Chapter 253: An Unimaginable Result, A Bumpy Fire Caracal Ride

Chapter 253: An Unimaginable Result, A Bumpy Fire Caracal Ride[/expand]

“Field of Blood Ants!”

Jano’s expression was ugly as arcane energy fluctuations began to ripple from his body following Ayrin’s shouts.

As Rui and Stingham were both exhausted, it was up to him, Ayrin, Rinloran, and Christine to try and fight against the Fire Caracal Lord as they were out of other options.

A thorny black ring of light contracted around the Fire Caracal Lord’s neck like a collar.

At the same time, countless blood red flames appeared in midair and rained down onto the Fire Caracal Lord’s body. Upon closer inspection, the blood red flames were actually blood red ants!

“Domain power? What kind of domain? Will it be able to defeat boss Fire Caracal Lord?”

Ayrin immediately saw Jano in a new light.

The level of this House Eclipse Moon team captain’s arcane particles clearly surpassed his, Rinloran’s, and Stingham’s by a large amount.


A ring of black flames abruptly pervaded the Fire Caracal Lord’s body.

“What power!”

“This fellow is even stronger than when he faced Rinsyi!”

A feeling of disbelief swept across Jano’s mind as he watched the Fire Caracal Lord stagger from Ayrin’s full power strike, making it unable to counterattack with any arcane skills.

In the next instant, the Fire Caracal Lord was completely enveloped by the swarm of blood red ants.

The Fire Caracal Lord suffered thousands of bites as the ants quickly penetrated through its skin and into its body.

“So vicious!”

Stingham’s mouth dropped as he asked Jano, “How can you use such a cruel arcane skill?”


But right as Stingham spoke, the Fire Caracal Lord’s body released a layer of white flames, instantly vaporizing all the blood red ants. Wisps of blue smoke fumed from atop its skin.

“Soul Fire! Everyone be careful, don’t let any of those flames touch you. Otherwise, your mind and spirit will be burned away and you will be turned into a real idiot!” Rui abruptly shouted as his expression completely changed.

Due to feelings of extreme hatred and the many negative effects which it suffered, the anger of the Fire Caracal Lord had reached the limit as it entered a terrifying enraged state at this moment.

Before Rui could even finish his words, numerous white, spirit-looking flames flew into the air and shot towards Stingham.


Stingham’s eyes glazed over as he stared straight forward and miserably screamed, “Hurry up and use your most vicious arcane skills to deal with it!”

“Lunar Tide!”

Christine abruptly appeared beside Stingham as her forehead abruptly glowed, releasing several hazy rings of light which temporarily blocked the approaching white flames.


Ayrin grabbed Stingham’s legs and quickly dragged him back ten meters.

“Ayrin, just what do you think I am?! How can you drag me like this?!”

The moment Stingham regained his senses and realized what had happened, he immediately shouted at Ayrin in embarrassment.

“Sorry, it just ended up being that way because of how you were lying on the ground.” Ayrin meekly scratched his head, “But at least you weren’t hit by boss Fire Caracal Lord’s Soul Fire.”

“Actually, there wasn’t really a need for you to move him Ayrin,” Rinloran sincerely said as he suddenly appeared beside the two of them at this time.

“See! Even Rinloran knows it!” Stingham immediately followed, “Ayrin, you definitely did it on purpose because I am so much more handsome than you.”

“But…” Ayrin was a little speechless as he watched several white flames dance like forest fairies on the ground where Stingham had just been laying.

“There’s no need because this fellow is an idiot to begin with,” Rinloran coldly added at this moment, “Even if he is burned by the Soul Fire, nothing will happen to him.

“What did you just say?!” Stingham’s face immediately turned green.

“The two of you can argue even at a time like this?”

Jano’s face became filled with black lines as he once again felt like this team before him was unable to be relied on.

“I guess this is it!”

“Lunar Eclipse: Sirius’ Domain!”

A look of desperation flashed through his eyes as the arcane particles within his body began to uncontrollably pour out of his body as quickly as possible.


Ayrin’s eyes abruptly widened as the moon in the sky seemed to suddenly dim.

Streams of blue and white gas began to quickly converge around Jano’s body.

The blue and white gases continuously converged and accumulated, finally forming a bluish white dog headed human about the same size as the Fire Caracal Lord.

After seeing Jano’s transformation, the Fire Caracal Lord, whose body was currently covered in white flames, couldn’t help but pause for a moment.


In the next moment, the bluish-white dog headed avatar had already charged towards the Fire Lord Caracal and bitten down towards its neck.

One giant beast and one giant avatar began to clash.

“What kind of strange form is this? Is this what is meant by dog eat dog?” Stingham blankly asked.

“The Fire Caracal Lord isn’t anything like a dog,” Ayrin responded as he looked at Jano’s back, his eyes full of expectation. “I hope he can win!”


