Chapter 236: The Unforeseen Occurs, A Super Strong Opponent Appears!

Chapter 236: The Unforeseen Occurs, A Super Strong Opponent Appears!

“Even a fellow like this can be an arcane master?”

“To think that he complained about meeting enemies as soon as he got here, did he think that coming here as part of the reinforcement team was like going on vacation?"

Stingham’s behavior caused the Shadowfiend Corps arcane masters who witnessed it to be speechless.

“Don’t worry about him. When the right time comes, he will of some use,” Rui said to Zorn and Caelan. He seemed to not be surprised at all by Stingham’s actions.

Afterwards, he turned in Stingham’s direction and shouted, “If you don’t want to fight, go hide in the infirmary. It will be safer and quieter there.”

“That’s indeed reasonable. The infirmary should be the most protected area, and thus the safest place to be,” Stingham thought to himself as he immediately changed his direction and made a beeline for the infirmary.”

“Isn’t the difference a little too great?”

“These two are members of the same arcane team, yet their behaviors are so different?”

Ayrin’s behavior also caused them to feel speechless. Normal arcane masters would stand between the walls of flames, allowing the flames to defend their sides and force the Evil Toutous to attack from the front. Yet Ayrin had charged forward and met the wave of Evil Toutous outside of the walls of flames. At this moment, he was already punching towards an Evil Toutou’s head with his fist.

“Come on. All of you things come at me! I love you Evil Toutous,” Ayrin loudly shouted with excitement as his fist collided with an Evil Toutou’s head.

“Love Evil Toutous? Rui, is this student of yours a berserker?” Zorn couldn’t help but ask as he observed Ayrin’s current appearance.

Nonetheless, Ayrin’s display of strength alongside his loud screams and roars ended up achieving its purpose as all of the Evil Toutous surging out of the Southam Demon Forest surged ignored Rui, Zorn, and the others, and surged towards him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!...

Sounds of heavy blows intermittently sounded inbetween Ayrin’s shouts as each of his punches and kicks sent yet another Evil Toutou flying into the distance and knocking over ones behind it like a bowling ball.

“His physical abilities are not bad. He’s still yet to use an arcane skill.”

“What fast reactions and accuracy.”

“This skill… I wonder how much he trains every day? No wonder he managed to reach the final four.”

Ayrin’s performance greatly shocked all of the Shadowfiend Corps’ arcane masters.

“Should we go help him? I don’t think he be able to hold on if it continues like this?”

But a couple minutes later, Zorn and the others couldn’t help but worry.

There were just too many Evil Toutous surging out from within the Southam Demon Forest. In the span of a couple minutes, the Evil Toutous surrounding Ayrin had stacked up to form a three meter high wall which completely blocked Ayrin from view. They watched as one Evil Toutou after another shot out from within the encirclement, bringing several others with it, and crashed onto the ground. The wall of Evil Toutous around Ayrin diminished slightly, only to immediately pile back up again.

Facing a seemingly endless wave of Evil Toutous, Ayrin’s formed a wall of fists and feet with his continuous flurry of strikes. It was a shocking display of stamina, but a single mistake meant he would immediately become the dinner of the Evil Toutous. And this only grew more likely as time went on.

“There’s no need.”

Rui calmly shook his head as he silently shouted in his mind, “You all don’t know just what kind of superb momentum this youth has… furthermore, seeing how many Evil Toutous have been driven over, the Evil Dragon Follower team appearing this time should be quite strong. We cannot waste any energy or arcane particles.”


A full twenty minutes later, the eyes of Zorn, Caelan, and the other arcane masters had already widened to the size of dinner plates in disbelief.

“Isn’t this fellow’s stamina a little bit too much?”

“This battle-loving fellow, just what kind of monstrous bloodline does he have?”

The Evil Toutous surrounding Ayrin seemed to have become enraged as they opened their mouths as wide as possible, exposing the sharp teeth and scarlet throat within. It made it seem as if their mouths were directly connected to their stomachs, and that anything which they bit off would immediately be digested. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

But it didn’t matter when they couldn’t bite anything in the first place.

Ayrin’s fists and feet were like iron rods as he continued to punch and kick at the same pace without any signs of slowing down. Every Evil Toutou charging at him was sent flying away.

The bodies of dead, and half-dead, Evil Toutous became strewn in a circle of ten meter radius around Ayrin. As the bodies kept accumulating, an abnormally miserable scene unfolded before everyone’s eyes.

“Even if this fellow’s continuous offensive power is so great… after being encircled by these Evil Toutous for so long, he should have long since become tired or lost his patience. Yet this fellow is only becoming more and more excited! What a monster!”

As the number of Evil Toutous finally dwindled, Ayrin’s figure gradually appeared once more, allowing everyone to see his current excited state. There even seemed to be saliva dripping from his mouth.

