Chapter 221: A Bloody Battle

Chapter 221: A Bloody Battle

“The feeling of encountering a natural predator?”

Zouchen felt an inexplicable chill run through his mind as he immediately became enraged, “Rubbish!”

“I’m not joking.”

Belo propped his glasses up with his hand as he looked at Zouchen like a hunter stalking its prey and said, “Because I have felt the same way before.”

“Stop bullshitting.” Zouchen began to increasingly feel like this seemingly gentle and quiet, yet also impetuous boy before him was extremely strange. Not wanting to waste any more time bantering, he directly motioned towards Clancy that he was ready.

“It was such a terrifying predator… but do you know what happened to it? It was killed by me. And then, I drank all of its blood.”

A strange expression of madness and excitement which not even his glasses could hide flashed through Belo’s eyes.

“What the hell?” The anxiety within Zouchen’s mind became even more intense.

“It’s unfortunate, but you don’t seem to be able to have the potential to defeat your natural predator. Thus, I will be the victor of this match.” As Belo said these words, his hand left his glasses and he motioned towards Clancy, “I am ready.”

“It seems like this fellow is also not normal.”

Clancy increasingly felt that Belo was also abnormal. Only after subconsciously turning his head and glancing at Carter on the sideline did he finally take a deep breath and wave the flag in his hand.

“Match start!”

“Even if you have a dragon bloodline, how could I possibly be afraid of you?”

Zouchen sharply cried out in his mind as his eyes narrowed and a shocking murderous aura began billowing from his body.

“Revenant Crushers!”

As Zouchen quickly chanted, his entire body began to become hazy, as if it was melding into the air. At the same time, ten spectral “revenants” suddenly appeared beside Belo. They moaned as they rushed at Belo from all directions.

“What a strange arcane skill. The bodies of these revenants aren’t completely incorporeal!”

Within the stands, Charlotte immediately saw through the intricacies of Zouchen’s “Revenant Crushers” as the revenants had some similarities with her Soul-Linked War Avatar. While they seemed to be completely ethereal, they could condense certain areas through movement of arcane energy.

Thus, although a single “revenant” might be easy to deal with, dealing with several at the same time from all directions was indeed quite difficult.

“Not good!”

In a single instant, everyone’s attention had been drawn by the “revenants”. Everyone watched as a considerable sheen suddenly erupted from the revenants’ hands and feet.

Facing Zouchen’s strange yet powerful arcane skill, Belo seemed unable to dodge or break through as he merely protected his face and other vitals with his hands while a layer of reddish light emitting weak arcane energy fluctuations emerged over his body.


Amidst the shocked cries of Holy Dawn Academy students, the “revenants’ ” sharp claws descended upon Belo’s body.

Ayrin and the rest of the team opened their mouths in shock as they sharply inhaled.

Spurt spurt spurt spurt…

Countless wounds suddenly emerged on Belo’s body as his clothes were directly torn to shreds.

Blood began to course out over Belo’s body.

In but a single instant, Belo’s entire body had become miserable to look at.

“He was directly…” The spectators, who had been anticipating a powerful presentation from Belo, were all stunned.

“Pretending to be a god when he’s actually a ghost! I thought he was strong, but he was actually unable to even block a single attack!”

Upon seeing Belo’s current state, Zouchen let out a sigh of relief.


But he suddenly felt like something wasn’t right.

Because even though his body was covered in countless bloody wounds, Belo had yet to let out even a single sound.

Everyone watched as Belo put down his hands.

His face was surprisingly completely intact. There wasn’t a single wound or even blood, forming a strong contrast with his bloodied body.

A red light seemed to flicker across Belo’s glasses.


The spectators were shocked as they watched Belo smirk at this moment.

“His eyes…”

Afterwards, those spectators closer to Belo cried out in surprise as they watched Belo’s eyes suddenly become blood red!


“What has happened?”

The blood flowing from the wounds on Belo’s body suddenly began steaming, creating a bloody colored fog which twined around Belo’s skin.

It was only now that the audience discovered that although Belo’s blood was red, there were indeed many different shades of red, as if it was a mixture of countless kinds of blood.

“High rank beastman bloodline!”

In the midst of Golden Stag Academy’s team, Megan’s expression suddenly became pale. The alluring smile which seemed to eternally grace her face had long since disappeared.

“A beastman bloodline who has already awoken his primal ancestral power.” In the stands, Jean Camus clasped his hands together as he quietly said to himself, “And he has also devoured and experienced the blood of countless giant beasts… so his blood is so abnormal… and he can utilize a portion of one of the earliest abilities of the beastman race.”

