Chapter 284: Evil Blood Body Fusion, Ayrin’s Breakthrough

Chapter 284: Evil Blood Body Fusion, Ayrin’s Breakthrough


As the Dark Mermaid Queen entered the fray, Ayrin immediately felt the pressure surrounding him lessen.

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”


Ayrin flew forwards as his fist tore through the domain, ultimately colliding with Stingham and Rinloran, sending all three of them outside of the boundary of the strange domain of water.

Gurgle gurgle!

Rinloran and Stingham coughed water and gasped for air as they crashed into the ground.

“Haha. Rinloran, you really look like a pig right now. A drenched pig,” Stingham couldn’t help but snigger as he continuously coughed up water.

“Idiot!” Rinloran cursed as he too coughed up water, “Are you not also in the same state? Also, how can you gloat over others at a time like this!”

“Haha, so you aren’t ignoring me anymore? And I’m not gloating. I’m just stating the truth. You look so funny I can’t help it.”


“You had enough strength left to break my domain? Now I am curious, just what bloodline do you have?” the elder Allen Brother’s cold voice abruptly interrupted Stingham and Rinloran’s argument as he turned to look at Ayrin.

“Absolute Seal!”

Another strange domain energy began to radiate outwards from him.


“His skill, it is sealing off the other domain energy?”

Ayrin’s eyes bulged as he panted heavily.

As countless gold particles of light scattered through the air, the corroding rays of black light containing the Dark Queen Mermaid’s dark domain energy abruptly disappeared.


In the next instant, countless rays of black light began to radiate from the elder Allen Brother, causing Ayrin to feel as if his body was burning both internally and externally.

“Just what is this taboo domain skill? It allows him to seal his opponent’s domain and send it back at him?” Stingham exclaimed. As his Lover’s Corpse had already been exhausted, he too could feel the energy radiating from the black rays of light pervading into his body and corroding it.

“This is another one of the Black Witches’ taboo skills from the Magus Era. He must be in possession of Black Witch Melissa’s artifact, the Treasure Book of Sealing. As long as one has enough arcane particles, one can store up to three different domain energies to use against their opponent!” Rinloran explained with difficulty.

He was by far the most injured. At the current moment, his cheeks were turning increasingly sunken and black spots were growing over his skin as the black rays of light shot between them.

“Rinloran. You are already in such a state. Speak no more,” Stingham worriedly said as he saw Rinloran’s current state. He was afraid that Rinloran would actually die.

“Idiot!” Rinloran spat with difficulty, “Do you really think that not speaking will allow me to ignore the effects of this domain?!”

“Not good. If this continues, we will all die here!”

“We can’t let someone like this defeat us!”

“Death’s Power: Shadow Ball!”

“Warlock Variation!”

The fighting intent within Ayrin’s heart seemed to completely ignite as his body began to release a fiery aura. At this moment, he was completely surpassing his limit.

A dark purple ring of light emanating evil and a rainbow ring of light simultaneously blossomed from his body.


A golden yellow crystal sphere condensed in midair before him.

But it only lasted for a second before it transformed into countless golden crystal spikes which then shot toward the elder Allen Brother at an unbelievable speed.

“Eh?” A glint of disbelief flashed through the elder Allen Brother’s eyes.


A cluster of white light rose before his body.

As the golden crystal spikes collided with the cluster of white light, another explosion occurred. The crystal spikes were shattered into countless fragments, but they maintained their momentum and adhered themselves to the elder Allen Brother.

As layer after layer of crystal fragments piled up over his body, he abruptly stiffened as if he had been petrified.


Ayrin forcefully stomped on the ground with both feet, sending him flying forward like a cannonball.


But right at this moment, Stingham let out a scream as he hugged Ayrin from behind and stopped him.


A sharp metal spike about the height of a human abruptly erupted from the ground a meter or two in front of Ayrin’s face.


Ayrin shuddered in fear as he suddenly turned his gaze towards the wall behind the elder Allen Brother.

Crack crack crack…

The sound of stones shattering emanated out from the human shaped hole within the hole. Afterwards, the voice of the younger Allan Brother rang out, “Brother… he is my opponent. Don’t steal my opponent.”

The bloodied and mangled younger Allen Brother slowly climbed out from the wall.

“Even after suffering such injuries, he can still fight?” Rinloran couldn’t help but mutter.

Stingham looked a Rinloran and rebutted, “If you can fight in your state, then of course he can fight in his state.”

“Idiot, can you just shut up for a moment?!” Rinloran shouted as he ground his teeth.

“Alright. I’ll leave him to you then,” the elder Allen Brother responded with a nod as the hardened crystal shell restricting his body abruptly shattered and fell to the ground.

“Thank you, brother,” the younger Allen Brother replied in an extremely aloof manner.

A curious iron-gray light began to radiate from his body and the body of the lightning spirit which had eaten Tranquil Water.

