Chapter 227: A Sound from Hell

Chapter 227: A Sound from Hell

“It’s Liszt’s secret skill Holy Gate of Life and Ruin Fetters! Two of Holy Dawn Academy’s most powerful skills have found a successor!”

“Ayrin managed to learn Liszt’s Holy Gate of Life?!”

As Ruin Fetters descended towards Rinsyi, several spectators finally determined how Ayrin had managed to produce such an astonishing number of arcane particles and display such a terrifying power with his arcane skill.

“No wonder Ayrin was still using arcane skills after using up so many arcane particles, he knows the secret skill, Holy Gate of Life!” At this moment, such a misconception emerged in many spectators’ minds. [1]

“Holy Gate of Life! He managed to learn Liszt’s Holy Gate of Life!”

A tingle abruptly ran through Rinsyi’s entire body.

Waves of intense dizziness and the pain of his skin being pierced caused him to realize the severity of the situation. He would die if he held anything back!

“Dragon Crystal Storm!”

A sharp invocation burst out from his mouth.

Arcane particles releasing a faint yellow crystal luster crazily surged out from his hands.

These arcane particles accumulated before him like snowflakes and quickly formed a long and narrow prismatic crystal.


The prismatic crystal released a terrifying arcane energy and collided with the constricting spiked black ring of light around his body.

“Such a powerful collision…”

“Is this really a fight between students?”

In the stands, many spectators trembled from an inexplicable feeling of shock and disbelief.

The entire arena violently quaked.

A storm’s eye formed at the center of the stage around Rinsyi as numerous cyclones began to rotate atop the stage like awakened dragons, sending fierce gusts of wind towards spectators in the stands.

Several patrol teams appeared in succession as they sent out techniques to block these gusts of wind from hitting the stands. As sand and rock became scattered, the scene atop the stage became obscured.

“This is arcane energy which has been stored within a pure dragon bloodline inheritor’s dragon crystal!”

“When Liszt uses Holy Gate of Life, he is powerful enough to kill a dragon, which is why he is known as the Office of Special Affair’s most special arcane master. To deal with Ayrin’s attack, Rinsyi has been forced to use the energy within his dragon crystal. This fight, who will be the eventual victor?”

A tense atmosphere descended over the stands. For students of Holy Dawn and Golden Stag Academy, they felt it even more so, as their heartbeats quickened as their palms became clammy.

“They are both still standing!”

As the cyclones disappeared moments later, Ayrin and Rinsyi’s figures became visible to the spectators once again. They were both still standing firmly atop the center of the stage whilst sand and stone chaotically flew all around them.

“Rinsyi can still fight!”

But as the scene became clearer, many people abruptly stopped breathing.

Rinsyi’s clothes had been completely ruined as blood flowed from a dozen or so fresh wounds atop his body.

It was clear that Ayrin’s attack had dealt quite a heavy blow to Rinsyi, yet Rinsyi’s hands were already moving as his glowing arcane particles flowed like water and another terrifying arcane energy fluctuation formed.

“So close!”

“If Rinsyi’s response had been any less decisive or slower, Rinsyi might have directly lost to Ayrin’s domineering strike.”

A smaller half of the spectators couldn’t resist standing up from their seats.

So close yet so far. For observers of a fight between arcane masters, this result was most unfortunate and unsatisfactory.


Everyone subconsciously opened their mouths and gulped as they saw a colorful ring of light once again blossom from Ayrin’s body as he motionlessly stared at Rinsyi with eyes full of fighting intent.

“Warlock Variation!”

“He’s using it again!”

“This fellow?!” At this moment, Morgan violently shook in the stands as an inexplicable light flashed through his eyes.


A ring of dark purple light abruptly appeared on the ground around Rinsyi.

At the same time, a ten-meter-tall being with six pairs of enormous black wings suddenly emerged in the sky and descended towards Rinsyi.


“The strongest defense! Wind God’s Boundary!”

The moment the dark purple ring of light appeared, Rinsyi let out a cry as he abruptly interrupted his invocation of an offensive skill with another invocation. Arcane particles wildly seeped out from his skin as a dim yellow colored godlike avatar formed around him.


It was like two meteors had collided atop the stage.

Countless shimmering streaks emerged in the air over the stage as air and space was violently compressed by the explosion.


Ayrin’s shout rang through the arena.


Rinsyi was smashed into the ground so hard that he bounced back into midair once before landing on the stage. Blood wildly spewed from his mouth as countless bones were broken by the dark purple arcane energy surging through his body. Some fragments even pierced through his skin.

“Rinsyi was unable to defend against Ayrin’s attack? He lost in a direct confrontation of power?!”

