Chapter 273: Directly Scared Away

Chapter 273: Directly Scared Away

“Alright. Then we shall leave everything to you guys, Ferguillo,” Ayrin calmly said as he let out a breath of relief.

“Leave it to them?” the skinny Evil Dragon Follower sneered from amidst the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors. He was about to add something when he suddenly froze.

“Zzzz… zzzz…”

He watched as Ayrin immediately fell asleep and began to snore heavily.

“What kind of arcane master is he… he was able to fall asleep so easily in a situation like this?!” Juan inwardly exclaimed in disbelief.

“Yes, we will leave it to you.”

Rinloran nodded towards Ferguillo as he followed Ayrin’s lead and collapsed onto the ground like a corpse.

“How did I end up with teammates like this? The enemy is standing right before us, yet they have fallen asleep like dead pig!” Stingham shouted in annoyance.

Charlotte’s face immediately filled with black lines.

Stingham knew well that he had been carried over here by Ayrin and Rinloran, yet he still had the gall to call Ayrin and Rinloran dead pigs.

“Ferguillo, just what kind of physique do you have… do you not feel even the slightest bit tired…” Ivan asked Ferguillo with a complex expression on his face.

Ivan was also exhausted. It was clear as day with his current bruised and sallow appearance. He felt like he would fall asleep the moment he lowered his head. Yet somehow, Ferguillo, who had fought alongside him this entire time and served as night watcher many more times, didn’t seem exhausted at all.

“What a group of ignorant and arrogant youths. It seems like none of you have felt true fear before,” the skinny Evil Dragon Follower scornfully cackled.

“Hey, what is your name?”

Stingham seemed to have thought of something as his eyes lit up and he said, “To act so haughty at a time like this, you must be very strong?”

“A time like this? The battlefield has merely shifted to this valley. Do you think that this means you have already defeated us?” the skinny Evil Dragon Follower glared at Stingham as he proudly said, “My name is Quentin. Remember it well, for it will be the last name you hear before you die.”

“Quentin? The Wandering Deathsinger of the Aosta Highlands?” Juan exclaimed in shock.

“Wandering Deathsinger? So this fellow is truly very strong?” Stingham’s eyes glowed even brighter.

“He’s a reclusive wandering arcane master who has an extremely eccentric personality. Death follows in his wake wherever he goes. He is infamous for being easy to anger and for being extremely ruthless. He murdered arcane masters atop the Aosta Highlands. But one day, he angered the largest clan of the Aosta Highlands, House Sigmody, and thus was forced to flee,” Juan thoroughly explained in hopes of allowing Stingham and Ferguillo to clearly understand the kind of opponent they were facing.

To have been able to live outside the law for so long without being killed, Quentin definitely had to have extremely strange abilities or powerful taboo skills.

“He must have already opened four arcane gates. According to our orders, we should immediately flee,” the professional and abiding Charlotte abruptly thought.

Stingham loudly cackled as he abruptly stepped forward and said, “Is that so? Hey you, why don’t you hit me with one of those skills which made you famous! Please! Take a good lick at me!”

“What the hell? When did this fellow become so perverted? Did Ayrin and Rinloran drop him on his head too hard? In the past, didn’t he hate to train and fight unless he thought it made him look handsome?” Charlotte thought to herself as her eyes widened and mouth dropped.

“You dare make fun of me! You are courting death!” Quentin shrieked.

“Spirit Extinguishing Ray!”

A clear beam pierced between Stingham’s brows.

“That’s a spirit attacking skill!”


Ferguillo and Juan’s faces both greatly changed.

This kind of instant spirit attack was extremely rare. It used one’s own mind to directly attack an opponent’s mind!

Skills like this were incredibly hard to defend against, and if the difference in mental strength was too great, then the skill could heavily injure the mind, resulting in mental retardation, or even death.

Having fought against Stingham before, Ferguillo knew just how narcissistic and lazy Stingham was. He knew just how much Stingham liked to overestimate his own strength as well. There was no way Stingham would be unaffected by this attack. The difference in mental strength between Quentin and Stingham was too great.


But what they expected to happen didn’t occur as Stingham remained calmly standing there as if nothing had happened amidst all of their screams after being hit by the attack.

“Hurry up! Please! I beg you to hit me with your strongest skill!” Stingham cried out in an indescribably perverse manner.


