Chapter 242: I Will Never Let You Pass Me

Chapter 242: I Will Never Let You Pass Me

“As long as this guy’s defense is broken through, Zorn should be able to easily defeat him, right?”

As Ayrin’s fist thunderously collided with the crane shield protecting Angus’ back, he immediately felt a surge of arcane particles enter his body.

“Not good!”

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Right as Ayrin was about to throw out a second punch, a green sphere of ice almost the same size as him abruptly slammed into the side of his body.

Ayrin’s arms crossed before him as he was sent flying several meters back with a bang amidst shards of broken ice.

“This bastard, he called more people over!”

Ayrin grit his teeth as pain traveled up his arms and he saw another mask wearing Green Snake arcane master appear.

However, unlike Black Ripper, this arcane master’s mask was mostly made of metal, with only a couple green crystal streaks embedded within. The amplification abilities of this mask were clearly not as strong.

“Just what kind of monster is this kid?!”

Seeing the scene before him, the newly arrived Green Snake arcane master felt great shock as his body slightly stiffened.

The “Martial Icefrost” which he had just used had powerful numbing effects. Logically speaking, even though Ayrin used Dragon Scale Absorption, he should still be unable to move at this moment.

But outside of Ayrin’s arms, which had suffered the brunt of the attack, the rest of his body was fine!

“Water Dragon!”

“Refracted Light Array!”

In the next moment, this Green Snake arcane master violently turned around as numerous twisted beams of light shot out from his fingers and collided with the gigantic water dragon which was charging at him.


As the twisted beams of light penetrated through the water dragon, the water dragon collapsed into countless streams of water.

The figure of a person tossing their head appeared as the streams of water fell, along with swearing.

“Stingham!” Ayrin abruptly shouted in joy.

“What are you shouting for?!” Stingham glared at Ayrin. He seemed to be in a bad mood.

“Stingham, you are indeed a brave warrior! I knew you wouldn’t just sit on the side and watch in fear for your own life!”

Ayrin wasn’t angry, but excited, as he waved his fist towards Stingham and shouted, “Quickly, let’s beat this guy up!”

“Stop shouting!”

“You think I want to fight? No, these bastards just wouldn’t let me just hide in the infirmary. Also, how can I sleep with all this noise? I can’t believe you useless people still haven’t won yet!”

Stingham replied to Ayrin in an annoyed and scathing manner as he pointed at the Green Snake arcane master with his other hand on his waist and said, “You idiot, you aren’t even half as handsome as me, yet you are still wearing a mask!”

Stingham’s words thoroughly confused the Green Snake arcane master. Just what did being handsome have to do with wearing a mask?

“Icefrost Meteor!”

He directly sent an arcane skill towards the still gesticulating Stingham in response.

“No way? Brave warrior, you need to be more careful!”

Ayrin felt a cold sweat cover his body as he watched the meteor slam into Stingham, sending Stingham flying into the air and then crashing into the ground.

Afterwards, a great white layer of fragmented ice dust landed over Stingham, causing the currently wide eyed Stingham to look like a big fish which had just been fished out of the water and placed in a bucket of ice for preservation.

“It’s not possible. How can this happen!”

Stingham noisily jumped out from the within the pile of ice, an expression of disbelief on his face.

“Gates of Gods!”

With a bang, Stingham shot into the air. The space over his head turned golden as seven enormous, ten meter tall gold gates appeared and then successively descended towards the Green Snake arcane master.

“Shade’s Wrath!”

A sorrowful light flashed through the eyes of this Green Snake arcane master as arcane particles surged out from within his body, enveloping his body in a dazzling light.

A humanoid shade about the size of a small mountain rose from the ground. As the seven giant golden doors collided with it, they all abruptly disintegrated.

“Impossible! This must be an illusion!”

Stingham’s eyes widened even more as the shade continued and sent him helplessly flying backwards once more.

“That should finish him!”

The Green Snake arcane master’s eyes narrowed as he watched Stingham tumble away through the sky and turned to face Ayrin once more.

By this time, Ayrin had already rushed behind Angus yet again.


But just as this Green Snake arcane master was about to attack Ayrin, he felt something off and immediately turned back around.

“That other mask wearing idiot was not my opponent, so how can I not defeat you?!”

“It’s not possible!”

“Golden Lion’s Avatar!”

As Stingham hopped to his feet with an expression of disbelief once more, he released a cluster of golden light. As it traveled forward, the cluster of light transformed into an armored knight riding atop a golden lion. By the time it reached the Green Snake arcane master, an overwhelming airflow had accumulated around it.

