Chapter 240: A Fierce Battle, Ayrin’s Resolve

Chapter 240: A Fierce Battle, Ayrin’s Resolve


An explosion suddenly occurred within Gaia’s black robes as his body seemingly collapsed and the black robes abruptly began to fall. The pale white and gray smokes disappeared as countless black particles rapidly spewed out instead and adhered to Gaia’s black robe.

“Careful! This is Evil Dragon Particle Reconstruction! You mustn’t allow any of those black particles touch you, or you might be contaminated!”

As he saw the scene unfolding in his periphery, Zorn, who was currently fighting Steel Ghost Angus immediately shouted a warning towards Ayrin and Rinloran.

“Hmm? You are still able to worry about others?”

“Cursed Thousand Petals!”

Angus smirked as the gray iron longblade in his hands suddenly scattered, turning into thousands of small blades which shot towards Zorn.

Zorn couldn’t dodge as several wounds abruptly appeared across his body.

“Metal Crust!”

Before blood could even begin flowing from his wounds, Zorn quickly made an invocation. Bronze flames surged across his body as lights flickered and bronze colored metal strips formed over his wounds.

Cling! Clang! Clank!...

Under Angus’ control, the thousands of flying blades encircled Zorn, forming a whirlwind of sharp metal which constantly struck Zorn and prevented Zorn from seeing Ayrin and Rinloran.

“Rinloran, what do we do?!” Ayrin screamed as his gaze constantly shifted from the bone cube which Rui was imprisoned in and the black robe which had was still spewing out black particles. As he had never met Gaia, he had no knowledge of Gaia’s skills, and didn’t know what to do at this moment.

“It seems like Teacher Rui cannot break out of the bone prison by himself! But what if we try to destroy it together?!”

Although Rinloran also didn’t know anything about Gaia’s two skills, he could faintly sense that the bone cube wasn’t simply restricting Rui, but also slowly suffocating him and devouring his vitality.

“Okay! Let’s rescue Teacher Rui first!”

Without any hesitation, Ayrin immediately charged towards the bone cube Rui was sealed in.

“I can only use this skill!”

Rinloran’s face was frigid and unmoving like an iceberg as a decisive and frosty look flashed through Rinloran’s eyes.

“Moonlight Erosion!”

Rinloran abruptly surged past Ayrin. In the next moment, his figure seemed to disappear as a brilliant blue swordlight appeared.


An explosion erupted from the center of a face of the bone cube as the longsword in Rinloran’s left hand struck it.

Shockwaves successively radiated outwards across the surface from the tip of his longsword.

Afterwards, his longsword completely shattered, turning into countless flying blue chips.

Crack crack…

Unable to withstand the impact, sounds of bones breaking rang out from Rinloran’s left wrist.

“Even this arcane skill had no effect?”

From ten meters away, Ayrin watched as the bone cube trembled, but not a single mark was left on it.

“It’s futile!”

At this moment, Zorn’s loud voice rang over from the distance, “With the power of your arcane skills, it is impossible for you two to break through his domain! Hurry and attack Gaia instead! While he is undergoing Evil Dragon Particle Reconstruction, he cannot counterattack! If you don’t interfere and allow him to complete his reconstruction, he will fully recover, albeit at a four gate arcane master level!”

“It’s this kind of arcane skill?!”

Ayrin clearly heard and understood Zorn’s words, but his fist was already thunderously charging forward.

“Holy Body Ignition!”

Another explosion rang across the battlefield as Ayrin’s fist violently slammed into the bone cube.

After having used Holy Gate of Life, he had already exhausted most of the arcane particles within his body. Thus, his punch only contained the pure physical strength of his body which had been stimulated by Holy Body Ignition.

An immense pain passed from his fist to his brain, but the bone cube before him remained unmoving, like a small mountain entrenched within the earth.

“I can absorb its arcane particles!”

“If it’s like this, then perhaps I can destroy this domain!”

At the same time, a bright glint flickered through Ayrin’s eyes. The moment his fist had struck the bone cube, he had seen some glowing arcane particles disperse from the bone surface and enter his body.

“Rinloran! Go attack Gaia! Let me deal with destroying this domain!” Ayrin immediately shouted.

“You, did you not hear Zorn’s words?!”

Rinloran breathed violently as he attempted to remain calm. He quickly turned around in place, his gaze sweeping past all of the various fights which had broken out across this battlefield. Zorn and the other Shadowfiend Corps arcane masters were on the back foot. In this situation where they were outnumbered, all they could do was entangle their opponents and prevent them from coming after Ayrin and himself.

