Chapter 250: Three Incomprehensible Arcane Masters

Chapter 250: Three Incomprehensible Arcane Masters

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

An arcane energy fluctuation rippled out from Ayrin’s body.

“Ayrin, you weirdo, just what are you trying to do?!”

“How do you always find an opportunity to use this hateful arcane skill?!”

As he watched the striped skunk devil drop from midair, Stingham whined loudly and dismally pinched his nose.


A stench which couldn’t be ignored quickly dispersed through the dark forest.

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

But Ayrin wasn’t done as yet another skunk devil fell from the sky.

“You monster!”

“Giant Fireball!”

Stingham couldn’t endure it any longer as he rolled his eyes and sent a giant fireball hurling towards the skunk devil before it could even fart.


As the skunk devil flew backwards, it was burnt into an unrecognizable black lump.

“Ayrin you… wait, did it actually work?”

None one had sensed anything changing in the forest around them after the first skunk devil appeared and released its stench. But the moment after Stingham shot his giant fireball, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation surged over them like a tidal wave.

“It’s the Fire Caracal Lord!” Ayrin excitedly shouted as he sensed a familiar blazing heat within the quickly moving wave of arcane energy.

“Great boss Fire Caracal Lord has come! Oh my god, it actually worked?”

Stingham’s eyes widened in disbelief as he put his hands on his hips and began laughing.

But in the next moment, his face abruptly froze as he saw the Fire Caracal Lord.


The Fire Caracal Lord appeared before them once more, but this time its entire body was radiating a dazzling red light like a ruby under the sun as powerful arcane energy fluctuations rippled from its body and caused the air surrounding it to crackle and pop.

The Fire Caracal Lord’s change of appearance, however, was not what shocked Stingham. What caused Stingham to freeze was the fact that the Fire Caracal Lord’s eyes were firmly glued to his body as if the others around him didn’t exist. Stingham felt the aura of death emerge around him as the Fire Caracal Lord abruptly charged towards him.

“Ahhh! Great boss Fire Caracal Lord, what are you trying to do?!”

Before Ayrin and the others could even react, Stingham had already screamed and begun fleeing for his life. The Fire Caracal Lord ignored them as it sprinted past them and chased after Stingham at an unbelievable speed.”

“Water Dragon!”

“Water Dragon!”

The Fire Caracal Lord’s current speed had already surpassed Rui’s maximum speed, forcing Stingham to use his Water Dragon skill in succession to send himself flying and remain outside the clutches of the Fire Caracal Lord pursuing him.

“Why is it like this?”

Christine and Jano were like wooden chickens as they perplexedly looked at Ayrin. The perpetrator of the stench was Ayrin, and not Stingham, so why was it so fixated on Stingham?

Ayrin discovered the answer when his gaze fell on the charred skunk devil beside him as he said, “It has probably remembered something unpleasant.”

“What should we do Teacher Rui? If this continues, Stingham will quickly run out of arcane particles and get killed by the Fire Caracal Lord,” Ayrin anxiously continued.

By this time, Stingham and the Fire Caracal Lord had both disappeared into the darkness. Only the faint arcane energy fluctuations rippling over reminded them that they were still there.

A look of befuddlement covered Rui’s face as he said, “There is nothing we can do. We must just hope that Stingham can follow your plan and lead the Fire Caracal Lord to Hanson and the other two.”

“Can we rely on this guy?” Rinloran couldn’t help but ask as he looked towards Ayrin.

Ayrin hesitantly replied, “If his life is on the line, then probably?”

“It seems like the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord is also making an appearance!”

At this moment, yet another familiar and powerful arcane energy fluctuation hit them.

“I’ll go and lead it to Hanson, Neilson, and Konte!” Ayrin shouted as he immediately began moving in the direction of the arcane energy fluctuations.

“Let me go, I am a bit faster than you!” Rinloran insisted.

“No. I am more able to take a beating. Furthermore, I might be able to mess with them using Warlock Variation!” Ayrin stubbornly replied, “Teacher Liszt once told me that Warlock Variation can manipulate the arcane energy of monsters and beasts as well.”

Rinloran abruptly paused as he realized Ayrin’s words did indeed make sense.

“Then I will go with you!”

Seeing how Ayrin and Rinloran were fighting to plunge into danger, a trace of emotion flashed through the eyes of the shy Christine as she quickly uttered, “I have an arcane skill which can make you faster.”

“Then it’ll all be up to you two!”

Without any hesitation, Rui nodded his head toward the forest behind him, “They are coming from that direction.”

“Okay. Understood!”

Ayrin resolutely charged in the direction of the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s aura.

“Moonlight Shadow!”

A beam of pure and brilliant moonlight arose from Christine’s palm and descended over Ayrin’s body. Ayrin immediately felt his body become several times lighter. Furthermore, there seemed to be a mysterious power pushing him forward behind every step he took.

