Chapter 285: A Battle of Life and Death, Surpassing Limits!

Chapter 285: A Battle of Life and Death, Surpassing Limits!

“Brother, you don’t need to worry about what kind of bloodline he has… he is my opponent. I also wish to fight an opponent like him because it will allow me to become stronger. Do not interfere in our battle.”

It seemed clear that the younger Allen Brother’s fusion had completely stabilized as the expression of bitter pain on his face had long since disappeared and become replaced by an expression of confidence and desire.

It was a desire which the elder Allen Brother fully understood.

To the two of them, who had been born with such terrible talent and had only reached their current strength after having experienced countless difficulties, the desire to become stronger was much greater than a normal person.

“Alright. I shall leave him to you,” the elder Allen Brother replied as he nodded and shifted his gaze away from Ayrin.

“Thanks, brother!”

The younger Allen Brother’s face filled with joy as he looked at Ayrin and shouted, “You are my opponent… Let us fight!”

“Ruin Fetters!”

Ayrin didn’t waste any time talking as he already knew that all he could do in the current situation where the enemy blocked the exit was fight! Fight, and keep fighting!

Fight until either he or his opponent fell. There were no other options!

A cluster of black light descended atop the younger Allen Brother.

“Warlock Variation!”

Without any hesitation, Ayrin quickly followed his Ruin Fetters with a Warlock Variation. But as he made his invocation, white lightning began to gather before him at an alarming speed in the shape of a human.


Ayrin’s body couldn’t react in time as the lightning avatar struck him.

“So fast… it’s as fast as Jean Camus…”

Stingham’s eyes glazed over.

But before Stingham could recall anything else, Ayrin had been sent heavily flying backwards into the human shaped hole on the wall once more.

“Ayrin couldn’t even leave a mark? Not even Jean Camus’ defense was so strong?”

Jean Camus’ crushing defeat of Stingham left Stingham with a lasting impression of this number one genius of the Kingdom of Doa. Thus, Stingham couldn’t help but subconsciously compare the powerful opponent before him with Jean Camus.

He couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched Ayrin’s Ruin Fetters descend upon the younger Allen Brother and fail to penetrate the layer of electricity covering them.

There wasn’t a single trace of Ayrin’s attack on the younger Allen Brother’s body!

A fusion of an abnormally powerful four gate arcane master and an existence with the strength of a four gate arcane master. Just how powerful was it?

How could Ayrin, who had just opened his third gate, manage to fight against an opponent like this?

“This fellow…”

Stingham violently trembled as he turned and saw Ayrin, who was covered in currents of electricity, already charging out of the hole once more!

“Bastard… I will absolutely not fall to you!”

“I will defeat you!”

Blood dripped from the corner of Ayrin’s mouth as electricity arced over his trembling body and an indescribable pain pervaded through his body. He could hear his voice echoing in his mind, telling him to give up and fall.

But just like how he had continued to persevere in Cororin Town, he continued to persevere here.

His heart and mind didn’t contain any doubts!

He would defeat his opponent no matter how powerful they were, even if he had to die for it!

At this moment, the only image reflected in his blood red eyes was the figure of the younger Allen Brother.

“Death’s Power: Shadow Ball!”

The golden, crystal-like ball of light condensed before him in midair once more.

“What a strong endurance and vitality. He can still fight?!” Excitement, and not shock, emerged on the face of the younger Allen Brother as he watched Ayrin come at him once more.

“Lightning Soul Prison!” the younger Allen Brother cried out as the golden shadow ball finished condensing and began to shoot towards him.

Terrifying screams began to echo out from the bodies of both him and the lightning spirit as countless convulsing souls covered in snaking currents of lightning emerged from them and flew towards Ayrin from all directions.

The face of every soul was different, as if these souls belonged to the various arcane masters who had been devoured by this evil lightning spirit.

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

At this moment, Ayrin had already lost control of his shadow ball as he subconsciously used his most familiar defensive technique.

The shrieks and wails pierced his eardrums like daggers, causing him to feel as if his head was being torn to pieces. Two streams of blood began to slowly drip from his ears.

In the next instant, the countless lightning covered souls collided with him, battering him around as if he was a pinball.

“No matter how abnormal he is, if this continues, then he will actually die!”

Stingham felt sweat emerge over his entire body as he watched the scene before him. His body abruptly began to release a violent arcane energy fluctuation.

“Eh? You want to interfere in their fight? Your opponent is me.” A sneer emerged on the face of the elder Allen Brother.

