Chapter 276: A Shocking Experiment and the Dragon Crystal

Chapter 276: A Shocking Experiment and the Dragon Crystal

“It is a human. Only, it knows the Parasitic Mutation skill.”

Figaro abruptly became dejected as he said, “I originally believed that I had succeeded as there were no issues immediately after I grafted these two dragon limbs onto its body. But several days ago, weakness suddenly completely pervaded its body. It didn’t have enough vitality to withstand the drugs I administered alongside the assault of foreign particles.”

“As for the dragon limbs, there are more than enough dragon corpses within the abyss of Fallen Shadow Valley for me to use.” Figaro continued, “You kids should be familiar with how even after dragons and six or seven gate arcane masters die, their bodies will remain intact due to the powerful arcane energies trapped within.”

“The legends were right. There are actually dragon corpses within this main campsite of the Evil Dragon Followers!” Ivan, Charlotte, and the others couldn’t help but exchange glances.

“How many days passed after the successful grafting before it showed weakness,” Ferguillo asked.

Figaro dispiritedly responded, “Three months and seven days.”

“A full three months and seven days?!” Charlottle exclaimed.

She had assumed that it had only remained stable for several days.

But she soon learned from the old gnome scholar that these dragon corpses left over from the Era of the War with Dragons had become impervious to the passing of time. It was because they had been too powerful while they were still alive. All the arcane particles which remained within them when they died caused the arcane energy around them to form a barrier which kept them intact.

Furthermore, the bodies of these dragons were naturally strong and sturdy to begin with.

Thus, even if it was only a pair of limbs being grafted on, the increase in strength of the arcane master was too great to be measured.

The fellow before them, who was likely a poor Evil Dragon Follower, had already spent three months assimilating with the dragon limbs. It seemed like the old gnome was not far from succeeding in his research.

If the scholar had succeeded even slightly earlier, if many Evil Dragon Followers had managed to become grafted with dragon parts… then this current war, would it still be the way it was? Just how strong would the Evil Dragon Followers have been?

A cold sweat emerged atop Charlotte’s body.

But then, Figaro added one more sentence. “It is my life’s goal to be able to graft the most powerful parts of those powerful ancient dragons and arcane masters onto today’s arcane masters while still retaining all of their power, or as much as possible!”

“……” Wilde audibly swallowed.

If the old gnome truly succeeded, it would be unbelievable. For many powerful dragons and arcane masters, they would have one or two extremely powerful parts to their body depending on their bloodline and the skills they trained in. This was especially true for dragons which didn’t have a dragon crystal, as the energy which would normally originate from the dragon crystal would originate from throughout their entire body instead.

“Old man, stop spouting rubbish. How could this possibly succeed?” Stingham derided as he contemptuously sneered, “If one could truly pick and match parts to graft onto oneself as you are suggesting… to pick only the strongest and most powerful option for every part of the body, wouldn’t the result be insane?”

“How can it be impossible?! Let me tell you now, if this fellow’s vitality had been strong enough, then perhaps I would have already succeeded!” Upon hearing Stingham’s ridicule, the old gnome abruptly burst in anger. But a moment later, he abruptly became excited as he looked at Stingham and said, “You seem to be bursting with vitality. At least, it is much stronger than this Stewart. Why don’t you cooperate with me? Perhaps I will succeed this time!”

“Stewart? You’re saying that that is Bringer of Calamity Stewart?” Ivan and Juan sharply inhaled as they looked at the grotesque humanoid figure.

Nicknamed the ‘Bringer of Calamity’, Stewart was an extremely famous Evil Dragon Follower since many years ago. Prior to becoming an Evil Dragon Follower, he taught the elite students of Hawkmoon Academy.”

“Correct. That is him,” Figaro nodded.

“Another arcane master who ended up incurring their own destruction due to their greed for power,” Ivan spat in scorn.

“Why would I cooperate with you? Old man, have you lost your mind?” Stingham shrieked, “I have dragon’s blood to begin with. Why would I submit myself to alteration? I’m not crazy like you!”

“You idiot!” The old gnome was so infuriated that his upper lip trembled as he roared, “You dare insult my research?! So what if you have a dragon bloodline? You can merely use the powers of your specific bloodline. Furthermore, unlike those with pure human bloodlines, you are unable to merge with other bloodlines! Even if you found the inheritance of a sacred creature, you wouldn’t be able to receive it like an arcane master with a human bloodline! In the end, your bloodline is but trash! But my grafting techniques would allow you to evolve. I can guarantee that your limbs and body will all become incredibly powerful! As it is right now, any random dragon limb is stronger than you trash!”