“Ancestral Attunement! Through some special methods, he has altered his body to better resemble his ancestors to gain a stronger beastman innate talent. It’s as if we altered our bloodlines to make them purer.” In the midst of Dragon Breath Academy’s team, Morgan had gone half crazy as he cried out, “Moreover, there isn’t a single known arcane master with beastman bloodline who has awakened primal savagery in the entire Kingdom of Eiche, yet Holy Dawn Academy was actually hiding one!”

“What’s going on?”

Ayrin’s eyes had enlarged to their limits.

Ayrin watched the bloodied Belo in surprise as the wounds over Belo’s body quickly closed and his body began to enlarge. The hairs over Belo’s body had all become erect like iron rods.

His nails and teeth lengthened and his skull enlarged as he morphed into a giant monstrous werewolf.

“This is the Berserk Blood Transformation of a person with a beastman bloodline who has awakened their primal savagery.”

A glint of satisfaction and approval flashed through Carter’s eyes as he quickly continued, “In the Era of the War with Dragons, beastman arcane masters were able to able to use the abilities of various monsters and beasts depending on the properties of the mixed blood flowing within their bodies. Moreover, they can continuously stimulate themselves through this method, allowing them to grow increasingly savage and berserk.”

“Indeed, his actions are even more impetuous than normal!” Ayrin’s subconsciously cried out as he watched Belo atop the stage. His eyes seemed to be glowing with light.

“You…” In the center circle atop the stage, Belo glared at Zouchen with fiery eyes, causing Zouchen to feel as if he was a chicken facing a starved direwolf.

“So terrifying…”

Within the stands, some female students of Golden Stag Academy had been scared to the verge of crying. They felt like Belo would excitedly rush up into the stands and tear them to pieces at any moment.

“So what if you have a beastman bloodline, I’m not afraid of you!”

“Plague Corpses!”

Zouchen’s expression suddenly became hideous.

Arcane particles simultaneously began to violently surge out from both his hands and feet.

“Not good!”

The two assistant referees immediately moved to two corners of the stage in shock as they felt the fluctuations of arcane energy.

“Wall of Divine Cleansing!”

“Guardian Angel’s Domain!”

Two powerful arcane energy fluctuations quickly spread.

A brilliant barrier of white light and a curtain of gentle yellow light formed and isolated the stage.

At the same time, an astonishingly putrid stench proliferated out from the stage as several patches of viscous, dark purple goop seeped out atop the stage and condensed into humanoid rotting corpses oozing poisonous pus.


Holy Dawn Academy students once again cried out from within the stands.

In an instant, more than ten abnormally tall rotting corpses pounced towards Belo.

These rotting corpses seemed to be shockingly strong as they immediately restrained Belo’s body and began biting him.

“What is Belo doing?”

“Why is he still not reacting?”

Many spectators couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched an excited Belo stand motionlessly atop the stage and calmly allow for the corpses to cover him.


The rotting corpses hanging onto Belo’s body all abruptly disintegrated.

The audience’s view abruptly became obstructed as purplish droplets and polluted smoke flooded the stage and spattered onto the two barriers.

“Not dead? He’s still not dead?!”

Atop the stage, Zouchen felt cold sweat suddenly cover his entire body as a terrifying current of air swept by him at a shocking speed.

“Blade of Pestilence!”

Countless little black winged beetles suddenly appeared before merging to form a long black knife in Zouchen’s right hand.


He slashed out with his knife at Belo, who had appeared beside him.

The knife opened up a deep wound over Belo’s waist, exposing bone, as many black beetles drilled into Belo’s body.


But at the same time, Zouchen’s pupils shrunk as Belo’s nails suddenly extended and lacerated his chest.


The pain of having his chest penetrated caused Zouchen to miserably cry out. Arcane particles wildly surged out from his feet has his body immediately flew back several meters.

“That was Zouchen’s voice!”

“What has happened?”

Everyone in the stands was stunned.

At this moment, they finally saw traces of Belo and Zouchen’s figures amidst the dense smoke atop the stage. Only, they were now several meters away from each other.

Belo’s skin had turned a dark purple and his body was covered in countless wounds which seemed to be oozing a greenish yellow pus.

As for Zouchen, ten new long lacerations had appeared atop his chest as his body dripped with blood.

“Still not dead? How is this possible!”

Due to both pain and terror, Zouchen’s entire body began trembling.

He watched as the black beetles which had drilled into Belo’s body flowed out alongside the pus. They had all died.

The red glow in Belo’s eyes seemed to become increasingly intense as his wounds once again began to shrink.

At this moment, Zouchen’s body violently shuddered as he lowered his head and looked at the gaping wound on his chest.

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