Chapter 241: The Tipper of Balance, A Brilliant Performance

Chapter 241: The Tipper of Balance, A Brilliant Performance

“Legendary Evil Dragon King, please bless me with rebirth!”

At this moment, several heart chilling draconic words rang out from within the cluster of black particles which Rinloran had been attacking.


Throughout the battle, countless fire arcane skills had been used, covering the battlefield in flames. But the moment these draconic words rang out, all of the flames inexplicably surged and then instantly dimmed, as if some of the energies of these flames had been stolen away by the draconic words.

“Not good! In the end, he’s managed to reconstruct himself!”

Rinloran’s expression became extremely ugly.

The cluster of black particles and quickly formed a human figure.

As Gaia’s reconstructed flesh appeared amidst his damaged black robes at this moment, Rinloran was finally able to clearly see the face of this former Dragon Breath Academy member and current Evil Dragon Follower.

Gaia’s young face was quite handsome, but his skin was abnormally ashy. Furthermore, a little auricle of flesh which emitted a faint draconic aura had grown under each of his ears. It seemed like Gaia’s body had slightly mutated due to the Evil Dragon Blood he had received.

“How was attacking me just now? Was it fun? Now then, are you ready to die?” Gaia insidiously said as the Evil Dragon Particles finished turning into flesh and he finally saw Rinloran before him.

“What?! How! How could you possibly break my White Bone Domain?!” Gaia abruptly exclaimed in shock as his gaze shifted to the distant Ayrin, who was attacking the bone cube, and he saw the countless streaks of white light shooting out from the bone cube.

“Divine Spear of Heavenly Judgement!”

The power of the White Bone Domain had yet to completely disappear when Rui’s sharp invocation rang out from within.

A brilliant spear of dazzling arcane particles shot out into the sky from within the white light emitting bone cube.


Violent waves rippled through the sky as a long golden spear radiating blindingly bright divine light descended at an unbelievable speed and ruthlessly penetrated through Gaia’s newly reformed body before he could even react, firmly nailing him to the ground.

“Teacher Rui!” Ayrin shouted in great joy. He had long since become dizzy from his repeated collisions.

“Good job!”

With a boom, the bone cube completely shattered into countless dots of dispersing white light.

Although his face was abnormally ashy, Rui finally reappeared before Ayrin and Rinloran.

“Rinloran, quickly cut off his head before he can use another arcane skill!” Rui shouted without any pause. With his last attack, he had completely exhausted all the arcane particles left within his body.

“Blossom, Moon Lotus!”

Without any hesitation, Rinloran’s body flickered as two revolving blades struck Gaia’s neck.


Gaia’s head separated from his body and landed on the ground.

“They actually…”

Upon seeing this scene, everyone present immediately felt their minds go blank from disbelief.

Defeating this combination of Green Snake captain Black Ripper and Black Necromancer Gaia was a feat which even some of the best Shadowfiend Corps teams couldn’t accomplish, yet a team of Rui and two students had managed to accomplish it, demonstrating their terrifying and unbelievable strength!



As everyone was still lost in a shocked daze, a tremendous collision suddenly rang across the battlefield, followed by a shrill and miserable scream.

A giant, brilliant golden flame shot through the sky above the infirmary as a faintly visible, blood-covered figure wearing dark green arcane master robes flew backwards through the sky.

“It’s Giles! They stationed an arcane master who can defeat him within the infirmary?”

Even more unrest filled the hearts of all the attacking Evil Dragon followers.

“Rui has exhausted all of his arcane particles. The three of them are no longer as strong as before, quickly kill them!” an Evil Dragon Follower abruptly shouted from within his state of shock.

“We must kill them first! If Rui is allowed to replenish his arcane particles, the outcome of this battle is no longer predictable!”


But much to everyone’s surprise, before the Evil Dragon Followers could even charge towards Ayrin, Rui, and Rinloran, Ayrin had already charged towards them with a face filled with maddened fighting intent.

“Is this fellow seeking his own death?”

Even Angus, whose body was covered in a layer of black flames as he defended against the electricity constantly striking his body, couldn’t help but feel startled.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Thunder Blaze Wall!”

As Ayrin invoked his skill, terrifying arcane energy fluctuations rippled through the air around him.

“How is this possible?!”

“He has clearly only opened two arcane gates! Even if he has mastered Holy Dawn Academy’s secret skill Holy Gate of Life, he can’t possibly have this many arcane particles left!”

