Chapter 226: Ayrin vs. Rinsyi, A Battle of Geniuses!

Chapter 226: Ayrin vs. Rinsyi, A Battle of Geniuses!

“She didn’t die from the smell, did she?”

Chris and the other Holy Dawn Academy team members sympathetically looked at Megan, who was still motionless and frothing at the mouth as she was carried offstage by the medical team.

“What an unpredictable weirdo,” Dragon Breath Academy’s team members lamented as they forcefully blew their noses.

“Only Rinsyi remains for Golden Stag Academy.”

Many spectators wanted to mock Golden Stag Academy, but no words came out as the stands descended into a very peculiar atmosphere.

This was the mighty team of Golden Stag Academy, where every member would become a dazzling and renowned arcane master even if they joined a famous corps. Yet currently, they were down to their last person against Holy Dawn Academy.

Furthermore, they would be up against Ayrin, who had managed to defeat a powerhouse existence like Megan without a scratch, something even Morgan and Rinsyi likely couldn’t accomplish.

Would Golden Stag Academy actually be losing to Holy Dawn Academy here?

“Even Megan was… no, I absolutely cannot lose to opponents of this level!”

“He’s only opened two arcane gates… but I have already opened four, how can I lose to him?!”

Amid Golden Stag Academy’s team, two beads of sweat dripped down Rinsyi’s face, but he didn’t notice it at all.

“Ayrin versus Rinsyi!”

Clancy’s voice once again rang through the arena.

This declaration didn’t surprise anyone as the spectators had already realized that Golden Stag Academy was fighting with its full strength ever since the second match.

“What’s with Rinsyi?”

But when Rinsyi didn’t appear atop the stage after Clancy’s declaration, many spectators began to feel like something was wrong.

Several substitutes of Golden Stag Academy’s team paled as they helplessly cried out, “Captain!”

“I am the genius of House Baratheon. With my dragon bloodline and storm eyes, how can I possibly lose to this fellow!”

“I must… I must beat him, I must kill him!”

“Hu,” Rinsyi breathed out. As if he had finally been awakened from a nightmare by the substitutes cries, his breathing returned to normal and he raised his head.

“You have finally been forced onto the stage.”

“Moss, Belo, Ayrin, you all have managed to accomplish it. I thank you all for supporting me after I came out of my own world, you guys have managed to make me proud of myself, and proud of being a member of Holy Dawn Academy’s team.”

“Nikita, we will definitely defeat Rinsyi today! We will defeat Golden Stag Academy and let them know the taste of defeat!”

From beside the stage, Rinloran watched Rinsyi emerge. He took a deep breath as many thoughts coursed through his mind.

“Rinsyi! Have you become afraid? Hurry and come fight me!”

Upon seeing Rinsyi walk so slowly towards the stage, Ayrin’s fighting spirit ignited as loudly called Rinsyi out from atop the stage, causing the students of Golden Stag Academy to become even more silent.

“I will kill you!” Rinsyi powerfully shouted as he violently raised his head.

His words left many spectators completely shocked.

“Warning, you are not allowed to try and intimidate your opponent!”

Clancy’s face immediately darkened as he admonished Rinsyi. Yet at the same time, he felt as if Rinsyi would actually be trying to kill during this match.

“What is this fellow thinking?”

“He said he was going to kill Ayrin?”

“What’s he thinking? Has water gotten into his head? Even if he really plans on killing Ayrin, he can’t shout it out loud like this.”

The stands abruptly burst into an uproar.

“If you really want to kill me, then you must be prepared to pay with your own life.”

Against everyone’s expectations, Ayrin didn’t show any semblance of fear after Rinsyi’s declaration. It seemed like it had only further ignited his fighting spirit as he raised his fist towards Rinsyi and shouted, “I’m not an inexperienced arcane master who is afraid of fighting with their life on the line!”

If it had been someone else who had said these words and proclaimed themselves a brave warrior who had experienced battles of life and death, the spectators might have subconsciously considered them conceited. But as Ayrin said these words, the spectators couldn’t help but think back to the battle of the Holy Water Tower.

Everyone could imagine just how perilous the battle which resulted in the collapse of the Holy Water Tower was!

Indeed, Ayrin, who had been carried into the Office of Special Affair’s infirmary to be resuscitated, wasn’t trying to bluff or boast when he said these words, he was simply stating the facts!



The entire arena had been silenced by Ayrin’s words.

Even Rinsyi said nothing more as he reached his starting position.

Ayrin silently stared at Rinsyi, his face full of an expression which clearly said, “Let us fight, I will defeat you.”

