Chapter 228: Mirror of Damnation, A Battle of Life and Death

Chapter 228: Mirror of Damnation, A Battle of Life and Death

“What a blood-curdling aura.”

“But regardless of what kind of skill it is, I can only use Warlock Variation to deal with it because I don’t have many arcane particles left.”

As he observed Rinsyi’s strange state, Ayrin, who never felt fear, suddenly felt extreme danger.

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

“Warlock Variation!”

Without hesitation, Ayrin immediately invoked two skills in sharp succession. Another skunk devil fell from the sky as a colorful ring of light blossomed from Ayrin’s body.

“This again?”

“Just how much does Ayrin like this Skunk Devil Summoning skill?”

“Rinsyi is in such a terrifying state, yet he still used this comical skill. He has completely destroyed the tense atmosphere.”

Many girls who had been scared to the verge of crying by Rinsyi’s suddenly transformation suddenly felt the urge to smile again as they saw Ayrin use Skunk Devil Summoning.

“Do you really think that you can use this laughable technique to defeat me?”

An intense air of resentment seemed to hang around Rinsyi as he spoke in a scathing tone. The tone of his voice was so jarring that it caused another wave of discomfort to sweep through those who heard it, as if it contained a curse.

“This laughable method defeated Megan. Aren’t you just ridiculing your own teammate like this?”

In the stands, students of Holy Dawn Academy couldn’t endure any longer as they opened their mouths to mock Rinsyi, but as the scene before them unfolded, no words came out.

A two-sided, oval gray mirror about as tall as Rinsyi suddenly appeared atop the stage right between Ayrin and Rinsyi.

A strong aura of death rippled from the mirror’s surfaces. The side facing Rinsyi seemed to be normal as Rinsyi’s current hideous appearance emerged atop the glass, but the side facing Ayrin was not, as an abnormal and seemingly infinite arcane energy surged out from the surface and a strange domain power undulated outward.

“What kind of domain is this? Such strong spiritual fluctuations.”

The expression of Jean Camus, who had started carefully observing Rinsyi, slightly wavered as he abruptly felt like he himself might not be able to defend against the power of this domain.

“They’ve been sucked in?”

“This is an imprisonment skill?!”

The colorfully glowing Ayrin and the skunk devil which had just fallen from the sky both seemed to be affected by some strange force as they were sucked into the oval mirror.

All the spectators became flabbergasted as a still image of the glowing Ayrin and skunk devil appeared on the glass surface of the oval mirror enveloped in the gray gases of resentment.

Although frozen, the blank appearance of the skunk devil and the fighting intent on Ayrin’s face were remarkably lifelike and vivid.

“What skill is this?”

From the midst of Holy Dawn Academy’s team, even the calm Rinloran couldn’t help but cry out in shock.

With such domain type skills, a single moment was enough to determine the difference between life and death.

“I don’t know.”

Even Carter’s face had paled as he replied, “It’s a kind of spiritual domain.”

“Is Ayrin’s life in danger?”

Chris’s expression was still calm, but her words were full of anxiousness. “Teacher Carter, should we immediately stop the match?”

“Just which of House Baratheon’s secret skills is this? It’s based on Body of Vengeance…” At this moment, thoughts of stopping the match also emerged in Clancy’s mind as he subconsciously began moving towards the mirror.

“What, you wish to stop the match?”

Clancy had only just started moving when Rinsyi’s harsh voice rang out once more, causing him to abruptly freeze where he was.

“It’s useless. Even if you stop it now, he will still die.”

A chill ran through everyone’s body as Rinsyi’s insidious words rang through the arena.

“What do you mean?”

“Ayrin’s life is already in danger?”

“What does he mean?”

The entire arena descended into chaos as countless cries of shock erupted from the stands.

Charlotte, who had long since stood up from her seat, felt her mind go blank as her body began to shake.

“Even if you kill me now, the spiritual power of my Mirror of Damnation will not disappear.”

Rinsyi slightly tilted his body as he looked at Clancy. A cruel smile appeared on his gray gas covered face as he continued, “You can’t forcefully break it either. Any power capable of shattering the Mirror of Damnation will also tear Ayrin to pieces. Even I, the caster, have no way of ending the power of this domain.”

“He’s not lying.”

At this moment, two voices simultaneously entered Clancy’s ear, “Don’t act rashly. This is a spiritual enchantment type domain. A great amount of Rinsyi’s spiritual strength and some of Ayrin’s spiritual strength should have merged together to form it. It has become a battle of spirits… but in the Body of Vengeance state, Rinsyi won’t die if his spirit is heavily wounded while Ayrin will. Of those present, I don’t believe there is a single person who can solve this domain. We cannot help Ayrin, he will have to rely on himself this time.”