“How can this be?! Ayrin already used Holy Gate of Life just now, so how can his skill still be so strong?!”

“Rinsyi couldn’t block Ayrin’s attack?”

“Impossible! It’s impossible!”

Many spectators couldn’t believe the scene before their eyes as they cried out in shock. As for students of Golden Stag Academy, they were in even more disbelief as they madly screamed out loud.

“It’s the cocktail mixing effect of Warlock Variation.”

Audrey’s face had inexplicably paled as she took a deep breath and said, “Such an intelligent strategy… Ayrin must have planned for this from the start.”

“Indeed.” Morgan also felt shocked as he observed the scene atop the stage. He smiled bitterly as he replied, “The most special aspect of Warlock Variation is the ability to extract a portion of the scattered arcane energy used in his previous arcane skill and combine it with a portion of the scattered arcane energy used by his opponent’s arcane skill. After using Holy Gate of Life, Ayrin had no way of defeating Rinsyi… that's what I had thought as well as Rinsyi was still able manipulate arcane particles, and the power of his skills are inherently greater than Ayrin’s due to arcane particle quality. However, that was because I didn’t expect for him to immediately follow up with a Warlock Variation. Because of the terrifying arcane energies of their prior strikes, Ayrin’s follow up attack using Warlock Variation contained a similarly horrifying power.”

“This fellow’s sense for fighting has already reached an extreme.” After pausing for a moment, Morgan couldn’t help but glance at Ferguillo, who was on the other side of the stands, as he continued, “But Ayrin’s victory wasn’t entirely by himself. Ferguillo definitely also played a part… indeed, Ferguillo is also an extremely strong existence who cannot be forgotten.”

“Outside of allowing for incredibly fast invocations, the storm’s eye also allows one to sense even the slightest change of fluctuations through space. Thus, regardless of how you move, he will always be able to determine your final position. This means his skills will always hit you. Against Rinsyi, fleeing and dodging is completely useless, it will only waste your energy and arcane particles. Only if you can maintain your ground and face him head to head can you possibly defeat him. This is the problem you must consider, how to defeat him without moving!” As Ferguillo watched the scene unfolding before him, he remembered the words which he had repeated told Ayrin during their secret training sessions.

“You did it. I can’t believe you actually did it.” Ferguillo couldn’t help but reveal a rare smile.

“We lost?”

“We actually lost?”

At this moment, blank looks emerged on the faces of all students and team members of Golden Stag Academy.


“I can’t move… so much pain…”

Upon getting struck, Rinsyi fell into a strange mental state. He felt as if he was floating in a sea shrouded in darkness and being constantly tossed around by giant waves. He was bruised and battered, and completely unable to move or see anything.

But as he dimly heard the crowd’s roars, an incredible and indescribable grief and anger flooded through this entire body.

“If I cannot move, then I will lose.”

“What else is there to be afraid of, to worry about? What other pressure is there… if it continues like this, I will lose!”

“I cannot lose! …I can still fight!”

“I must stand! I must kill him!”

Wave after wave of thoughts passed through Rinsyi’s mind was he tried to move his broken body.

“The match has ended!”

Main referee Clancy shouted as he waved the flag in his hand.

Afraid that Ayrin would make another move, he had already stepped in between Ayrin and Rinsyi.

He had already conferred with the medical teams and decided that Rinsyi was no longer capable of fighting. A medical team quickly rushed onto the stage.

“What happened?”

But right at this moment, Clancy and the two assistant referees felt their bodies violently tremble as a strange arcane energy fluctuation passed by them.

“Who said the match was over?”

As Clancy turned his head, a ragged voice which sounded like it belonged in hell resonated from behind him.


There was a collective sharp intake of air within the stands.

“What? How is Rinsyi still able to stand up?”

Ayrin’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He watched along with everyone else as a gray gas twined around Rinsyi, who was behind Clancy, and Rinsyi’s wounded body slowly stood rose from the ground like a ghoul seeking vengeance.

“What secret skill is this?” Morgan was also astonished by Rinsyi’s sudden change as a chill ran through his heart and he shuddered. Even he, with his many experiences, couldn’t understand what had happened to Rinsyi.

“Body of Vengeance!”

Liszt and Songat simultaneously glanced at each other as they both coldly uttered a single phrase.

“Ayrin… I must thank you. If you didn’t pressure me so much and push me to such an extent, perhaps it would have been difficult for me to reach this level… perhaps I wouldn’t have ever mastered this arcane skill!”

In the center of the stage, a gray light covered Rinsyi slowly lifted his head and looked at Ayrin. In a cruel voice filled with hints of smugness, he slowly sneered, “But for now, you can go die!”

  1. Remember all particles stored by Holy Gate of Life have to be used in one strike

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