Chapter 260: The Birth of an Extremely Perverse Arcane Master

Chapter 260: The Birth of an Extremely Perverse Arcane Master

“Just what is this fellow’s background?” Tiger Chen thought as he narrowed his eyes.

No matter how he looked at the scene before him, the person facing him was mentally sick. Yet the strange metal zombie atop their body was clearly a defensive materialization condensed from arcane energy.

“Please. Please! Hurry up and hit me! I will be extremely grateful!”

Seeing Tiger Chen still motionless, Stingham began to beg even harder.

“A person would not dare to be so arrogant by himself. The rest of his team must be hidden nearby. Tiger Chen, you must not be careless,” Otto abruptly stated from his position atop a nearby branch. His voice was surprisingly crisp and sweet, making it pleasant to the ear.

“You look like a man, so why do you sound like a little girl?”

Stingham’s eyes widened in surprise as he shouted even more excitedly, “Why don’t you also come and hit me? You aren’t a woman, are you? If you are a woman, it would be great being hit by you.”

“You are a pervert! Do you truly believe that I don’t dare attack you?!”

“Maw of Evil: Grind Bone!”

Otto immediately entered a state of rage as arcane energy fluctuations began to turbulently pulse from his body like ocean waves during a storm.

Stingham didn’t know, but Otto, who was nicknamed “Carrier of Famine” by the Evil Dragon Followers, hated it when people ridiculed his appearance and voice for being feminine.

“Such horrific arcane energy fluctuations!”

Ayrin and Rinloran stiffened in shock as they saw a giant, house sized mouth similar in appearance to an Evil Toutou’s maw emerged above Stingham and devoured him.

Crack crack crack…

The sound of chewing rumbled out from within the giant mouth.

“He was eaten just like that?”

“We didn’t even try to rescue him. Are we being too inhumane?”

“That’s right. Just now, why didn’t we try to save him? Why did we let him face those two powerful fellows by himself?”

Ayrin and Rinloran’s eyes were like saucers as they muttered to themselves.

A dozen or so seconds later, the chewing sounds coming from the giant mouth stopped as it slowly disappeared.


Tiger Chen and the raging Otto’s pupils abruptly shrunk as a perfectly fine and still standing Stingham reappeared atop the battlefield. There were no traces of blood or flesh anywhere. Only, the hazy glow atop the metal zombie clinging to Stingham had somewhat dimmed.

“This fellow’s arcane particle quality is clearly quite a bit below ours. How did he defend against my attack?! Just what kind of skill is this?”

Otto felt a biting chill rise in his heart.

“Wow! So strong! It seems like it worked!”

As Stingham saw the change in his periphery, he began to rave in an even more perverse and appalling fashion, “Hurry up! Don’t stop! Come and hit me again!”

“This fellow…” Otto froze.

“Hurry! Don’t have mercy just because I am so handsome! Use everything you’ve got! I’ll be cheering for you!” Stingham giggled as he continued, “Just hurry up and hit me! I love it when others hit me.”

“So perverse…” Ayrin and Rinloran couldn’t help but tremble.

“You dare to mock me like this?! Go die!”

Blue veins began to protrude atop Otto’s forehead.

“Box of Famine: Appear, God of Doom!”

After a sharp invocation, an astonishing number of arcane particles surged out and wrapped around his hands as the lid of the green crystal box opened.

A gray pillar of light shot out from the box, accompanied by the sound of dreary whistles and moans.


The ten meter area around Stingham violently shook as hundreds upon thousands of currents of white light emerged.

At the same time, a gray figure wearing ancient styled robes appeared and descended from midair.


Gray flames enveloped Stingham’s body as the ground violently trembled and a circle of dust and smoke rose several meters into the air, forming a wall around Stingham.

As the wall of dust and smoke dispersed outwards, the ground upon which Stingham was standing began to quickly sink into the earth.

Upon seeing such power, Ayrin and Rinloran’s mouths gaped open.

“Is this a domain power?”

“It seems like it…”

“It seems like the green crystal box in his hand is indeed an amplification artifact… it seems to be even more powerful than ordinary ones!”

“This domain power, Stingham probably can’t defend against it, can he?”

“Why did we just stand here and do nothing once more?”

“I don’t know… maybe it’s because his behavior just now was too perverse? It turned us away?”

As they whispered to each other, Ayrin and Rinloran opened their eyes as wide as possible and attentively watched the situation before them.

The dust and smoke slowly scattered.

A standing figure slowly became visible.

“Still alive? The Black Witch’s metal zombie is a little too strong, isn’t it? Even a domain power like this was blocked!” Ayrin and Rinloran helplessly exchanged looks.


Otto’s face turned snow white.

Stingham was still standing!

Of course, his appearance was slightly worse off than before. At the least, there was some blood dripping from his nostrils.

As Stingham looked through his periphery and observed the metal zombie once more, he saw that the glow in the metal zombie’s eyes had began to blur, causing him to become excited once more.

“Wonderful! The blows of someone with a sweet voice are indeed much better than the blows of that group of fellows who only know how to run away!”

