Chapter 234: Without Any Regrets

Chapter 234: Without Any Regrets


By the time Ayrin and the rest walked out of the Sacred Tower, the majority of the arcane teams around the Sacred Tower had already left. When Charlotte and the others, who were still around the Sacred Tower, saw Ayrin emerge, they immediately walked over, with Charlotte ending up standing closest to Ayrin.

“Charlotte. Who are you teamed with?” Ayrin immediately asked.

“I’m with Ivan, Ferguilllo, and Wilde,” Charlotte replied as she looked at Ayrin in a manner different from normal.

“Are you all in arcane teams of four people? I’m in a team consisting of just three people, me, Stingham, and Rinloran. We are being led by Teacher Rui. Who’s leading your team?” Thick-skinned as always, Ayrin didn’t notice the change in Charlotte’s gaze as he asked a question in response.

“We are led by Teacher Cillian,” Charlotte replied.

“Teacher Cillian?”

Ayrin embarrassedly scratched his head as he didn’t recognize the name.

“She is Sea God Academy’s most powerful teacher, an arcane master like Liszt who has a special status in the Office of Special Affairs,” Rui quietly explained from behind Ayrin, “Prior to this, she was stationed in the east with the Raven Corps. She is nicknamed the Raven’s Claw, and is the most offense-oriented assassin type arcane master of the entire Raven Corps.”

“So strong.” Ayrin seemed to feel reassured as he looked towards Ferguillo and Ivan and said, “Ferguillo and Ivan are also strong. With them by your side, you should be safe.”

“This fellow, do I not exist in your eyes? Your words are so hurtful… but knowing how innocent and thick-skinned you are, I can’t even feel angry… I can only work harder, so that you cannot ignore me.” Wilde thought to himself as he wrinkled his nose. He turned his head and said, “Charlotte, since we are about to leave, you might as well also bid your farewells and give Ayrin what you owe him.”

“What does she owe me?” Ayrin asked blankly.


Charlotte blushed fiercely as she stomped heavily on the ground out of habit.


At this time, Ayrin seemed to have remembered what Charlotte owed him as he began embarrassedly laughing.

Of course, he was quite certain that Charlotte would not be giving him what she ‘owed’ at this exact moment.

But in the next moment, his eyes widened in disbelief as an impassioned expression appeared on Charlotte’s face and she stopped stomping.

Before he could react, Charlotte had already closed her eyes and quickly kissed his lips.


As they saw the scene unfold, the Divine Shield and Iron Forest Academy members present let out a sigh of relief.

But after that, everyone remained silent and in a daze. Not a single person made fun of either Charlotte or Ayrin.

It was because they all knew very clearly why Charlotte, this girl who they called the “Awkward Goddess” and “Goddess of Stomping”, would act so boldly and impulsively at this moment.

“In front of so many people…” Stingham shouted in disbelief, breaking the silence.

“No, I must go find Sophia!”

“Considering how handsome I am right now, Sophia might kiss me too!”



“Then Ayrin, we will be leaving first.”

Charlotte, who had kissed Ayrin so boldly at this moment, blushed fiercely as she immediately ran off after saying these words. Afraid of the expressions on everyone’s faces, she didn’t dare open her eyes and look at those around them.

“Idiot, are you not going to say anything at this moment?”

As he looked at the still dazed Ayrin, Ferguillo, who was normally quite silent, quietly reprimanded Ayrin.

“Say…” Ayrin felt only happiness as a warmth sweeter than eating the sweetest candy pervaded his entire body. But it also caused his mind to go blank. Caught in the heat of the moment, he couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Don’t leave any regrets… you idiot, although each team has a powerful arcane master leading it and the missions arranged by the Office of Special Affairs will not send us near the front lines, our enemies are still the powerful Evil Dragon Followers. As we delve deeper into their territory, who knows what kind of unforeseen problems we will run into… who knows for sure if we will all return.”

Ferguillo sighed as he looked at Charlotte’s diminishing back. He thought to himself, maybe one day he would meet a girl who would look at him and love him the same way Charlotte looked at and loved Ayrin.

“She didn’t want to lose the chance to tell you she likes you… so if you have anything to say to her, you should say it now.”


In Ayrin’s dictionary, the words difficult and fear didn’t exist. Thus, he had never considered this trip into Fallen Shadow Valley as something terribly dangerous. But as he wasn’t a complete idiot, he immediately realized what Charlotte must currently be feeling after hearing Ferguillo’s words. An indescribable emotion which he had never felt before spread through his body.


Ayrin immediately threw his fist into the air.

“No matter what, I will definitely survive and return to see you again! You must also promise me that you will as well! Never give up!”

Ayrin’s voice was extremely bright and clear. All of the arcane masters who still remained around the Sacred Tower could hear it, as well as Charlotte, who suddenly froze.


At this moment, a smile full of sunshine emerged on Ayrin’s face as he loudly shouted, “I as well… since that day when I saw you float down from the wall… have liked you!”

Charlotte felt her face grow hot as her vision grew blurry.

“It is really about time we left.”

Ivan patted Ayrin on the shoulder and quietly said, “Golden Stag Academy’s team and various arcane masters of House Baratheon will also be participating in these missions. You must be careful of them in case they take revenge.”

“Eh, House Baratheon will try to take revenge on me even when we are participating in missions against the Evil Dragon Followers?” Ayrin couldn’t help but reply in a shocked manner.

“Of course. House Baratheon is known for putting its own interests first. Rinsyi was their most talented genius, but he was pretty much killed off by you. If the opportunity arises, they will definitely try to kill you to take revenge,” Ivan said seriously.

“If it’s like this, then there isn’t much reason to worry. I can only fight whoever comes with my full strength,” Ayrin responded with an expression full of fighting intent.

“Indeed,” Ivan shook his head as he thought to himself that perhaps thinking about it as simply as Ayrin did wasn’t a bad thing. Out of words to say, he turned and left.

“Take care!”

Ferguillo and Wilde nodded towards Ayrin as they too turned and left in Ivan’s wake.

“You all must also defeat the enemy and return safely!”

As Ayrin watched their lengthening shadows, he felt a unique feeling surge through his heart as he pumped his fist in the air and shouted towards them. They were indeed true friends.

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