“Liszt… Rowan…”

Clancy didn’t even bother looking into the stands as he immediately realized who was speaking to him from their voices. It was the fighting genius of the Office of Special Affairs, Liszt, and the strongest arcane master of the Southern Devil Corps, Rowan.

Clancy understood that if Liszt and Rowan, who was a spirit control type grandmaster, were both saying the same things, then Rinysi’s words had to be true and that there was no one present to save the situation.


Even the unbiased Clancy couldn’t help but feel angry towards Rinsyi as an uncontrollable rage surged through his mind.

Rinsyi was blatantly trying to kill Ayrin!

Although Ayrin seemed fine on the mirror’s surface, Clancy knew that Ayrin was most likely facing an indescribable suffering and torment within the illusory spiritual realm.

After all, he was stuck in a world created by Rinsyi.

Perhaps the suffering and torment he faced was even hundreds of times worse than in reality.

Would Ayrin be able to fight his way out of this spiritual world which Rinsyi had created?

Clancy felt his hands and feet become cold.

He didn’t have much confidence in Ayrin because he knew that he himself wouldn’t necessarily be able to survive through an attack like this.

“I told you I would kill you.”

Rinsyi took a deep breath of air.

Although he didn’t need to breathe while in the state of Body of Vengeance, he did so anyway. He felt as if the air around him had suddenly become filled with an extraordinary sweetness.

From his point of view, Ayrin was as good as dead.

Or rather, he was in the process of being killed, and everyone was powerless to save him.


“What happened?”

As Ayrin observed his surroundings, he only saw the gray void of space around him.

It seemed to stretch endlessly in all directions and was completely devoid of everything except for an unpleasant gray aura which permeated through the entire space.

At this moment, Ayrin couldn’t sense the existence any arcane particles within his body, and his body felt strangely weightless.

It was as if he had been turned into a floating mass of air.

“What kind of arcane skill was I struck by?”

“Why is everything like this?”

“Has Rinsyi hidden himself somewhere within this space?”

At the start, all kinds of thoughts and notions successively floated through Ayrin’s mind.

He waited, but Rinsyi didn’t appear, and his surroundings remained the same.

“Have I been trapped in here?”

Ayrin couldn’t endure any longer as he began moving.

He quickly realized that this world was not normal at all.

Because this gray void of space seemed to be endless.

Ayrin continued moving in the same direction for a long time, yet there wasn’t a single change.

“I can’t escape?”

“No way. Either way, even if I can’t escape, there are many people out there like the referees and Teacher Carter who will intervene.”

As Ayrin came to this conclusion, other thoughts began to run through his mind.

“Rinsyi, you idiotic coward, do you dare come out and fight with me!”

Ayrin screamed into the void. As it echoed through the empty space, the space only seemed to become even more empty and endless.

Time slowly ticked forward as seconds became minutes, and minutes became hours. It was enough to cause one to go mad.

Finally, a day seemed to have gone by.

A second day followed the first… then three… and four…

“Could it be that I have already died?”

“Or has my spirit been eternally trapped in his domain, never to leave?”

After countless days passed without any signs of intervention, such a thought finally popped into Ayrin’s mind. But those thoughts were quickly quashed as Ayrin successively roared into the nothingness.

“No, how can one die so easily!”

“Rinsyi, you bastard, I don’t believe you will be able to maintain this world forever!”

“When I was still in the mines, something like this happened, and I thought I would never make it out!”

“Those mines were even darker than this, yet I was still able to escape!”

“Rinsyi, I will definitely defeat you!”


In reality, only a short couple of seconds had passed.

“In the Mirror of Damnation’s world, one cannot sense the flow of time. Have you already gone mad and killed yourself?”

As Rinsyi was also connected with the mirror, he was unable to move. Gray gases undulated from his body as he quietly muttered to himself.

He watched with cruel eyes as the oval gray mirror slowly dimmed.

In the pane of glass facing him, his image gradually disappeared.

“The skunk devil has already turned gray! It’s almost indistinguishable now, as if it has merged with the mirror!”

At this moment, a shrill cry broke the immense tension within the arena.

“Ayrin’s yet to change color. What does that mean?”

“Is Ayrin in danger?”

As these cries entered Rinysi’s ears, the look of happiness in his cruel eyes quickly disappeared.


“Ayrin hasn’t changed?!”

In the next moment, Rinsyi couldn’t help but shrilly cry out, “How! How can he still be alive?!”

The color atop Ayrin’s body was becoming increasingly full of vitality once more.

At the same time, the gray mirror began to release an increasingly great amount of gray gases as it slowly began fading and melting back into nothingness.

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