“Toxic Spine!”

A gigantic black bone appeared in midair and carried an immense pressure as it descended towards Stingham.


A loud explosion abruptly occurred at Stingham’s back.


The elder Allen Brother’s pupils shrank as three pillars of sand abruptly surged up around Stingham.


The gigantic black bone was still several meters away from Stingham as the three pillars of sand quickly finished condensing to form three towering sandworms about as tall as the hall itself.

The several meter long black bone was bitten to pieces by the three sandworms like three starving wolves tearing at a bone.

“Barbarian’s Strength: Sandworm Shield?”

Surprise emerged in the elder Allen Brother’s eyes as he saw the emergence of the three sandworms, “With your Lover’s Corpse, I never expected for you to be in the possession of this defensive artifact as well.”


As he spoke, a beam of black light carrying a strange aura of darkness shot towards him.

“This is also strange. Why is this Dark Queen Mermaid acting on your behalf and attacking me the moment I attack you? It’s acting as if you are it’s master.”

“Regardless, I would like to see what is stronger, your Sandworm Shield or my domain.”

Facing the incoming beam of black light, the elder Allen Brother continued to speak slowly, as if he didn’t care at all. Yet another unique arcane energy fluctuation rippled from his body as a new taboo domain blossomed.

“What!” Stingham exclaimed as he watched the pillar of black light abruptly collapse.

Countless daggers of white ice emerged as the temperature within the hall abruptly plummeted, causing even the water in the Spring of Darkness to freeze over.

A thin layer of frost emerged over Stingham’s body as he shivered due to the extreme cold.

Ding ding ding ding…

Under the assault of the many daggers of ice, the three sandworms surrounding him and Rinloran began to slowly collapse.


At the same time, Ayrin heavily crashed to the ground after withstanding countless strikes of electricity, creating a small crater in the ground.

“I can’t move anymore… my body cannot move anymore…”

Blood dripped from every orifice atop Ayrin’s face, blinding him, as a strange feeling of sorrow emerged within Ayrin’s mind.

The younger Allen Brother’s invocation of skills was just too fast. He couldn’t keep up at all… every time he climbed back up, he was immediately knocked back down again… and now, his body finally couldn’t move any more.

Was he really about to lose just like this?

But at this moment, he heard a roar of defiance.

It was Rinloran’s battlecry.

“Even Rinloran is still fighting… with his injuries…”

Ayrin’s body trembled as a ringing sound echoed through his mind.

If Rinloran attempted to fight, he would die for sure!

How could he accept defeat just like this and allow for his opponent to kill him?

Was he really going to die just like this?

“Bastards! I won’t let you kill Rinloran! I won’t let you kill Stingham!”

“Bastards! Fall at my feet!”

An incomparably fierce roar rang through Ayrin’s mind as his spirit erupted. Steam began to rise from his body amidst the extreme cold around him as his blood boiled once more.

“You still aren’t dead? You can still fight?!” the younger Allen Brother exclaimed as he looked at Ayrin in shock.

Ayrin slowly climbed up from the ground as violent arcane energy fluctuations rippled from his body once more.

“This fellow…”

Stingham, who had pretty much become frozen stiff from the cold, abruptly stopped shivering.

“What a strange physique… what a strong fighting intent. It’s a pity that you are just a little too weak,” the elder Allen Brother said as he observed Ayrin while shaking his head. He extended his arm.

A dazzling arcane particle emerged from his palm and disappeared into the air.

A long sword of ice quickly condensed from arcane energy in the air before Rinloran, whose body was currently releasing arcane particles which bathed him and Stingham in light.


The sword of ice cut through the last curtain of sand created by the three sandworms and continued towards Rinloran, piercing through Rinloran’s chest and nailing him into the ground!

“Rinloran!” Stingham screamed as he too abruptly went mad.

“I’m going to kill you all!” Stingham roared as he charged towards the elder Allen Brother.

The elder Allen Brother sneered.

Another powerful arcane energy fluctuation rippled from his body.

“Agh!” Stingham screamed miserably.

A faint, nearly invisible golden yellow light flickered over his body as a flurry of ice and snow sent him flying backwards into the wall behind him.


During this time, Ayrin’s half upright figure abruptly melted into a pool of blood.

“Crown of Ice and Snow!”

Ayrin’s roar abruptly sounded from behind the younger Allen Brother as an enormous sphere of ice formed behind them.

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