Stingham didn’t even bother wiping away the blood dripping from his nose as he excitedly looked at Otto and shouted, “Can you use even more power, and hit me even harder? Could you do that?”

“Just which hole did this pervert crawl out from?!”

As Stingham’s excited gaze landed on Otto, he nearly fell off of the branch he was sitting on.

Otto had come across his fair share of opponents with powerful defensive abilities. However, this was the first time he had encountered an opponent who didn’t attack back. Furthermore, this fellow seemed to become even more perverse with every beating he took!

But most importantly, just now, he had exhausted all the arcane energy stored within his “Box of Famine”. It was impossible for him to make an attack even stronger than the previous one.

“Why are you not moving again? Hurry up and hit me ah. You have given me a very good impression so far. Don’t be so reluctant to hit me because I am so handsome. The harder you hit me, the more grateful towards you I will become.”

Otto suddenly felt an urge to flee.

“Oh wait. There is still one more person who has yet to do anything. Why don’t the two of you come hit me together,” Stingham abruptly shouted as he remembered Tiger Chen’s presence and looked at Tiger Chen with a great smile.

“We can only simultaneously strike him. Perhaps we will break through his defense.”

Tiger Chen’s body trembled as he saw the look in Stingham’s eyes. He glanced at Otto, and then looked back towards Stingham.

“Evil Dragon’s Breath!”

“Super Tremor Particle!”

Two sharp invocations rang out from the side of Tiger Chen and Otto.

A stream of silver flames and a gray particle containing a great concussive force simultaneously collided with Stingham’s body.


A miserable scream uncontrollably erupted from Stingham.

He couldn’t tell how many times his body had convulsed in place during the time of one breath.

Ruinous flames continued to envelop and burn him.

Countless specks of dust and dirt flew up from the ground and incessantly assailed him like tiny steel files.


Stingham heavily fell backwards onto the ground.


Tiger Chen and Otto were both ecstatic. A layer of dense sweat had long since covered both of their backs.

“……” Ayrin and Rinloran speechlessly looked at each other as they suddenly felt as if they had both been extremely irresponsible teammates.

“Good… very good…” Stingham suddenly groaned at this moment.

Stingham seemed to be half dead as he laid curled up on the ground.

The metal zombie around his body had become increasingly immaterial, and now looked like a simple layer of clear light over his body.

“Just a little more strength and it should be enough…”

Stingham’s eyes seemed full of expectation and joy as he squirmed and looked at the pale faces of Tiger Chen and Otto from his curled up position on the ground. “Hurry. Don’t stop. Just a couple more times will be enough.”

“I…” Otto abruptly tumbled down from the branch he was sitting on into a giant tree behind him.

After three consecutive full power skills, he had completely exhausted the arcane particles within his body.

“Hurry up and hit me! Don’t be merciful because I am handsome. Hurry and use your strongest skill and hit me!”

“Whatever your most powerful skill is, can’t you use it to hit me?”

As Stingham squirmed, his shouts became weaker and weaker. Considering the strong blows he had just suffered, it was no surprise when he finally fainted.

“We have to move out and rescue him this time, right?”

“If we move now, he won’t see it. So he probably won’t blame us for not letting him hit the metal zombie another time, right?”

Ayrin and Rinloran exchanged looks as they finally decided to move.

“Shadow Ball!”

The air around Ayrin trembled as the shadow ball floating beside him shot out towards Otto.

“He actually had teammates hiding in the shadows!”

“This fellow’s perverse antics were all an intentional act to get us to exhaust all of our arcane particles!”

“What skill is this? The arcane energy fluctuations are so strong! It must be an extremely terrifying arcane master from the Office of Special Affairs!”

As Ayrin’s shadow ball shot out, Tiger Chen and Otto felt as if they had fallen for a trap as chills ran through their bodies.

“Help me block it!” the exhausted Otto shrilly shouted as he realized the shadow ball was coming for him. As he had exhausted his body of arcane particles, there was no way for him to block it by himself.

“Vacuum Blast!”

Arcane particles spewed from Tiger Chen’s hands as a see-through wave of compressed air appeared before the shadow ball.


A terrifying explosion occurred as countless streaks of blazing flames emerged amidst the many currents of black light.

“What arcane skill is this? It’s actually so powerful!”

Tiger Chen’s eyes widened to the extreme as the explosion sent him uncontrollably reeling backwards.

“The opponent is too strong! We can’t fight!” Tiger Chen immediately thought as he lost all fighting intent and prepared to flee.

But he had only just moved when he suddenly felt his body sinking. Something had tightly latched onto him.

“What?!” Tiger Chen madly screamed.

By this time, Otto had long since fled out of his sight. As he looked down, he saw Stingham, who had fainted on the ground nearby not too long ago. He had no clue when Stingham had woken and managed to crawl over.

Stingham seemed to be half conscious as he grabbed Tiger Chen’s legs.

“Don’t run… Just hit me two more times… Please, don’t have mercy just because I am handsome. Hit me with all you have got,” Stingham incoherently muttered.

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