Chapter 239: Black Necromancer Gaia, Rui’s True Ability

Chapter 239: Black Necromancer Gaia, Rui’s True Ability

Ayrin felt an immense pressure as a domain suddenly descended over the battlefield.

“This bastard! He still won’t reveal himself!”

“Is this fellow trying to directly take control of our bodies?!”

Thoughts frantically passed through Ayrin’s mind as he failed to discern the position of the owner of this terrifying aura. He watched as clusters of black light flew through the sky like crows and the space around him and Rinloran distorted while an ice cold energy pervaded his body.

His arms and legs began moving, but it was not at his behest. As time continued and the ice cold energy of the domain sank further into his body, even his arcane particles fell out of his control. Everything was in the hands of the unseen enemy arcane master.

“I can’t control myself!”

“No, if it continues like this, both Ayrin and I will die!”

Shock flashed through Rinloran’s eyes as his hands began to glow and he uncontrollably reach for Ayrin’s throat.

The difference in strength was just too great. Rinloran was completely unable to resist. He couldn’t even sense his arcane particles anymore.

“Holy Transformation: Four Faces!”

At this most critical junction where it seemed like Ayrin and Rinloran were beyond the point of saving, Rui suddenly chanted an invocation from within the domain which he was sealed in with Black Ripper.


Black Ripper’s expression abruptly changed.

As Rui’s body began to radiate with a bright and holy light, Black Ripper felt his domain quickly melting away as if it were completely unable to resist.


Rui’s figure suddenly changed.

Arcane particles flashed around his head as faces appeared on the side and back of his head.

The appearance of three more faces on Rui’s head didn’t seem strange anyone. Instead, everyone felt awe; it was as if he had undergone a divine transformation and ascended beyond humanity.


Black Ripper suddenly felt pain shoot through his chest. When he blankly lowered his head and looked, he saw a fist sticking through his chest.


Only when blood spurted from his chest and energy began leaving his body did Black Ripper finally awaken from his daze. The image of a four faced Rui was still reflected in his pupils, yet in reality, Rui had long since arrived behind him and pierced through his body with a punch!

In the next moment, before any more thoughts and feelings could run through Black Ripper’s mind, he felt a gentle gust of rippling arcane energy over his chin.

The moment Rui had punched through Black Ripper’s chest, he had used his other hand to wrap around Black Ripper and snatch the green crystal mask off Black Ripper’s face and put it on his own.

“Teacher Rui…”

Ayrin’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Of Rui’s four faces, the front face wore the green crystal mask.

“Slaughter Field!”

At the same time, in the space in midair before Ayrin and Rinloran, a human figure with black flames flickering around their body suddenly appeared. Following an extremely rapid invocation, a dusky yellow screen of light appeared in the air and slammed downwards.

The green crystal mask on Rui’s face abruptly began to glow brightly.

His other three faces abruptly slipped off his head and lined up alongside his front face.

The mouths of the four faces simultaneously moved.

Afterwards, the three floating faces disappeared.

A gigantic fist of holy light appeared in midair and viciously smashed into the falling screen of dusky yellow light.


Ayrin and Rinloran were sent flying backwards like pebbles by the resulting explosion. Both felt extreme pain and nausea as their organs and viscera quivered within their bodies.

With the explosion, all domains collapsed as whirlpools of air shrilling whistled and rolled out of the valley in all directions.

Rui, who had now returned to his normal state outside the mask on his face, silently raised his head and looked into the sky.

A person wielding a white scepter and wearing black robes and a black, wide-brimmed witch’s hat which completely covered their face slowly floated down.

A giant, black, tentacled eyeball appeared below the person’s feet.



Black Ripper fell to his knees as his body became unable to support itself any longer.

“He was always able to break through my domain… but he waited to break it until Gaia appeared and moved against those two kids… and he made sure to steal my Green Snake Amplification Mask to increase his power before attacking Gaia.”

“He discovered Gaia’s presence long ago, but wasn’t certain of his victory, so he patiently waited for Gaia to become distracted by others before dealing a heavy blow. All of this was precisely planned by him.”

Only on the verge of death did Black Ripper, the captain of this Green Snake arcane team, finally realized he had been tricked.

“To think he is so much stronger than me…” An indescribable feeling slowly pervaded Black Ripper’s increasingly cold body.

“Black Necromancer Gaia! It’s him!”

Despite watching Rui suddenly put the Green Snake arcane team captain Black Ripper on the brink of death, Zorn and the other arcane masters of the Shadowfiend Corps didn’t feel any joy or excitement at this moment.

“No wonder you are called the Master Scoundrel.”

