Chapter 252: Chaotic Domains, Practitioners on the Verge of Death

Chapter 252: Chaotic Domains, Practitioners on the Verge of Death

“That brat is still alive! And still able to use arcane skills!”

“Not good!”

Upon seeing the Fire Caracal Lord and Poisonous Nighthawk Lord about to duke it out, Konte and the other two pursuers immediately showed joyous expressions. But when Ayrin abruptly appeared, their joy suddenly turned to terror.

“Arcane energy slowing domain.”

“Gravity Field.”

“Arcane energy weakening field.”

“Arcane energy attraction domain.”

With so many domain powers present, the flow of energy atop battlefield had become incredibly chaotic. But at this moment, the four domains seemed to reach a balance as energies uniformly converged and diverged like streams of rushing water.

Countless chaotic flames abruptly burst out in the sky alongside the emergence of a new energy.

“Ayrin, this child!”

Even Rui’s expression completely changed as he watched from outside of the battlefield.

The current situation was born from Ayrin’s complete lack of understanding of taboo domain skills and his innate lack of fear. He didn’t consider at all what kind of domain power would be generated by using Warlock Variation here to mix the various powerful energies of all the taboo domain skills. This was extremely terrifying because taboo domain skills were near unstoppable area of effect skills!


A crimson ring of light flared up atop the battlefield.

“So dizzy!”

Everyone within the battlefield, and then the Fire Caracal Lord, swayed as a feeling of drunkenness abruptly overtook them.

Only the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord seemed to be less affected.

“It’s a Befuddlement Domain! A supportive domain which induces many negative effects!” Rui immediately identified the new domain.


The air greatly trembled once more as a strange orange-red ring of light swept across everything within the battlefield.

“I’m the most handsome. The most handsome. But I’ve still yet to have a girlfriend. God, please hurry up and save me ah, and please give me a girlfriend…”

“I wonder if the Fire Caracal Lord and Poisonous Nighthawk Lord are tasty. The Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s legs look especially tasty. I wonder if anything has happened to Ferguillo and Charlotte’s team…”

“I started by stealing chickens when I was seven years old. Then, when I was ten, I started peeking at women when they bathed. I was never a good child. But now, after struggling so much, I have managed to become a powerful killer. I cannot die here now…”

“Sniff sniff. Once I finish this mission, I will go to House Baratheon and see whether or not I can steal a dragon egg…”

Stingham, Ayrin, Hanson, and the other two suddenly started to talk nonsensically as they were affected by the domain power. Not even the two lords were spared, as they started making strange sounds.

The state of Hanson in particular made everyone feel like laughing.

“This is a mental confusion domain, Domain of Nonsense! It’s used to disrupt an opponent’s invocation by forcing the opponent to speak nonsensically,” Rui explained as he continued to nervously watch the battlefield.


A dazzling crystal light swept across the entire battlefield.

Everyone abruptly began to strangely twist and contort as their bodies took weird postures.


Stingham’s body bent like a shrimp as his eyes darkened and he shouted, “What kind of strange domain is this?! Ayrin you weirdo, I hate you!”

However, the domain power still continued.

An insidious looking dark purple ring of light and a ring of light emitting a hazy yellow glow simultaneously swept across the battlefield.

“Why do I suddenly feel as if I have no strength!”

“But my blood is boiling for battle!”

A feeling of exhaustion and a feeling of excitement simultaneously emerged within everyone’s mind.

“Halo of Exhaustion and Halo of Stimulation!”

Rui felt like his mind was on the verge of breaking.

To an injured person, the combination of these two halos was like a life-leeching poison.


Indeed, at this moment, the injured Neilson’s body couldn’t bear it anymore as his face turned extremely ashy and mouthfuls of blood spurted out from his mouth in succession. Yet his uncontrollable body continued convulsing, making him look like he was dancing.

“We cannot let that brat use Warlock Variation again. Otherwise, who knows what other kinds of strange powers will be created. Let’s use everything to kill him!”

Upon seeing Neilson on the verge of death, Konte immediately let out a shout as his body began to release strong arcane energy fluctuations once more.

“Servant of Hell!”

A black gown wearing shadow which looked almost the same as him sprung up from the ground.


Konte meant for his arcane skill to charge at Ayrin. However, he had failed to account for the power his earlier symbol domain, which had been transformed, but had still yet to completely disappear. Konte shouted out in shock as he watched his arcane skill turn not towards the marked Fire Caracal Lord, but the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord which seemed to be doing the most okay amid all these various negative effects.

With a boom, the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s giant body was sent reeling backwards for several meters. As the colorful smog over its body dispersed, several shallow wounds could be seen on its body.

“So strong!”

