Chapter 217: Stingham Makes his Appearance (like an Idiot)!”

Chapter 217: Stingham Makes his Appearance (like an Idiot)!”

“This is…?!”

Warlock Hill’s expression had remained callous this entire time. But at this moment, his eyes suddenly enlarged and shocked flooded his face.

As he was struck by the golden ring of light, Hill felt his energy and strength being sapped out from every single particle of his body.

He felt as if he had been turned into a snowman. His body had weakened to a state where he couldn’t even move, as if every single particle had been frozen.

“What’s going on?!”

“What has happened?!

Cries of shock continuously rang out from the Golden Stag Academy’s portion of the stands.

Time seemed to have stopped atop the stage.

The now giant Moss, as well as Hill, were both completely still.

As golden ring of light remained atop the stage, everyone felt it tug at their mind and spirit.

The expressions of all of Golden Stag Academy’s team members, including Rinsyi and Megan, drastically changed.

“Sacrificial Halo… so this was the plan from the start!”

Ayrin was the first to react.

“It’s Sacrificial Halo!”

“It’s the long lost skill, Sacrificial Halo! How can this fellow use this arcane skill?!”

“What?! It’s Sacrificial Halo!”

Cries of shock spread across the stands like a tsunami.

Amidst the countless shouts, the rest of the spectators finally reacted as they realized what had occurred atop the stage.

“Moss, this fellow, has actually managed to learn Sacrificial Halo!”

Within the stands, Ivan, Ferguillo, Charlotte, and the others fell into states of immense shock.

Sacrificial Halo and Brambles Backlash were two legendary arcane skills which had become the glorious symbols of giants during the Era of the War with Dragons.

Numerous ancient books and records contained countless images of giants covered in snow white brambles and radiating golden rings of light as they charged forth into battle.

For one of these two legendary arcane skills, which were considered long lost, to suddenly appear at this moment, it was just too miraculous.

“Sacrificial Halo is a mutual destruction type skill. It instantly begins burning the user’s and their opponent’s vitalities… indeed, Moss has a greater vitality than Hill, so as long he expends a large amount of his own vitality, he should be able to bring Hill to a near death weakened state!”

The normally calm and composed Ivan was stunned for a while before he finally spoke in a dazed manner.

“Was this Holy Dawn Academy’s plan?!”

“They let Moss relax and nourish his body as much as he could before the match so they could use this strategy!”

The people in the stands also began to react at this time.

“So it was like this!”

Dragon Breath Academy’s team members all also felt an impulse to shout out loud.

This battle plan was just so straightforward!

Carter had simply let Moss relax and eat before the match so that his vitality would reach its peak state and allow him to endure the self-harm caused by this arcane skill!


“Stay in there!”

The Golden Stag Academy students continuously cheered from the stands.

The dazzling golden ring of light in the centre of the stage began gradually dwindling, but Moss and Hill remained motionless.

“I… I… How can I… lose to this level of an opponent!”

Hill roared over and over again in his mind as he panted heavily. However, there was just no strength left in his body. He felt as if his body would immediately collapse if he moved even a single finger.

Drops of sweat uncontrollably formed on his skin. Even his feet were soaked in sweat.


It wasn’t a terribly loud roar, but it caused everyone to feel as if a giant hammer had smashed into their chests.


The arena seemed to tremble as countless shouts of encouragement rang out from the stands occupied by the students of Holy Dawn Academy and the other St Lauren schools.

Moss had taken a step towards Hill!

His enlarged body was also dripping with sweat, and seemed quite unsteady as if he might fall down at any moment.

But then, Moss took another step towards Hill, causing the cheers and screams to become even louder.

“I’m not afraid of you!”

“I’m gonna knock you off your pedestal!”

At this moment, Moss lifted his head. His body was extremely weak and his eyes had already become blood red, yet his body and blood boiled as thoughts of victory ran through his mind. He was certain he would not fall before taking down Hill!

“Hill actually…”

At this moment within the stands, all of Golden Stag Academy’s students became silent.

“Come! I… I absolutely will not lose to someone like you!’

Because of his strong pride and the humiliation he felt from being trapped by his opponent’s plan, the unable to move Hill gathered his strength and let out a frenzied cry.

However, this scream had exhausted the last drops of power within his body. In the next moment, he lost his balance.

A bang resounded across the stage.

Hill fell backwards and crashed into the ground.

“Haaa… haaa…” Hill panted heavily but remained motionless like a corpse after hitting the ground.

“Match over!”

At this moment, chief referee Clancy took a deep breath and declared the end.

Hill had actually been knocked onto the ground… he had lost?!

Hill’s strength undoubtedly placed him within the top ten celebrity fighters of this national tournament, if not the top five, yet he had lost just like this?