Rui stood motionlessly in place.

He acted as if he was watching Ayrin as a faint gray light flickered through the depths of his pupils.

He had already sensed that there was an enemy lurking in the shadows, but he had yet to discover their exact position.


But at this moment, there was a trace arcane energy fluctuation. It seemed like even the hidden enemy had been shocked by Ayrin’s performance.


There wasn’t any detectible movements of the body or arcane particles, yet a spatial tear sounded at a place a full thirty meters behind a wall of flames as ten streaks of gray light suddenly appeared and slashed across the space whilst intersecting with each other. [1. Like a dual claw attack. I couldn't figure out how to describe it better]

A silver-gray ring of light suddenly burst out.

With a snort, a tall and skinny figure emerged behind the wall of flames like a ghost.

“What arcane skill is this? Such a powerful cloaking effect. Even with so many alarms set up, they were able to come so close without being discovered!”

Everyone around Rui felt a slight chill run through their heart.


A giant gray snake covered in spiky scales abruptly appeared beside the figure.

The head of the giant snake was about the same size as the person beside it.

The instant the giant silver snake appeared, the appearance and clothes of the person beside it became visible.

The lanky arcane master was an older male. He was mostly bald, with only several strands of hair scattered across his head. He was wearing a dark green arcane master robe, and the lower half of his face under his eyes was entirely covered using gray mask made of metal.

There were several eyecatching green streaks engraved across the mask.

As they looked closer, these streaks were actually two clusters of several narrow and long green crystals which formed two runes.

Rui remained silent as several sharp streaks of light flickered through his eyes.

“It’s the Green Snake Team!”

Caelan and the rest dispiritedly shouted in shock.

The Green Snake Team was an elite team of Evil Dragon Followers known for their brutality. They had completely eradicated one of House Lannister’s elite teams and also demolished one of the Office of Special Affair’s teams, killing two and injuring three!

If one were to divide the arcane teams of the Evil Dragon Followers into five ranks in accordance with the Corps’ ranking system, then this infamous Green Snake Team would be a second rank team only below the first rank thirteen bishops!

It was rumored that this infamous arcane team had long since fled into the Kingdom of Doa. Furthermore, no one had expected for an arcane team of this level to appear here in the first place!

“Blades controlled by thought… you must be Rui of the Holy Dawn Evil Six?”

As chills ran through the hearts of the Shadowfiend Corps’ arcane masters, the arcane master standing beside the gray giant snake spoke.

The sound of his voice was extremely strange. As his words passed through the metal mask, they seemed to echo in a strange manner, making his speech sound like the hissing of a poisonous snake.

“I had thought this battle would be an easy massacre… Never did I expect for a person of your ability to appear at such an ordinary outpost.”

Rui calmly looked back at the Green Snake arcane master, who was a whole head taller than him. He remained silent as the Green Snake arcane master finished speaking and didn’t respond. It seemed like he was waiting for something.


But in the next instant, Rui disappeared.

A group of shadows appeared as Rui reappeared about ten meters to the right of Ayrin, who was still fighting the Evil Toutous.

“Quicksilver Harp!”

A short invocation sharply exploded from his mouth.

Streams of super compressed arcane particles surged outwards from his fingertips as a mysterious white arcane energy quickly condensed before him and formed a silver-white harp about half the size of a person.

A pleasant sound rang across the forest.

The strings on the harp abruptly disappeared and reappeared in midair, twenty meters before him.

A loud scream suddenly rang through the forest as countless Evil Toutou corpses shot forward like a fountain.

Two long snakes enveloped in flickering green flames suddenly appeared, one behind the other. They bit their tails and began to rotate rapidly, forming a two layered defensive setup.


But in the next moment, these two rings abruptly disappeared.

A figure enveloped in flickering green flames flew backwards out of the forest as bloody fog erupted from points all over their body.

“What arcane skill is this?!”

“Even my Dual Demonic Snakes couldn’t defend against it!”

Although this arcane master had been injured by Rui’s attack, it seemed like they had held onto their life as they screamed in shock and terror after being sent flying.

“Two enemies managed to sneak in!”

“So strong! Even against two high level opponents, Teacher Rui was able to instantly injure one!”

There was a loud explosion as Ayrin created an Evil Flaming Eye, sending dozens of flaming barbequed Evil Toutous flying with a bang.

From the moment the Green Snake arcane masters exchanged blows with Rui, Ayrin had already sensed the immense power behind their auras and skills. Ayrin immediately realized that with such arcane masters present, if he remained preoccupied with the Evil Toutous, it was very possible for him to be killed in a single instant.

“Snake Charmer: Field of Snakes!”

At this moment, the lanky arcane master who was standing beside the giant gray snake moved as he pressed his hands onto the head of the giant gray snake.

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