“You moron, do you truly believe that every single member of the same arcane team will have the same strength? With your abilities, you would have already died if I were Black Ripper’s level.”

The Green Snake arcane master suddenly felt a strange urge to laugh.

“Chaos Energy: Shark Fin Slash!”

As he opened his right hand, spheroidal arcane particles spewed out form his palm and gathered to form a shark fin shaped blade in the air before him.

Rip! Stingham’s seemingly unstoppable Golden Lion’s Avatar was directly cut into two halves.

“This can’t be happening!”

Stingham’s eyes were like a goldfish’s as they widened in disbelief yet again.

“Swift Fireball Barrage!”

Before Stingham could regain his composure and invoke another arcane skill, arcane particles were already spewing out from the left palm of the Green Snake arcane master at a shocking rate.

Five fireballs consecutively shot between the two halves of the Golden Lion’s Avatar and heavily slammed into Stingham.


Stingham let out a miserable cry as his entire chest was burnt black and he heavily crashed into the ground. White foam emerged from the corners of his lips as his arms and legs sporadically twitched. It seemed like he wouldn’t be standing up any time soon.

But even at a moment like this, his mouth was still moving as he muttered to himself, “It’s not possible… my most handsome self actually…”

“This idiot. Although his opponent is no Black Ripper, they are still obviously a four gate arcane master… his arcane skills are clearly not as strong as his opponents, yet he still competed head on!”

As they saw Stingham’s performance, many of the bitterly fighting Shadowfiend Corps arcane masters nearly spit blood.

“Stingham, you really are a brave warrior! You had the resolve to use this method and force your opponent to exhaust his arcane particles!” Ayrin’s sudden cry caused the Shadowfiend Corps arcane masters to feel even more speechless.

Just how did Ayrin manage to see things in such a different light?

“He’s actually about to break through. What a monster… but I can still make it!”

After using an ordinary Swift Fireball Barrage to knock out Stingham, the Green Snake arcane master once again looked towards Ayrin and Angus. As he saw the scene, he felt a chill pass through his heart.

Just a couple seconds had passed, yet the shield protecting Angus’ back was already releasing chaotic arcane energy fluctuations. It was clearly on the verge of collapsing.

“Roar, Frostwind!”

“Swift Fireball Barrage!”

In but a single moment, this Green Snake arcane master had already completed two arcane skills.

With the frostwind blowing behind it, the fireballs, which were already extremely fast for those under three gates, became even faster.

“So fast…”

Ayrin subconsciously trembled as he instinctively felt that he wouldn’t be able to dodge in time.

“Stingham, this idiot!”

“Lunar Corona Aegis!”

A familiar voice rang across the battlefield as there was a string of curses followed by an invocation.

A pure and bright cluster of moonlight appeared beside Ayrin, intercepting all the fireballs and subsequent shards of ice flying towards him.

Pang pang pang…

Small explosions of arcane energy rang out in succession.


Ayrin’s eyes abruptly widened.

He watched as Rinloran’s body was pushed backwards behind the collapsing moonlight and his feet sunk deeper and deeper into ground.

Only now did Ayrin realize that the cluster of moonlight just now was actually Rinloran, who had enveloped himself in a layer of light.

Rinloran’s arcane skill had turned himself into a shield of light!

Rinloran was currently wearing Black Ripper’s amplification mask. Under its green glow, Ayrin could see a streak of blood oozing out and down Rinloran’s neck.

“You fool! Don’t worry about me! Hurry and help Zorn defeat his opponent!”

“I will defend you!” Rinloran immediately replied in an icy voice without even looking at Ayrin. For some inexplicable reason, his words caused everyone’s chests to feel warm.

“Your strength is far below mine… and you cannot even use your arms. Yet you still wish to fight me?!”

At this moment, the Green Snake arcane master felt both of his hands shaking for some inexplicable reason.

“Does it matter if my arms cannot move? As long as I am standing, I will definitely… definitely not allow you to pass by me and attack Ayrin!”

Rinloran grit his teeth as he swallowed the blood and sanguine taste which had surged into his mouth and coldly glared at the Green Snake arcane master.

“This dumb thing, break for me!”

“Activate: Fist of the War God!” Ayrin thunderously roared.

With an air of desperation around him, he raised his fist, which had swollen to twice its original size, and sent another wild blow towards the shield before him.

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