Chapter 238: The True Enemy Appears!

Chapter 238: The True Enemy Appears!

“Hmm, you want to go defend those two kids? King Bear Zorn, your opponent is me.”

Zorn had barely moved from behind the black golem when an arcane master who also wore metal plate armor appeared before him.

The plates of this arcane master’s armor seemed to be completely fused together and didn’t expose a single bit of his skin. But as one looked closer, one would see that it was actually full of minuscule openings from which arcane particles slowly spread outwards, forming the plates. It was incredibly strange.

Clang clang clang...

As the arcane master spoke, arcane particles surged out from his hands, forming two gray sabers.

“Steel Ghost Angus!”

Zorn’s pupils abruptly shrunk.

A giant bang rang out as an enormous bronze colored hammer about the height of two adults appeared in his hands.


“The Snake’s Four Curses!”

Arcane particles spewed from the palms of the Green Snake arcane master who had been wounded all over by Rui as he fiercely clasped his hands together and compressed the particles into a fine disc which then shot out towards Ayrin and Rinloran.

Four green shortswords abruptly appeared around Ayrin and Rinloran. Twined around the blade of each shortsword were two slender red snakes.

“There is a mental confusion effect!”

As a strange glow emanated from these red snakes, Ayrin began to feel dizzy.

Ding! Dang! Dong! Dong!

Four sounds rang out as Rinloran near simultaneously appeared at four spots around him.

In a single instant, Rinloran had successively swung his sword four times, forcefully deflecting these four shortswords.

“Not good!”

Ayrin’s expression quickly changed. As the four shortswords were deflected, the eight small snakes twined around the blades turned into eight streaks of red flames and struck Rinloran.

“And you thought you could defend all by yourself…”

A cold expression of ridicule flickered through the eyes of the other lanky Green Snake arcane master.

As far as he could tell, Rinloran was already a corpse.

“Phantom Flywheel Slash!”

The lanky arcane master swung his arm as countless semi-transparent, crescent-shaped blades abruptly appeared in the air and surged towards Ayrin like a waterfall.


Ayrin clenched his fists so hard his knuckles cracked.

A strange, blood red color spread through the veins which had emerged atop Rinloran’s face as blood dripped from his nose.

“Blessing of Gaia!”

But as Rinloran quietly whispered an invocation at this moment, countless pale blue spheres of light suddenly appeared over his body as a seemingly sacred energy rippled through the air around him and his body abruptly returned to a normal state.

“Did you forget what I said? If you want to attack him, you must get through me first!” Rinloran sharply exclaimed as the longsword in his hand became enveloped with a significant surging blue aura.

An immense explosion occurred as all of the semi-transparent, crescent-shaped blades shooting towards Ayrin were destroyed by Rinloran.

“A High Rank Elf Bloodline? But the level of your arcane particles… Yet you are still so stubborn?” the wounded Green Snake arcane master shouted as he watched blood drip from Rinloran’s left hand, which had been torn open by the impact.

“Since it’s like this, then let me send you off first!”

“Death: Return to Bone!”

An astonishing number of arcane particles surged from this Green Snake arcane master’s feet, sending him into the air.

On the ground, arcane particles blossomed outwards like a flower as they combined with arcane energy and turned a deathly gray color.

Crack crack…

As these gray particles touched the strewn corpses of Evil Toutous, all blood and flesh was stripped away, leaving only their gray skeletons behind.

The skeletons began surging towards Ayrin and Rinloran as if they were being controlled by invisible hands.

“Death: Return to Bone!”

“This fellow, he’s received some of the Evil Dragon’s Bloodline, and can use Death: Return to Bone!”

Everyone’s expression suddenly changed as they watched this terrifying taboo skill spread across the battlefield.

“You… you dare ruin my dinner!” Ayrin suddenly roared in anger, stunning everyone present.


Anger rippled across Ayrin’s face as arcane particles spewed out from his hands.

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

An innocent looking striped skunk appeared and dropped from midair.

“Ayrin… you, just how much do you like this arcane skill for it to always be the first skill you use when you are pressured or angered?!”

Black lines abruptly emerged on Rinloran’s face.

“This is the skill you are using?” The two Green Snake arcane masters blankly stared at the striped skunk.

“Warlock Variation!”

