Chapter 214: A Night of Anticipation

Chapter 214: A Night of Anticipation

“Such intense arcane energy fluctuations, even I can’t help but tremble. It seems like this year, Rinsyi has mastered an even more powerful taboo skill of House Baratheon.”

It was evening. In the residence of Golden Stag Academy’s team, the team’s vice-captain, “Warlock” Hill muttered to himself as he suddenly stopped gathering arcane particles. An ugly expression emerged on his face.

At the same time, a charming smile emerged on Megan’s face as she playfully juggled five small balls of condensed arcane particles between her fingers. Feeling the strong fluctuations of arcane energy emanating from Rinsyi’s room, she said to herself, “Such terrifying fluctuations, it seems like it is the first of Baratheon’s five taboo arts… I can’t believe you have already become so strong. Ferguillo and Ayrin’s group really must have put a lot of pressure on you eh, for you to remain constantly training in your room. You didn’t even go and watch yesterday’s match containing Dragon Breath Academy or today’s match containing Abel Academy.”

Remnants of the terrifying arcane energy fluctuations lingered within Rinsyi’s room.

Within the darkness, these remnants of arcane energy glowed faintly, causing the room to appear as if it was filled with many yellow demonic eyes which were flickering in and out of existence.

However, Hill and Megan would not recognize the current Rinsyi. Compared to two days prior, Rinsyi had become much more thin and pallid, as if he had suddenly aged several years. Even his purple hair had shrivelled in places.

His cheeks had slimmed a lot and were now sunken in places. He was currently making an extremely hideous expression.

“Why… why am I still lacking and unable to use this secret skill! Just what the hell have these fellows from Holy Dawn Academy done to me… it’s obvious that they cannot possibly defeat us, so why am I still feeling pressure? Why do I feel like I have been constrained by invisible shackles?!”

Rinsyi was a little hysteric as he screamed into the darkness. Due to his mood swing, arcane particles flowed between his fingertips, causing minor explosions.


“Who would have expected that the competitors of this year’s national tournament would be so strong…”

“They are students just like us. Ignoring the differences in talent, I wonder how much time they spend training?”

Under the starry night sky, countless groups of young people chatted about the tournament as they walked through the streets of Eichemalar.

Following Deepwood Motte Academy’s defeat at the hands of Dragon Breath Academy yesterday, the second round of the quarterfinals had occurred today between Abel Academy and Winterfell Academy.

In the end, Abel Academy was able to barely eke out a victory as they won five to four over the north’s most powerful Winterfell Academy. But it was not without a price, as two of their mainstays were severely injured.

A large number of the students chattering about the tournament in the various corners of Eichemalar came from St. Lauren. For many, it was their first time coming to the national tournament and encountering the students from other academies.

These high level fights impacted both their world views and mentalities, causing them to become more hardened.

Many of them originally thought that fights between the members of arcane teams would only consist of mutually displaying arcane skills – you throw out a streak of flames, then I create a pillar of flames – and seeing whose arcane skill was more powerful. But after personally seeing the battles between academies, they finally learned that what they thought was been completely wrong and realized the massive gap between them and the powerhouses of the various academies.

“Chris also has an ordinary human bloodline, yet by expending more effort, she is able to compete with, and even defeat, these people. We cannot give ourselves up to despair and must also put more effort in towards chasing after their footsteps!”

An originally misguided student who thought they were only just slightly lazier than others became truly motivated by his experiences as he made the decision to begin training as if his life depended on it to try and shorten the distance between him and the peak students.

“Draconic spells and strange boundaries defeat the kings of the North! Barbarian King Rekai is unable to ascend to the skies as Abel Academy slaughters its way into the semi-finals for the thirteenth straight time.

On a street not far from the athlete village, a young man with a splinted, bandage covered arm gently set down several copies of the newest Breith Magazine and then continued walking towards the athlete village.

“Rinloran! That’s Holy Dawn Academy’s Rinloran!”

“He’s really so cool and handsome!”

As he passed by, many people quickly recognized him. Especially girls, as they all shrilly screamed his name.

“Rinloran is still in such an injured state and Chris’s state is even worse. Even if Chris had recovered as quickly as Rinloran, I’m afraid she still wouldn’t be able to take part tomorrow.”

“Deepwood Motte Academy and Winterfall Academy were both so strong, but they were unable to defeat Dragon Breath Academy and Abel Academy, which were ranked as monster-level teams… Golden Stag Academy is another monster-level team, can Holy Dawn Academy somehow produce a miracle?”

“Tomorrow is the day of Holy Dawn Academy and Golden Stag Academy’s match…”

Although Dragon Breath and Abel Academy’s matches had both concluded, the majority of people felt like they were about to experience yet another sleepless night.

The most anticipated match of the quarterfinals between Holy Dawn Academy and Golden Stag Academy had finally arrived!

Chris was still injured.

