Chapter 261: Birth of a New Holy Dawn Evil Six

Chapter 261: Birth of a New Holy Dawn Evil Six

“Let me go! Just who the hell are you?!”

Tiger Chen seemed to be on the verge of crying as arcane particles wildly spewed out from his feet and he desperately tried to kick Stingham off.

“Yes! Just like that, brave warrior!”

However, the surge of arcane particles around Stingham only made him more excited as he hugged Tiger Chen’s legs even tighter and replied, “Hi, I am Stingham.”

“Scram for me!”

Tiger Chen’s body trembled as countless black bats suddenly flew out from the shadows of the dark forest beside him.

There was a loud boom as he finally managed to send Stingham flying away.

But right as he freed himself, he found himself suddenly entangled by a green vine which had quietly snuck up on him from the grass behind him.


Tiger Chen didn’t even have time to use any defensive arcane skills as the chittering swarm of black bats overran him.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

Tiger Chen watched as a demonic fireball shot towards him. There was an explosion, and then he no longer felt anything.

“Success!” Ayrin excitedly shouted as he emerged from the dense forest’s cover.

The three of them had managed to defeat strong opponents in Tiger Chen and Otto at their current level. It was indeed something to be proud of.

“This fellow also succeeded?”

Rinloran glanced at Stingham, who was beside him.

Stingham had fainted once more. However, his breathing had stabilized, so it seemed like his life wasn’t in any sort of danger. Only, the metal zombie which had been over his body was nowhere to be seen.

“Too perverse…”

As Rinloran remembered Stingham’s behaviour just now, he felt goosebumps erupt over his body once more.

“My two arcane skills seem to have ruined that fellow.”

After the battle, Ayrin had immediately gone and checked Tiger Chen’s condition. He quickly discovered that the black bats he provoked had severely ruined the balance between Tiger Chen’s internal organs, and that Tiger Chen was likely about to take his last breath.

“It’s not often we get to see Stingham behave this way.”

As he observed the fainted Stingham, Ayrin couldn’t help but add, “I do hope he didn’t succeed, and that the metal zombie didn’t disappear for good.”

“Only the appearance is a little terrifying. Only an idiot like him would wish for it to disappear.” As Rinloran thought back to the battle once more, he couldn’t help but heavily kick Stingham’s butt, “The Black Witch’s strange defensive artifact even managed to block the domain power of a four gate arcane master when the user was only a three gate idiot. If this idiot actually trained and increased the power of his arcane energy, the defensive ability of this defensive artifact would become even more terrifying… This artifact, if put in the Era of the War with Dragons, would be considered a legendary one, yet this idiot actually wants for it to disappear!”


At this moment right when Stingham woke, Rinloran viciously kicked Stingham once more.

“You kicked me?” Stingham immediately shouted. It seemed he had regained quite a bit of consciousness.

“Hmph!” Rinloran coldly sneered as he was inwardly shocked by how quickly Stingham woke up. He felt a bit embarrassed for having despicably kicked Stingham while he was still in a coma.

“Thank you!”

Ayrin and Rinloran were speechless as contrary to their expectations, a grateful look appeared atop Stingham’s face and he said, “Rinloran, I really misjudged you. I thought you were a narrowminded person who held their grudges forever. I never thought that you would help me and hit me.”

“Did the Back Witch’s artifact truly disappear?” Ayrin asked Stingham in a voice full of regret after a moment of silence.

“Wahahaha! I’ve finally returned to being my most handsome self!” Stingham shouted as widely grinned and placed his hands on his hips. “I cannot feel its presence at all. I’ve finally gotten rid of it!”

“Idiot!” Rinloran’s face turned frosty as he inwardly questioned how a legend level artifact like this could be so wastefully destroyed by such an idiot.

“What’s wrong?” Ayrin asked as he watched the laughing Stingham abruptly freeze and stop laughing.

“Wait, something seems off!”

Stingham’s face quickly paled as his lips trembled and he whispered, “I feel something continuously consuming my arcane particles like a vengeful ghost.”

“Could it be?”

Ayrin and Rinloran’s eyes both widened as they exchanged looks and saw the gloating expression on each other’s face.

“The metal zombie is reforming!” Stingham’s shrill scream resounded through the Forest of Evil.



“So perverse!”

“Absolutely too perverse!”

As Otto desperately fled through the darkness, his body shuddered and became covered with a cold sweat upon faintly hearing Stingham’s shrill scream.

“Who is it?”


Otto didn’t know how far he had run when two surprised voices simultaneously sounded out from the darkness not far in front of him.

“What happened?”

Two cracks rang through the air as two figures covered in a faint mist appeared before Otto.

It was two middle aged, gray robe wearing arcane masters.

One of them was very tall and sturdy, with a height nearing two meters. The other was about a meter and sixty centimeters, and very thin. But the two arcane masters looked strangely similar to one another. They both had

high, pronounced noses and slightly sunken eyes, making them look extremely cold and dignified.

“Allen Brothers?”

Only now did Otto finally regain his senses as a burning pain pervaded his body and he felt a feeling of embarrassment surge through him. His body was so soaked in sweat that he seemed to have just been fished out of the water, and he had somehow lost a shoe without noticing it. His face, hands, and feet were all covered in welts and scrapes from brushing past branches.

“I ran into the territory you two are guarding?” Otto asked as he looked around. He began to feel a sense of lingering fear once more.