“What?! You are calling me trash?!”

Stingham felt so furious that his nose nearly became crooked. He subconsciously rolled up his sleeves as if he was about to punch the old gnome when he abruptly broke into smiles. “Ah. Respected scholar Figaro, I shouldn’t have mocked your research. Anyway, do you have any methods of making me a little more handsome?”

“Scram!” the old gnome explosively roared. “I am not a plastic surgeon! And your foundation is too poor. It is impossible to make someone as ugly as you handsome.”

“What did you say? I’m ugly? The foundation is too poor?” Stingham’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

“Of course! This right here is handsome! Take a good look and admit your inferiority,” the old gnome stated as he took out a painting and slammed it open on the ground.

Everyone gathered as they hoped to witness something which would cause even Stingham to feel inferior about himself. But as they all saw the painting, they nearly toppled to the ground.

The painting depicted a leather cloak wearing gnome with a carrot like head.

“This is what is called handsome! Do you understand now? Look at his nose and brows! So handsome!” the old gnome excitedly cried out as sweat emerged atop everyone’s foreheads.

“What is this difference in tastes? It is simply too hard to compare,” Stingham let out a sigh of relief as he wiped away his sweat. He inwardly thought that it was quite fortunate that this old gnome had refused to do surgery on him. Otherwise, his features might have been transformed to look like this gnome brother’s.


Right at this moment, the old gnome’s expression brightened up as if he had discovered a new continent as he approached and circled around Ferguillo.

“Your vitality seems to be very strong. Moreover, every single particle in your body seems to be constantly active and filled with the aura of life. Compared to you, that narcissist fool is really just a pile of trash!” Figaro exclaimed, his eyes glinting.

“What do you mean, narcissist fool? My handsomeness is recognized by everyone else. And how can I go from being trash to garbage?!” Stingham shrieked in melancholy.

“What do you say? Will you take part in my experiment? With my grafting techniques and your strong vitality, we shall definitely succeed!” Figaro excitedly said as he ignored Stingham and attentively looked at Ferguillo.

“He’s set his eyes on boss…” Wilde turned and looked at Ferguillo.

“Alright. But let’s wait until a suitable time to talk about it,” Ferguillo casually replied.

“Good! Then I shall continue perfecting my skills!”

Figaro was so excited that his entire body trembled.

“Eh, you aren’t really interested in being his grafting subject, are you?” Stingham asked Ferguillo as he rolled his eyes.

“Now then, let me commence my experiment once more! My final attempt at rescue!” Figaro loudly cried out as he suddenly became invigorated once more and seemed to forget about the presence of everyone around him.

“Final attempt at rescue?” Stingham asked curiously.

“I’m going to see if I can use a combination of potions to combat the side effects caused by the grafting and restore vitality to the subject,” Figaro said sternly as he vigorously shook the glass flask in his hand.

The light gray liquid in the flask abruptly released an intense light as it turned a deep green and began to bubble.

Stingham nearly fainted as he watched Figaro pour the liquid directly onto the three hearts embedded within Stewart’s open chest.

Fine bubbles rose from within Stewart’s chest as the liquid quickly permeated into the hearts.


The fainted Stewart abruptly let out a hideous roar as his body violently convulsed atop the table.

Stingham subconsciously took a step back.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The three hearts within Stewart’s chest began to fiercely beat. But just a dozen or so seconds later, Stewart opened his mouth as if to gasp, and then stopped moving. His body slowly began to stiffen.

“I still failed… it seems like it is indeed necessary to start off with a strong enough body in the first place,” Figaro shook his head in frustration as he observed the Stewart’s corpse on the table.

“A powerful arcane master was killed just like that?” Black lines filled Stingham’s face as he shouted, “Old gnome, you wouldn’t happen to be a spy placed here by our Kingdom of Eiche, would you?”

“Alright. Stop bothering my thoughts and research. If there is nothing, then please leave me in peace. Over there is some trash left by Stewart and several other fellows. If I remember correctly, there should be a dragon crystal. If you must take something, then take that pile,” Figaro’s face remained emotionless as he spoke to Stingham.

“A pile of trash? I am a robber, yet you are treating me as a garbage man?” Stingham shouted. But then, he abruptly paused his tirade as he asked, “Dragon crystal?”

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