Chapter 283: Release Domain, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s Transformation

Chapter 283: Release Domain, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s Transformation

Countless streaks of vine-like dark green light abruptly entangled Rinloran’s body.

Before Ayrin and Stingham could even react, a great pulling force had already begun pulling Rinloran towards the elder Allen Brother, who simply raised his right arm as if making a space for Rinloran to fit right in.

At the same time, the incomparably hideous, lightning covered lightning spirit finished emerging from the younger Allen Brother’s back.

A horrendous clacking sound filled the hall as the hideous spirit opened and closed it saliva filled mouth.

“Rinloran!” Ayrin shouted anxiously.

At this point, the golden shadow ball had fixated itself in the air beside him as he finished his preparations. But it was already too late for him to save Rinloran.

The invocation speed of the elder Allen Brother had just been too fast.

“Falling Moon Flower!”

Rinloran forcefully moved his left arm and grabbed the Moon Echo Saber tied to his back. His draw was so quick that the sapling of the Tree of Life in his left hand remained even when he loosened his grip to draw the saber.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! …

Countless streaks of transparent sword energy surged forth from his back as the Moon Echo Saber was drawn, forming layer after layer of sword energy which rushed forth and collided with the streaks dark green light entangling him.

A loud explosion occurred as the sword energies sliced apart the streaks of dark green light.


Ayrin’s shadow ball flickered.

A golden streak of light radiating the aura of death and the majesty of a dragon shot towards the elder Allen Brother.

“Brother, a high rank Elven Bloodline is indeed very strong. This kid’s strength is pretty good,” the younger Allen Brother stated as he thunderously punched forward.

As his fist travelled through the air, a transparent, spiral drill shaped light appeared around it.

The light collided with Ayrin’s shadow ball.

“It’s a shame. It’s still a little bit too weak,” the elder Allen Brother said as he flourished his outstretched right hand.

The many split fragments of dark green light abruptly turned into claws of dark green bone.

“Rinloran!” Ayrin and Stingham shouted in unison.

Rinloran’s body flickered, leaving behind afterimages, but it was already too late for him to dodge.


One of the dark green bone claws struck Rinloran’s chest, sending him flying over Ayrin’s head. As he heavily crashed into the wall, blood spurt out from his mouth.

As the students of St. Laurens put it, he had been pancaked against the wall.


A minute ago, Stingham had felt nothing but hatred towards Rinloran. But after witnessing Rinloran taking the blow for Ayrin and suffering a heavy blow as a result just now, Stingham felt his body subconsciously trembling. He didn’t feel the slightest urge to gloat or insult Rinloran.


Ayrin’s shadow ball smashed through the transparent layer of light surrounding the younger Allen Brother’s fist and then viciously collided with the fist itself.

The younger Allen Brother’s entire body skid backwards as he crashed into the lightning spirit behind him.

“Brother, what necromantic skill is this? It’s so powerful. I can’t feel my fist anymore,” the younger Allen Brother exclaimed.

“These two are actually so strong!”

“This skill would send any normal four gate arcane master uncontrollably flying even if they used some kind of defensive skill, yet he was able to block it with simply his physical strength and a simple skill!”

Ayrin took a deep breath as he observed the younger Allen Brother’s current state. Indeed, even after facing the shadow ball head on, his arm had only become numbed for a short while. There was no significant damage.

At this moment, Stingham, who was still dazedly standing where he started, couldn’t help but quietly mutter Rinloran’s name, “Rinloran…:”

Rinloran’s ribcage had clearly been broken in several places as he continuously coughed blood, yet he still forcibly extracted himself from the wall and shakily stood up.

“What a strong will to fight. It’s a shame that Holy Dawn Academy overestimated your abilities. But then again, with so many arcane masters dying during war, it’s no surprise that some of the brightest lights will still be extinguished.”

The elder Allen Brother sneered as he looked at Rinloran, whose chest was completely covered with blood, and said, “Let me end your misery.”

At the same time, the younger Allen Brother moved towards Ayrin and said, “Do you wish to rescue him? Your opponent is me. Even if you wish to save him, it is impossible, as you will die right here at my hands.”


“Tears of the Dark Goddess!”

Ayrin gnashed his teeth as a black circle appeared between his brows, as if he had abruptly grown a completely black third eye.

His attempt to step in front of Rinloran had been seen through.

Even with Tears of the Dark Goddess, Ayrin knew he could only barely keep up with the younger Allen Brother. If he moved too rashly, it was possible that not only would Rinloran get killed by the elder Allen Brother as he had stated, but Ayrin himself would be heavily injured.

“Come brother, let’s simultaneously attack this high rank Elven Bloodline child first. There’s no way for him to simultaneously block both of our skills, right?” the elder Allen Brother suggested as arcane energy fluctuations appeared around him.

“Alright, brother!”

As the younger Allen Brother replied, horrifying arcane energy fluctuations began to undulate within the air.

At the same time, Ayrin screamed at the top of his lungs, “Stingham!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”


A third arcane energy fluctuation burst from his body.

“Wall of Pain!”

“Traceless Flame!”

A gray wall of light and a clear flame containing terrifying energy descended on Rinloran.


At the same time, the space before the younger Allen Brother loudly tore as a shadow ball which was five times larger than the previous one shot towards him.



A ground shaking explosion occurred within the hall.

Stone fragments began to rain down from the ceiling as if to bury everything within the hall.

