Chapter 251: A Banquet of Domains

Chapter 251: A Banquet of Domains

“That attack, how can he survive?!”

Christine also believed Ayrin had died from strike as she felt a cold sweat cover her body.

“Owwww! It hurts! So strong! Not even Dragon Scale Absorption could block it all…”

At this moment, Ayrin himself felt like he was on the verge of death as he blindly flew through the forest and crashed to the ground. He felt as if his entire body was burning as a terrifying arcane energy tightly enveloped his body and tried to penetrate further into his body.

But at the same time, Ayrin could sense countless arcane particles emerging and surging into his arcane gates as he exclaimed, “So many arcane particles!”

“The Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s strength lies in the damage over time effects of its arcane skills…”

Ayrin had a sudden realization as arcane particles continuously entered his arcane gates. To others, the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s attacks were just simple damage over time attack. There was nothing special. But to Ayrin himself, these attacks were like continuous resupplies of arcane particles.

Damage over time and lasting effect type arcane skills were considered extremely vicious because the arcane skill ability would last for a long time after being struck. But this was also why Ayrin was still alive and well at this moment.

The energies which constantly wrapped around him turned into energy for himself.

“So painful!”

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

As the large number of arcane particles surged within his body, they pushed Ayrin’s energy channels and flesh beyond the limit, causing Ayrin to suffer extreme pain. Subconsciously, Ayrin used Gaskin’s arcane skill. Every single particle of his body was instantly awoken and strengthened, allowing them to withstand more force. Ayrin instantly felt much better as his head finally became clear enough for him to think.


“Great boss Fire Caracal Lord, look at how late it is! Why don’t you go rest?!”

At this moment, another change occurred over where Hanson, Neilson, and Konte were standing.

After sending Ayrin flying with an attack, the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord abruptly paused. Although it sensed that the group of three was a strong opponent, it still turned its head and looked towards its left.


After two miserable cries, a giant dragon of water burst out from the dark forest.

“It’s the Water Dragon skill!”

Hanson and Neilson rapidly retreated as their bodies released powerful arcane energy fluctuations and they prepared to defend or counterattack.

“Don’t! We’ve fallen for their trap! They’ve attracted these two lord level beasts here to deal with us!”

A light flashed through Konte’s eyes as he tried to get Hanson and Neilson to stop their actions.

But it was already too late. The arcane energy fluctuations of Hanson and Neilson immediately attracted the hostile attention of the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord.

This was its territory.


It’s body released a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation as the darkness within a hundred meters of it was driven away and replaced by a dark green glow.

“A domain!”

“What kind of domain is it using?!”

Successive cries rang out from Hanson, Neilson, and Konte as their bodies stiffened.

Considering the vast space the domain covered, the power had to be extremely horrifying.

“Save me ahhhh! Hurry up and stop the Fire Caracal Lord!”

At this moment, Stingham, who had almost completely exhausted his arcane particles, abruptly emerged and ran towards the group of three.


Hanson, Neilson, and Konte felt a current of wet air as Stingham flew right over them.

“Stingham actually led the Fire Caracal Lord over?”

Ayrin shakily stood up, his swollen body still covered with rainbow colored flames. He fell into a daze as he saw Stingham fly over the heads of Hanson, Neilson, and Konte.

“So you don’t care so much for your life after all? Brave warrior! I sincerely admire your courage!” Ayrin shouted and waved his fist as he made his way towards Stingham.


Stingham was completely exhausted as he fell to the ground not long after passing by the group of three.

“Who are you?!” he screamed in terror as he saw Ayrin’s current flaming appearance.

“I am Ayrin?” Ayrin said, his voice full of admiration, “Brave warrior! You are just so brave! You actually flew right over Hanson and them.”

“What? Those three were?” Stingham’s face turned abnormal green as he said, “I thought they were you guys!”


At this time, the dark sky suddenly shook as part of it seemed to abruptly disconnect from the rest. The Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s domain had finally been completely established as within a hundred meter ring was coated by a viscous, jelly-like dark green light.

“This is… an arcane energy slowing domain?!”

The group of three immediately felt the convergence of arcane energy around them and the rate of arcane particles flowing out of their body slow down several times.

This meant that within this domain, all arcane skills would form slower, and also travel at a slower speed.

Of course, the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord itself was unaffected.

“These brats… they actually thought up such a plan!”

Even Konte, who had killed an unimaginable number of House Eclipse Moon arcane masters, seemed to feel the menacing approach of death as his eyes slightly twitched.


