Chapter 222: Rinsyi’s Mental State, Megan Appears on Stage

Chapter 222: Rinsyi’s Mental State, Megan Appears on Stage

Zouchen felt on the verge of fainting as a bout of dizziness and weakness suddenly spread through his body.

It was the sensation of having lost too much blood.

Yet when he looked at the lacerations on his chest, they didn’t seem to be bleeding too hard.

It seemed as if a portion of the blood within his body had somehow disappeared into thin air.

“What’s going on with Belo’s arms?”

At this moment, cries of shock began rang out from the stands.

A thick layer of bloody plasma had enveloped both of Belo’s arms. The plasma flowed down Belo’s arms to the tips of his fingers and then dripped slowly onto the ground.

“What’s going on?”

Even Audrey and the other Dragon Breath Academy team members couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“Blood Eater: Life Essence Absorption!”

Morgan’s expression became serious as he explained, “It’s not Belo’s blood, but Zouchen’s blood… Blood Eater: Life Essence Absorption is a taboo skill which only those who possess awakened beastman bloodline can use under the effects of a full Berserk Transformation. It allows the user to steal the life essence within their opponent’s blood to heal oneself. Naturally, the effect is better if it is used on a giant beast or monster as this skill was originally a life saving technique for the beastmen back when they lived in demon forests infested with giant beasts.”

“Idiot! How could you let an opponent of this level get close to your body!”

From within Golden Stag Academy’s bench, Rinsyi’s face twisted as he angrily swore, “Zouchen, you are really an idiot!”

The other members of Golden Stag Academy’s team were completely speechless.

None of them expected for Belo to be relatively uninjured and able to counter attack after suffering the explosions of the “Rotting Plague Corpses.”

In such circumstances, very few could possibly prevent Belo from approaching. Moreover, although Belo did manage to strike, he was also struck by Zouchen’s secret skill, “Blade of Pestilence.”

There weren’t too many faults in Zouchen’s performance, yet Rinsyi’s emotions had skyrocketed out of control, causing Megan and the rest to feel increasingly worried.

“Are you ready to lick my feet?”

Atop the stage, Belo calmly pushed his glasses up.

A striking streak of blood flowed across the frame of his glasses and onto his spotless face, causing him to seem even more startling and devilish to the audience.


Belo abruptly bent down and placed his hands on the ground as he madly charged towards Zouchen on four limbs like a real wild beast.

“So fast!”

Ayrin was astonished.

Although Ayrin felt like Belo’s current speed didn’t quite match up to Rinloran’s speed, he still realized that the current Belo was definitely faster than him.

But what shocked him the most was that Belo’s movements didn’t rely on arcane skills, but his own body’s explosiveness.

“Natural predator…”

Zouchen was someone who had already experienced many cruel battles. He had even solo killed entire arcane teams before while accomplishing his tasks. Yet right now, as he watched Belo madly rush towards him, this one thought inexplicably flashed through his mind, as if he didn’t dare face Belo head on.

“Lightning Steps!”

Lightning surged out from Zouchen’s feet as his body flashed to one side.

“Think you can escape? Hurry and lick this grandfather’s feet!”

As Belo raced along the stage on four limbs, he suddenly raised his head. A red beam of light shot out from his eyes.


Zouchen felt his body violently shake as the air around him abruptly turned red and became filled with the stench of blood.


After a short pause, the stands exploded into commotion yet again.

Belo had appeared beside Zouchen and grabbed one of his ankles.

Zouchen let out a wretched scream as Belo’s nails pierced through his calf. He felt like five iron rods had been forcefully driven into his leg. As Belo violently stood back up onto his legs, Zouchen felt his body dragged into the air and then thrown into the sky.

This time, Zouchen was able to feel it clearly.

The moment Belo’s nails pierced him, his heart had violently contracted as a massive amount of blood was drained out from the wounds on his leg.

This feeling of blood loss caused Zouchen to become even weaker and further increased his feelings of fear.

“I don’t want to die…”

As he suddenly thought about all of the arcane masters he had killed, he inwardly cried out in terror.

“Still not willing to surrender and obediently lick this grandfather’s feet?”

After tossing Zouchen into the sky, Belo had become even more excited and his regeneration speed had further increased.


Belo’s figure moved even faster than before as he instantly appeared below Zouchen before he could even land.

“I surrender!” Zouchen screamed in midair.

Against another opponent, Zouchen might have decided to keep fighting, but Belo’s fighting methods and his abnormal arcane skills caused Zouchen to feel like Belo was indeed his natural predator. This lingering feeling of death had caused Zouchen to lose all of his fighting spirit.

“I wasn’t the person who bet with you, okay? The person who made a bet for the loser to lick the winner’s feet was not me!”

“So don’t come looking for me!”