But just as Ayrin finished speaking, Jano was thunderously sent flying by the Fire Caracal Lord. The dog headed avatar around Jano dimmed, as if it was about to disperse.

“Come on! Brave warrior!” Stingham’s face abruptly paled as he shouted, “How can a cat defeat a dog? Hurry and get up! I believe you can defeat it!”

“Is this simply a fight between a dog and cat?”

Jano was already feeling breathless after being struck by such a powerful arcane energy. Upon hearing Stingham’s words, his eyes immediately darkened.

“No. Captain cannot maintain this domain for too long… he is already running out of arcane particles. If we still don’t do anything, we will all die.”

The quiet Christine abruptly spoke at this moment as she ferociously gnashed her teeth together.

“Moon Essence Lotus!”

Christine abruptly raised both of her hands towards the sky as her body emit a surging arcane energy fluctuation.

The primal essences within the air began to resonate in unison as a sorrowful sound resonated across the battlefield.

“Don’t!” Jano sharply cried out as his body froze.

“How are these arcane energy fluctuations so strong?!”

Rinloran and Stingham were both astonished as their gazes converged on Christine.

“This is House Eclipse Moon’s life materialization skill! One can only use this arcane skill is they sacrifice all of their vitality!”

Rui’s eyes brightly lit up as his breathing became haggard. Never did he ever think that this shy little girl had mastered House Eclipse Moon’s most secret skill, or that she would use it so decisively at this time.


The dark sky shook as if forewarning the appearance of a terrifying entity.

The Fire Caracal Lord violently stiffened as it suddenly felt a feeling of great danger. A series of chained notes rapid rang out from its mouth as countless arcane energy currents surged out from the depths of the forest.


Right when Christine was about to complete her life-taking taboo skill, a flaming evil eye crashed into her back.

Christine’s entire body was thrown forward.

“Ayrin!” Rinloran and Stingham shockingly shouted in unison.

Ayrin froze, his hand still outstretched, as a nervous sweat emerged on his forehead.

“You guys…”

After having her invocation forcefully broken by Ayrin, Christine herself couldn’t discern the emotions running through her.

“It’s over…”

The bluish white gases around Jano’s body completely disappeared.

Although Jano didn’t wish for Christine to give up her life, her Moon Essence Lotus had been interrupted whereas the Fire Caracal Lord’s gathered energies were about to completely erupt.

An incredibly tyrannical and unparalleled pressure descended around them.

The arcane wave fluctuation of a taboo domain skill swept past all of them, enveloping them within. Not even Rui, who was farthest away and the fastest of them all, was able to escape.

“To die here… I’m really not willing…” Rinloran felt a chill course through his body as he suddenly thought of his parents faces.

“I still haven’t had a girlfriend! Christine, why don’t you date me!” Stingham desperately shouted.

“Warlock Variation!”

Ayrin’s invocation rang through the darkness.


Everyone abruptly stiffened.

A rainbow ring of light blossomed from Ayrin’s body as the domain power surrounding them abruptly became chaotic, and then underwent a transformation!

“It seems to have worked!”

“Boss Fire Caracal Lord’s domain has been broken!”

Ayrin shouted in excitement.

“This fellow…” Rinloran felt his mind go completely blank at this moment.


A hazy wave of gray particles swept across the battlefield.

“What’s this?”

“Just what kind of domain has Warlock Variation created?! Why is it like this?!”

Everyone gasped in shock.

A powerful suction force abruptly sent them flying through the air and onto the Fire Caracal Lord’s body!

Everyone quickly latched themselves as closely as possible to the Fire Caracal Lord.

A powerful arcane energy constantly leaked out from the Fire Caracal Lord’s body and spread evenly across each one of them, forming a protective sphere of gray light around them.

“Ayrin, just what kind of trouble have you caused this time?! We are all doomed!” Stingham screamed in terror. He had unluckily been sucked to the underside of the Fire Caracal Lord’s neck. Every time he raised his head, he could see the Fire Caracal Lord’s bloody mouth.

But there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t leave the Fire Caracal Lord’s side.

“This is Life Binding… Divine Coating Enchantment?”

Rui’s eyes completely lit up.

“Ayrin, you’ve grandly succeeded. This domain will exhaust the Fire Caracal Lord’s arcane particles and turn it into defensive energy for us,” Rui excitedly explained.


Still dizzy, Ayrin didn’t quite understand what Rui had just said.


At this moment, the Fire Caracal Lord seemed to be completely overwhelmed by its fear as it let out a despairing roar and began to run madly through the forest.

“Ergh… So nauseous…”

Due to the layer of light around them, they were unharmed even as the Fire Caracal Lord madly crashed through the trees around it. They felt like they were riding an unbelievably fast and bumpy carriage as feelings of motion sickness and nausea crept through them.

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