Chapter 237: The Birth of a Combination of Rookies

Chapter 237: The Birth of a Combination of Rookies

“What strong arcane energy fluctuations!”

A look of vigilance emerged on Ayrin’s face as he rapidly retreated. A golden light reminiscent of dazzling dragon scales immediately appeared over his body.

Even Ayrin could sense that this lanky Green Snake arcane master had opened at least four gates.

Facing such a high level arcane master, contemplating conserving arcane particles was akin to suicide. One mistake was all it took for one to lose their life.


The moment the lanky arcane master’s hands pressed onto the head of the giant gray snake, the green crystals on his mask flashed brilliantly as the arcane energy fluctuations around him suddenly became even stronger.

“What the hell is this?!”

Ayrin watched as countless snake-like streaks of green light began to radiate from the giant gray snake’s body and the snake transformed into a green skinned witch.

A surging force instantly swept across half the valley. In the next moment, countless little snakes enveloped in green flames appeared in midair and began to dart towards Ayrin and the others.

“Ayrin, your arcane skills are not suited for defending against this kind of domain power. Let me help you.”

Ayrin had only retreated a couple meters when Rinloran suddenly appeared beside him and quickly crystallized a slender and willowy blue longsword his left hand.

“Alright!” Ayrin immediately responded. He no longer worried about the flaming green snakes surging in their direction as he gathered arcane particles in his hands and feet and began vigilantly watching their surroundings.

Although Rinloran was helping him, Ayrin naturally couldn’t let his guard down. If any enemy suddenly appeared, he would make sure to endure their assault.

Crack! Crack! Crack!...

As Rinloran’s left arm moved, the longsword he wielded turned into a blur. In but a single instant, countless flaming green snakes were smashed.

“What kind of domain is this? It’s only at this level?”

“Spear of Sacred Light!”

At the same time, Rui, who had been facing the other Green Snake arcane master, disappeared as he suddenly reappeared before the lanky Green Snake arcane master.

A cold sneer emerged on his face as an inconceivably blazing light surged out from his hands and formed a gigantic spear. Like a brilliant sun ray, the spear shot forth towards the lanky arcane master while releasing terrifying arcane energy fluctuations.

“Ahhhhh!” The lanky arcane master screamed as the spear of light shattered the two overlapping rings of green light which had formed between his hands with a bang.

As he flew backwards from the tremendous collision, blood dripped from his hands – his fingers seemed to have been completely shattered.

The face of the other Green Snake arcane master, whose body was covered with several wounds, froze as he prepared to charge at Rui. But right at this moment, another arcane master wearing the same dark green robes suddenly emerged beside him.

This arcane master’s face was similarly half covered with a mask. However, this arcane master’s mask completely glowed with an oily green light, as if it was completely made with the green crystal. The oily green light reflected off his half-exposed face and hair, causing them to turn a toxic green.

“This guy’s eyes!”

But the thing which unsettled Ayrin the most was this arcane master’s pupils, which were not circular, but long and narrow like a snake’s.


This arcane master was extremely short and thin; he was half a head shorter than Ayrin and Rinloran and had an extremely sunken face. The moment this arcane master appeared, the scratched up Green Snake arcane master immediately trembled, as if he was extremely afraid of this person.

“You two are not his match. Go deal with the rest.” The newly appeared Green Snake arcane master nodded towards the other two as he slowly walked towards Rui, who had stopped in place.

“You are the Black Ripper?” Rui, who was a man of few words, suddenly asked.

“Eh? You’ve actually heard of me?”

The imposing arcane master began cackling as he said, “What an honor.”

“That’s all I needed to hear. I hope you aren’t seeking a quick death, because I’m going to make sure you suffer,” Rui emotionlessly said.

Black Ripper’s cackling abruptly stopped.

Although Rui spoke no differently than earlier, a faint chill still inexplicably surged through Black Ripper’s heart.

In order to alleviate his discomfort, Black Ripper shook his head as he replied, “So which of your friends have died at my hands? Ah, but I’ve killed too many, so even if you tell me their names, I probably won’t remember them. So many of the Office of Special Affairs’ arcane masters have come after my head, yet I’m still fine, while they have all died. You have come to take revenge, but you might just be buried with your friends.”

“More enemies! Why are there so many?!” Ayrin exclaimed as another twenty plus ghostlike shadows suddenly appeared all around their group while Black Ripper exchanged words with Rui. It was the emergence of another three or four arcane teams.

At the same time, an undiscernible friendly arcane master used an arcane skill as a five meter tall black golem suddenly arose in the midst of Zorn, Caelan, and the other friendly arcane masters. As the golem waved its giant arms, it scattered the incoming blazing green snakes.