After surrendering, Zouchen continued screaming as he fell from midair.


The entire stands went up in an uproar.

It was clear that Zouchen had lost all will to fight. That was why he had shouted out in such a scared manner.

Zouchen, a celebrity fighter who had experienced countless actual cruel battles, had been beaten into such a state by Belo.

“Not good!”

As Zouchen surrendered, the medical teams had already begun stepping onto the stage. But Carter’s expression immediately turned ugly as he watched Belo continue to attack as if he had no intention of stopping. Nails glinting with a frosty glare, Belo’s two hands descended towards Zouchen.


A figure suddenly appeared between Belo and Zouchen.

A ring of bronze colored flames rippled as Belo’s body flew back ten meters.

Only after this ring of bronze flames disappeared did the audience see that it was the main referee Clancy standing before Belo.

“Too out of control. But you are young after all. And your training is not quite there… you are still unable to completely control a full Berserk Transformation.”

Clancy’s eyes narrowed as he vigilantly observed Belo.

After being sent flying back by Clancy, Belo still seemed to be in an extremely excited state. As if his interest had been piqued, it seemed like he was about to attack Clancy.

“This match has ended! Control yourself!”

“This is a stern warning. If you lose control of yourself again and attack after a match has ended, you will lose the right to participate in matches for the rest of this tournament.”

As Clancy warned Belo, an assistant referee appeared beside Belo, preventing his next actions.

Belo madly looked at the assistant referee beside him.

“His eyes and expression. Could he be thinking about fighting the referees?”

The look in Belo’s eyes caused the audience to suddenly cry out in shock.

But moments later, as if he had considered it but then realized he couldn’t win, Belo nodded and began moving back to his initial starting position, the bloody light in his eyes receding.

“We won?!”

“Belo defeated Plague Disseminator Zouchen!”

“We are leading three to two!”

Only now did the students of Holy Dawn Academy and the other supporters from St. Lauren let out sighs of relief within the stands. Afterwards, they exploded into a great round of applause like a pent up volcano.

“Even Zouchen…”

The students of Golden Stag Academy turned pale as they all became silent.

“Holy Dawn Academy’s team can’t even match up to our substitutes.”

This phrase which had been repeatedly said by Rinsyi and countless Golden Stag Academy students now seemed like a joke.

First, a rare high level Green Dragon Bloodline had appeared!

Now, it was this substitute with his terrifying beastman bloodline!

And there was still Rinloran with his high level Elf Bloodline… the depth of Holy Dawn Academy’s bench could indeed be considered unfathomable!


In the stands, Dragon Breath Academy’s team members all sighed helplessly.

Three of Golden Stag Academy’s mainstays had already fallen, and Holy Dawn Academy’s most monstrous and unfathomable fighter Ayrin had yet to make an appearance.

Golden Stag Academy was indeed in danger of being eliminated.

“He won!”

“Belo’s so cool! He’s a true brave warrior!” Ayrin excitedly shouted from beside the stage.

Ayrin’s cries were like nails clawing a chalkboard to Rinysi and the other Golden Stag Academy team members.

“Do you think that it’s already over!”

“Wait until this match is over before acting like you’ve already won it all, okay!”

Rinsyi suddenly shouted out loud in hysteria.

Prior to this, Rinsyi had mostly remained silent. Even when he spoke, it was extremely quietly and to himself. This time, however, he had shouted loud enough for his cries to echo through the arena.

Many spectators subconsciously turned and looked at Rinsyi as they began to wonder why he had suddenly broke down after seeming so arrogant and proud all the time.

At this moment, Megan took two steps forward from the bench.

Everyone’s attention immediately shifted onto her.

“I don’t know why you are like this,” Megan said as she turned her head and looked at Rinsyi, “But I can guarantee that if you don’t pull yourself together, this match is already over.”

Megan glanced at Belo atop the stage as she quietly continued, “They still have three competitors. I will definitely defeat this one. And perhaps, I will even be able to deal with them all. But even if I don’t, the Rinsyi I know would never lose to any opponent of this level.”

Finished speaking, she stepped onto the stage.

“Megan… you and the others just don’t understand.”

“Why am I like this?”

“Did these people and my inability to succeed in using that arcane skill actually pressure me to this extent?”

“No! How can I possibly lose to these pieces of trash from St. Lauren!”

Rinsyi’s head remained hanging as his face twisted and he didn’t respond to Megan. In his mind, he wildly fumed and ranted to himself.


Megan’s footsteps were extremely soft and gentle as she soundlessly walked atop the stage like a cat, her posture extremely lascivious and tempting.

In the stands, the students of Holy Dawn Academy immediately became nervous once again.

It was because a year ago, Megan, this beautiful and charming girl, had been recognized as Golden Stag Academy’s number three. She was an existence much stronger than both Zouchen and Tyrin.

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