Chapter 286: The Roar of Brave Warriors

Chapter 286: The Roar of Brave Warriors

“Brother, he’s really strange. How is he still able to exert such power?” the younger Allen Brother exclaimed as he watched the giant sphere of ice condense in midair.

He bent slightly forward and then propelled himself back first towards the sphere of ice.


Ayrin’s fist thunderously crashed into the sphere of ice.

The sphere of ice began to crack. But before it could completely fragment, the younger Allen Brother slammed into it, causing countless shards of ice to fly towards Ayrin.

Rip rip rip…

Ice blossomed across Ayrin’s body as he was heavily sent flying backwards.

The younger Allen Brother slowly stood up. His robes had been torn to shreds, revealing ten golden bone spines protruding from amidst the white fur on his back.

Ayrin’s final attack had also been defended against!

At this moment, Stingham let out a miserable cry as he too was sent flying and crashing into the ground a distance away.


The air within the hall abruptly trembled.

A fiery aura abruptly pervaded the icy, frost filled air.

The Dark Queen Mermaid appeared before Stingham. As it opened its mouth, a black pearl-like crystal floated out.

Countless rays of black light radiated from this crystal, forming a black vortex in midair.

“Brotherthe elder Allen Brother called out to his brother as he watched the black vortex emerge with a stiff expression.

“I understand, brother,” the younger Allen Brother aloofly replied.

Even before he replied, the mouth of the lightning spirit merged with his body had already opened.

A faceted white crystal emerged in the air.


A storm of white particles picked up around the white crystal.

The two vortexes, one black and one white, violently collided.

Countless rays of broken light and fragmented white particles filled the hall as they ground against each other.


“So painful!”

Stingham’s screamed even more violently.

As the fragmented rays engulfed his body, he felt as if his body was being pierced by countless burning hot steel needles. As the fragmented white particles buffeted his body, a powerful electricity surged through him, causing his hair to stand upright.

“So uncomfortable… it’s over. These two unknown enemies turned out to be so powerful… is this the end for us…”

Melancholy thoughts surged through Stingham’s mind.

He turned his head to look at the Dark Queen Mermaid. As he watched as it convulsed under the barrage of fragmented white particles, too exhausted and powerless to resist. A rage surged with Stingham.

“Don’t hurt my girlfriend!”

Stingham felt his body inexplicably become filled with strength and fighting spirit once more as he screamed and jumped in front of the Dark Queen Mermaid.


The ridiculousness of Stingham’s words caused the younger Allen Brother to sneer.


But Stingham’s following actions caused him to show an expression of shock for the first time.

Stingham had clearly been unable to fight any longer and already accepted his death. Yet right now, the younger Allen Brother could clearly feel a powerful arcane energy fluctuation rippling in the air.

Swish! Swish! Swish! …

Innumerable transparent swords of pale blue light shot between the fragmented rays of light and particles towards the younger Allen Brother.


As if he sensed something terrifying, a trace of fear flashed through the younger Allen Brother’s eyes. The lightning spirit immediately began to retract the white crystal back into its body.

At the same time, the younger Allen Brother and the lightning spirit simultaneously extended their hands and began releasing criss-crossing streaks of white electricity into the air around the crystal, as if trying to form a shield for it.


But there were too many pale blue swords. The swords shot through the gaps like a pale moonlight descending through leaves and collided with the crystal before the lightning spirit could retract it once more.

“Brother…” the younger Allen Brother sorrowfully cried out.

Countless currents of electricity began to snake across his body as the chains connecting him and the lightning spirit shattered one by one.


The fused body abruptly split as if forcefully torn apart.

Countless iron gray flames burst out from their bodies as their screams abruptly became even more miserable.


Stingham subconsciously turned around. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Rinloran’s body covered with a circulating layer of faint blue arcane energy and floating in midair.

Rinloran’s heavily injured and incapacitated right hand was strongly clutching the Moon Echo Sword and pointing it forward.

“It’s a ghost!” Stingham screamed as he recovered his wits.


An explosion occurred beside the younger Allen Brother and the lightning spirit as a violent wind picked up.


A loud bang rang out from the younger Allen Brother as if someone had struck a drum extremely hard, sending him flying forwards.


Stingham shrieked. But then, he abruptly paused as if someone had grabbed his mouth.

Stingham watched as Ayrin appeared in his vision. Ayrin seemed exhausted, yet he was still standing upright and holding his punching stance.