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

Ayrin ignored Rinloran’s loud cries as he quietly said another invocation.

A strange ripple fluctuated across the surface of Ayrin’s skin as if every single particle within his body had become energized and begun morphing.


Ayrin heavily struck the bone cube once more.

“Does this fellow not listen?! Even I cannot forcefully destroy a five gate arcane master’s domain!”

Upon seeing Ayrin’s actions, Zorn didn’t feel anger due to his commands being ignored, but dread. Earlier in the battle, Ayrin had impeccably cooperated with Rui to deliver a great blow to Gaia. But Zorn could see that the blow had also caused Ayrin to exhaust almost all of his arcane particles. He felt that it was futile even if he joined and influenced the other battles – he felt like everyone here would die today.

“This is the arcane skill of Dragon Breath Academy’s Gaskin… perhaps he can actually destroy this domain!”

At the same time, Rinloran, whose left arm was now also incapacitated, chose to believe in Ayrin. He chose to believe in his friend.

“Blossom, Moon Lotus!”

Arcane energy particles spewed out from his feet as his body burst upwards from the ground and he successively kicked through the air, forming revolving, crescent like blades which shot towards the cluster of black particles.


As each crescent blade cut into the cluster of black particles, the entire cluster violently contorted and emitted a painful hiss.

Seeing the scene unfolding before him, a violent glint flickered through Angus’ eyes as his body abruptly accelerated and he slashed out towards the nearby Rinloran with one of his great metal sabers.

“Fullmetal Cage!”

“Angus, your opponent is me!” Zorn suddenly roared from within the storm of blades.

A golden metal cage formed around Angus and Zorn.

“Extreme Current!”

At almost the same time, Zorn’s body released countless blinding streaks of electricity.

Zzt zzt zzt…

The flying blades attacking Zorn were like wire conductors as the electricity jumped from blade to blade and spread to every corner of the golden metal cage.


Angus let out a miserable cry as the electricity twined around his hornet’s nest like armor and shocked his body.

Boom! Bang! Boom!...

At the same time, Ayrin’s fists constantly whaled away at the bone cube without any pause.

“Bastard! Hurry and break for me! I don’t believe that I cannot destroy you!” Ayrin inwardly roared.

With every punch, countless arcane particles diffused into his body and were evenly divided between his seven arcane gates by Holy Gate of Life.

“I can’t fail! If I don’t break it, then Teacher Rui will die!”

Only several seconds had passed, yet Ayrin’s fists had already swelled greatly. However, the bone cube before him still showed no signs of breaking.

The number of arcane particles which had gone into the creation of this domain was just too shocking.


In the next moment, Ayrin abruptly gave up on using his fists and began throwing his entire body into the bone cube as he had done with trees during his training at Holy Dawn Academy.

“This fellow…” Upon seeing Ayrin’s actions, Zorn and the others felt even more grief.

“Has he lost his mind?”

“Or has he completely given up?”

Thoughts also passed through the minds of the Evil Dragon Followers as they watched the scene before them.

“Stingham!” Rinloran roared in an uncharacteristic anger.

He could tell that his attack had only created some time and had not been strong enough to destroy Gaia’s Evil Dragon particles.

As such a powerful Evil Dragon Follower, even if Gaia’s strength fell to a four gate level, no one would be able to stop him if he managed to finish the reconstruction of his body.

This fight had already reached such a critical moment, yet Stingham had still yet to appear!

“Even after I’ve hidden in such a place, I still encounter the enemy?”

Rinloran didn’t know that Stingham, who was pretending to be a wounded arcane master laying in the infirmary, had also encountered danger at this moment.


As Stingham attempted to sneak out through a nearby window, he ran straight into someone standing outside. The person sneered as they shot a stream of black flames at Stingham.

“What are you doing! I didn’t want to waste my energy fighting! Did you think that my wise divine and most handsome self would be afraid of you?! To show such contempt towards me!” Stingham roared in anger as his eyes abruptly widened.



Just as the Evil Dragon Followers began to feel like victory and slaughter were imminent, they abruptly let out cries of disbelief and shock.

With a resounding crack, a split suddenly emerged atop the bone cube following Ayrin’s successive wild body slams.

“How is that possible?!”

Zorn’s eyes widened as he watched Ayrin’s body slam into the bone cube once more and rays of white light to abruptly shot out from the bone cube.

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