“What intense arcane energy fluctuations!”

Goosebumps emerged atop Ayrin’s skin as a rippling ring of arcing gray light suddenly appeared in the air between Black Ripper and Rui.

The arcane energy fluctuations released by the rippling ring of light caused Ayrin to feel dizzy.

Two gray, meter-long snake fangs appeared in midair, as if there was an enormous invisible snake suspended in the air and staring at Rui.

“Why is Teacher Rui still not making his move?”

Thoughts helplessly ran through Ayrin’s mind as he felt even more arcane energy gather atop the two gray fangs.

This skill was clearly the charging kind which Liszt had once mentioned to him. The more arcane particles gathered, the greater the power of the skill!

Naturally, the way to deal with such a skill was to strike as quickly as possible.


Indeed, right as Ayrin was thinking to himself, a current of invisible cold electricity seemed to streak across the sky.

Black Ripper, who had been coldly glaring at Rui, suddenly raised his head and looked at Ayrin and Rinloran.

At the same time, the two gray fangs suddenly began to accelerate, sharply disturbing the air around them.

A cold glint flashed through the eyes of Rui, who had yet to move, as arcane particles began to violently surge from his hands.

The two fangs seemed to ignore the laws of space and time as they pierced Rui’s chest.

But moments later, the injured Rui abruptly turned into a rippling mass of water.

As for his real body, it reappeared about a meter away. He quickly pressed both of his hands onto the rippling mass of water.

Rui’s hands danced as if he was wrapping a gift as the mass of water folded into a sphere and enveloped the two gray fangs. Afterwards, the water solidified, trapping the two gray fangs within the sphere between his hands.

The expression within Black Ripper’s eyes greatly changed as his body released an even more intense arcane energy fluctuation.

“Fixed Particle Isolation Domain!”

Black Ripper’s body consecutively flashed thirteen times in midair. Every place he appeared, a purple-black sphere of light appeared.

Each sphere of light instantly scattered, turning into countless purple-black particles which completely enshrouded a ten meter diameter area around him and Rui.


All circulation of arcane energy within this ten meter area was completely isolated from everything outside.

Thousands upon ten thousands of faint purple black streaks of light abruptly appeared on the motionless bodies of Black Ripper and Rui. Afterwards, layer upon layer of crystallic luster emerged over them, as if the area around them was crystallizing layers.

“Green Eyed Demonic Snake Magic Crystal.”

Rui’s expression remained unchanging as he stared at the oily glowing green crystal mask on Black Ripper’s face and spoke a single sentence.

“I didn’t expect you wouldn’t fall for the trap. You saved both of your students by remaining still.”

A complex expression flashed through Black Ripper’s eyes as he sneered at Rui.

“You actually managed to comprehend a taboo domain like Water God’s Seal. Indeed deserving of a spot as one of the Holy Dawn Evil Six. But it doesn’t matter. You have still been trapped by me in this domain.”

“Although the quality of your arcane particles is about the same as mine, you have consumed more than me as you used ‘Hunt of the Shadow Snake’, and now, this domain… if this domain disappears, you will not be able to deal with me,” Rui said as he stared back at Black Ripper.

“Do you still not realize the position you are in? I don’t need to kill you, I just have to tie you up.” A look of ridicule emerged in Black Ripper’s eyes as he continued, “Without you, the rest cannot possibly defend against our attacks.”

Rui didn’t reply as he looked at the transparent sphere of water between his hands, which had also been sealed by the domain.

Although his expression was still unchanging, feelings of anxiousness and fear had indeed flooded his mind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless explosions went off as all of the traps prepared by the Shadowfiend Corps around this outpost activated in succession.

Zorn and the rest of the corps had long since begun fighting against the attackers.

A crackling Evil Flaming Eye suddenly shot towards the area containing Black Ripper and Rui.


Ayrin’s eyes widened in disbelief as he watched his Evil Flaming Eye touch the outermost portion of the purple-black light and then slide across it.

There wasn’t any sort of collision as the Evil Flaming Eye failed to penetrate into the domain and shot straight into the sky.

“Don’t waste any energy. If Teacher Rui cannot break this domain, then we can’t either,” Rinloran pensively shouted towards Ayrin. Afterwards, he continued, “Leave the defending to me!”

As Ayrin followed Rinloran’s gaze, he saw the two Green Snake arcane masters who had been injured by Rui flying towards the two of them.

“Alright! Leave the attacking to me!” Ayrin immediately replied with a nod.

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