Chapter 225: An Unbelievable Victory, The Ultimate Stinkbomb

Chapter 225: An Unbelievable Victory, The Ultimate Stinkbomb[/expand]


In the stands, many spectators felt a sinister wind blow past them.

An enormous monstrosity emerged from the red light. Its body was completely covered in dark green hairs, except for over its head and back, which were covered in dark red hairs.

This monstrosity looked like a werewolf, as it had a similar skull structure and protruding fangs hanging from its mouth. However, several giant, human skull shaped mounds of flesh grew around its neck, causing a chill to run through the spectators’ hearts.

Clusters of dark gray arcane energy continuously circled around its body as a thick layer of frost appeared atop the stage around it.

“Corpse Ghoul!”

Upon seeing the being created by Megan’s arcane skill, the four House Eclipse Moon arcane masters in the stands began trembling uncontrollably as an intense and burning hatred emerged in their eyes.

This was House Roland’s number one secret skill, and also its hardest to learn skill. Of House Roland’s entire younger generation, only Megan had managed to learn it. In the past, several friends of these House Eclipse Moon members had died to this skill.

Furthermore, the unique aspect of this skill was that it would grow with every kill; its power would increase as it absorbed corpses.

“Such a terrifying feeling!”

Ayrin became astonished as he observed the green and red corpse ghoul standing before Megan. His muscles subconsciously began to tense up.

“Eh, no way? Isn’t this tortoise a little too cowardly?”

But in the next moment, Ayrin became dumbfounded as he saw the black tortoise, which had been crawling towards Megan at a pace even slower than snail, sudden stop and retract its limbs into its shell.


The terrifying corpse ghoul abruptly disappeared from its spot.

“So fast! Is it because it’s body is condensed from various arcane energies, and thus very light?”

Ayrin quickly realized that the corpse ghoul’s speed had already surpassed his own.

“The tortoise moved? It’s begun rolling? And so quickly?!”

“What is this tortoise trying to do?”

Ayrin subconsciously used Tears of the Dark Goddess. Cries of shock suddenly erupted from the stands as Ayrin became dumbfounded once more. The retracted tortoise seemed to have turned into a black wheel as it rolled over at a shocking speed, leaving traces of afterimages behind it.


A dull sound rang across the stage.

The black tortoise had collided head on with the corpse ghoul, which was madly charging towards Ayrin. The two trembled as they separated from the concussive forces.

“It managed to block the corpse ghoul’s attack?”

Both Ayrin and Megan’s eyes both widened in surprise.

The corpse ghoul also seemed to be perplexed as it attacked once more, but it was once again blocked by the black tortoise as another dong rang across the stage.

“It can act like a sentient shield and block attacks by itself?”

“It’s so similar to the skill, Divine Tortoise Shield.”

“How can he use Warlock Variation?!” Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo was on the verge of going crazy as he pulled his hair in confusion and disbelief.

“What a brave tortoise. Warlock Variation is so fun!”

Ayrin became excited as he watched the scene unfold before him.

In the next moment, a red light appeared below him.

A pool of blood took shape under his feet as his body seemingly melted away.

“This… isn’t this Gezny’s arcane skill?!”

“How can he also know this skill!”

Golden Stag Academy’s students went half mad as Megan looked on in shock and disbelief.

“Warlock Variation!”

A moment after Ayrin disappeared from atop the blood pool, he reappeared several meters away as a colourful ring of light spread from his body yet again.

“What’s coming out now?”

Many spectators couldn’t help but stand from their seats in anticipation.

Megan felt nervous as she didn’t immediately use another arcane skill and instead vigilantly waited.

A mysterious and chaotic arcane energy began to gather not to far before Ayrin, quickly forming a total of sixteen revolving silvery-white pillars of light.

None of these pillars of light released any kind of offensive arcane energy. Moments later, a figure flashing with white light formed in the center of this ring of silvery-white pillars of light.

“What is this!”

Cries of shock erupted from the stands.

“What has Ayrin created this time?” Holy Dawn Academy’s team members were abruptly made speechless as the silvery-white pillars of light disappeared, revealing a snow white three headed monstrosity.

This monstrosity had the body of a semi-translucent frog and stood on only its hind legs. It had three perfectly round heads, upon which there was only a giant maw.

