Chapter 280: Land of Darkness, the Trapped Queen

Chapter 280: Land of Darkness, the Trapped Queen

The four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors shuddered.

The Dark Queen Mermaid was so terrifying and powerful, yet this golden haired youth dared to rush right at it and try to flirt with it?!

The Dark Queen Mermaid closely observed the fervent Stingham.

“Is that a look of deep affection?!” Stingham excitedly cried out.


But in the next moment, a faint green beam of light containing a considerable aura of darkness shot out from the Dark Queen Mermaid’s mouth towards Stingham.

“Ack!” Stingham cried out in misery as faint green flames enveloped his body and he was sent flying backwards.

“A fellow how can’t tell the difference between life and death. He actually wanted to flirt with the Dark Queen Mermaid.”

The expression of the Evil Dragon Follower who called himself Bowery abruptly turned a little brighter.

But in the next moment, the sound which was even more terrifying and mind numbing than the Dark Queen Mermaid’s aura of darkness rang out once more, “Beauty, your affection is too much! Even my skin can feel your fiery passion for me!”


Bowery nearly jumped out of his shoes in surprise as he saw the metal zombie wrapped around Stingham as Stingham emerged from amidst the green flames.

This beam of the Dark Queen Mermaid could even penetrate most domains, yet somehow Stingham was able to emerge practically unscathed.

A trace of shock emerged on the face of the Dark Queen Mermaid as well.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Upon seeing the Dark Queen Mermaid’s expression, Stingham immediately presumed that it didn’t find his current appearance attractive. As a result, he abruptly posed and shouted, “This thing atop my body is a little ugly, but don’t worry, this thing normally doesn’t appear. Regardless, I myself am still handsome .”

“No way?”

Goosebumps emerged atop Ayrin’s body as he cried out, “Stingham, you are truly interested in this Dark Queen Mermaid?!”

“You already have Charlotte, so you don’t understand the sorrow I feel as someone who bears the curse of being single!” Stingham’s face was full of tears as he looked at Ayrin, “With my current state… to have someone as beautiful as this Dark Queen Mermaid as my girlfriend is already more than I am praying for!”


The Dark Queen Mermaid abruptly raised both of its hands.

The air fiercely trembled as thirteen spheres of water emanating black light abruptly appeared in the air around Stingham.

Rays of black light shot out and criss-crossed as they slashed across Stingham’s body.

Zzt zzt zzt…

Clouds of smoke burst from atop Stingham’s Lover’s Corpse in succession as if scalding oil had been poured onto it. Behind him, Ayrin and Rinloran could both feel their skin tingling as if every particle of their body was being burnt to ashes by these rays.

But these rays didn’t deter Stingham at all. Before anyone could even react, he approached the Dark Queen Mermaid and grabbed its hands as he affectionately said, “What a powerful skill! Every strike causes my armor to smoke! I love it!”

“……” Rinloran was speechless as he acknowledged that he had misjudged Stingham.

Nothing that Stingham had done in the past had ever been at his best. Only the current Stingham was one doing his best.

“This kid actually…”

Bowery had long since fallen into a dumbfounded daze.

Two crystal-like tears formed at the corners of the Dark Queen Mermaid’s eyes.

As they fell, these teardrops crystallized.


Ayrin and Rinloran both took deep breaths as they felt sudden urges to run.

A terrifying domain power abruptly erupted from the two crystallized tears as streaks of thin light entwined Stingham and the Dark Queen Mermaid like countless flying sprites.

A terrifying corrosive energy which couldn’t be described swept across the area.

The clusters of smoke which were bursting from Stingham’s body abruptly turned into clouds of gray ash.

But everyone seemed to be petrified as they dazedly watched Stingham lovingly look at the Dark Queen Mermaid and say, “Why are you crying? Don’t be afraid. I am not a bad person. If you become my girlfriend, you will never have to cry ever again.”

As Stingham spoke, he reached out with his right hand and moved to brush away the crystallized tear on the Dark Queen Mermaid’s face.

“Tears of the Dark Queen! It’s its most powerful skill! And the tear has already crystallized. It currently contains a shocking amount of arcane energy! Why are you trying to wipe it off?!” Rinloran screamed as he felt on the verge of spitting blood.

The Dark Queen Mermaid’s body abruptly froze at this moment as Stingham’s hand caressed its face.


It seemed like even the Dark Queen Mermaid was unable to stand Stingham’s behavior any longer as it enveloped itself with gusts of black air and fled backwards.

“Why are you running? Are you shy?”

“Does this mean you agree to be my girlfriend or not? Wait up!”

After a short daze, Stingham began loudly chasing after the Dark Queen Mermaid.



“Too perverse… that kid is just too perverse… he even managed to scare off the Black Queen Mermaid…”

The four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors and Bowery seemed to be hallucinating as they trembled in place and incoherently muttered to themselves.

“Stingham! Come back!” Ayrin shouted.