The eyes of all Evil Dragon Followers present abruptly widened to the extreme as a flood of densely clustered flames descended upon the area with the greatest concentration of Evil Dragon Followers.

“Barrage of Wind and Water!”

As an invocation rang out from the mouth of one of the Evil Dragon Followers, several pillars of sapphire water surged up from the ground and a violent wind picked up. The mixture of wind and water collided with the flames.

“Wait, these are not only flames!” another Evil Dragon Follower abruptly shouted as he felt something off.


But they were too late as a pillar of water had already collided with the flames. Although the flames were extinguished, countless fine bolts of lightning appeared around the pillar. In the next instant, these bolts of lightning descended upon the body of the Evil Dragon Follower.

The Evil Dragon Follower twitched as his skin was blackened by electricity and he let out a wretched scream.


In the next instant, Caelan abruptly appeared behind this Evil Dragon Follower. As he placed his hand on their back, a sharp spike of ice suddenly emerged atop their chest and they fell forwards, dead, onto the ground.

Upon seeing Caelan killing the Evil Dragon Followers under the cover provided by his Thunder Blaze Wall, Ayrin looked across the battlefield once more. He quickly realized that the two strongest remaining figures present were Zorn and Angus, who were battling it out within the golden metal cage.

“Let’s help Zorn defeat that guy wearing strange plate armor! As long as we free up Zorn, we should be able to win this battle!”

“Come here! You all who have forsaken the beliefs of arcane masters and fallen to evil, come taste my fists!” With such thoughts flashing through his mind, Ayrin let out a burning scream and charged towards the golden metal cage which surrounding Zorn and Angus.

“This fellow…”

Although Rinloran didn’t say anything, one could see his annoyance as he grit his teeth so hard that his cheeks sunk in.

Although he knew very well how unbelievable and unpredictable Ayrin’s strength was, he was still afraid. This was because every enemy arcane master here had opened at least three arcane gates – every single one of them had the ability to kill Ayrin.

“Don’t follow. Although Ayrin’s skill has temporarily suppressed the Evil Dragon Followers, they still have the advantage in numbers. Under normal circumstances, we would be finished the moment they regain their composure.”

Right as Rinloran couldn’t hold himself back any longer and prepared to charge after Ayrin to act like his shield as before, Rui’s voice suddenly rang through his ear from beside him.

“However, we have this amplifying mask made of the King Green Winged Snake’s demonic crystals. For someone of your level, it will amplify the ability of your skills by at least twenty percent… although increasing your strength will not have any effect against these enemies, increasing your speed, which is already faster than most people here, will.”

Rui put the green crystal mask over Rinloran’s face. “Only, to use this mask’s amplification, you must first awaken it by using an arcane skill… if you wish to keep fighting in your current state where both of your arms cannot be moved, you should quickly learn an arcane skill which can awaken the ability of this mask.

“Teacher Rui, hurry and teach me!” Rinloran exclaimed as he sharply inhalded and turned his head to look at Rui.


Bang! Bang! Bang! …

Ayrin’s heavily swollen fists successively landed on Zorn’s golden metal cage.

“Just what kind of strange bloodline does this fellow have?!”

As Ayrin’s fists collided with his cage, Zorn could feel it quickly becoming unstable and on the verge of collapse.

“Angus! You are still thinking about trying to kill him?!”

“Fullmetal Berserker!”

Seeing how Angus was distracted, Zorn knew it was his time to strike. As he roared, about half of the arcane particles within his body wildly surged out. Five gigantic axes revolving at an unbelievable speed materialized before his body and wildly hacked at Angus.

“Thousand Petal Crane Shield!”

Angus had indeed been planning to attack Ayrin with an arcane skill. However, upon seeing Zorn’s arcane skill, his expression and plans greatly changed. Three enormous black metal shields abruptly emerged around him. Upon each one, there was an image of a continuously moving crane.

Every time the axes collided with the shields, countless specks of metal dust would fly off. The crane images seemed to contain a special absorption ability, as the metal dust was quickly sucked in by them and used to maintain the metal shield.

Even under the terrifying assault of Zorn’s arcane skill, these three shields didn’t shatter.


At this moment, a figure, which was small and skinny compared to Zorn and Angus, suddenly appeared behind Angus and threw a punch which collided with Angus’ metal shield.

“Just what kind of strange arcane energy is this?! How can it have such an eroding ability?!”

“Do you all wish to die?! Someone hurry over and come help me kill these bastards!”

Annoyed, Angus began to scream.

He too had felt the disappearance of arcane energy when Ayrin’s fist collided with his shield.

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