Konte almost spit blood as he heard Ayrin abruptly turn to Stingham and dazedly say, “Stingham, is there something wrong with this guy’s head, or has the Befuddlement Domain confused him too much? He said he was attacking me, but he ended up hitting boss Poisonous Nighthawk Lord.”

The Poisonous Nighthawk Lord seemed to also be kind of confused.

But it also immediately recovered.

This was a piece of its territory! Yet currently, there were so many little things running around and making it uncomfortable by barraging it with negative effects! It had even been injured!”

The Poisonous Nighthawk Lord couldn’t contain its anger any longer.

The colorful plumage atop its head abruptly turned gray and wilted like an unwatered flower.

At the same time, countless miniscule, dust-like particles of bright light gathered in midair before it.

A long and narrow dark green prismatic crystal seemed to slowly form, but in reality, it had already formed and passed through the flames and appeared right before Konte.


The hairs over Konte’s body all stood up on end.

The arcane energy fluctuations coming from the dark green crystal before him made him feel as if his body was on the verge of shattering.

“Ghost of Flames!”

The majority of the arcane particles remaining within his body abruptly spewed out from his palms, causing both of his hands to become mangled due to surpassing the limits of his flesh.

A flaming lava ghost twice his size emerged before him as blood dripped down his body. Terrifying arcane energy fluctuations emanated from it.


A violent explosion occurred as the dark green crystal collided with the flaming lava ghost’s palms. It was as if a meteorite had struck the valley.

However, the flaming lava ghost was unable to completely block the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s attack as it abruptly collapsed upon itself and scatted into countless flames.


Konte’s body was sent flying backwards as if he had been hit by a giant explosion. Blood spurted from his mouth.

“An opportunity!”

Seeing Konte helplessly flying towards him, Ayrin’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Crown of Ice and Snow!”

A giant chunk of ice appeared before Ayrin. An explosion sounded as his fist heavily slammed into the ice, causing it to shatter into countless icicles arranged in the shape of a crown. The crown of ice and snow surged forward and smashed into Konte.

“I actually…”

Konte was full of disbelief and astonishment as he was struck by powerful forces from both sides. In combination with the various negative effects caused by all of the domains present, he couldn’t endure any longer. The world before his eyes suddenly went black as he fainted.

“Great boss Poisonous Nighthawk Lord, there is only one left! It’s that person over there whose body is covered with hollow metal tubes!”

After knocking out Konte with one blow, Ayrin immediately shouted towards the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord.

For some unknown reason – perhaps it was because Hanson was beside Konte, or because the arcane energy fluctuations coming from Hanson’s body were stronger than Ayrin’s by too much – the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord identified Hanson as the next threat which it had to take care of.

A ferocious look emerged in its eyes as it fixedly glared at Hanson.

“No, if this continues, I will die here!”

A chill ran through Hanson’s body as he muttered to himself. He took out another black potion and immediately chugged it.


Arcane particles began to flow out from the hollow metal tubes inserted within his body at a shocking rate once more.

“Ardent Sun!”

Hanson’s body was enveloped by rings of radiant flames. Several cracks rang out from his body as he forcefully broke through the domain powers around him and shot away.

“Not good! He’s trying to run!”

“He runs so fast!”

Both Ayrin and Stingham felt like it was impossible for anything to catch up with Hanson.


But at this moment, there was another eruption as the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s giant body disappeared. Ayrin and Stingham were abruptly sent rolling away by a fierce air current.

“Poisonous Nighthawk Lord!”

“That’s right! It’s a bird! It can fly!”

Indeed, as Ayrin raised his head, he saw the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord flying in midair with its wings open. Although its wingspan wasn’t particularly wide, it was still able to catch up with Hanson due to the arcane particles spewing out from the feathers over its body, which formed colorful flames which increased its speed behind it.

“Not good!”

“I are dead meat!”

Stingham let out a wretched scream.

“Why are you dead meat?”

Ayrin was confused.

“Are you a pig or something, Ayrin? Now that the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord has left, what shall we do about the Fire Caracal Lord? Those two are both already on the verge of death too! I am ruined!” Stingham dispiritedly shouted at Ayrin.

“That’s right!”

Ayrin abruptly turned his head.

The Fire Caracal Lord’s two fiery red eyes were fixated on Stingham’s body, its face full of a desire for bloody vengeance.

“Boss Fire Caracal Lord, I don’t know him. If you want to take revenge on him, then take revenge on him. If there is nothing else, then I shall take my leave!” Ayrin shouted as he motioned like he was about run away.

“What? Ayrin, do you not know loyalty?!” Stingham’s mouth dropped open.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Ruin Fetters!”

An astonishing number of arcane particles abruptly spewed out from Ayrin’s body.

“Hurry, let’s attack it together!” Ayrin quickly shouted.

“You, how could you joke at such a time?” Stingham’s eyes were wet with tears.

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