Chapter 218: Tyrin’s Wild Ambition and Stingham’s Show

Chapter 218: Tyrin’s Wild Ambition and Stingham’s Show

Finally, after receiving a warning from a vice-referee, Stingham began walking back towards center stage.

“What is he about to do now?”

Stingham was walking back when he seemed to have suddenly thought of something. Everyone’s eyes widened as they watched him stop and turn towards Golden Stag Academy’s team.

“Wait! Where’s Hill?” Stingham suddenly shouted towards Rinsyi and the other team members.

Hill? Didn’t he just suffer from Moss’s mutual destruction and get carried of the stage by the medical team?

The spectators were unable to follow Stingham’s train of thought and thus found his words incomprehensible.

Rinsyi and the other team members also blanked.

“Hurry up and bring him back!”

Stingham began to shout loudly, “Didn’t he make a bet with Belo where the loser had to lick the other’s feet? He hasn’t licked any feet yet, how can he just leave?! Hurry up and bring him back!”

The entire arena became silent.

“While on the stage, it is forbidden to provoke those off stage. Hurry up and come back so we can start the match. Otherwise, you will be disqualified,” main referee Clancy said, his face darkening. He was unable to put up with Stingham’s antics any longer.

Stingham’s face was full of melancholy and annoyance as he returned to his spot. As he walked, he couldn’t help but mutter, “But I wasn’t provoking anyone, I was just reminding them of a deal between men?”

“Are you still fighting?” The seemingly aloof Tyrin suddenly barked at this moment.

“What a terrifying aura!”

As Tyrin spoke, many nearby spectators simultaneously felt a slight tingle pass through their skin.

“Of course.”

Stingham nonchalantly gestured towards Clancy, indicating that he was ready.


Just when Clancy was about to wave the flag and signal the start of the match, Stingham interrupted once more.

After calling for a stop, Stingham combed his hair then took an offensive posture which he thought as handsome.

In the stands, many spectators nearly fell out of their seats.

“Alright, I’m ready!”

“Stingham versus Tyrin. Start!”

Afraid that Stingham might do something else, Clancy almost immediately waved his flag and called for the match to start.


The sound of chatter within the arena was abruptly interrupted by the sound of space being torn apart.

No one had seen Tyrin move, yet a black sphere covered in countless currents of black electricity had already appeared in front of Stingham’s chest as Clancy waved his flag.

“Silent-invocation skill! Such a fast casting speed! Tyrin is much more terrifying than last year!”

These thoughts hadn’t passed through many spectators’ minds when Stingham suddenly reached forward with his hand.

Stingham maintained his “handsome” pose as his hand diagonally extended into the space before him.

Raging dark-red flames surged onto his hand as it extended outwards. The black sphere of arcane energy, which was about to collide with his clothes, suddenly changed directions and flew into the palm of his hand.

A bang rang through the arena.

The black sphere had been destroyed by Stingham’s hand and turned into countless scattering black flames.

“Wahahaha, I’m the most handsome!”

After popping a black sphere with his hand, Stingham immediately began laughing.

“It’s Death’s Clutch!”

“It must have hurt a lot.”

Although his hand was indeed in pain, Stingham tried to cover it up and maintain a pose which he considered chic and handsome. However, due to a slight contortion of Stingham’s face, many people were able to realize that his hand was in pain.

“So fast…”

“He actually used an arcane skill like that to break through Tyrin’s attack!”

“This idiotic fellow… is actually a special genius?!”

Stingham’s expression and appearance were especially ridiculous, yet not a single person laughed.

Death’s Clutch was a short-ranged attacking skill. Only if Stingham’s invocation rate was no slower than Tyrin’s would he be able to catch Tyrin’s arcane sphere with it. Moreover, Stingham had endured the explosive power contained with the sphere. This meant that not only had the strength of his arcane energy surpassed Tyrin, but that his body was physically strong as well.

Although Stingham had clearly suffered some pain, his fingers were still all fine.

“During last year’s tournament, Tyrin had opened three arcane gates. Could it be that this substitute of Holy Dawn Academy has already opened four?!”

‘This fellow, he wasn’t just all talk?”

“This idiotic fellow who hasn’t appeared until now is actually this strong?”

“Holy Dawn Academy were actually hiding a powerhouse like him this entire time?!”

After seeing his black sphere crushed by Stingham, Tyrin didn’t immediately attack again. He silently observed Stingham, waiting, but Stingham didn’t try to counterattack. The two motionlessly stood atop the stage as the stands descended into turmoil.

“The strength of their arcane particles is about the same. Neither should have opened the fourth gate yet. However, it seems like Stingham’s affinity with arcane energy is greater than Tyrin’s. Thus, even if they use the same level of arcane skills and consume the same number of arcane particles, Stingham’s skill will be more powerful than Tyrin’s skill. Moreover, Stingham’s body is much stronger. This is an issue caused by the difference in bloodlines.”