Amidst the scattered and raging arcane energies, Rinloran’s swaying figure remained upright.

As everyone’s vision cleared back up, Stingham, his body glowing gold, appeared before Rinloran. Although half of his body had been rammed into the ground below him, he seemed perfectly fine.

Ayrin also seemed fine as he remained standing.

As for their opponents, the older Allen Brother was fine, but younger Allen Brother was currently extremely miserable. He had been completely smashed into the wall behind him, and his robes had been completely torn apart, revealing countless visibly bleeding wounds atop his body.

A weak voice periodically sounded out from the human shaped hole in the wall, “Brother… was that Holy Gate of Life? … no wonder it is considered the most powerful taboo skill atop Doraster. Even with his level of training, he was still able to produce such power…”

The elder Allen Brother narrowed his eyes as he didn’t immediately respond to his brother.

“Before I entered the hall… didn’t you say that you were completely cutting ties with him, and that you didn’t care if he lived or died?” the elder Allen Brother asked as he stared at Stingham. He remained expressionless as he followed up, “I can kill him for you. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Stingham just dazedly stared back without responding.

Although he had managed to defend against the elder Allen Brother’s attack, he currently felt as if all the bones in his body had been broken. The intense pain caused him to not know how to respond.

“I’ve indeed broken off my ties with him, but no matter what, he was still once my teammate. I can’t just let him get beaten up! Then I would lose all face!” Stingham paused. Several seconds later, his face steeled as he shouted, “So if you wish to kill him, you must kill me first!”

“You idiot!” Rinloran shouted from behind him.

For some inexplicable reason, Stingham felt a warmth spread through his heart.

“Rinloran, you bastard, you still dare to curse at me? Shit, no matter what you say, I will ignore just you!” Stingham shouted back as he withdrew a step closer towards Rinloran.

“Lover’s Corpse: Infinite Arcane Armor.”

A look of disbelief and joy emerged on the elder Allen Brother’s face as he looked at the faint metal zombie latched over Stingham’s body. He shook his head and sighed as he said, “In addition to the fragment of the Tree of Life, there is yet another happy coincidence. What a surprise. After I kill you, this arcane armor, which was heralded as one of the strongest armors made by the Black Witches, will separate from your body, allowing me to obtain it for myself. With the fragment of the Tree of Life and this arcane armor, me and my brother will be able to both become bishops.”

“Bastard, the one suffering defeat will definitely be you!” Ayrin fearlessly shouted.

“You have already exhausted all of your arcane particles, and no longer have any significant combat ability. As for the other two, one is barely standing and the other can only suffer my blows. You three are merely trapped mice.”

“Do you truly believe that you can protect both of them?” the elder Allen Brother asked as his gaze returned to Stingham.

“Seal Release: Water Rending Boundary!”

A layer of powdery golden particles of light containing a strange and twisting domain energy radiated outwards from the elder Allen Brother’s body.


Countless clear droplets of water began continuously condensing in the air and gathering together, completely surrounding everyone present. At the same time, countless microscopic crystals formed within the water.

“What is this domain?”

“Why does it seem to contain two types of different domain energy?!”

Ayrin’s eyes widened in shock as he inwardly shouted. The water enveloping him was so shockingly dense that he could no longer move. He could also feel the microscopic crystals unceasingly invading his body.

“What is this domain? Ayrin, Rinloran, are you two alright?!” Stingham shouted frantically as he saw Ayrin and Rinloran’s bodies terrifyingly turn pale and begin to swell as if they had been soaking in water for too long.

Stingham himself unaffected as his body was enveloped by golden light once more. But as time passed, it became evident that the metal zombie around him was swelling like a giant bubble.

“My arcane particles are being replenished!”


Feelings of shock and anger, and then anxiousness, filled Ayrin.

As the crystals invaded Ayrin’s body, they quickly decomposed into water and pure arcane particles.

Crystal-like drops of water began to leak out from the pores atop Ayrin’s skin as if he was sweating as his body stopped swelling and turning white.

The domain was helping him quickly replenish his arcane particles.

But at the same time, he still couldn’t break through the domain. He was unable to help Rinloran until this domain completely disappeared. And it didn’t seem like Rinloran would be able to endure for much longer.

“Rinloran, you bastard, wake up! Even if you die, you can’t die in such an ugly manner. You can’t die looking like a fat pig!” Stingham shouted towards Rinloran as he forcibly turned within the water.

Although the domain didn’t harm him, it still exerted pressure on him, forcing his movements to be ridiculously slow.


A second or two later, Stingham abruptly froze in a daze as the metal zombie around him seemingly hit its limit and disappeared along with the layer of golden light.

Stingham immediately felt his body begin to swell. As he looked down, he could see his fingers quickly swelling to look like little white radishes.


At this moment, the elder Allen Brother’s gaze shifted to a corner of the room.


Another domain energy bloomed out from the corner he was looking at.

Countless finger width streaks of black light radiated out from the Dark Queen Mermaid’s body and shot into the elder Allen Brother’s domain.


The elder Allen Brother’s eyes narrowed to slits.

The Dark Queen Mermaid had been cornered here by Ayrin’s group of three, yet right now, it was clearly attacking his domain as if it wanted to help Stingham.

He was certain that the Dark Queen Mermaid wasn’t under the control of Ayrin, Stingham, or Rinloran. In this case, as a dark creature, it should be cruel and hostile towards arcane masters. Yet for some reason, it was trying to help Stingham… He couldn’t understand what was going on.

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