“Let’s wake up here! We must be vigilant,” Clancy quietly said to the two assistant referees.

In the prior matches, if he felt like there might be some danger, he had only expressed it through a stern glance. But in this match, both participants were people who might become pinnacle arcane masters within the Kingdom of Eiche. If anything were to happen to either one, it would be a huge loss for the kingdom.

“Start the match!”

With Clancy’s cry, the fight between Ayrin and Rinsyi finally began!

“Blades of the Northern Wind!”

Before anyone could even react, three pale blue wind blades had already descended towards Ayrin.

“The power of the storm’s eye has shown itself!”

“Rinsyi’s invocation speed must be the fastest of all the participants in this competition!”

Only when the sound of the pale blue wind blades tearing through Ayrin’s clothes rang through the arena did the spectators finally wake up as they cried out in shock.

“Too fast!”

Many students of Holy Dawn Academy abruptly paled as they watched Ayrin simply contract his body and take the blows because he was unable to dodge.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

Three streaks of blood simultaneously appeared atop Ayrin’s body.

Three long and narrow wounds surfaced on Ayrin’s chest and back.

“It’s Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Several arcane masters in the stands immediately realized that Ayrin had used Dragon Scale Absorption to block Rinsyi’s attack. Thus, although he was injured, the wounds were superficial.

“He’s injured!”

But for the many demoralized and dispirited Golden Stag Academy students, this scene was invigorating as they abruptly erupted into cheers and cries of excitement in the stands.

“Rinsyi is indeed Rinsyi. With such a basic and inexpensive arcane skill, he was already able to injure Ayrin!”

This thought emerged in the minds of many other tournament participants who were sitting in the stands and watching.

“What is Ayrin thinking?”

“He didn’t dodge and instead tried to compete head to head against Rinsyi in power, but with the level of his arcane particles, it’s impossible for him to match Rinsyi!”

Many people found Ayrin’s actions incomprehensible. He clearly couldn’t match Rinsyi’s invocation speed, yet he remained motionless where he was, not showing a single intent of dodging or moving.

“He’s injured?”

“Indeed, regardless of how monstrous he is, in the end, he is only an arcane master who has opened two gates!”

Upon seeing three wounds appear over Ayrin’s body, a light flickered through Rinsyi’s eyes as he felt the pressure riding on his heart greatly ease.

His usual confidence and pride quickly began to return.

“Monsoon’s Avatar!”

A faint yellow sheen suddenly gathered in his pupils and began to revolve, forming two yellow vortexes.

An enormous whirlwind began to spin over Ayrin’s head.

Countless visible wind blades formed within as the whirlwind began to rotate even faster and it took the form of a colossal human. It looked like the divine spirit which called monsoons in legend.

“This is one of House Baratheon’s taboo skills!”

“His Storm Dragon Bloodline provides such a terrifying supplement! If someone else at the same level as Rinsyi were to use this taboo skill, it’s power wouldn’t even be half of Rinsyi’s!”

The expressions of many spectators changed. From their point of view, Ayrin’s only chance was to use Warlock Variation again and see if it could create any weird arcane energy or effect which could somehow block Rinsyi’s strike.

“There is only one chance!”

“I must do as I practiced with Ferguillo. This must hit, I cannot miss!”

“I could hit Ferguillo… so I can definitely hit you!”

No one would have believed that in Ayrin’s mind, he had no intention of using Warlock Variation, and was repeating the same words over and over.

Ayrin’s gaze was firmly pinned on Rinsyi’s figure. Because of his extreme concentration, he felt as if the flow of time had slightly slowed down.


“This is my one chance!”

The moment the “Monsoon’s Avatar” completely formed above his head, the motionless Ayrin suddenly exploded at full speed to his left.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

A silent scream echoed through Ayrin’s mind.

The five unopened gates in his body simultaneously opened.


The air surrounding him violently exploded.


“What are these terrifying arcane energy fluctuations?!”

“How can he have so many arcane particles surging out?!”

At this moment, Rinsyi subconsciously quivered as an inexplicable sensation washed over him, causing his pupils to violently contract and then expand.

In the stands, the calm and quiet Jean Camus subconsciously rose from his seat as a wave rippled through his body.

Arcane particles continued to surge out of Ayrin without any sign of stopping as he thunderously roared, “Ruin Fetters!”

Countless black particles covered in numerous streaks of rippling black lightning abruptly condensed in the air around Rinsyi.


In the next moment, these black particles linked together to form a ring of black light. Countless spines abruptly protruded out from the surface and pierced Rinsyi!

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