Chapter 231: A Notice for an Inexplicable and Special Meeting

Chapter 231: A Notice for an Inexplicable and Special Meeting

“No wonder he’s considered the Kingdom of Doa’s number one genius. Stingham wasn’t even able to put up a fight. But this isn’t necessarily a bad result? Now that this fellow knows the gap between him and true elites, he will start training harder, right?”

It was currently noontime as Carter walked across a quiet athlete’s village towards Stingham’s room. He was full of hope for the future.

“He still hasn’t started training?”

“He’s still sleeping in?!”

But as Carter went to knock on the door, he suddenly froze in place as a loud snore came from within the room. Upon pushing open the unlocked door, Carter was greeted with the image of a soundly sleeping Stingham. Stingham had covered everything except for his two feet, which hung off the bed, with his blanket. The floor around him was completely littered with bags of empty snacks.

“Stingham! It’s already so late, yet you are still sleeping! Could it be that you feel no shame even after being defeated and casually beaten into an unrecognizable state?”

At this moment, even Carter, who was nicknamed the ‘Kind Teacher’ by students of Holy Dawn Academy, couldn’t endure it any more as he erupted from anger and loudly berated Stingham.


Stingham was suddenly roused from his sleep.

“What are you doing?”


Dazed and still half-asleep, Stingham only processed the latter half of Carter’s words before he mumbled out a reply, “I’m very ashamed. After being beaten into such an ugly state, I’m feeling so much shame that I cannot go out and train, lest someone sees me.”

“This is what you are ashamed of?”

Stingham’s words caused the angered Carter to suddenly feel speechless.

“Of course… I’ll be waiting for my hair to regrow before I start training again. After all, with my innate talent, even if I don’t train, my genius self will still be able to defeat everyone else. Why should I waste energy training.” Stingham covered himself with his blanket once again as he went back to sleep. “I’m the most handsome!”



In a small restaurant off one of Eichemalar’s many streets, a group of Dragon Breath Academy’s team members were about to start eating lunch when a warm voice full of energy and spirit suddenly rang out from behind them.


Morgan, Audrey, and the others all turned their heads, only to see Ayrin walking over in a big group including Charlotte, Chris, Ferguillo, and Ivan.

“What’s up? Are you all also here to eat?” Morgan asked as he greeted Ayrin.

“Nope.” Ayrin immediately shook his head, “We came because we are looking for you all and learned that you all were here after asking around.”

“You guys are looking for us?” Morgan, Audrey, and the others were surprised, “Is something the matter?”

“It’s about Jean Camus,” Ayrin nodded, “Jean Camus beat Stingham up yesterday, so we’re looking to give him a taste of his own medicine today.

“Jean Camus beat Stingham up?” Morgan and the rest of Dragon Breath Academy’s team members were dumbfounded.

“Indeed. He beat Stingham up so hard that Stingham’s become completely unrecognizable,” Ayrin replied seriously.

“Jean Camus, he…” As Morgan had also seen Stingham’s narcissistic behavior, he couldn’t help but laugh as when he heard this news, water spurting from his nose.

But a bitter smile quickly appeared on his face as he asked, “You are looking to take revenge for Stingham? Do you know what kind of monster Jean Camus is?”

“I don’t. That’s why I’m here to ask you.” It seemed like Ayrin didn’t notice Morgan’s hidden message as he looked at Morgan with a face full of excitement and asked, “I heard from Teacher Carter that you have fought Jean Camus before.”

“He’s not so easy to beat up…” this thought ran through Morgan’s mind as he subconsciously shook his head before looking at Ayrin and responding, “There weren’t any heavy injuries, right? I think Jean Camus only beat Stingham up because he couldn’t stand Stingham’s behavior, and wanted to teach him a lesson. I mean, you guys must feel it too, that Stingham doesn’t have a single bit of teamplay. I bet there are times where you guys can’t resist the urge to hit him too, so is it really necessary for you all to take revenge for him?”

“It’s not the same. It’s alright if we do it, because we are his teammates. But if others do it, then of course we have to pay it back,” Ayrin replied very naturally.

From beside Ayrin, Chris furiously nodded in agreement.

“I am just unable to see through you strange fellows. I never expected for you all to be so protective.” Morgan looked helplessly at Ayrin and Chris as his expression became somewhat stern.

“Jean Camus is the son of the Hanley, the captain of the Kingdom of Doa’s Royal Court Guards. It’s said that Hanley, like Audrey, has the bloodline of an ice dragon. However, the bloodline of Jean Camus’ mother is unknown. As a result, Jean Camus’ bloodline is abnormal and unknown. At the very least, he doesn’t show the innate abilities of an Ice Dragon Bloodline possessor at all.”

“That said, no matter how one looks at it, Jean Camus’ has a mutated dragon bloodline. He is an extreme genius who is rumoured to have never lost a match before in any kind of training or competition he’s participated in after Awakening.”

“Ayrin,” Morgan paused for a moment before continuing in an even sterner tone, “You have defeated Rinsyi and Megan, who are both very strong opponents. However, Jean Camus’s strength surpasses both of them by an entire level. There are many strong academy teams in the Kingdom of Doa, but not a single one of them contains anyone who is comparable to him – Jean Camus has casually defeated every single celebrity fighter. As such, Jean Camus is recognized within the Kingdom of Doa as the number one genius of his generation.”

