Chapter 22: A teacher's ardent shout

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 22: A teacher's ardent shout

“You think I don't know that's against the rules and that it won't work?”

“So what, anyway we'll end up losing, might as well take the chance to give this Southern Monsoon kid a beating. Right, when the time comes I'll jump down together with you.”


“You're very strong indeed.”

Riley had already reached the center of the field and was facing Chris at this time.

His face looked young and tender because of the peculiar white hair, but he nevertheless radiated an especially cool and mature atmosphere.

In addition, he also had the naturally proud and noble aura of one born in a great clan.

“You're so strong none of us can defeat you in a one versus one battle, but this match isn't a one versus one.”

He watched Chris rest her hands on her knees, gasping for breath because of her injuries and fatigue. He earnestly told her, “You're very strong, but your teammates are too weak, they can't give you enough support. We from Southern Monsoon Academy are different, we have powerful enough teammates. You may completely disregard the words of a stupid bull like Ferdinand, but we're truly very hopeful you can transfer and join our Southern Monsoon Academy. This way, you and us, we'll certainly be able to make every team sit up and take notice. Otherwise, staying by yourself in Holy Dawn Academy, you can only be called The Amazingly Crazy Girl, but if you come to Southern Monsoon Academy and have our support, you'll truly become the Amazing Girl.”

“Poaching in public?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded. “Belo, is a transfer possible? Can you join another academy's team and fight in the tournament?”

“As long as the student is willing and the academy welcomes them, no one can stop the transfer. As for the competition, a person can only represent a single team a season in the competition. As long as you represent a team and take part in a fight in the competition, then you can no longer transfer to another team and keep fighting.” An undetectable cold light flashed in the depths of Belo's eyes. “What this white-hair kid is talking about is next year. They think that if Chris joins them and trains painstakingly for a year, then their team can dominate St. Lauren next year.”

“Chris won't agree right?” Ayrin said, suddenly worried.

“Stop your nonsense.”

Just at this moment, the panting Chris straightened up once again. “You have to win this match first before saying something like that!”

“All the more reason for me to show a good performance, make you see our strength.”

Riley didn't get angry, he didn't do anything superfluous either, merely stretched his arms towards Chris, calm and unperturbed.

Dazzling arcane particles pervaded around his hands in an instant.

“Why's the color of his arcane particles different?” Ayrin couldn't help but shout out in surprise once again.

Riley's arcane particles weren't magenta, but white, just like his hair!

Belo rubbed his ears gone a little numb and itchy from Ayrin's fuss. “Idiot. The arcane particles condensed by some unique bloodlines have different colors compared to ordinary arcane particles. Or you could also say that arcane particles of different colors are the manifestation of strong unique bloodlines!”

“Water Snake Bullets!”

A water snake appeared in front of Riley just as Belo spoke, its size about the same as Riley's body. Its mouth continuously spat out water balls as big as fists, whistling through the air as they pounded nonstop in Chris' direction.

Chris' figure vanished time and again from the ground, her movements just like teleportation in the eyes of most people.

But no matter where she skimmed to, the water bullets would immediately pursue her there.

Every time a water bullet smashed on the ground, it not only exploded in great waves of water, it would also puncture a deep water hole in the hard ground there.


Ayrin was rendered speechless by the sight. He was certain that if he were to be hit by such a water ball, he would probably become flat cake pasted to the wall.

And what made him even more speechless was, it seemed that this water snake spitting out water bullets nonstop wouldn't disappear as long as Riley supported it with enough arcane particles.

“Great Waterfall!”

It seemed Chris had no way to break through the continuous bombardment when a gigantic column of water welled up out of nowhere and charged towards Riley. Chris followed closely behind this water column. The water balls crashed on it one after another in geysers of water, but they couldn't pierce through it.

“So powerful!”

Although the three elite teachers back in the Beast Training Field were certainly stronger than Chris and all the Southern Monsoon Team members, a match like this where arcane skills came out in close succession was more spectacular instead for Ayrin, broadening his horizons even further. He had no idea previously there was so much variety and so many fancy tricks to arcane skills!

“A water technique?”

Seeing Chris approaching at flying speed, Riley actually stood right where he was, not moving an iota. “Our clan Ryswell is called the water stream clan. Since you used such an arcane skill, I'll let you witness clan Ryswell's true secret skill!”

“Absolute Water Aegis!”

Countless white arcane particles surged from his hand. The giant water snake in front of him collapsed with a loud rumble; instead, countless water bubbles as big as fists appeared in the air, assembling in no time into a sparkling and translucent globe of water around his body.


