Chapter 223: The Reason for Feet Licking, and Belo’s Sacrifice

Chapter 223: The Reason for Feet Licking, and Belo’s Sacrifice

“Zouchen lost to you only because you are unknown.”

As Megan faced Belo and eyed him up, she indifferently said, “If we had known of your strength and the properties of your arcane skills beforehand, Zouchen might not have lost.”

“How intelligent. This Megan indeed has some qualities of a leader. She is trying to rebuild the Golden Stag Academy team’s confidence through her words.” As Carter observed Megan, he felt like she was an even more difficult character than he had thought.

The spectators trembled as they heard Megan’s words. They were indeed reasonable.

“Why don’t you just kneel and lick this grandfather’s feet?”

The spectators were speechless as Belo completely ignored Megan’s words and responded in such a manner. Hints of excitement once again appeared on his face.

“He only knows how to tell people to lick his feet!”

“Why does this fellow like telling people to lick his feet?”

“Telling people to lick his feet for no reason, truly a little king of foot licking… why is every member of Holy Dawn Academy’s team even weirder than the previous one?”

The stands burst into an uproar.

An icy glint flashed through Megan’s eyes as a seemingly forced smile appeared on her face, “Why do you wish for others to lick your feet so much, could it be that you have some special tastes?”

“What did Megan just say?” The spectators in the stands felt like Megan’s words were too ambiguous.

But they all nearly spit blood as Belo looked Megan in the eye and then responded, “It’s because my feet are really smelly.”

“What kind of response is this?!”

“What a reason!”

“He wants others to lick his feet because they stink!”

“Just what is going on inside this fellow’s head?”

The stands descended into chaos.

“Indeed worthy of his nickname ‘Impetuous Freshman’. His actions are simply incomprehensible…”

Holy Dawn Academy students awkwardly glanced at each other in the stands.

“Why don’t I make you lick your own feet?” Megan icily replied. She had clearly been angered as the forced smile on her face disappeared and extremely insidious aura began radiating from her. She gestured that she was ready towards Clancy.

“I can’t lift my feet that high. So it would be best if you licked my feet.” As Belo pushed his glasses up, a glint flashed across his lenses.

Megan responded, “It’s possible once I cut off your head. Then I can simply place it by your feet.”


Megan’s words caused many spectators to feel a biting chill suddenly course through their bodies.

Several minutes ago, she had still seemed like a beautiful temptress, someone who made others wish to interact with her. But now, she had suddenly transformed into a evil succubus.

“She seems to have improved quite a bit.”

In the stands, the four House Eclipse Moon arcane masters fixedly observed Megan. The captain was full of killing intent as he spoke to the others.

“We must kill her now. Otherwise, she will only grow even stronger.” Their words were laced with deep killing intent as they conversed.

“Those arcane masters from the headhunting houses really do not care at all about lives at all. So ruthless.”

Clancy took a deep breath and then looked each of his two assistant referees in the eye, as if signalling for them to be more vigilant. Only then did he wave the flag in his hand.

“Start the match!”


“Roland Enticement Art!”

Megan acted the moment Clancy started speaking as she quietly invoked a skill. A moment later, dense, chiffon-like layers of pink fog appeared and covered the entire stage.

A strange, fragrant aroma followed.


In the stands, many spectators’ ears turned a crimson red as countless enchanting and naked beauties abruptly appeared within the pink fog.

These beauties ranged from elegant and civil to seductive and bewitching, and were of various races, such as Elves and Giants. They sashayed atop the stage and acted in a most tempting and teasing manner.

As if their minds had been bewitched, many spectators quickly forgot where they were and became confused.

“What a powerful bewitchment skill!”

Even Clancy and the other referees felt their minds sway as their expressions slightly changed.

“I apologize, but I’m only interested in wild beasts!” Belo suddenly blurted.

The audience was stunned. They had never expected such words to arise.

Belo appeared to be completely unaffected by Megan’s powerful bewitchment skill as a layer of red light once again enveloped his entire body. In the next moment, he was already charging towards Megan on all fours like a wild beast.

“My Roland Enticement Art actually had no effect?”

A look of astonishment flashed through Megan’s eyes. However, as Belo neared her body, she stood her ground, a look of scorn on her face.


There was a loud bang as Megan’s white light covered right arm ruthlessly chopped towards Belo’s neck like a sword.

“Lick this grandfather’s feet!”

As a red light flashed through Belo’s eyes, Megan’s lightning fast movement seemed to become abnormally slow.

