Chapter 224: A Tortoise Appears?

Chapter 224: A Tortoise Appears?

“Even after receiving such a severe wound, Belo still only focused on weakening his opponent… just what has pushed him to refine his blood and fight so hard? He’s not like Chris, who has the desire to complete her father’s dreams behind her…”

In the stands, Liszt rubbed his chin as he quietly thought to himself.


Ayrin stepped out from Holy Dawn Academy’s corner and walked towards the stage. Upon reaching the edge of the stage, he paused for a moment, and then curled his hand into a fist. He felt like his blood was boiling as he loudly shouted, “For victory, Belo has ended up in such a state. I shall not let his sacrifice be in vain, and will defeat Megan!”

“What? Ayrin will be the next on one stage?”

“Ayrin has already recovered from his injuries?”

“He’s the fourth fighter? Why is he not the anchor? Then who is Holy Dawn Academy team’s anchor?”

Upon hearing Ayrin’s loud cries, everyone’s attention turned to him. As the spectators watched him step onto the stage and walk towards the center, many couldn’t help but stand up from their seats.

Of the spectators not from Golden Stag Academy, Ayrin was the Holy Dawn Academy team member they were most interested in watching.

But due to his injuries, he had been absent in the prior round. Thus, some couldn’t even believe their eyes as he walked atop the stage.

“Ayrin! Ayrin! Ayrin! …”

Holy Dawn Academy’s student section abruptly erupted into cheers and cries of excitement like a volcano.

“To be able to rouse them to this level… it seems like he should be the one who Morgan considers talented enough to threaten me?” Morgan’s words reemerged in Jean Camus’s mind as he observed Ayrin. His eyes seemed to be burning.

“This fellow is coming out fourth? What exactly is Holy Dawn Academy planning?”

Megan’s face had become abnormally flushed as a power containing countless negative effects wandered through her body. She had no clue when the effect from Belo’s arcane skill would diminish.

“Regardless of what Holy Dawn Academy is planning, if their last member has the same strength as Stingham or Belo… and if Rinsyi is unable to recover his mental state, we will lose.”

After coldly glaring at Rinsyi, Megan took a deep breath and turned her head to watch the excited and confident Ayrin.

“I’m ready!”

Ayrin had long since been waiting for this moment. The moment he reached his starting position, he immediately turned and spoke to Clancy.

“Since it’s like this, then let’s get this show on the road!”

Megan’s eyes abruptly returned to a calm state.

“So direct?”

Compared to Stingham and Belo, Ayrin and Megan’s behaviour was just too straightforward. There was such a difference that the spectators were a little unprepared for it.

“Roland Enticement Art!”

The moment Clancy started to wave his flag to signal the start of the match, Megan immediately invoked her skill once again without any hesitation. Layer upon layer of pink chiffon like fog once again appeared atop the stage.

“Using this again?”

Although the spectators were ready this time, many once again fell into a stupor as the pink fog appeared. Lost in the world of temptations, they lost their sense of self and forgot everything existing around them.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

Ayrin’s invocation immediately caused all of these bewitched people to become clear headed.

Like Belo, Ayrin seemed to also be unaffected by this any of the images created by this powerful skill as he created an evil flaming eye and shot it towards Megan.

“He’s completely unaffected!”

In the stands, Wilde and the others were blushing heavily as the tips of their ears turned crimson. Unable to bear it any longer, they turned to Charlotte beside them and whispered, “Charlotte, we now believe that you and Ayrin have a completely pure relationship. It’s clear that this fellow knows absolutely nothing. Otherwise, how could he not be affected at all?”

“You assholes, go die!” Charlotte swore as her face and ears abruptly reddened while she continued to fixedly watch Ayrin atop the stage.

“How can this be!”

After watching her skill fail twice in a row, a feeling of incredulity surged through Megan’s mind.

But her actions weren’t affected at all as she fluidly continued to move. The gray rapier in her hand flew out and revolved around her before slicing towards Ayrin’s evil flaming eye.

“Silent Decapitation!”

At the same time, the five fingers of her left hand slightly moved as a transparent and thin blade suddenly appeared behind Ayrin’s back and quietly slashed towards the back of Ayrin’s neck.

“Go to hell, Belo!”

As she used her arcane skill, Megan quietly swore at Belo. With all of the negative effects inflicted on her body, she realized her skill would be easily dodgeable by Ayrin.


Indeed. At this moment, Ayrin’s figure flashed and disappeared as he moved and reappeared behind her thin blade.


Simultaneously, a colorful ring of light abruptly blossomed from Ayrin’s body at a rapid pace.

“What kind of arcane skill is this?”

Megan’s suddenly pupils contracted.

Megan’s rapier had already destroyed evil flaming eye, but when the remnants of the evil flaming eye collided with the ring of light, it disappeared as if it had been devoured by something.