The huge column of water collided with the crystalline water globe. The sparkling water globe actually possessed unbelievable elasticity and bounced backward.


A figure overtook the water globe in an instant, like a flash of lightning, and struck it with a ferocious punch.

A waterhole appeared on the surface of the globe, and water splattered everywhere, but that crystalline water globe once again bounced backward from the impact, and that waterhole resumed its former appearance the moment it broke away from the fist.


A gigantic fire python caught up to the water globe, but amidst the splashes of water, the globe bounced backward even faster, restoring itself at lightning speed at the same time. Riley still stood unperturbed in the middle of this crystalline globe. Chris had consumed a large amount of arcane particles with this move, but it simply couldn't crack open this crystalline globe of water.

“It actually looks just like a rubber ball! Strength doesn't affect it at all!”

“Worthy of someone from clan Ryswell, such a defensive skill, other than arcane particles being entirely exhausted, there's no way to break it otherwise!”

“There's actually such a terrifying defensive skill!”

“Even an opponent twice stronger might not be able to break through this defense!”

“No wonder he had the guts to boast so tremendously right in Chris' face!”

In the space of an instant, students from Holy Dawn Academy and Southern Monsoon Academy all became deeply shocked.

Ayrin swallowed a mouthful of saliva amidst the brouhaha. “He's staying wrapped in a water bubble like this, don't tell me he doesn't need to breathe, won't he drown to death?”


Belo was in an extremely bad mood and seemed unwilling to respond to Ayrin. If a secret skill could drown you to death, could it still be called a secret skill?

What could Chris do?

Everyone's vision gathered on Chris.

Her face was clearly even paler now after mobilizing large amounts of arcane particles in quick succession.

“Just give up, don't worsen your injuries and waste your training time.”

Riley watched her with sympathy, his voice coming out clearly from the water globe. “There's absolutely no way you can break the Absolute Water...”

Chris had previously stopped to catch her breath, but now she went again on the move before he could finish his sentence!

“Dancing Leaves!”

Chris suddenly circled around the water globe, leaving countless afterimages behind her in a split second.

Countless palms carrying spinning winds smacked again and again on the crystalline bubble.


Riley's face stiffened all of a sudden.

He could feel the ball instantly shrinking under the attacks coming from all directions, pressing down on him until he had almost no way to move.

“Hurricane Crash!”

Just at this moment, Chris' palms pushed forward, her two feet frantically tramping nonstop on the ground.

Huge craters appeared on the surface of ground one after another. Hurricanes blew from her hands as she pushed the compressed bubble of water, crashing it straight into the nearest stand at alarming speed.

“Ah!” Students on that stand shrieked and dodged away, one and all.

One could clearly see the silhouettes of over a dozen teachers transforming into rivers of light and flying there, carrying away a few students who stood blankly, paralyzed by fright.


Riley completely understood what Chris was trying to do now, but Chris pushed him so fast he had no time to do anything at all.


Under Chris' push, the globe of water crashed viciously into the wall under the stands. This small area of the stands collapsed immediately, but Chris never stopped her stamping and battering. Her hands still pressed against the sparkling bubble of water, squeezing it against the cracked wall.


The translucent globe of water embedded itself into a hole in the wall. Under the double opposite pressures, there was suddenly no way for its power to drain to, hence it exploded completely, dispersing away.

Chris' palms ruthlessly struck Riley's chest. Around her, countless streams of water shot backward like arrows.


Riley's body shook violently. He fainted straight away.

The stands were in a mess. Almost everyone watched the waves of water gush out in shock, unable to clearly see what happened there.


Ayrin's stare was locked onto Chris' figure from beginning to end.

The waves of water exploded out with a bang and fell on the ground, becoming strip after strip of froths floating on streams of water. He saw Chris' propping her hands on her knees, panting violently.

In front of her, the unconscious Riley was thoroughly embedded inside a crack in the wall.


He froze a moment, then couldn't hold back an earthshaking yell!


Belo broke the mood and kicked him. “What victory, they still have two people left, let's see first if she can stand up again.”

“They actually even messed the stands into such a state.”

Liszt shook his head atop the dome at the summit of the arena. “It's actually the first time a battle between students damages the stands to such a degree.”

“Can she still stand up?”

The fully bearded Minlur watched Chris' bent figure, her hands propped on her knees. His face was full of worry.

The next moment, this elite teacher brandish his fists determinedly just like a hot-blooded young man, and shouted out loud:

“She has to stand up!”

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