Rinloran was still injured.

Ayrin had only just recovered.

Moss had spent the past days relaxing and resting, and hadn’t trained at all.

Stingham had been spending his days wandering the streets of Eichemalar and shouting about his handsomeness.

No one could think of a way for Holy Dawn Academy to defeat Golden Stag Academy, yet many still couldn’t say that Holy Dawn Academy would definitely lose.


“Tomorrow is their match against Golden Stag Academy. Although I don’t know what tricks Carter is hiding up his sleeve, with how fast Ayrin’s speed of improvement is, perhaps they can actually win.”

Standing in her room, Charlotte had just finished a round of training and was about to condense arcane particles when she suddenly looked in the direction of the athlete village. She couldn’t help but mutter a few words to herself.

“Others might not know well just how strong Rinsyi and his team are, but you do.” In a tavern not far away, Ivan looked at the calm Ferguillo, “Ignoring Carter’s plans, do you believe Holy Dawn Academy has any chance of defeating Golden Stag Academy?”

“I cannot predict how likely Holy Dawn Academy will defeat Golden Stag Academy,” Ferguillo looked at Ivan eye to eye, then calmly continued, “But I can guarantee that Ayrin has a good chance of winning if he manages to fight against Rinsyi.”

Ivan’s body violently trembled. He opened his mouth to speak again, but no words would come out.



Dragon Breath Academy team captain Morgan had just exited the athlete village under the cover of darkness when he suddenly heard someone call his name.

“Jean Camus?”

Upon seeing a boy from behind him, Morgan was stunned. “You actually came?” The boy was feminine-looking like Rinloran, with black hair falling all the way past his waist and an extremely reserved character. He had a confident smirk on his face.

Jean Camus didn’t respond to his question and instead continued to observe Morgan with a smile. “Not bad, you have yet to fall behind… The Kingdom of Eiche still has an existence who can threaten me.”

“This fellow…” Morgan weakly laughed. Afterwards, a thought popped into his head as he turned and looked at the boy called Jean Camus and said, “Jean Camus, even though you don’t put Rinsyi and the others in your eyes, I am still no longer your only opponent in the Kingdom of Eiche.”

“Eh?” Jean Camus looked down at his two white hands out of habit, “Another genius like you has appeared in the national tournament this year? Which team?”

“You should be able to see him tomorrow,” Morgan laughingly replied.

“Is that so? Then I shall wait and see,” Jean Camus replied with a smirk.


Ayrin’s ten fingers constantly danced as he used quickly executed Logic Fingers to gather his spirit.

Countless particles were continuously being compressed and transformed into gem-like arcane particles within his body. He had stopped all other training and focused on condensing arcane particles ever since watching Dragon Breath Academy’s match the prior day.

At this time, he could feel that his two opened arcane gates were nearly filled with arcane particles.

As for the other five unopened gates which he hadn’t opened yet, they were also almost full of arcane particles. This was because the secret skill Gate of Life allowed him to equally spread compressed arcane particles across all of his arcane gates.

“Not good, so painful. My body has surpassed its limits… I’m cramping!”

Ayrin’s fingers stopped their fast and supple movements and suddenly stiffened as they cramped up, turning his hands into chicken claws. Ayrin’s entire body began twitching as he let out a miserable scream and fell onto the ground.


After convulsing on the ground for a full minute, Ayrin was finally able to let out breath of relief as his body completely relaxed and flattened against the ground.

“Tomorrow is the day we fight against Rinsyi and his team…”

“Only a short amount of time has passed since I encountered this fellow in St Lauren, but it feels like it has been so long. Is it because of all of the people I’ve met and all of the things which have happened since then?”

“Regardless, to be fighting against such a powerful opponent, just thinking about it makes me energized… We must win tomorrow!”

After continuously condensing arcane particles for so long, Ayrin had long since surpassed the limit of his body. Thus, he was currently in an extremely weak state. He didn’t even have the strength to get up. But as he sensed the full arcane gates within his body and thought about the arcane skills which he had mastered these last few days, Ayrin was certain that after resting tonight, he would be exhibiting a new level of power tomorrow.”

“Rinsyi, tomorrow we will see just how strong you and your team are!”

“Time feels like it has been passing so slowly… but it’s because I can’t wait to defeat you and your team!”

Although Ayrin was currently so weak that he couldn’t sit up, he still cried out as he became filled with battle spirit.

At this same moment in Moss’s room, Carter asked Moss, “How is it? It feels pretty good, right?” These last few days, Moss had clearly gained weight.

“It doesn’t feel good…” Moss’s hands suddenly clenched into fists as the sound of bones cracking rang through the room. “Because I already can’t hold back anymore. I really want to fight.” Blood vessels bulged on Moss’s forehead as he looked at Carter.

“Very good.” Carter smirked, then patted Moss’s shoulder. “I trust that you will not let us down.”

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