The black robed arcane master slowly descended atop the giant black tentacled eyeball until he were about two meters above the ground. He faintly coughed as he spoke in a voice full of sighs, “Even now, you are still following your original path and fighting dirty."

“And you?”

The quiet Rui glared back at the black-robed arcane master as he uncharacteristically sneered, “You were once one of us, a member of Dragon Breath Academy’s team. Have you fallen so far that you don’t even dare show your face?”

“This person used to be a team member of Dragon Breath Academy? Then he is one of those arcane masters who has given up his beliefs and betrayed Doraster to receive the Evil Dragon’s blood?”

Rui’s words greatly shocked the still nauseous Ayrin.

“Do not mention the past to try and distract me, it doesn’t affect me. I have never once regretted the choice I have made and am even less likely to now that I have seen the current you.”

The black robed arcane master, who had nearly killed Ayrin and Rinloran right as he appeared, cackled proudly as he shouted, “I can see your viscera beginning to age within your body. You are someone who has already passed your peak years. Your abilities will no longer increase, but slowly weaken with the passing of time. Do you know what I am feeling right now? It is the feeling of a young man about to face an aging opponent.”

After a slight pause, the black-robed arcane master continued, “In the past, you were able to defeat me without resorting to any tricks. But now, even while using such petty tricks, you are not my opponent. Do you think I regret my choice?”

“Even the strongest bloodline cannot compare with the strongest conviction and will.”

Facing Gaia’s proud words, Rui only firmly replied with a calm and steady voice.

“Death’s Fork!”

Gaia didn’t reply as he abruptly raised his head and made an invocation. Within the darkness of his hood, two white dots flashed.

A pale white bolt of lightning suddenly appeared before Rui. As the lightning pierced towards Rui, the front end split into three prongs each rippling with a different arcane energy.

“Punch of Heavenly Retribution!” Rui shouted as his right fist shot forward. Light burst atop his fist as it surged forward and collided with the forked lightning.

“Offer yourself in despair, Field of Bones!”

The white scepter in Gaia’s right hand suddenly burst in flames. Cold white flames shot into midair and merged with arcane energy as countless white streaks suddenly covered the skies.

At the same time, Gaia’s left hand appeared from within the folds of his black robe.

As it emerged, the originally pure and jade white hand quickly dried up and turned into a claw of deathly gray bones.

Crack crack crack crack…

Numerous gigantic white bones suddenly shot up from the ground around Rui like trees reaching for the sky as a white bone powder rained down over Rui.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

At this moment, an uncharacteristically powerful invocation burst out from Rui’s mouth.

“Holy Gate of Life?”

Gaia abruptly froze as he heard the invocation for Liszt’s skill. He knew very well just how powerful this taboo skill of Holy Dawn Academy was. As he didn’t know that Rui didn’t know this skill, various emotions flooded his mind at this moment.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

Rui’s invocation was like a cry of attack to Ayrin, whose viscera had finally stopped convulsing within his body!

The conversation between Rui and this black robed arcane master had made it very clear to him that this black robed arcane master was not someone Rui, who had already demonstrated shocking strength, could defeat by himself.

Thus, when Rui shouted, Ayrin immediately understood Rui’s intentions even without exchanging glances.

Before Rui’s words faded, Ayrin had already used Holy Gate of Life!

A boom rang across the battlefield as terrifying arcane energy fluctuations undulated from Ayrin’s body. The fluctuations within the air were so powerful that the nearby Rinloran was forcefully pushed away.

“Ruin Fetters!”

A ring of light composed of an astonishing number of black particles suddenly appeared around Gaia.

“Four Faces: Stasis Field!”

Gaia quickly reacted as countless streaks of flowing purple light appeared around his body. At the same time, arcane particles spewed out from within Rui’s body as he returned to his four faced form and a powerful domain power enveloped him and Gaia.

Gaia’s body abruptly stiffened.

But in the next moment, Gaia’s strength rapidly rose as a crack rang through his body and countless crystal like lines of light burst from his body. It was at this moment that the black ring of light around him violently contracted around him.

“Hit!” Ayrin shouted.

Streaks of black light pierced Gaia and surged into his body.

“Nature’s Purification!”

At the same time, Rinloran also made an invocation as a pillar of pale blue light descended from the skies and struck Gaia.


An earth shaking cry of misery burst from Gaia’s mouth.

Clouds of pale white smoke and gray smoke billowed out from within his black robes, as if he was being melted by the light.

“Teacher Rui!”

But at the same time, much to the horror of Ayrin and Rinloran, the white bone powder quickly piled up over Rui’s body, imprisoning him within a square cube of bone.

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