“So strong?” Ayrin’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Morgan, based off of what you’ve said, even if someone like Rinsyi fought Jean Camus, they would still be easily beaten just like Stingham, without the ability to fight back? Furthermore, you said that he’s defeated all of the celebrity fighters of academy teams in the Kingdom of Doa, but just how has he managed to fight them all?”

“It’s because there was a period of time where he enjoyed going out and picking fights.” Morgan bitterly smiled, “The only time I have exchanged blows with him was two years ago, when he suddenly appeared at Dragon Breath Academy.”

“He went to Dragon Breath Academy to find and fight you? What was the result?” Ayrin immediately asked.

“His arcane particle level was higher than mine, so he sealed off one of his arcane gates before we fought. In the end, it was a draw, but he believed that in the future, when the level of my arcane particles equalled his, I would be a threat to him. That said, two years have passed and his arcane particle level is still higher than mine, so I would be hard pressed to defeat him in a real battle,” Morgan replied while facing Ayrin.

“Morgan, you have already opened four arcane gates,” Ferguillo calmly interjected at this point, “Does that mean Jean Camus has already opened five?”

“Five arcane gates… then doesn’t that mean he has the same strength as Teacher Liszt?” Ayrin’s group was completely stunned.

“He shouldn’t have opened the fifth gate yet, but he also shouldn’t be far from it,” Morgan replied as he nodded towards Ferguillo.

“Furthermore, in his fight against me, he never used the innate abilities of his bloodline, but he was still able to produce domain type powers. The two specific ones he used in the past were the ‘Illusory Five Senses Domain’ and the ‘Arcane Amplifier Domain’.” After saying this, Morgan couldn’t help but laugh bitterly for a moment, “Even right now, I have no clue just how many shocking skills and powers Jean Camus has mastered.”

A light of admiration flashed through Ayrin’s eyes as he asked, “What kind of domain powers do the Illusory Five Senses Domain and Arcane Amplifier Domain have?”

“It’s as it sounds. The Illusory Five Senses Domain confuses the various senses to cause one to have incorrect judgements. One’s depth perception will be off, the sense of smell will change… As for the Arcane Amplifier Domain, it simply greatly increases the power of every arcane skill he invokes while he is within it,” Morgan patiently explained.

“So strong! It seems like I cannot defeat him right now,” Ayrin couldn’t help but exclaim.

When Morgan heard Ayrin’s words, he felt his heart relax.

“Let’s wait until my arm heals. Then we can fight him together,” Chris said unwaveringly.

“……” Morgan nearly smashed his head into the ground.

This beautiful girl was also not an ordinary person. How did he not see her great love for battle?

“Ah, that’s right. Ayrin, just what kind of spiritual domain did Rinsyi use? And how did you manage to break out of it?” After not speaking for a moment, Morgan’s expression became serious once more as he asked Ayrin the question which had already been annoying him for an entire day.

“It was just a seemingly endless gray void devoid of anything.” Ayrin scratched his head, “I just kept moving forward in the same direction for many days and it just ended up how it did.”

“In all honesty, even I don’t really understand.” Ayrin subconsciously let out several embarrassed chuckles.

“You walked many days?” Dragon Breath Academy’s team members glanced at each other, “About how many days?”

“It felt like at least half a year, if not longer.” Ayrin held his head between his hands as he embarrassedly responded, “Because there is nothing in the space, it was kind of hard to tell clearly.”

“At least half a year’s time?” Morgan, Audrey, and the rest couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Just what kind of monster is this fellow… he really is senseless… half a year’s time… in that spiritual domain, an ordinary person would have gone crazy and suffered spiritual deviation and died within ten days.

A layer of sweat emerged over Morgan’s palms as he felt like Rinsyi’s spiritual attack arcane skill would have worn him to death.

“Rinsyi’s spiritual domain is indeed very strong. After the match, Teacher Carter and Teacher Liszt gave me a check up and discovered that the long period of time I experienced in his spiritual world managed to raise my own spiritual strength by quite a bit,” Ayrin excitedly added.

“Your spiritual strength greatly increased? In this scenario, wouldn’t it have been strange if it didn’t?”

The same thought passed through everyone’s mind. In the next moment, Morgan’s body slightly stiffened as he had another thought, “If this is true, then has this fellow’s improvement speed has become even faster?”

This moment of silence was suddenly interrupted by a gurgling sound from Ayrin’s stomach. Morgan courteously asked, “Ayrin, have you all still not eaten yet? Since you’ve already come here, why don’t we eat together? I’ll pay.”

“Really?” Ayrin’s eyes abruptly lit up. A look appeared on his face which blatantly said, “Morgan is a great person.”

“You sure you want to treat him to a meal?” Wily expressions appeared on the faces of Chris, Charlotte, and the rest of Ayrin’s group members.

“It’s just a meal. It’s very ordinary. What is there to think about.” Morgan smiled, “Grab a menu.”


An hour later.

Morgan heavily breathed out as he miserably cried out, “Ayrin, just what is your stomach made of?! How can you still be eating?!”

At this exact moment, an arcane master from the Office of Special Affairs entered the restaurant.

The arcane master couldn’t help but be stunned upon seeing the mountain of empty plates and round stomachs. He watched as Morgan and the others stared at Ayrin with widened eyes and forced smiles which seemed to contain traces of embarrassment.

“Morgan, Chris. In a little bit, you two will have to go and gather your respective teams and bring them to the Sacred Tower. There is a special meeting about to convene. Here are invitations for you and your team members.” After blankly staring for a couple moments, the arcane master quickly took out two lists and respectively gave one each to Morgan and Chris.

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