Chapter 215: An Assembly of Powerful Spectators (And the Symptoms of Face Blindness)

Chapter 215: An Assembly of Powerful Spectators (And the Symptoms of Face Blindness)

“So many people! There are even more people here today than during yesterday’s match between Abel and Winterfall Academy.”

“At this rate, we might not be able to get any of the closer seats!”

At the crack of dawn, Wilde and the rest arrived at the plaza outside of the Arena of Fire and Blood. Looks of astonishment filled their faces.

There was still quite a while before the start of the match between Holy Dawn Academy and Golden Stag Academy, yet the entire plaza was already teeming with people. Each and every entrance into the arena was congested with people.

“Let’s go.”

But just as Ferguillo calmly spoke and motioned for the rest to prepare to enter, he suddenly turned his head.

Charlotte, Wilde, and the others subconsciously followed his action. They watched as a large group of girls from Agate Lake Academy approached.

“Sophia! You have recovered from your injuries?”

Charlotte immediately cried out in surprise the moment she saw the face of one of the taller girls.

“I haven’t completely recovered, but for a fight like this, we have to at least send people out to show our support and cheer for Ayrin and his team, right?” Sophia said with a smile. She had slimmed considerably, but she still seemed to be in high spirits as she walked to the front of her group.

Ivan nodded his head at Sophia. Just as he was about to ask about how Nikita and the rest were recovering, he had a premonition and raised his head and looked forward.

Not far away, a handsome young man with a cynical expression on his face and wearing a crumpled, moon white arcane master robe tried to inconspicuously move forward through the crowd.

“It’s Maurice!” Ivan said in astonishment.

“Maurice?” Charlotte was slow on the uptake as she subconsciously repeated the name. The next moment, she had a sudden realization as she said, “The old captain of the River Bend Academy’s championship winning team! The strongest wanderer, Maurice?!”

“It is him.” Ferguillo’s voice was a bit more respectful as he said, “An existence on the same level as Liszt. He is a solitary wandering arcane master who refuses to let anything chain him down, and even refused the Office of Special Affair’s invitation to join. He spends his days traversing across the entire Doraster Continent.”


At the same time, Joyce, the captain of Sea God Academy’s team, had just taken a seat atop the stands within the arena when his entire body suddenly froze.

“Captain, what’s wrong?” Several nearby teammates asked upon noticing his abnormal condition.

“Jean Camus! Even he has come,” Joyce said in a trembling voice as he stared at a reserved looking boy with long and jumbled hair in the stands.

“What! You mean that fellow called the number one genius of the Kingdom of Doa who has never lost a fight and uses extremely strange and terrifying arcane skills? Is it really that Jean Camus?

The present members of Sea God Academy all sucked in a breath of cold air.

Outside of his long, out of control hair, Jean Camus had no other special characteristics. But as they began observing him closely, they suddenly felt as if the entire stands had been seemingly frozen by his invisible reserved aura. It was as if he could attack any person in this part of the stands at any time. There was even a feeling that the audience members around him were being manipulated by him.

The most frightening and chilling thing was that none of the audience members around him seemed to sense any abnormalities or his strength.

“Caesar has also come.”

At this time, Morgan, Audrey, and the rest of their teammates had just walked into the arena. As their gazes swept across the stands, Morgan quietly whispered to his teammates.

“Then those around him should be the other members of the Death God team, the team considered the strongest academy team in all of the Kingdom of Doa?”

Following Morgan’s gaze, Audrey immediately saw five young people wearing various styles of worn-out looking armours. The five of them all seemed extremely rugged, as if they were primitive hunters of the wilderness.

“These fellows are all killing machines…” Morgan began quietly speaking, then suddenly stopped as a group of arcane masters consisting of three boys and a girl all wearing dark green camouflage robes suddenly appeared in his line of sight. Morgan suddenly felt his nose assaulted by the faint scent of blood.

“Members of House Eclipsed Moon?”

Traces of shock flashed through Audrey’s eyes as she saw the group of four, “Members of the Headhunter Houses who begin learning to kill the moment they learn how to walk… Mortal enemies of Megan’s House Roland. How come they are appearing so openly?”

“This should be a demonstration towards Megan.” Morgan quietly exhaled, “Appearing so publicly like this expresses that they aren’t afraid of death and shows their resolve to fight to the death against their mortal enemies.”


“That’s Rowan, the captain of the number one arcane team of the Southam Demon Corps!

“It’s House Lannister’s Lord Martin!”

“That’s Commander Morton of the Northern Holy Land’s Snow Wolf Corps!”

At the same time on the other side of the arena, the stands suddenly erupted in chaos.

Three legendary figures whose names were only ever heard in the news had suddenly made their appearance in the stands.

“Rowan and Morton are both responsible for selecting arcane masters for their respective corps. For them to both appear here, could they already have their eyes on someone?”