But it was already too late. In the span of just several seconds, Stingham and the Dark Queen Mermaid had already both disappeared from Ayrin and Rinloran’s sight.

“This guy really is an unbelievable idiot!”

Rinloran gnashed his teeth as he looked in the direction Stingham had disappeared in. His face was pale and seething with anger. Afterwards, he turned towards Ayrin and said, “Ayrin, let us defeat this Evil Dragon Follower first!”


Ayrin seemed to be impatient to chase after Stingham as he immediately turned towards Bowery and shouted, “Fallen Evil Dragon Follower, do you want to surrender, or do you want to get beaten up by us angered brave warriors?!”

“The strangest one has left, let us kill these two first!”

“Cemetery of Despair!”

Bowery seemed to regain his senses at this moment as his mouth twitched and he made an invocation.

A large number of arcane particles spewed out from his fingertips and into the ground before him.

Protrusions abruptly erupted out from within the ground between him and Ayrin and Rinloran.

“Such powerful arcane energy fluctuations! This guy might be a four-gate arcane master!”

“Shadow Ball!”

Ayrin trusted his intuition and immediately commanded the golden crystal-like shadow ball floating beside him to shoot towards Bowery.

“What’s this?”

Bowery’s face twisted.

He had thought that the golden crystal-like sphere floating beside Ayrin was some kind of amplification artifact.

But as the shadow ball shot towards him, he could feel both the intense aura of death and the pure and dignified aura of a dragon.


A crystallic light erupted as a draconic aura violently exploded from within the midst of Bowery and the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors.


Bowery and the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors were all sent flying backwards.

“Just what kind of strange team is this?!”

“This kid clearly hasn’t opened his third arcane gate yet, so how can he use such a terrifying necromantic skill?! And why does it also contain such a pure draconic aura?!”

“Even I wasn’t able to fully block it… how can this be?!”

Bowery had managed to open up a black umbrella shaped barrier of light in time. As a result, he wasn’t heavily injured even they he had been sent flying backwards. But Stingham’s earlier actions and Ayrin’s current strike had completely extinguished any remaining bits of courage that he had left in him.

And Rinloran, the last of the three, had still yet to move.

At this moment, Bowery subconsciously judged that Rinloran, whose arms were both wrapped up as if broken, was as strange as Ayrin and Stingham.

He began desperately running away.


The four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors had wanted to run ever since watching Stingham’s perverse performance. But they couldn’t leave until their boss, “Tomb Guardian” Bowery, fled. Indeed, the moment Bowery began to flee, the four of them seemed to turn into streaks of black smoke.

“Even these Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors flee so quickly?”

The speed of these four heavily armored Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors caused Ayrin’s jaw to drop in surprise.

“After them!” Rinloran shouted as his figure flickered and he chased after the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors.

Considering Bowery’s stage and speed, it was impossible for him and Ayrin to catch up. But it wasn’t the same for these four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors. If they managed to catch even one of them, they would be able to interrogate for answers.


But right at this moment, Stingham’s cry of misery rang over from the distant darkness.

“This guy, what is he doing?!”

Rinloran’s face filled with black lines as he audibly grit his teeth.

He wanted to ignore Stingham and keep chasing after the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors, but his body still subconsciously stopped upon hearing Stingham’s cry.

“Stingham might be in danger! Let’s go find him!”

Ayrin didn’t hesitate at all as his figure flickered and began to beeline in the direction of Stingham’s cry.

Before long, a fountain engraved with images of mermaids appeared before Ayrin.

Behind the fountain was a large manor-like construct.

Both sides of the large, vine covered copper gate were open, as if inviting them in.


Stingham’s miserable cry rang out from within. But it seemed still very far away.


Another miserable cry rang out.

“He must be in some kind of secret room. Otherwise, his sound wouldn’t be so faint,” Rinloran guessed as his face remained as cold as ice.

Ayrin had already charged right in.

Streaks of bright green light were littered atop the black floor. It seemed to be a trail left by the Dark Queen Mermaid.

Following these glowing green streaks, Ayrin and Rinloran passed through several rooms until they finally reached the kitchen. Within one of the pantries, they found a passageway leading down into the ground.

Ayrin and Rinloran had only traversed a dozen or so meters within the passageway when they both abruptly stopped in place. A large circular hall appeared before them.

Another fountain appeared in the center of this hall. A murky black water constantly spewed out.

A black tree branch releasing a faint black light and an intense aura of darkness floated in the center of the fountain.

In a corner of this hall was Stingham and the Dark Queen Mermaid, which had been cornered by Stingham.

Stingham seemed to be perfectly fine, but the face of the Dark Queen Mermaid seemed to be full of fear, preventing Stingham from approaching.

A bang rang through the hall as the cornered Dark Queen Mermaid viciously smashed its own head into the wall. It seemed like it would rather kill itself then subject itself to the strange person before it.

“Don’t do this!”

Tears streamed down Stingham’s face as he screamed, “Am I really this ugly? You would rather commit suicide by slamming your head into a wall than be my girlfriend?”

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