In the stands, Morgan whispered in disbelief, “This Stingham fellow… he has a high level dragon bloodline?! Holy Dawn Academy was actually still hiding another high level bloodline?! They have Rinloran’s high level elf bloodline as well as this fellow’s dragon bloodline?!”

“A high level dragon bloodline…” Just like how Morgan couldn’t hold it in any longer, an abnormal light flickered through the calm Jean Camus’ eyes on the other side of the stands as he quietly muttered to himself.



“So this is where your arrogance and self-confidence is all stemming from, your high level dragon bloodline.”

Amidst the cries of shock and slander, Tyrin turned his head and looked at Rinsyi and his teammates from the center of the stage.

“Rinsyi, even you have felt the pressure and let it affect you. You are no longer as confident as before.”

Tyrin inwardly whispered to himself. But his external appearance remained the same, he seemed to still be feeling a chill and aloof, and his face was emotionless.

In the eyes of others, Rinsyi would seem to be incomparably calm at this moment. However, those familiar with Rinsyi could see the anxiety, anger, and uncertainty which had emerged within his eyes.

“Hill isn’t the only one who has been aiming to defeat you… Captain Rinsyi, I have also always dreamed of defeating and surpassing you.”

“Your current appearance tells me that you are not so powerful that I cannot surpass you… since it is like this, I will have even more of a reason to fight.”

As he coldly thought to himself, Tyrin, who seemed to be the most harmless, slow, and low-key member of Golden Stag Academy’s team, turned his head and looked at Stingham again.

“Such an intense killing intent!”

“Tyrin’s aura has become even stronger.”

The majority of the audience felt as if Tyrin had become even more terrifying than before.

“Haha, what do you think, am I handsome or what?”

The entire audience nearly fell onto their faces as Stingham motioned towards Tyrin and once again narcissistically laughed out loud in response to Tyrin’s terrifying change as if he hadn’t felt it.

“I’m coming!”

“Tyrin’s about to use his entire strength!”

The eyes of those spectators who had seen Tyrin’s matches before subconsciously opened wide.


The space around Tyrin’s body suddenly distorted.

A total of thirteen arcane spheres covered with black light emerged, one after another, between his hands. Afterwards, the spheres all shot out before him.

Simultaneously, his body began to float in the air as if he had suddenly become weightless. Tyrin began flying around the arena.

Every ten meters, yet another black sphere quietly appeared behind him.

“The fluctuations of arcane energy coming from these arcane spheres are so strong! So powerful!”

As Ayrin intently watched, he couldn’t help but shout out.

“He’s really like a mother bird, leaving behind a ball every couple meters,” Ayrin couldn’t help but quietly add.

“Whoosh… whoosh…”

Each and every one of Tyrin’s black spheres looked exactly the same. From the fluctuations of arcane energy they released, it was likely that many people couldn’t even receive an attack from one of them. The fluctuations were so intense that countless chaotic small tornadoes were formed atop the stage, causing the sound of violently gusting wind to spread across the stage.

But at this time, another shocking scene appeared as Stingham just casually pulled out his comb and brushed his hair!

“Liszt, this fellow from your academy is just quite a character, but it’s too much, no?” In a corner of the stands, even the perverted medical master Songat couldn’t take it any longer as he huffed and shouted at Liszt, who was lazily leaning against a wall behind him, causing bits of the pie he was currently chewing to fly everywhere.

“There’s nothing we could do. Even Rui had headaches due to this fellow,” Liszt responded. He couldn’t help but laugh.

Tyrin’s body continued flying over the arena. Already, more than thirty black spheres had emerged.

“Scryer: Spheres of a Corrupt Angel!”

At this moment, Tyrin’s arms abruptly flapped like wings as he quickly chanted.

Six black arcane spheres emerged at different positions around Stingham’s body and simultaneously began accelerating towards him.

Black light from the spheres connected, forming a hexagonal ring around Stingham.

The six black arcane spheres were over ten meters away from Stingham, but the black image of a winged angel had already taken form atop the formation. It wielded a giant sword of judgement with arcane energy revolving around it in its hand.

“What kind of taboo skill is this?!”

“Such power! The condensed arcane energy is too terrifying!”

“This feeling, it’s very similar to Dark Destruction Dragon. It must be a purely destructive offensive skill!”

The expressions of Ivan and the others immediately changed.

Tyrin’s strength was even greater than they had imagined.


But at this moment, a green sheen, which only Clancy and the other referees could see, suddenly emerged within Stinghan’s eyes as if they had suddenly turned into two emeralds.

“Break for me!”

Stingham’s right arm was like a longsword as it fiercely swung up.

A stream of deep green particle shot out from the palm of his hand, creating a ten meter long beam of light.


This deep green beam of particles wasn’t directed towards the corrupt angel by his head, but at empty space. Yet, a moment later, the corrupt angel suddenly shattered and disappeared.

“He actually…”

Atop the stands, Dragon Breath Academy captain Morgan unconsciously stood up from his seat.

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