The moment this monstrosity appeared, its three mouths powerfully opened and closed as it consecutively shot bursts of sonic waves towards the corpse ghoul and Megan, completely enveloping them.


Megan’s face immediately contorted as countless jarring noises pierced her eardrums in succession, causing her head to feel like it was about to explode. She felt like she had suddenly been dropped into the midst of an extremely bad choir consisting of thousands of people.

As for the spectators, they didn’t hear a single thing.

“Elven Art, Hymn of Discord!”

“Through usage of extremely dissonant sounds, the opponent is unable to focus their mind, making it extremely hard to use arcane skills.”

Morgan bitterly laughed in the stands as he said, “Is Ayrin here to play or to compete? He keeps producing such strange things.”

“Just what are you doing?! Can’t you take this fight seriously?!”

“Demon God Fan!”

Megan seemed to have also lost some control of her emotions.

Following her shrill invocation, a current of green air billowed across her right hand as a massive green fan about the size of her body quickly condensed.

With a snap, she opened the green fan, revealing the blood red fan leaves and countless floating green eyeballs.

Zap zap zap zap…

The fan released countless greenish-red rays, completely shattering the sonic waves enveloping her and isolating her.

These rays seemed to be faintly connected with each other as a domain of strong forces formed atop the stage.

“This isn’t a Materialization, but a strange domain skill.”

“What kind of domain is this?”

In the stands, Jean Camus’s slightly furrowed his brows.

“Roland Enticement Art”, “Slippery Serpent Body”, “Silent Decapitation”, “Death Lotus”, “Summon Corpse Ghoul”, and this domain which could not be seen through. Megan’s performance had already completely surpassed everyone’s expectations.

For someone of Megan’s current strength to be completely suppressed by Ayrin and his lower arcane rank arcane particles could only be described as somewhat of a miracle.

“This guy is always trying any arcane skill which catches his eye,” Charlotte said helplessly, “Just like that god awful Skunk Devil Summoning. He just spontaneously uses it.”

“That’s right, he likes that Skunk Devil Summoning so much, so why hasn’t he used it yet?” Iron Forest Academy’s Wilde suddenly reacted, “He used it several times during his days of training with boss and nearly suffocated us as we guarded the doorway.”

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

Charlotte, Wilde, and the others all nearly fell out of their seats as Ayrin, as if he could hear their conversation, seemed to have suddenly remembered his favorite skill. His cheery invocation could be heard across the entire arena.

A striped skunk devil innocently fell from the sky.

“Warlock Transformation!”

Ayrin’s face was full of excitement and expectation as a colorful ring of light immediately spread outwards from his body.

“What kind of transformation will occur this time?”

Even Leonardo, in his half-crazed state, couldn’t help but widen his eyes in anticipation as he had never combined Warlock Variation with this kind of arcane skill before.

Megan immediately stopped breathing.

As it was enveloped in light, the striped skunk devil began to quickly inflate until it was about the size of a small elephant.

As it landed on the ground with a bang, the entire stage trembled.

An attractive glow emanated from the fur on its body as light faintly formed a crown atop its head.

“What is going on?”

Countless spectators couldn’t help but cry out in confusion.

Because the moment it landed on the ground, the giant skunk immediately turned its body and pointed its ass at Megan.


In the next instant, a ghastly greenish-yellow cloud spewed out and enveloped Megan.

“It’s another fart!”

“This stench!”

All the spectators immediately became silent as a terrible, indescribable stench surged into their noses.


The front row spectators closest to Megan abruptly stiffened and then began to twitch as they violently vomited.

Megan, who faced the torrent of stench straight on, immediately turned to stone.


As some spectators continued to vomit, a white foam spewed out from Megan’s mouth.


A shrill scream came from her mouth as she fell backwards onto the stage.

She seemed to have already fainted as white foam continued to spew out.

“She actually… directly fainted from the stench?!”

“Black Window Huntress Megan actually fainted from just the stench? Such a powerful arcane master was actually defeated just like this?!”

Countless spectators continued to dry heave as they watched Megan fall. The only thought running through their minds was that this scene couldn’t be described with words.

“It stinks!”

“It transformed into an extremely stinky bomb!”


Even Ayrin himself covered his nose with both of his hands as he dry retched several times.

“This match has ended!”

Clancy’s face was turning green as he held his breath and waved the flag in his hand.

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