Belo abruptly stopped, and then rose onto his legs as he ruthlessly clawed up Megan’s right arm with his hand.

“Not good, Megan was caught!”

“Is this fellow a pervert? He’s more interested in wild beasts than girls… Megan’s bewitchment skill actually had no effect on him. Is Megan is going to suffer the same fate as Zouchen…”

The spectators within the stands simultaneously sucked in breaths of cold air.


At this moment, Belo suddenly felt like something wasn’t right.

As his nails scratched across Megan’s arm, they didn’t pierce and instead just slid across her skin as if she was covered in oil; although she was hit, there was no injury inflicted.

“Slippery Serpent Body!”

A cruel and cold light flashed through Megan’s eyes.

Belo’s nails completely slid across Megan’s arm and past her.

Although the sleeves covering her right arm had been completely torn by Belo’s nails, her white light covered arm was uninjured and its movement was unaffected as her arm continued forward and descended on Belo’s neck.


Ayrin subconsciously cried out from beside the stage as his expression changed and he jumped up from his seat.

Belo’s eyes fiercely widened.

His entire body sharply fell backwards.


But in the end, a terrifying spray of bloody fog still erupted from his neck.


The entire arena abruptly became deathly quiet.

The several stage-side medical arcane teams prepared to charge out onto the stage at any moment.

As Belo’s figure reappeared, everyone’s attention was drawn to the wound on his neck – about half of his neck was missing, as if a giant snake had taken a bite out of it. His flesh had completely disappeared, and many bloody fragments of skin and broken blood vessels fluttered like freshly snapped tree roots, creating a scene which was extremely hard to look at.

“Even with such a wound… he can still fight?”

For a normal person, just having their jugular cut would result them falling into an unconscious state or immediately dying. Yet, much to the disbelief of the audience, Belo was still standing and not showing any intention of withdrawing after losing a smaller half of his neck. Many spectators couldn’t help but tremble.

Belo calmly raised his hand and wiped some blood off of his glasses.

The red glow emanating from his eyes quickly receded as the skin around his eyes became abnormally red.

No one made a sound as they watched Belo. Everyone felt like they were watching a corpse.

“By moving the blood essence which he condensed in his eyes to his brain, he can remain clear-headed enough to continue fighting.”

Morgan took a deep breath amid Dragon Breath Academy’s team, his body twitching as he said, “This is one of the innate abilities of a high level beastman bloodline. They can continue to fight even when something like the heart is grievously injured… but this should be his last stand.”

“You didn’t die?”

“Yet you still do not withdraw… will you only be happy if I kill you?”

As Megan watched Belo, she extended her right hand before her. The evil aura around her body further intensified as gray light surged from her palm and gradually condensed to form a curved rapier.

As this occurred, Belo took the initiative and charged towards Megan.

The blood red light around his eyes suddenly spread across his face, covering his face in countless blood red threads.

His movements were several times faster than before as the distance between him and Megan was instantly cut to just a couple meters.

Megan remained motionless as the oily white light once again appeared over her body.

“Devour, Chaotic Blood!”

But Belo didn’t continue to approach Megan. Instead, he stopped as the countless red threads on his face suddenly separated from his body and turned into streaks of blood which shot towards Megan.

“Death Lotus!”

Megan’s expression greatly changed as the rapier in her hand suddenly flew forward and began to violently revolve around her, forming a giant metallic gray lotus.


A chill ran through Megan’s heart as several streaks of blood still managed to land on her body.

She felt extreme discomfort as burning feeling immediately coursed through her blood, as if she had drank too much alcohol.


Exhausted, Belo fell backwards towards the ground.

As he fell, he quietly muttered to himself, “Ayrin, if you still cannot defeat this girl… then regardless of what relationship you have with Liszt, I will definitely put a good show on for you in the future.”

“This match has ended!”

Clancy’s voice rang across the stage as an assistant referee instantly appeared between Megan and Belo and a medical team rushed onto the field to begin first aid on Belo.

“Belo lost?”

“What was that arcane skill he hit Megan with at the end? He did his utmost to make sure he landed it.”

Ayrin hadn’t heard Belo’s last words, but as he watched Belo fall, he could feel his heart inexplicably ignite.

“It’s an arcane skill which lowers all of the opponent’s bodily functions and abilities.”

Carter took a deep breath as he looked at Ayrin and slowly said, “Megan’s physical abilities, reaction time, and casting speed have all been decreased… so go and quickly defeat her… otherwise, Belo might have you lick his feet.”

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