“Idiot!” Rinloran’s cold voice rang out from beside Stingham.

Bang! Dang! Bang! …

Stingham gulped as he watched Ayrin begin to fight the lightning spirit once more.

Ayrin’s fists violently struck the lightning spirit. Much to their surprise, the lightning spirit, which was several times larger than Ayrin, was unable to withstand the impacts as it was quickly beaten up.

“You are okay?! What happened to the fragment of the Tree of Life?”

After a short moment, Stingham finally regained his wits. As he turned and asked Rinloran if he was okay, he realized that the faint blue light circulating over Rinloran’s body stemmed from the sapling of the Tree of Life held in Rinloran’s left hand.

The sapling, which had originally been black, had now turned a faint blue and become crystal clear as it radiated a refreshing aura.

“Brother…” the younger Allen Brother whimpered. By this point, he had crashed into the ground several meters away.

His body was strangely twisted and countless sharp bones protruded out from his skin as he laid on the ground. It was unknown if they were his own bones, are spines which had broken off from the lightning spirit’s body and pierced him. Regardless, he seemed to be on the verge of death. A single touch or movement would send him away from this world.


The moment the younger Allen Brother’s first miserable scream rang out, a surge of emotions rippled across the elder Allen Brother’s emotionless face. It had been clear from the start that he cared greatly for his brother.

And right now, his brother was currently in such a miserable state. His face quickly regained its prior calm and coldness as he stared at the three students before him. The only thing within his eyes was a cold murderous intent.

“You have the strangest bloodline I have ever encountered,” the elder Allen Brother said towards Ayrin. Afterwards, he turned towards Rinloran and said, “And you, never did I ever expect that you would have a high rank Elven Bloodline, and that at the last possible moment, you would use your Moonlight Swordsman blood to awaken the power stored within the sapling of the Tree of Life.”

“You three actually dared to beat my brother up into such a wretched state…” he paused and caringly looked at his younger brother before continuing, “Brother, rest assured. Brother will take revenge for you.”

“Rinloran, you didn’t die? You’re not a ghost? At this critical juncture, you managed to receive the blessing and strength of the Tree of Life?”

Stingham seemed to be exuberant as he looked at Ayrin, and then Rinloran.

“You shorty, don’t bluff with us! Your brother has already been defeated by us, and you have already three domains! You shouldn’t have any more domains sealed within your book! From my point of view, you should just obediently surrender. Otherwise, you will be beaten into the same state as your brother!” Stingham excitedly shouted as he wiped beads of sweat off his forehead.

“You really are an idiot! You can’t even count!” Rinloran inwardly reprimanded.

Since the start of battle, the elder Allen Brother had indeed used three domains. But one of them, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s domain, had been sealed and immediately turned against them during the fight. Only the Water Rendering Domain and the ice type domain had been stored before the fight.

If so, then even if the elder Allen Brother was out of arcane particles to use any arcane skills, he still had one more domain stored within his book. And it was likely that this domain was his most powerful one, one which would only be used at a most critical moment!

The elder Allen Brother didn’t respond to Stingham as he simply raised his arms. A book the size of a palm abruptly appeared between his hands.

Stingham suddenly felt the sensation of death descend over him.

“Is that Melissa’s Treasured Book of Sealing?” Stingham asked as he observed the ancient looking book. Its looked as if it was made of transparent, dark green crystals the size of nails. Each crystal seemed to contain countless compressed spaces within.


The air around the elder Allen Brother exploded as the remaining arcane particles within his body surged out of his hands and into the book.


The air within the hall seemed to temporarily freeze as a ring of crimson light containing domain energy spread from the book.

“How can he still have a domain stored?!” Stingham shouted in desperation as he poured the rest of his arcane particles into the Sandworm Shield on his back.

Three sandworms once again appeared within the hall.

“Time to fight!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Death’s Power: Shadow Ball!”

Ayrin roared once more as the golden, crystal like shadow ball emerged before him once more.

At the same time, Rinloran dropped the Moon Echo Sword in his right hand as an ancient book radiating a rose red glow took its place.

It was the treasured text of elven druid Crimson Plum Flower!

As the text’s rose red light and the sapling’s faint blue light intertwined with each other, the ruby flower atop the text’s cover seemed to grow.


The quiet and cold Rinloran let out a fierce roar as he too exhausted the rest of his strength and prepared to welcome the elder Allen Brother’s domain alongside Ayrin and Stingham!

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