Upon noticing all the complex expressions on the faces of those around him, Stingham abruptly asked, “What’s wrong? Did he use a skill just now? Hey you, what kind of skill was that? I didn’t even feel it!”

“How can this be?!”

Quentin felt even his bones tremble in fear.

In order to produce a shocking effect just now, he had used up a lot of his mental strength in his attack. It should have instantly killed this junior standing before him. Yet they didn’t even seem to feel it!

“Stingham, just how high is your mental strength? How can their spirit attack not affect you at all?” Wilde couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Spirit attack?”

Stingham froze for a moment, then immediately put his hand behind his head as he opened his collar and gleefully said, “Aha, I have a Spirit Obstruction Gem! You guys came too late. River Bend Academy’s team members knew all about it already. Hmph! Quentin, your spirit attacks have no effect on me. Why don’t you use another skill to attack me?!”


Charlotte couldn’t hold back her chuckle.

With a Spirit Obstruction Gem which was especially made for withstanding spirit attacks, Quentin was simply asking for his own defeat if he continued using spirit attacks.

“You brat, I’m going to slaughter you!”

Quentin was clearly enraged as his aura abruptly surged and a light radiated out from his body in all directions, finally revealing his face to everyone present outside of the sleeping Ayrin and Rinloran.

His face was thin and sallow, and there were very few strands of wispy hair on his head, making him seem at least fifty years old. Furthermore, his entire head was covered with black specks, turning his dull appearance into a more savage looking one.

“Nether Eclipse!”

Following his invocation, he extended his right arm as six streams of crimson flames shot out.

“This guy…”

Charlotte’s eyes widened as she saw Quentin’s six fingered hand!


As Quentin extended his arm, hundreds of jewel like feathers appeared around Ferguillo.


These jewel like feathers crashed towards Quentin like a tidal wave as they collided head on with the six streams of crimson flames.

“What terrifying power! Even boss cannot block it!”

Wilde’s expression changed as he appeared beside Stingham.

Ferguillo’s jewel like feathers were only able to block four streams of the crimson flames before they were completely destroyed.

“Magic Breaker: Blue Wasp Swords!”

Although he had failed to enter the national tournament, Wilde had trained especially hard the last several months. As a result, his progress was amazing.

As his Blue Wasp Swords materialized in his hands, a ring of silver flames emerged around both of their blades.


But as Wilde faced one of the remaining streams of flames, he was sent flying backwards.

Although he managed to keep a hold of his swords, his hands were unceasingly trembling.


The final stream of crimson flames crashed towards Stingham.

Everyone froze once more.

They watched as Stingham remained motionless and didn’t invoke any skills.

But then, as the flames collided with Stingham, an incredible scene unfolded before their eyes.

A horrifying metal zombie abruptly appeared around Stingham and tightly gripped his body.

As the crimson flames touched the metal zombie, a layer of hazy yellow light emerged, dispersing the flames into several rippling crimson waves of energy which resembled a blossoming flower.

Silence descended upon the battlefield.

“Just what is that thing?”

“Even if it is a defensive skill, how could it possibly block the flames so easily with Stingham’s strength?!”

Thoughts successively passed through the minds of Ferguillo, Ivan, and the others.

“It’s pretty much all grown back. Why is it so fast… I only slept for a little while…”

Everyone else was shocked by the defensive ability of the metal zombie clutching onto him, yet Stingham seemed to be full of despair as he saw the metal zombie and threw a tantrum.

“This… this is Black Witch Jelly’s Lover’s Corpse! An infinite arcane armor!”

“This disappeared over a thousand years ago, how can he have it?!”

Fear abruptly surged through Quentin as every part of his body seemed to scream out and he broke the silence with his cries of terror.

“This is Lover’s Corpse? An infinite arcane armor? You know what this is?” Stingham asked Quentin in surprise.


“What are you doing?! Are you trying to scare me again!”

Stingham jumped back in shock and let out a scream of terror as Quentin’s skin abruptly split in many places. It was as if his flesh was trying to burrow out from under his skin.

At the same time, the shape of Quentin’s body dramatically changed.

He grew to a height of about two meters as a pair of fleshy wings emerged from his back and his body became covered with scales. His face also changed into something which was reminiscent of a bat blood beastman’s.


Quentin screamed out as he suddenly soared into the sky and turned into a stream of silver light which disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

Only the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors remained in place, unable to escape even if they wanted to.

“What is going on?”

Stingham was perplexed.

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