“What is this?”

In the following instant, everyone’s eyes widened as a layer of black smoke arose and covered the entire stage.

Countless beautiful shadows suddenly emerged amidst the black smoke.


Even Ayrin had an expression of disbelief and surprise on his face.

From within the black smoke, countless Rinloran like elves with pointy ears emerged, only their skin was black instead of a pale white and their hair was a dark red. They were all naked and had extremely desirable bodies.

These elves smiled charmingly as they all licked their lips and rushed towards Megan in a bewitching manner.

“Dark Elves’ Seduction?”

“You mean that highest level bewitchment art?”

In the stands, the spectators collectively let out a breath of cold air in shock.

Wilde and the other students of Iron Forest Academy were stunned as their eyes widened in disbelief. He turned to Charlotte and asked, “Charlotte, just what have the two of you been doing? How is Ayrin able to use this kind of disgusting bewitchment art?”

“This is the famous Dark Elf’s Seduction art? The one which is rumored to have caused even the admirable and dignified lord of Ancient Foundation Island to die from exhaustion upon learning it because he couldn’t stop using it?”

Even more cries of disbelief emerged from the stands.

“Why… can he use this arcane skill?!”

“Death Lotus!”

A chill spread across Megan’s body. She knew that if the Dark Elf touched her, it would all be over as she wouldn’t be able to extricate herself from the bewitchment.

As she fiercely shouted, arcane particles began to wildly spew from her two hands. The rapier began to revolve even faster around her body as the metallic gray lotus reappeared and completely enveloped her. All of the Dark Elves were turned to mincemeat upon approaching.

“No, it’s not the real Dark Elves’ Seduction. It’s only manipulation of arcane energy to reach a similar effect.”

In the stands, a stunned Jean Camus whispered to himself, “Is this Leonardo’s cocktail ability?”

“How is that possible?!”

At this time in the stands, Leonardo nearly fell out of his seat as he saw the occurrence on stage. “How can he know my Warlock Variation!”

“Ayrin, this guy…” Chris and the other members of Holy Dawn Academy’s team were completely perplexed.

“It actually created such an effect.”

As he stood atop the middle of the stage, Ayrin couldn’t help but embarrassedly chuckle.

Regardless, this arcane skill had managed to wrest him control of the battle.

“I’m coming again!”

As Megan exerted her full powers to clear the Dark Elves, Ayrin’s hands extended outward before him.

One black bat after another suddenly began to shoot out from his hands towards Megan.

“That’s not possible!”

As this arcane skill was used, the members of Golden Stag Academy’s team, as well as the students of Golden Stag Academy in the stands, all shouted in disbelief.

It was clearly the arcane skill of Golden Stag Academy team’s Oeness!

How could Ayrin use this arcane skill?

“How does he know Oeness’s arcane skill?!”

Megan couldn’t help but become slightly dispirited.

“Slippery Serpent Body!”

As Megan knew just how hard Oeness’s technique was to deal with, she subconsciously used a defensive skill. An oily white light surged over her body.

“Warlock Variation!”

At this moment, Ayrin abruptly retracted his arms as another colourful ring of light spread outwards from his body.

As the flying black bats were overtaken by the ring of light, they began to contort.

“What is this?”

A black tortoise about half the size of a person suddenly crashed into the ground.

This tortoise seemed to be a real living creature, but upon seeing its dazed appearance, no one could completely figure out what the was going on.

“He summoned a tortoise?”

“What is the meaning behind this?”

The spectators in the stands were all dumbfounded.


Ayrin himself was also a bit stupefied.

“Does it need a command?”

“Attack her!”

As he shouted a command at the blank-looking tortoise, he also shot out a stream of arcane particles at it.

But the resulting action only caused him to become even more dumbfounded. Meanwhile, the spectators couldn’t help but break into laughter.

After hearing his command, the tortoise seemed to understand as it began to crawl towards Megan. The only issue was that it was crawling at a pace even slower than a snail!

At this speed, it wouldn’t reach Megan until tomorrow, even if Megan didn’t move!

“Just what is this arcane skill?”

“Haha, it’s just too funny.”

Seeing Ayrin’s speechless and embarrassed appearance, an increasing number of spectators began to loudly guffaw.

It was just too weird… indeed, this was the weirdness and abnormality which had become representative of Ayrin and the rest of Holy Dawn Academy’s team members.

“What are you doing?! Go die!”

“Summon Corpse Ghoul!”

When Megan saw the scenario in front of her after dealing with Ayrin’s Dark Elves’ Seduction, she felt an inexplicable feeling of anger. Myriad streaks of scarlet light abruptly shot out from her ten fingers.

A circle of blinding red light rose up from the ground.

A figure even taller than three meters slowly stepped out from the circle of red light.

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