“What is this? Self harm?” Stingham said in a stunned manner. He couldn’t sense any incoming danger.

The gray light condensed into several iron chains around the younger Allen Brother and the lightning spirit before penetrating through them.

The younger Allen Brother and lightning spirit twitched as expressions of pain emerged on their faces.

“You idiot! Being with you and having to listen to your stupidity is true self-harm! This is the Evil Dragon King’s Blood Body Fusion!” Rinloran’s voice seemed to be full of irritation as he shouted at Stingham.

“Blood Body Fusion? This guy actually knows a skill like that?!”

An intense anger began to burn within Ayrin’s eyes alongside his already burning fighting intent.

After having listened to several lectures from Liszt and Donna about the Evil Dragon Followers, he was also rather well learned about them.

Evil Bloodline Desecration and Evil Blood Body Fusion were the two skills which arcane teams of the Office of Special Affairs feared the most when they fought and pursued Evil Dragon Followers.

Evil Bloodline Desecration was a mutual destruction skill. When used, an Evil Dragon Follower would inject their own corrupted blood into an arcane master. Unable to endure the corruption, the arcane master would die while the Evil Dragon Follower would die from blood loss.

As for Evil Blood Body Fusion, it allowed Evil Dragon Followers to merge with monsters, beasts, and even dragons! It was a skill which allowed for the merging of two strengths!

Of course, this fusion skill wasn’t a complete bloodline fusion. Rather, when used, the user would forcefully embed another entity within them. At times, Evil Dragon Followers would even use corpses! Thus, this skill was seen as extremely evil!

Liszt had once mentioned to Ayrin that the more powerful the user’s arcane particles and the higher the number of opened arcane gates, the more powerful entity the user would be able to absorb.

He had also mentioned that only high ranking Evil Dragon Followers who had committed many atrocious acts and killed many people were able to learn these skills! As Ayrin thought about all the evil deeds the Allen Brothers could have committed, he became even more enraged.

“It seems like even an honest looking fellow like you can actually be an insidious and evil bastard!”

Due to his fighting intent and anger which had reached the limit, the blood within Ayrin’s body was flowing faster and his heart was beating faster than ever before.


Ayrin abruptly froze.

For some inexplicable reason, even after exhausting all of his arcane particles and enduring two domains in succession, every single particle and every drop of blood within his body seemed to feel increasingly active as they swelled in size.

“This fight, has it propelled my body to the critical point for opening my third arcane gate?” Ayrin immediately wondered to himself.

Indeed, as he looked within himself, he could see the third arcane gate becoming increasingly clear, as if it was to open at any time!

He was about to breakthrough! What a timing!

“That’s a little too ugly, isn’t it? There is actually someone who is willing to transform into something so grotesque? Are you sure this isn’t self-harm?” Stingham abruptly shouted in shock as the younger Allen Brother’s body finished absorbing the lightning spirit.

The lightning spirit had been absorbed into the younger Allen Brother’s chest. They seemed to be fully connected by flesh, and also by the iron-gray chains which bound around them.

The younger Allen Brother now looked like a grotesque monster with two head and four arms!

“Third arcane gate, open for me!” Ayrin roared in his mind as he jumped forward and charged towards the younger Allen Brother.


The younger Allen Brother’s four hands extended in unison as four balls of lightning shot out and viciously collided with Ayrin.

A blinding lightning completely enveloped Ayrin as he was sent flying backwards over Stingham and Rinloran’s heads into the wall behind them.

“Not good…”

Stingham’s face turned green as he turned his head and looked behind him.

A human shaped hole appeared in the wall before him.

“No way?”

But in the next moment, Stingham, along with the Allen Brothers, opened their mouths in shock.

Currents of electricity still flickered atop Ayrin’s body as he slowly clambered out of the hole with an expression of pain on his face. Gritting his teeth, Ayrin exclaimed, “I… actually broke through…!”

“Brother, his aura seems to have suddenly become stronger?! Didn’t he already exhaust all of his arcane particles? Why does it seem like the aura of arcane particles around him has increased?” the transformed younger Allen Brother asked as he stood motionlessly where he was.

“He managed to reach the critical point during battle and break through?” the elder Allen Brother didn’t answer his brother’s question as he inwardly came to a conclusion. A violent glint of light flashed through his eyes as the rest of his face remained expressionless.

What he couldn’t understand was how Ayrin had managed to complete his break through. Even if he had reached the critical point during battle, he should have had no more arcane particles remaining to open his arcane gate even if he could sense it… it was impossible. They had never allowed Ayrin an opportunity to condense more arcane particles, nor had he tried to.

But Ayrin’s aura had clearly just become stronger. He had clearly just broken through and opened his third arcane gate.

“Just what is your bloodline?” the elder Allen Brother couldn’t help but ask once more.

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