No one could believe their eyes.

“What else is trying to do?”

Several cries suddenly rang out from the stands.

Moss had already won the match, yet he was still making his way forward, step by step.

“This guy… what a performance!” Ayrin was stunned as he quickly realized that Moss had already completely reached his limit and was losing consciousness but was still moving forward because of his desire to fight and win.

“Moss, you have already won!”

“There’s no need to continue. You can withdraw now!”

At this time in the stands, students of Holy Dawn Academy continuously shouted at Moss.

“Moss, you have made me proud, proud of you.”

A gentle voice simultaneously rang out.

Moss couldn’t hear what the students of Holy Dawn Academy were saying, but upon hearing this familiar voice, he immediately turned around.

“I’ve already won… it’s already over?”

Hearing that familiar voice, Moss immediately woke from his stupor. A slight smile emerged on his face as he tried to pump his fist in the air. However, his body was just too exhausted and unable to continue. With a bang, he fell to the ground like a small collapsing mountain.


“What a result!”

“Warlock Hill was directly defeated!”

As Hill and Moss were both carried away by medical teams, the entire arena descended into discourse.

Warlock Hill was the second most powerful existence in Golden Stag Academy’s team! As for Moss, he had seemed to be the weakest amongst the mainstays of Holy Dawn Academy.

This result caused those who had believed that there was no hope for Holy Dawn Academy to suddenly realize that this match could very possibly be a great battle which would still be talked about years later.

“Wahahahaha. It is finally time for this wise and divinely skilled genius to emerge!”

An incongruous and wild laughter suddenly rang out from Holy Dawn Academy’s side.

“It really is this seemingly idiotic fellow?”

The audience watched as Stingham took out a brush and combed his hair and then proudly walked onto the stage in a very narcissistic manner.

“Holy Dawn Academy’s lineup was indeed as this fellow disclosed earlier. That Moss was first, and he was second?!”

“I wonder what secrets this guy is hiding. I bet Rinsyi and the rest of Golden Stag Academy’s team are spitting blood right now though. They were planning to win by a lot, and so they put Hill out first, but it ended up backfiring and causing them to lose a lot.”

As Dragon Breath Academy’s team watched Stingham walk out, they couldn’t help but talk excitedly amongst themselves.

Golden Stag Academy’s side of the stands was completely silent.

“A very good trap.” The very pretty Megan was the first to break the silence as she looked at the nearby Tyrin. “From now on, we must be a little cautious. Otherwise we might become laughing stocks.”


Tyrin, a little boy who seemed aloof, slowly replied as he began walking toward the stage. He seemed like he was eternally a little cold.

“Hellball Master Tyrin!”

“Golden Stag Academy’s second competitor is Tyrin! They are actually using their full power for this match!”

Before Clancy could even announce the competitors of the second match, nearly all of the spectators had already recognized the seemingly aloof little boy.


Hellball Master Tyrin was also an extremely unique celebrity fighter.

In last year’s tournament, all of his offensive and defensive actions had been accomplished through usage of countless black spheres of arcane energy about the size of a fist.

These black spheres of arcane energy were incredibly strange. They could appear anywhere atop the stage and could be controlled by Tyrin through some kind of unknown method.

Thus, his opponents had to always be aware of each and every one of these arcane spheres at all times and couldn’t focus on just him, making the one on one fight one against many.

But the most crucial aspect of these black spheres of arcane energy was that while they all looked the same, they all had varying powers and properties.

There were some which would be purely physical attacks, whereas some others would contain spiritual attacks or detrimental effects.

“Does this fellow actually have the ability to fight against Tyrin?”

Thoughts like this continuously echoed through many spectators’ minds as they observed the exuberant Stingham opposite Tyrin.

“It’s about to start. What does this fellow have up his sleeve?”

Due to Moss’s performance in the first match, Morgan and the rest were eagerly expecting Stingham’s match. They were itching to see what kind of strength this odd fellow would have. Thus, they were bewildered when Stingham, who was already in position, suddenly ran to the other side of the stage.

“Sophia, you came to watch my match!”

“After I win this match, let us start getting along better!”

As Stingham excitedly shouted those words towards Sophia, who was beside Ferguillo and the others, after rushing to that side of the stands, the rest of the audience became speechless.

“Did this fellow came to chase skirts or participate in the tournament!”

Many spectators began swearing at Stingham.

“I’m most handsome!” Some spectators even began taunting him by sarcastically saying his favourite phrase.

“Haha, everyone knows I’m the most handsome!” Everyone’s faces filled with black lines as Stingham didn’t become angry from their mockery, but even more happy as he shouted at the top of his lungs, “I’m most handsome!”

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