“Just who did you encounter?” the shorter of the two arcane masters asked.

“Don’t hold back because I am handsome! Use your strongest arcane skills to hit me!”

“Right! Just like that, brave warrior!”

“I am Stingham…”

At this moment, Otto heard faintly heard Stingham’s voice once more.

Another wave of cold sweat covered him as he anxiously replied, “Stingham. The guy was called Stingham.”

“Stingham? What a familiar name,” the shorter arcane master replied as he furrowed his brows and began to think.

“Brother… in this year’s national tournament, Holy Dawn Academy’s team had a member called Stingham. He has a high level Green Dragon Bloodline,” the taller arcane master said in a thick and deep voice.

“That’s right! Then Otto, you encountered Holy Dawn Academy’s team?” the shorter arcane master, who turned out to be the elder of the two brothers, asked as a light flashed through his eyes.

“He was very young, and did indeed behave like a student… but I was only able to see him, and not the rest of his team, so I’m not sure if it was Holy Dawn Academy’s team or not,” Otto replied in a trembling voice.

“You only saw one person?” Both Allen Brothers froze.

“From start to finish, we were only exchanging blows with this Stingham.” Otto wiped away some cold sweat as he looked at the Allen Brothers and said, “He’s too perverse. He’s even worse than the most perverted masochist. He just stands there and shouts for you to use your strongest skills to attack him… he doesn’t even attack back… but we were unable to break through his defense. In the end, Tiger Chen fell to them.

“What?! Even Tiger Chen died?” A strange light flashed through the eyes of the Allen Brothers.

“He’s too perverse. His defensive skill has a metal zombie clinging over his body… but in the end, the most ridiculous thing is that he doesn’t attack back. He just lets you attack him, and as you attack, he becomes increasingly excited,” Otto absentmindedly babbled.

“So perverse?”

“Liszt’s generation was already extremely perverse. Weren’t they called the Holy Dawn Evil Six because of that? But the new Holy Dawn Academy team is actually perverted?”

“Otto, it seems like you have already lost all spirit to fight them any more. Brother, let’s go and fight these perverts!” the short brother coldly said without any hesitation as he shot off into the darkness.

“Okay brother,” the taller one replied in an obedient manner as he immediately followed suit.

“Then what about your area?” Otto shouted at their disappearing figures.

“Just trade. Protect our path for us. A proclamation just came down from the bishops saying that anyone who kills participants of the national tournament will receive double the rewards… we can’t miss out on this opportunity.”

By the time they finished speaking, they were already long gone.



The Allen Brothers were extremely secretive and mysterious even amongst the Evil Dragon Followers. Outside of the bishops and the other existences on their level, no one else knew where they had come from. They only knew that the two strange twin brothers were extremely powerful and had never lost before. In fact, they hadn’t even suffered any serious injuries in the past.

Of course, there was no way for Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham to know that there were currently two terrifying enemies coming for them.

At this moment, Ayrin was comforting Stingham, “It’s alright. At least it won’t reappear for a while. Furthermore, just because it didn’t succeed the first time doesn’t mean it won’t succeed if you keep trying. Sooner or later, it will completely disappear.”

“Your words make sense!”

The disheartened Stingham seemed to find reprieve through Ayrin’s words as his eyes once again lit up with hope and he said, “At least this time, I can remain handsome for a while. And at least this disgusting zombie won’t immediately pop up and scare me the next time I use my arcane particles as it slowly recovers.”

“Hey, hurry and look at that!” Rinloran suddenly interrupted from his position atop a giant tree branch above Ayrin and Stingham.

“That is?”

Ayrin couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath of air as he climbed up the tree and landed beside Rinloran.

From their position, they could see the outer periphery of Fallen Shadow Valley.

A magenta mist covered the entire valley and glowed with an abnormally evil light. Streaks of blood red light intermittently pierced through the mist as well.

Right at this moment, a pillar of bright and pure light suddenly surged out from the midst of a forest beside a nearby Path of Evil.

“That’s a Flare Pillar. It doesn’t have any offensive capabilities. It is only used by arcane teams of our Kingdom of Eiche to urgently request for help,” Rinloran whispered to Ayrin as he looked at the pillar of light.

“Then another arcane team must have encountered danger!”

“It seems like the various academy teams were all assigned around here. If so, then that flare might be from Chris’ half of the team, or perhaps even Ferguillo and Charlotte’s team! Let’s go! Let’s go right now!”

Ayrin decisively jumped down from the tree and began running.

“Ayrin, what are you doing?!”

Stingham was shocked as he watched a pillar of black light emerge from Ayrin’s body as Ayrin passed by Tiger Chen and descend over Tiger Chen’s corpse.


Tiger Chen’s body began to float it released countless streaks of dark purple light.

The light abruptly condensed into another mysterious shadow ball and began to follow Ayrin as if it had a mind of its own.

“Recycling trash. Prepare to face some powerful enemies!” Ayrin loudly replied.

“You actually called Tiger Chen trash… are you sure you aren’t the perverse one?” Stingham shouted back.

“It is my skill, brave warrior! In the midst of battle, one must only consider how to defeat their opponent with their skills!” Ayrin responded.

“This fellow’s brain… he truly doesn’t consider anything other than fighting,” Rinloran helplessly thought to himself as he quickly caught up to and moved with Ayrin. “A simple minded and dense fellow like him… it seems like there is no need to worry about him becoming a necromancer because of a thirst and greed for easy power.”

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