head, he saw the skinny figure with a stooping neck once more. It was indeed Death God Lotton!

“Who saved us? Was it because they heard my screams?” Stingham abruptly asked as he regained consciousness as well. He seemed pleasantly surprised as he touched his own body to make sure he was fine.

But as he saw Lotton standing before him, his mouth dropped in shock, “Lotton? You are still alive… how did you manage to escape from Eichemalar?”

“Lotton? Is he not an Evil Dragon Follower? Why did he kill the two Allen Brothers?” Rinloran groggily questioned.

In their current state, it was impossible for them to deal with Lotton.

As they didn’t understand Lotton’s intentions, and Lotton himself didn’t speak, silence descended upon the hall.


As the cold within the hall had mostly dispersed as well, the ice covering the Spring of Darkness began to fragment.

At some point, Stingham couldn’t stand the silence anymore as he suddenly screamed, “Aha, I got it! It’s a scoundrel stealing from scoundrels! You wish to rob us and the Allen Brothers!”

“Idiot!” Rinloran swore.

If he wanted to rob us, then he wouldn’t have wasted energy saving us from the Field of Blood. Can you not sense the sickly scent coming from his body? It’s clear that he suffered quite a bit to save just now.

“You three have gotten stronger a lot faster than I expected,” Lotton abruptly stated.

His voice was very cold, but it didn’t contain any killing intent.

“Why did you save us?” Ayrin straightforwardly asked as he looked Lotton in the eye.

Lotton looked Ayrin back in the eye. After several seconds, he replied, “I would like to make a deal with you.”

“A deal?” Stingham exclaimed in astonishment. He couldn’t help but follow up, “What kind of deal?”

“I would like for you three to come with me and procure something from within the Abyss of Evil,” Lotton stated.

“Where?” Stingham asked in confusion.

“The Abyss of Evil at the heart of Fallen Shadow Valley,” Lotton responded.

“What? You must be joking!”

Stingham hopped to his feet as he looked at Lotton as if he were an idiot, “The Office of Special Affairs specifically warned us not to go anywhere near there. Don’t you know how many freakish four gate, five gate, and even six gate, arcane masters are currently fighting down there? With our strength, we would just sending ourselves to death.”

Stingham used to be very arrogant because of his talent, which he depended heavily on. But then, he realized that he could only be arrogant within the academy. This was especially true after his bout with Jean Camus.

Moreover, no matter how stupid and brainless he was, he still understood the dangerousness of the current situation following his near death encounter just now with the Allen Brothers. The valley was currently filled with countless experts. Who knew how many unknown, but powerful arcane masters were currently roaming around out there.

“If you guys don’t agree, then I will kill you right here and now,” Lotton indifferently replied.

Stingham abruptly closed his mouth.

“If you guys agree to help me, then everything that was on their bodies will be yours for the taking,” Lotton added. “Don’t forget I saved you guys just now.”

“These two were pretty much exhausted already from fighting us… otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to go against both of them by yourself…” Stingham muttered in annoyance.

“Why do you wish to enter the Abyss of Evil right now when It is so dangerous?” Ayrin asked as he seriously considered Lotton’s request. He couldn’t understand as he asked, “Just what is it that you want? With our abilities, I’m afraid that we will not be of much help down there.”

“No way?”

An incredulous expression emerged on Stingham’s face as he cried out in disbelief, “Ayrin, are you seriously thinking of making a deal with him?”

“Could it be that we have another choice? Idiot!” Rinloran rolled his eyes at Stingham, “Well I guess we could let him kill you first and then accept the deal.”

“……” Stingham despondently rebutted, “Do you have any humanity in you?”

Lotton remained silent as if he was pondering over how to respond to Ayrin’s question.

“The number one rule of arcane teams is to never conceal anything.”

Ayrin looked Lotton in the eye once more as he asserted, “If we are to go into danger together, then we must thoroughly trust each other and share the same goal. You must share everything with us. Otherwise, it will be impossible for us to succeed.”

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