Chapter 229: If You Wish to Kill Me, You Must Put Your Life on the Line

Chapter 229: If You Wish to Kill Me, You Must Put Your Life on the Line

Rinsyi’s face became twisted to the extreme as the gray gas of resentment twined around him surged like a tidal wave. However, before his image completely disappeared from the glass, he couldn’t move his body.

A strange and shocking scene unfolded before the spectators’ eyes.

The mirror started to slowly disappear.

The image of Ayrin gradually detached from the mirror’s surface.

The ring of light around his body remained static as it also slowly exited the pane with him as if slowly passing through a door.

“He managed to break out of Rinsyi’s spiritual domain?”

Jean Camus finally regained his composure as he looked towards Dragon Breath Academy’s team in the stands and he whispered under his breath, “Morgan, you were not wrong. In the future, this fellow will probably become my greatest opponent.”


“Even arcane masters whose spiritual strengths greatly surpass mine cannot break out of this domain. Ayrin, your spiritual strength is no where near mine, so how could you possibly defeat my domain?!”

Rinsyi’s jarring voice rang through the arena once again, causing many spectators to feel great discomfort.

However, the most uncomfortable spectators were the students of Golden Stag Academy, because they could faintly tell that the unspeakable was happening, and that it couldn’t be stopped.

“The mirror has disappeared! The power of the domain is gone!”

“Ayrin has escaped!”

Exclamations and cheers successively erupted across the stands!

It was so loud that some could feel their eardrums quivering.

As the image of Rinsyi also completely disappeared from the other side, the glass completely shattered and scattered into a wave of gray flames.

Ayrin’s light encircled body simultaneously reappeared atop the stage in front of everyone.


Ayrin was hunched over, giving the spectators a sensation that he was a wanderer who had lost track of how far he had traveled. He seemed as if his spirit had been completely exhausted as his expression was somewhat contorted.

His eyes remained empty and dull, as if he hadn’t realized what had happened.


But the moment the colorful ring of light around his body created by Warlock Variation broke free of the abnormal power of the domain, it immediately continued to bloom.

The colorful light collided with the extremely chaotic arcane energy and the gray gases of resentment.

Rinsyi’s body had regained the ability to move by this point, but at this moment, his body abruptly stiffened.

Fluctuations inexplicably began undulating from the chaotic arcane energy in a strange rhythm.

“What is this?!”

Although there was no obvious change atop the stage, everyone suddenly felt as if a monster was begin born in the sky.


Liszt, who had finally relaxed and returned to his normal lazy self abruptly became tense and serious once more as his pupils contracted and a frosty light appeared in his eyes.


Numerous spectators cried out in shock as a colossal gray figure suddenly appeared behind Rinsyi.

Its entire body was gray and wreathed in the gray gases of resentment and it had a hideous contorted expression on its face. It looked almost the same as the current Rinsyi, only it was several times more horrifying to look at.

Rinsyi turned around in shock.

In the midst of his turn, his body abruptly froze.

“This is… also a spiritual domain?”

A single shocking notion flashed through his mind as Rinsyi motionlessly watched a slight sneer emerged on the face of the colossal Body of Vengeance behind him.

The two enormous hands abruptly enveloped Rinsyi.


Clancy felt a calamitous danger descend atop the stage. He immediately went to stop the match, but he wasn’t fast enough as he sensed a powerful soul attack in the next moment, causing his face to abruptly turn pale.

Rinsyi’s dim yellow pupils suddenly became a deathly gray color.


The terrifying sneer on the colossal figure’s face abruptly widened, becoming visible enough for spectators to see. Many couldn’t help but cower from it in fear.

In the next moment, the colossal figure behind Rinsyi collapsed and turned into countless thin currents of gray gas which rushed towards Rinsyi’s body.

“Just what exactly has happened?”

“What kind of arcane energy power has Ayrin’s Warlock Variation created?!”

Everyone’s breathing stopped as they watched the countless thin strands of air mysteriously pass through one side of Rinsyi’s body and then back through the other.

It seemed like Rinsyi’s body had become immaterial.

“Curse of the Death Lord!”

In the stands, Liszt and Songat almost simultaneously cried out.

Just as they shouted, the countless currents of deathly gray gas passing through and winding around Rinsyi’s body completely disappeared.

Rinsyi’s body had turned completely gray as he stood motionlessly atop the stage. He seemed to have lost all ability to function as he just faintly breathed without any hint of vitality.

