Chapter 220: The Unpredictable Stingham and the Impetuous Belo

Chapter 220: The Unpredictable Stingham and the Impetuous Belo

“Such terrifying arcane energy fluctuations!”

Ayrin’s eyes widened as he saw the entire area above the arena turn golden while Stingham’s body shot into the air.

Seven giant doors of pure gold, each about ten meters tall, suddenly appeared in midair around Stingham.

Golden arcane energy rippled across the top each door like a golden crown, making them look both beautiful and solemn.

A brilliant golden light radiated from each door and slowly converged atop Stingham’s body, causing Stingham’s figure to become blindingly dazzling as it grew larger and larger. It looked like the seven gold doors were giving birth to a god.

“He was actually able to break through my Eternal Nightmare … but it doesn’t matter. How could his arcane skill possibly match all of the residue energies left here?”

Tyrin’s expression remained blank as he raised his head and watched the grand scene occurring in midair.


A single word which only Tyrin himself could hear shot out from his mouth.

Pew pew pew…

All of the glowing clusters of rock shards which had emerged from the ground simultaneously accelerated at this moment as they began shooting towards Stingham like countless meteors.

“You actually turned my handsome hair into this mess!”

“I’m going to smash you into a pulp!”

At this time, the brilliantly shining Stingham hysterically shouted in midair.


Everyone furrowed their brows as they simultaneously jumped in their seats.

As Stingham raved in midair, the seven giant golden doors began violently falling towards Tyrin in quick succession.

Ding dang dang dang…

Countless rock shards abruptly collided with the first giant golden door. With terrifying sounds, countless waves visible to the naked eye rippled across the stage.

The first door was directly shattered into pieces.

The second and third doors followed… in but a moment, five out of the seven giant golden doors had been completely destroyed.

The stands were completely engulfed by chaotic gusts of wind.

“Tyrin’s arcane skill is actually so strong!”

Everyone tried their best to keep their eyes open and watch the match. Although the arcane skill released by Stingham in his enraged state was strong, they all felt like it was impossible for him to overcome Tyrin’s energy imbued clusters of rock shards.

After seeing the power of the clusters, they believed the remaining two doors would also be completely destroyed.

“What happened?”

But right at this moment, Tyrin’s body began to sway fiercely as a streak of blood oozed from a corner of his mouth.

“Could it be?” Audrey subconsciously shouted from amongst Dragon Breath Academy’s team.

“Stingham’s skill is extremely strange as the force generated from the collisions have all continued downwards.” Morgan helplessly sighed, “Tyrin’s domain indeed surpasses Stingham’s skill in strength when displayed here, but his body is unable to endure the repeated battering from the forces and pressure created by the collisions of their arcane energies.”


In the center of the stage, Tyrin’s body was continuously compressed by the pressure.

At this point, even the small capillaries within his eyes had been squeezed to the point of exploding, causing his vision to blur and his eyes to become entirely blood red.

As the air around him also became compressed, he felt like he was surrounded by constricting iron plates. He couldn’t breath, or even circulate arcane particles.

“My body can’t endure any longer… but how can I lose to this guy… I must continue…”

Tyrin strained to remain standing as he forcefully squeezed arcane particles out of his body.

“Crack! Crack!”

The last two giant golden doors finally shattered.

“Bastard! Give me my handsome hair back!”

With a boom, Stingham’s resplendently glowing body shot another ten meters into the air.

At the same time, a jet of blood spurt out from within Tyrin’s mouth like a geyser.

All of the upward flying rock clusters seemed to simultaneously break down as if they had reached their limits as they began to scatter, turning into specks of different colored light and coloring the entire sky.

“Tyrin’s done!”

This though ran through almost everyone’s mind at this moment.

Tyrin stood motionlessly atop the stage.

But everyone could sense Tyrin’s arcane particles scattering and going out of control the moment they exited his body.

This only occurred when one was internally injured to a point where their body was no longer able to self-regulate.


Rinsyi gutturally roared from the midst of Golden Stag Academy’s team as Megan and the rest dazedly observed the scene before them, not daring to believe it.


Golden Stag Academy’s team members all turned their heads to look and were abruptly stunned.

Rinsyi’s face had already become twisted.

As if the skin on his face had become somewhat transparent, one could see a blue glow faintly flickering within the blood vessels on his face.

Tyrin had also been defeated… was this real?

A team from St Lauren which had to make it through the gauntlet to qualify for this tournament is actually so strong? Why are they so confident they can beat us?

Emotions which had been repressed suddenly emerged within Rinysi’s mind and transformed into rage.



In a corner of the stands, Songat finally stopped chewing.