But before any of the group of three had time to use any arcane skills, the dark sky shook once more.

The Fire Caracal Lord finally stopped its chase as it too was affected by the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s domain and felt danger due to the powerful existences around it.

An arcane energy fluctuation no less fierce than the Fire Caracal Lord spread out from it.

“Another domain?”

Ayrin let out a cold breath.


“We actually succeeded!”

Rui, Rinloran, and Jano let out cries of shock as they arrived at the edge of the domain. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“The three of them are all trapped within the domain. Let’s back up a bit, lest we are hit by any of the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord or Fire Caracal Lord’s attacks!” Rui ordered.


Blurry rings of silver light bloomed within the dark green space.

Crack crack crack…

Everyone within the domain suddenly felt an incomparably heavy pressure push on their body, forcing them onto their knees as the sound of bones cracking rang through the forest.

“Gravity field?”

Stingham was directly forced face first into the ground by the pressure as he frantically shouted, “Great boss Fire Caracal Lord, aren’t you a fire type beast?! Why are you using this kind of domain?!”

“So heavy! Even those people from Iron Forest Academy probably wouldn’t be able to walk in this domain?”

Ayrin couldn’t even lift his foot. He watched as he slowly sunk into the dirt beneath him.

“Stingham, stop shouting. If you attract the attention of boss Fire Caracal Lord and get him to come over, you are ruined,” Ayrin kindly reminded Stingham.

“Oh, that’s right!” Stingham immediately realized the logic behind Ayrin’s words as he immediately lowered his head and motionlessly laid on the ground like a corpse.

“Roland Symbol Domain!”

Yet another domain energy bloomed outward across the area.

Although Konte knew this was a trap, it was already too late. If he still didn’t do anything, then he would just be greeting death. Konte’s body immediately burst with strength.

Terrifying blade-like arcane particles shot out from within Konte’s body in succession.

Countless purple specks of light emerged amidst the pitch black sky and condensed to form a cross shaped symbol in midair over the Fire Caracal Lord’s head.

“That’s an arcane energy attraction domain!”

“If it’s like this, then even if the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord attacks them with an arcane skill, most of the arcane skill’s power will be redirected to the Fire Caracal Lord.”

Outside the domains, Jano couldn’t help but quickly shout out as he backed away.

If the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s attacks constantly hit the Fire Caracal Lord instead of the group of three, then their plans would be ruined. It would just turn into a brawl between the two lords.

“Another domain!”

It seemed like tonight was destined to be a night of domains as Hanson’s body also released the unique arcane energy fluctuations of a domain taboo skill.

“Those hollow metal tubes inserted within his skin are allowing him to release arcane particles faster! No wonder this strange fellow has so many hollow metal tubes stuck in him!”

Ayrin’s eyes widened as he observed arcane particles surge out from Hanson body at a shocking rate.

It was a strange, but unique means of allowing oneself to invoke faster and exert more power.

“Arcane Energy Weakening Domain!”

Thorns of white light successively emerged and extended across the dark green space. Everyone immediately felt the arcane energy in the space greatly weaken.

The bodies of arcane masters were weaker than beasts. Everyone understood that in this current state where they had all been flattened into the ground by the Fire Caracal Lord’s Gravity Field, any shockwaves generated by powerful collisions of arcane energy would immediately kill them.


A dark green pillar of light appeared before the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord and condensed into the form of a dagger.

It was about to make its move.

As the dagger wasn’t restricted by the slowing domain, it was able to move rapidly through the air. Although its original target was Konte’s group of three, the dagger strangely disintegrated back into arcane energy as it moved and ended up condensing again before the Fire Caracal Lord. The dagger ruthlessly stabbed towards the Fire Caracal Lord.

The Fire Caracal Lord angrily roared as a energetic bird of flames appeared before its mouth and abruptly met the dagger.



Stingham felt as if his body had suddenly been slammed into a wall made of blazing hot bricks.

“Ayrin, what are you about to do?!”

As Stingham screamed, his eyes widened to the extreme. It was because at this moment, a strong arcane energy fluctuation rippled from Ayrin’s body as a rainbow colored ring of light blossomed around him.

“Warlock Variation!”

Ayrin immediately finished his invocation and then quickly responded to Stingham, “I’m causing chaos for Konte and them. Otherwise the Fire Caracal Lord and Poisonous Nighthawk Lord will just end up fighting each other, leaving the three of them free to deal with us.”

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