“Even his consciousness seems to have unraveled…”

Clancy and the assistant referees, who had gathered beside him, all sucked in a breath of cold air.

“What now?”

At this moment, even the members of the two medical teams, who had been prepared to rush onto the stage, were completely dazed and lost.

Any spiritual strength within Rinsyi’s body had been completely eradicated and his current behavior resembled someone who was brain dead, causing them to not know what to do.

“Curse of the Death Lord. A taboo skill used by some cursed arcane masters with abnormal bloodlines during the Era of the War with Dragons which uses all of one’s spiritual strength to curse the opponent and seal and extinguish their consciousness.”

In the stands, Songat slowly sighed as he said, “It seems like House Baratheon’s Body of Vengeance is connected with the arcane skills of those zombie-like cursed arcane masters… is this what goes around comes around? Rinsyi wanted to use a powerful spiritual domain to destroy Ayrin’s spirit and turn him into a vegetable, yet in the end, it was he himself who ended up in this state.”

“Are there still methods to heal him after being struck by the power of this taboo skill?”

Liszt slowly exhaled as he turned his head to look at Songat and asked.

“Ayrin’s Warlock Variation only reproduced a portion of the power of Curse of the Lord of Death, so perhaps there is a method to cure Rinsyi. However, I personally do not have one,” Songat replied as he shook his head.

Liszt remained silent.

If the best medical master of the Office of Special Affairs had no way of healing Rinsyi, then there was no one in the entire Kingdom of Eiche who could do so.


“Rinsyi used a spiritual attack, but it was broken through by Ayrin and he suffered a deadly blow in return… he’s become a vegetable?”

As more and more people recovered from their shock, cries began to erupt from all over the arena.

“Rinsyi actually…”

In the stands, Dragon Breath Academy’s Morgan, along with many other members of the various participating teams, were completely speechless.

Holy Dawn Academy had defeated Golden Stag Academy.

But this result had already been completely forgotten due to the shock generated by Rinsyi’s current state after suffering such an attack.

His current state was no different than if he had been directly killed off.

Had this battle caused the most brilliant genius of his generation from House Baratheon to eternally lose his place in the annals of the Kingdom of Eiche?!”

“If you wish to kill me, you must put your life on the line!”

At this moment, many people suddenly remembered the words which Ayrin had said to Rinsyi at the start of the match.

Rinsyi had indeed attempted to kill Ayrin, yet in the end, he had been beaten into this state where his life was on the line.

“We lost… even captain Rinsyi was…”

Many of the formerly arrogant and domineering students of Golden Stag Academy couldn’t hold back their tears any longer as they began to weep in the stands.

“What happened?”

But at this moment, everyone’s eyes abruptly widened once more as Ayrin, blinking his eyes as if he had just woken up from a dream, exclaimed in shock upon seeing Rinsyi’s vegetative state.

“We won!”

“Ayrin, this fellow…”

The extremely worried Rinloran let out a sigh of relief as an unprecedented feeling of joy surged through his body.

“This must be what true happiness feels like!”

A resplendent smile appeared on the face of the eternally icy and hard to interact with Rinloran.

“Ayrin, nice victory!”

Rinloran loudly applauded Ayrin as he went to clap his hands, but because one of his arms was still unable to move, he was unable to do so.

But at this moment, he saw Chris also only raise a single hand beside him. She seemed like she wanted to clap as well, but also only had one arm which could move.

Clap! Clap! Clap! …

Driven by their indescribable emotions, Rinloran and Chris began to clap together with their respective hands.

The image of these two ‘one-armed people’ clapping was quite comical, but at this moment, no one could laugh.


It was like waking up from a dream as countless cheers and shouts of celebration abruptly burst from the stands.

The many students of Holy Dawn Academy began hugging their neighbors and applauding atop the stands.

“Rinsyi was defeated just like this?”

Only now did Ayrin finally recover. As he looked at Rinsyi, he asked Clancy and the other, “How is he?”

“Ayrin! We will never let you go! We will definitely kill you and take our revenge!”

Before Clancy and the others could even respond, several substitutes of Golden Stag Academy had already shouted out in a maddened rage.


Ayrin looked blankly at them, then waved his fist at them as he said in a voice which was tired, but still full of conviction, “If you wish to kill me, then you must also put your own life on the line.”

His reply silenced the several Golden Stag Academy substitutes as they fell into a daze.

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