As people speculated, Rowan, who was wearing ordinary blue coloured clothes, had already greeted Morton, who was wearing furry leather clothing, with a smile and a wave, “Morton, I didn’t expect to see you here as well.”

“It was indeed a bit of a sudden decision,” Morton replied, revealing a smirk. Standing side by side, the tall and burly Morton was a full half a head taller than the skinny Rowan. After congregating, Morton directly asked Rowan, “So who do you have your eyes on?”

“It seems like none of these fellows from Holy Dawn Academy are going anywhere yet, so I have my eyes on all of them,” Rowan replied, still smiling.

Morton was taken by surprise after which he roared back, “Shameless!”

“Then what about you, old friend?” Rowan chortled as if he wasn’t angry at all.

“All of them!” Morton snorted.

“Indeed. As it is the first time the mainstays of this Holy Dawn Academy team have entered the national tournament, they were all relatively unknown before. Thus, they have yet to be invited into any corps or houses. It’s no surprise that so many famous figures of the various corps and houses have personally come. Ayrin, Chris, and Rinloran have all shown strength completely surpassing those celebrity fighters.”

Right as many people were recovering from the shock of seeing so many legends and drawing a conclusion to their speculations, a huge commotion occurred in the plaza outside of the arena.

“Is it Holy Dawn Academy or Golden Stag Academy’s team that has arrived?”

Just from hearing the cheers, the audience members within the arena immediately guessed that one of the teams had arrived. Indeed, it was Holy Dawn Academy’s team.

“Golden Stag Academy’s team has actually come so early today as well?”

Cries of shock rang out atop the plaza as Golden Stag Academy’s team emerged from the other side not too long after.

“So many people!”

“Rinsyi and his team are also here?”

Ayrin, who had been admiring the size of the crowd from amongst a cluster of Holy Dawn Academy students, also immediately saw the arrival of the Golden Stag Academy team.


Before Ayrin and the others could even react, Stingham had already squeezed out from the group and quickly run towards Golden Stag Academy’s team.

“Just what does this fellow want to accomplish?”

Afraid that Stingham would cause some kind of trouble before the start of the match and get disqualified again, Ayrin, Chris, and the rest exchanged looks before hurriedly following behind him.

But they could only watch Stingham stopped directly in between Golden Stag Academy’s team and the arena entrance and blocked their path with his hands on his hips.

“What are you doing?” Ayrin couldn’t help but ask after catching up to Stingham.

“Before a fight, don’t we have to lower the opponent’s morale?”

Stingham loudly laughed after replying to Ayrin as he combed his hair and made a pose which he considered handsome before shouting at Rinsyi and his team, “How is it? Today, my wise and godly, and most importantly most handsome, self will be fighting at the second position. Are you all afraid yet?”

“…….” Black lines immediately emerged on the faces of Ayrin and the others.

Many of them nearly stuck their heads in the ground in shame.

Today, Rinsyi was in the center of the Golden Stag Academy team members. His eyes were already narrowed into slits, and he seemed even colder and quiet than usual. Sophia had characterized him as someone who spouted a lot of shit, yet today, he didn’t make a single sound when facing Stingham’s cries.

“Interesting.” A grin appeared on Megan’s alluring face as she observed Stingham.

“Dumbass,” Warlock Hill sneered from the front of the group.

“Before a match, it is forbidden to taunt opponents to try and cause an incident.”

A referee responsible for making sure that the participating teams entered in an orderly fashion immediately walked over and reprimanded Stingham. Afterwards, he motioned towards Chris, “You all will enter first.”

“I apologize Rinsyi. Our teammate was wrong for taunting you. Let us decide everything on the arena!” As captain, Chris gave an apology.

As she spoke, her eyes were fixed on Hill, who was standing at the forefront.

“Is she apologizing to Hill or Rinsyi?” The nearby crowd was confused.

“Does she actually not know who is Rinsyi? This must be on purpose. It must… she must be acting like she doesn’t know who Rinsyi is to humiliate him.”

“Are you not Rinsyi?” Hearing the crowd around her whispering, Chris felt like something wasn’t right. She apologetically explained to Hill, “My face blindness is a bit serious.”

“I am Hill!” Chris’s look of embarrassment and innocence caused Hill to feel like he was going crazy. He couldn’t help but violently nod his head towards Rinsyi behind him as he shouted, “That is Rinsyi!”

“It wasn’t on purpose.”

Chris apologized. Afterwards, she entered into one of the participant’s halls behind her alongside Ayrin and the rest of her team.

“If you are able to step upon the arena, I will make you remember me.” At this time, Rinsyi raised his head as he finally couldn’t resist speaking.

“Hill, I will not be fighting today. However, if there are opportunities in the future, I would be more than willing to have a fight,” Chris turned her head and sincerely replied towards Rinsyi.

“… Hill?”

“Just what kind of face blindness is this? Just a blink of the eye and she is already calling Rinsyi Hill. It must be on purpose!”

The surrounding crowd all nearly slammed their heads into the ground.

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