Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effect

Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effect

“True Sight and the ability to meld particles with arcane energy. It’s actually the incredibly rare Green Dragon Bloodline.”

As Morgan subconsciously stood up, Jean Camus couldn’t help but shout out on the other side of the stands.

“Green Dragon Bloodline!”

“This fellow actually has a Green Dragon Bloodline!”

The expressions of Megan and the other Golden Stag Academy team members once again worsened.

“It’s actually the bloodline of the Green Dragon, which possesses the ability of True Sight!”

At this moment, several more knowledgeable figures began crying out in shock, leading to a wave of exclamations across the stands.

“Teacher Carter, what is meant by True Sight?”

Ayrin turned his head and asked Carter, who was beside him.

Ayrin might have been the first person to realize Stingham had a dragon bloodline, but he had no understanding of the innate abilities which a person with a Green Dragon Bloodline would possess.

“True Sight is a high level Green Dragon bloodline ability,” Carter quietly, but quickly explained, “True Sight allows Stingham to clearly see how many arcane gates his opponent has opened and the number of arcane particles at different parts of his opponent’s body.”

“From just a glance, he can determine his opponent’s gates and the number of arcane particles within their body?” Ayrin’s eyes widened in shock. These two aspects of True Sight were just too useful in fights.

“But more importantly, and perhaps the strongest ability of True Sight, is the fact that it allows hims to clearly see the properties of his opponent’s arcane energy. This means that he will always be able to know the properties of his opponent’s arcane skills, allowing him to react with one which perfectly counters it. For example, if you knew your opponent was about to use a fire aspect arcane skill, you would know to respond with a skill which could turn it into ashes.” As Carter watched Stingham atop the stage, he shook his head in annoyance, “Unfortunately, Stingham is just too lazy and hasn’t learned enough arcane skills. Otherwise, he would be able to immediately gain victory after just one move against the majority of opponents.”

“True Sight actually has such a powerful function?!” At this moment, Sea God Academy’s students all inhaled deep breaths of cold air in shock as they processed their accompanying teacher’s own explanation.

“But the strongest aspect of the Green Dragon Bloodline is still its ‘Dark Green Domain’.” Sea God Academy’s accompanying teacher looked at Joyce and the others as he continued, “The unique ability which only arcane masters with a Green Dragon Bloodline can learn!”

“Dark Green Domain?” Joyce and the rest went blank, “What kind of taboo skill is this?”

“It’s a domain type taboo skill which causes countless giant trees to suddenly emerge and fill a large area. These trees can constrict opponents, but more importantly, they release their own energies, diluting the arcane energy present. Thus, within this Dark Green Domain, the power of the opponent’s skills are greatly weakened. As for the user’s skills, they will actually be strengthened instead.”

“What!” Joyce and the others exclaimed.

The skills Stingham used were already more powerful than those used by arcane masters with ordinary bloodlines. But in the presence of this kind of domain, other arcane masters would barely be able to exhibit their skills, whereas Stingham’s would be further strengthened. How was one supposed to compete?

“In the Era of the War with Dragons, those with Green Dragon Bloodlines had two titles. They were the whisperers of nature and destroyers of balance. Those with Green Dragon Bloodlines have extremely great affinity with wood and life energies. Thus, in places where those with Green Dragon Bloodlines resided, forests would become even denser. Thus, they were most welcomed friends of the proud and arrogant Elf Kingdom. As for destroyers of balance, it directly refers to their Dark Green Domain, and its ability to greatly change the balance of a fight.” As the Sea God Academy’s accompanying teacher watched Stingham, he couldn’t help but shake his head, “But nowadays, those with Green Dragon Bloodlines are just too rare. It has already been many years since the last one appeared. I never ever would have imagined that Holy Dawn Academy would have a new student with this bloodline!”

“Best friends of the elves?” Upon hearing this, Joyce subconsciously glanced at Rinloran amongst Holy Dawn Academy’s team.

No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see Stingham and Rinloran having a good relationship.


While the stands had fallen into chaos, movements had come to a stop atop the stage.

Tyrin seemed lost in thought as he considered his next step for dealing with Stingham after his attack had failed. Meanwhile, after easily disrupting Tyrin’s attack, Stingham was currently laughing with his hands on his hips, “Wahahaha, what do you think? Did you see it? Aren’t I handsome?”

“What is Tyrin doing?”

“Why doesn’t he take advantage of this fellow’s complacency to strike?”

“Could it be that he has become scared after learning of his opponent’s Green Dragon Bloodline?”

In the stands, students of Golden Stag Academy incessantly chattered and stated their opinions while watching the motionless Tyrin.

“I never imagined that you would have a Green Dragon Bloodline.”