Ayrin’s eyes were filled with shock as he looked back at Christine. Similar to himself, her feet were enveloped with a faint, satiny light.

“We cannot stray too far from them. After all, the enemy consists of three people. They might not be all moving together,” Rui said to Rinloran and Jano as he watched Ayrin and Christine disappear into the darkness.


“Boss Poisonous Nighthawk Lord!”

Not even a hundred meters later, Ayrin saw a giant body glowing a purplish blue appear amidst the darkness. He immediately shouted out towards it.


Christine’s hands unconsciously began trembling.

Because the bodies of lord level demonic beasts were much stronger than the average arcane master’s, they could endure the circulation of more arcane particles. As a result, the arcane skill usage speed of these lord level demonic beasts was slightly faster than five gate arcane masters.

Considering their own level of strength, it was quite possible for them to be killed by just a single blow.

Upon being greeted by Ayrin’s loud shout, the light radiating from the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s body flickered as arcane particles spewed out.

But right at this moment, the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord abruptly stopped.

“Ahhh! Great boss Fire Caracal Lord, we are on the same side!”

Ayrin and Christine heard a giant explosion and then a familiar cry of misery. From the sound of it, it was approaching them.


Ayrin and Christine watched as a completely drenched Stingham abruptly flew through the air ten meters before them with the Fire Caracal Lord following right behind him.

As Ayrin witnessed the scene before him, he couldn’t help but quietly mutter to himself in a daze, “Still not letting up… it looks like the Fire Caracal Lord has already buried its cub… that poor little cub.”

“What?” Christine perplexedly asked.

“No time! Brave warrior, are you ready?!” Ayrin immediately shouted in response.

“Hmmmm?” Christine became even more confused.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

An flaming eyeball releasing strange energies shot out from Ayrin’s palm and smashed into the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord.

“Run!” Ayrin shouted as he didn’t bother looking back and began running for his life.

“Moonlight Shadow!”

“Crystal Light Refraction Array!”

Christine finally woke up and also began fleeing.

Behind her and Ayrin, sheets of crystallic light emerged. They reflected the fleeing images of Ayrin and Christine like mirrors as a dozen pairs of Ayrin and Christine appeared and fled in various directions.


As the Evil Flaming Eye collided with the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord, it turned into a ring of rainbow colored mist and diffused into the surroundings Not a single trace of harm could be seen on the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s body.

As for the various colorful plants surrounding it, they instantly decayed upon coming into contact with the rainbow mist, turning into puddles of black water.

“Its innate ability!”

“Just with the power of its bloodline, it can already block normal attacks and release a poisonous counterattack! Let’s get out of here!”

Seeing the scene before them, Christine couldn’t stop her teeth from chattering in fear.

“It’s even stronger than I thought?”

“But that’s even better!”

Ayrin’s eyes lit up as an even stronger fighting intent surged through his body.

“Hanson! Neilson! Konte! Come fight me, you three losers!”

“I’ve brought my boss here to deal with you guys!”

Ayrin didn’t bother looking back anymore as he began to loudly shout into the darkness.


“Such strong arcane energy fluctuations!”

“What is that sound?!”

At this time, three figures who were moving so quickly that their afterimages distorted abruptly paused.

The three stopped in a triangular formation and were constantly scanning several meters around them with caution.

Leading at the front was the Crazed Alchemist Hanson.

The countless hollow metal needles still protruded from all over his body, making him seem incredibly perverse.

On Hanson’s left was the House Roland arcane master who Ayrin and his team had yet to meet, Konte. Konte wore skin tight black clothes and had completely covered his face and hair. Only his two exposed eyes leaked his identity as a middle aged man.

“It’s coming!”

“It shouldn’t be Rui. These arcane energy fluctuations are even more powerful!”

As he spoke, Hanson’s pupils abruptly shrank. He quickly took out a black potion and drank it.

“Hanson! Neilson! Konte! Come and fight me, you three losers!”

At this exact moment, Ayrin screamingly burst forth from the dark forest before them, his body full of fighting intent and an explosive momentum!

A large shadow chased behind him.

“This brat, was he still hiding a contracted summon?”

“How is this possible?!”

As a powerful arcane energy surged over them like a tidal wave, the looks on Hanson, Neilson, and Konte’s faces all drastically changed.

“It’s a Poisonous Nighthawk Lord! He was actually hiding a contracted summon like this?” Konte shouted as he quickly identified the giant shadow behind Ayrin.


But right at this moment, a rainbow sphere of light struck Ayrin. The sphere burst into colorful flames which completely enveloped Ayrin and sent him crashing into the ground somewhere far away.


The three pursuers abruptly fell into a daze. Why did Ayrin’s contracted summon attack him?

And after taking such a blow, Ayrin surely must have died upon contact?

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