“Liszt, didn’t you just say that this Stingham fellow is incredibly lazy and talk about how he always tries to avoid training through various methods? So how come he knows Rui’s skill, Doors of Gods?” Songat turned his head and looked at Liszt as he continued, “If I remember correctly, this Doors of Gods is quite hard to learn.”

“It was out of my control. This fellow is just too narcissistic.”

Liszt looked at the floating Stingham as he said with a smirk, “This fellow doesn’t learn arcane skills because they are useful, but because they can make him look more handsome. He slacks off when it comes to learning skills which are suitable for him, but for this one skill, he thought that this skill made him look very handsome, so he made quite a bit of effort and spent a lot of time on learning it. In the end, even though this taboo skill is incredibly hard to learn, he did learn it.”

“This fellow is a little too pretentious, isn’t he?” Songat felt speechless.

“Nothing I can do. Geniuses are always different from others.” Liszt lazily stretched his waist, then laughed, “Isn’t this pretty good. He was able to easily defeat Tyrin.”

“Hill and Tyrin have both been defeated… the chance of victory is only getting better and better for these little monsters from your Holy Dawn Academy.” As Songat observed Holy Dawn Academy’s team, this thought emerged in his mind.

“This match has ended!”

Lead referee Clancy’s shout and the subsequent rush of a medical team onto the stage shattered any remaining traces of disbelief from the minds of the spectating Golden Stag Academy students.

“This idiot like fellow was actually this strong?”

The vast majority of spectating Golden Stag Academy students felt extremely uncomfortable as they had suffered a lost but didn’t have anyone to complain to.


The resplendent light in midair disappeared.

Stingham steadily landed onto the ground.

“I’m not fighting anymore!”

“I’m so ugly now, how can I keep fighting!”

Everyone now looked at Stingham in a different light. Yet, against their expectations, he had a dispirited and angry expression on his face upon descending, as if he had been crying but his tears hadn’t come out.

After loudly crying out twice in an extremely dispirited manner, Stingham directly motioned that he was forfeiting towards Clancy and then quickly ran off the stage into the nearby preparation room.

“He directly forfeited? Simply because his hair was too ugly on one side?”

Even Clancy was unable to respond as stood blankly atop the stage.

The Holy Dawn Academy students in the stands were completely dumbfounded.

“This fellow clearly could have kept fighting, yet he decided to suddenly give up just like this?”

“Didn’t this fellow say he was going to defeat all of Golden Stag Academy’s team by himself and be the savior of Holy Dawn Academy? Why is he directly stepping down right after one fight?”

Ayrin, Chris, and the others simultaneously looked at each other.

However, the competition put the wishes of the competitor themselves first. Since Stingham himself had already indicated his decision to withdraw, even if they tied him up and threw him back up onto the stage, he wouldn’t be able participate anymore.


Carter gently sighed, then looked at the others, “Stingham didn’t have that many arcane particles left anyway. Trading two for two was already planned for as well. Belo, Ayrin, the rest relies on you.”

A glint of light seemed to flash for a second as Belo pushed his glasses up.


“Impetuous Freshman Belo?”

“The next person appearing for our Holy Dawn Academy team is actually him?”

“It’s another substitute who has yet to appear?”

“It’s that substitute member who made the bet with Hill over the loser licking the winner’s feet?”

Belo had only just stood up when a strange atmosphere descended over the stands.

Holy Dawn Academy’s students were full of shock and confusion, yet there was also an air of expectancy.

As for Golden Stag Academy’s students, they felt full of unease and doubt.

From the midst of Golden Stag Academy’s team, a sharp faced boy with dark gray hair who gave off a sinister and morbid aura took a deep breath and began walking towards the stage.

“It’s Plague Disseminator Zouchen versus Belo!”

It had now become very obvious that Golden Stag Academy’s team was indeed using its full strength!

“This fellow…”

In Zouchen’s eyes, the glasses wearing Belo seemed extremely young and innocent. Based on common sense, it should be impossible for a freshman like Belo to compare with an arcane master like him who had experienced so many brutal battles and killed so many people as a member of one of House Baratheon’s arcane teams.

But for some inexplicable reason, a strange feeling of discomfort emerged in Zouchen’s heart the moment he stepped onto the stage.

“Belo… just what kind of special training did Teacher Carter prepare for you?”

Ayrin excitedly clenched his fists as he looked onwards, full of anticipation.

“Has your body suddenly become filled with a strange feeling?”

Belo suddenly asked as he faced Zouchen atop the stage.

“What do you mean?” Zouchen subconsciously furrowed his brows as he looked at Belo in a startled manner.

Belo pushed his glasses up as an impetuous look emerged on his face, “I’m just letting you know what this feeling is… what you are feeling is the feeling a poisonous bug gets when it encounters a poisonous bug eating eagle. It is the feeling of having encountered a natural predator.”

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