A rainbow colored ring of light blossomed from Ayrin’s body.

“What! How can he know Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo’s arcane skill?!” the two Green Snake arcane masters shouted in disbelief.

“What is this?”

Ayrin forgot about his two enemies as he watched the striped skunk merge with the rainbow colored ring of light and suddenly distort and melt into a black haze.

He watched as the black haze shot towards the wounded Green Snake arcane master.

“Not good!”

The wounded Green Snake arcane master immediately felt something off as he covered his body with a green light.


A cry of terror escaped his lips as the black haze touched the green light around him.

Now that the black haze had come closer, he was able to see that it was in fact composed of many tiny maggots!

And they were devouring the green light surrounding him at an unbelievable speed!

Before he could even react, countless of the little black maggots had already penetrated through the green light around him and reached his body.

The wretched cries of this wounded Green Snake arcane master abruptly stopped.

“Poisonous Devouring Maggots!” the lanky arcane master screamed as he suddenly retreated.

Not even a second had passed, yet there was already only a skeleton left. The black maggots which had burrowed into his body had transformed into moths as they left the body behind and flew off.

“He immediately died?!”

Looks of total disbelief flashed across the faces of Rinloran, Zorn, and the other fighting Shadowfiend Corps members.

“Not bad! Indeed incomprehensible! Always breaking my expectations!” Rui thought to himself from within the domain as he felt the uneasiness in his heart lessen.

“Rinloran, help me clear a path!”

Taking advantage of the shock caused by his one-shot of the wounded Green Snake arcane master, Ayrin immediately charged towards the lanky one, quickly closing the distance between them.

He knew that regardless of how quickly he moved, Rinloran would be able to keep up because Rinloran was faster than him.

“Ruin Fetters!”

“Warlock Variation!”

A black ring of light immediately surrounded the lanky Green Snake arcane master.

Following the match against Golden Stag Academy, Ayrin had realized why Liszt had gone through so much trouble by fighting Leonardo to provide him with an opportunity to learn ‘Warlock Variation’.

This skill could turn even the most ordinary arcane skills into something extraordinary.

Since then, Ayrin had been searching for someone to try using a higher level skill like ‘Ruin Fetters’ in combination with Warlock Variation on.


However, by the time the black ring of light had fully formed, the lanky Green Snake arcane master had managed to reposition somewhere else.

"Death God's Corrosion!"

A black shade taller than a person formed before him. In the blink of an eye, it was already before Ayrin.

But right at this moment, the black ring of light disappeared under the influence of the waves of chaotic arcane energies.

A long black crystal snake silently appeared under the lanky Green Snake arcane master’s feet and abruptly wrapped around him.


Rinloran’s longsword accurately collided with the attacking black shade.

As Rinloran’s longsword penetrated the black shade, he suddenly felt countless strange and terrifying arcane energies flow through his longsword and into his body.

He felt a suction force on the blood within his body as blood abruptly spurted from the pores on his arm and his heart tightened, as if it were being squeezed by an invisible hand and about to be pulled out from his chest.

“Dread Shadowcrystal Snake!”

Upon being wrapped up by the black crystal snake, the lanky Green Snake arcane master subconsciously quaked in fear.

“Seal: Curse of Death!”

Arcane particles surged out from his hands at a speed faster than ever, causing his fingertips to tear.

Ten sheets of light containing domain powers formed and pressed down on the snake around his body.

The black crystal snake quickly disappeared.

At the same time, Rinloran felt arcane particles surge out from his hand, forcefully separating his longsword from his hand.

He coughed out some blood as the pressure within his body lightened and the invisible hand clutching his heart disappeared.

As for the lanky Green Snake arcane master, he let out another wretched cry and then disappeared back into the dense forest.

“You cannot hold back any longer…”

At this moment, the anxiety and unrest in Rui’s heart completely disappeared as an aura which caused even him to tremble suddenly descended upon the battlefield.

“Rinloran, are you alright?”

Ayrin didn’t bother chasing the lanky Green Snake arcane master and instead immediately turned towards Rinloran.

“This… there is still such a powerful enemy in the shadows… I can’t move?”

Both Ayrin and Rinloran froze at this moment.

A terrifying arcane energy fluctuation and horrifying aura caused the both of them to feel as if their bodies had been invaded by an extreme cold and completely frozen.

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