After silently pondering for several seconds, Tyrin finally raised his head. Watching Stingham, he roared, “Since it is like this, I can only use this arcane skill.”

“This is…” Those who heard Tyrin’s words immediately sensed that he was about to use his strongest arcane skill which he had been hiding.

“Haha! Bring out whatever tricks you have. Regardless, you cannot possibly beat my handsome, godly, and genius self!” The crowd was once again left speechless as Stingham’s narcissism emerged yet again. He laughed weirdly as he shouted, “I’m the most handsome!”

“Eternal Nightmare! Battlefield of the Lost!”

Tyrin’s words rang across the stage.

His hands seemed extremely heavy and slow as they suddenly began to move through the air. Suddenly, countless layers of chiffon-like purple light abruptly condensed atop the stage.


Stingham suddenly felt his eyelids become extremely heavy, as if he was about to fall asleep. His mind also became abnormally muddled, as if he was dreaming. At times, he even felt like he had lost all ability to sense and control his own arcane particles.

“What kind of domain taboo skill is this?”

Ayrin’s eyes enlarged as he blurted.

The remaining floating black spheres began to aimlessly fly around the sky as they slowly shrunk.


A part of the stage not far in front of Tyrin’s body suddenly ruptured and turned into a cluster of rock shards flickering with a golden light. The cluster of rocks suddenly shot towards Stingham at a frightening speed.

“These are the arcane energy fluctuations of the skill, Golden Canary Sword… this Tyrin’s domain allows him to activate remnants of the skills which have been used here before?” A light flashed through the calm Jean Camus’s eyes as he habitually crossed his fingers.

“What arcane skill is this?!”


In the stands, students of Holy Dawn Academy let out great cries of shock.

Facing the incoming barrage of rock shards flickering with gold light, Stingham had almost no reaction. As he watched, the shards had almost reached his forehead.


From within his nightmare, Stingham suddenly felt the tug of death.

“Pu!” As he roared, a stream of green colored dragon flames shot out from his mouth.

As the golden light collided with the green flames, the path of the shards slightly veered as they shot past Stingham’s left ear, cutting off the entirety of his golden hair on that side.

“So dangerous!”

In the stands, a cold sweat appeared on every single student of Holy Dawn Academy.

They only became more horrified as they saw the entire stage continue to violently rupture as more clusters of rock shards containing strong arcane energy fluctuations of various properties emerged. Each cluster was glowing with a different radiance.

“What a strong taboo domain!”

“Tyrin’s taboo domain… not only attacks his opponent’s spirit, but also allows him to use the arcane skills which have been imprinted into this area! This stage has been here since the Era of the War with Dragons! Who knows how many powerful arcane skills have been used here and had their arcane energy infused into the land… he can actually distinguish and analyze these arcane energies and use them as if he were using fragments of arcane skills to battle!”

Ivan, Charlotte, and the others atop the stands all broke into a cold sweat.

This domain coupled with the other skill, which caused one’s mind to become muddled as if in a dream and caused reality to seem like it’s stopped… how could one win?!

Stingham had clearly been frightened as a layer of cold sweat appeared atop his body.

“Haha, how could your tricks possibly harm me? Did you see it? I blew away your attack like I was casually blowing on someone’s hair.”

The spectators all nearly spit blood as Stingham tried to play it off and look cool once again. They watched as he took another pose which he thought was handsome and laughed loudly.

Trying to play it cool, Stingham brushed his hair.


But in the next second, against the expectation of everyone watching, Stingham suddenly let out a wretched scream like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.


Even Tyrin was stunned for a moment as he failed to understand what had happened to Stingham. Could his skill have already caused him to take a heavy hit?

“My hair!”

“You actually completely cut off my hair on one side!”

“My handsome hair!”

“You actually ruined my hair to look like Wilde!”


Stingham crazily shouted all at once in the next moment.

“He’s acting so crazily just because part of his hair was cut off?” The audience was absolutely speechless.

And the most speechless was Iron Forest Academy’s Wilde. He brushed his hand through his hair as doubts emerged and he wondered if his hairstyle was actually that ugly.

“He has completely awakened now. His super narcissism has managed to produce this arcane skill like brain stimulating effect.” For the first time, Jean Camus’s expression changed as some astonishment passed across his face.

Stinghim didn’t even realize it as the hysteria he experienced completely awakened him from within the nightmare state.

“You actually turned my handsome hair into this mess!”

“You are dead!”

“Gates of Gods!”

A wild and shrill scream rang across the stage as arcane particles suddenly began to surge atop Stingham’s body like never before.

With an explosion, Stingham’s body shot into the air like a rocket.

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