Chapter 282: Innately Untalented Yet Extremely Powerful!

Chapter 282: Innately Untalented Yet Extremely Powerful!

Ayrin and Rinloran both heard the faint sound of battle at their location beside the Fountain of Darkness as they both exclaimed, “That seems to be the sound of fighting!”

“Some arcane team could be fighting against some Evil Dragon Followers! We must go check it out!” Ayrin immediately suggested.

Upon seeing Stingham show no signs of response, he shouted, “Stingham, we are leaving!”

“If you wish to leave, then leave,” Stingham ignored Rinloran as he spoke replied to Ayrin, “I have already cut my ties with Rinloran. I have no wish to work together with him!”


Rinloran similarly didn’t look at Stingham as he said, “We’re leaving!”

“Brother… this team seems to be fighting amongst themselves.”

“Don’t worry about it. We have arrived.”

Right as Ayrin and Rinloran made to leave, three figures appeared at the entrance of the hall.

The tall and short figures were the two Allen Brothers.

As for the final one who was being carried along by the younger Allen Brother, it was Tranquil Water!

This captain of the Kingdom of Doa’s Icefrost Corps and user of a mighty taboo domain had, alongside the three other arcane masters, been defeated by the two Allen Brothers and captured in such a short span of time!

“What a powerful aura!”

Although Ayrin had never met the Allen Brothers before, he immediately felt a sense of fear as an invisible force pressed down on him.


Even Stingham, who declared to have cut all his ties with the team, couldn’t help but shout out a warning to the other two as he backed away in fear, “They have both opened four arcane gates… and their arcane particles, they seem…”

“What about their arcane particles?”

Ayrin seemed to realize what Stingham meant as he asked in confirmation, “Do their arcane particles have some sort of abnormality?”

Stingham’s face continued to pale as he explained, “The shorty’s arcane particles are a silver color and seem to be a little denser than normal arcane particles. As for the giant, his arcane particles are normal, but his body is abnormal. His meridians seem to be wider than the average person’s, affecting the circulation of arcane particles within his body…”


Although Rinloran was fed up with Stingham’s curious and mental behavior and was completely ignoring Stingham, Stingham’s words still caused Rinloran’s expression to change.

Who knew why these two Evil Dragon Followers had abnormalities. But having more condensed arcane particles meant that the gathered arcane energy would be stronger and having wider meridians meant that arcane particles surge out of the body faster. The arcane skills of the shorter one would be stronger than a normal four gate arcane master while the arcane skills of the taller one would be cast faster than a normal four gate arcane master.

“It is as the legends say. Those with high rank Green Dragon Bloodlines indeed have the natural ability to see the meridians and arcane particles within an existence.

The elder Allen Brother’s eyes were emotionless as he glanced at Stingham and then slowly said, “But this is nothing strange. You three are the genius freshmen of Holy Dawn Academy. Your talents are all amazing, whereas we, who had spiritual defects, suffered from poor talent. Yet someone, even with such terrible talent, we managed to open four arcane gates. This is why we are different from others.”

“Spiritual defects? They are the opposite of us. Their spiritual strength improved too slowly, resulting in an imbalance where their physical body was too much stronger than their spirit… and that in turn resulted in these abnormalities?”

A look of shock emerged on Ayrin’s face as he looked at the Allen Brothers. Although the elder Allen Brother’s words made it impossible for him to know everything, Ayrin was certain that these two brothers had exerted far more effort than a normal arcane master to reach their current level.

Although the elder Allen Brother’s face was emotionless, Ayrin could feel the pride within his words.

“Even with such poor talent, you have managed to succeed, so clearly, you two are not depraved arcane masters who thirst for power but are not willing to work for it. But then, why have you two still become Evil Dragon Followers?” Rinloran said coldly as he turned to look at the younger Allen Brother, hatred already coursing through his veins.

Upon seeing the blood covered and powerful Tranquil Water being carried by the younger Allen Brother, an icy killing intent emerged in his eyes.

“With your talents, you will never understand us, who were considered trash that didn’t need to bother going to academy. You will never understand the difficulties we went through to become strong.”

A cold, mocking smile emerged on the elder Allen Brother’s face as he sarcastically said, “And so, we simply wish to obtain better talent. That is why we became what you call Evil Dragon Followers.”

“Becoming stronger. Does that also entail killing opponents who no longer have the ability to defend themselves?” Rinloran shouted as he glared at the younger Allen Brother and the bloody Tranquil Water in his clutches.

“We have a partner who is still hungry. This person is merely just something for our partner to eat before battle to gain some strength,” the younger Allen Brother replied indifferently.

“What?! These fellows are even more perverse than Ayrin! They are cannibals?!” Stingham shrieked as he trembled.

“By killing you three, not only will we obtain powerful treasures and a high rank Evil Dragon Bloodline, we will also obtain a fragment of the Tree of Life.” The elder Allen Brother’s gaze swept across Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran. In his eyes, he already considered them dead. Finally, his gaze locked onto the Dark Queen Mermaid behind Stingham. “Only, there is one thing I still don’t understand. Why is this Dark Queen Mermaid not attacking you? Does it have to do with the fragment of the Tree of Life being in your hands? If you guys answer me, then perhaps my brother here will release this captain of the Icefrost Corps.”

“Let him go first!”

Ayrin waved his fist in the air as fighting intent surged through his body and he shouted, “After you let him go, I will tell you everything!”

“I believe I hold the initiative. I will give you five seconds to reconsider.” The elder Allen Brother shook his head. “If after these five seconds, you do not give me an ample explanation as to why the Dark Queen Mermaid is acting so peacefully, then I shall this this person.”

“You!” Ayrin, who had no experience negotiating, immediately became flushed.

“You wish to learn a method of controlling the Dark Queen Mermaid because it is at least as strong as you. But you are destined to be disappointed.” Rinloran coldly laughed, “This Dark Queen Mermaid was cornered by us. We just haven’t dealt with it yet. If you wish to control it, then I behest you to go to Figaro, who was defeated by us.”

“A true pity.”

The elder Allen Brother remained expressionless as he said, “Brother, let out the little spirit.”


As the younger Allen Brother replied, powerful arcane energy fluctuations began to ripple from his back.

Rinloran immediately shouted, “Ayrin! You’re up!” He had felt that the Allen Brothers weren’t going to let Tranquil Water off to begin with.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

Without any pause, powerful arcane energy fluctuations began to ripple from Ayrin.

“Not good!”

At the same moment, Rinloran abruptly sensed a great danger as his body flickered and appeared before Ayrin.

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