Chapter 211: Liszt vs. Leonardo! A Confrontation of Taboo Level Masters!

Chapter 211: Liszt vs. Leonardo! A Confrontation of Taboo Level Masters!

Whoosh… whoosh… whoosh…

A total of ten incomparably fast shadows emerged from all directions as two arcane teams from the Office of Special Affairs encircled a stone training room.

“Just what has gotten into Liszt and Leonardo. Even when we are already lacking in manpower, they are still here fighting each other.”

Once everyone was in place, a lanky arcane master wearing strange spectacles made from green crystals exasperatedly sighed.

“Snook, there is already nothing left to say. Let’s quickly work together and coordinate our skills before these two do anything too destructive and cause chaos,” a seemingly young male arcane master emotionlessly replied. His hair was snow white, and his left eye was strangely almost two times larger than his right eye.

“Arcane Energy: Dampening Field!”

The lanky, strange spectacle wearing arcane master nodded and then stopped speaking as arcane particles simultaneously condensed atop his hands and back.

His arcane particles were not an ordinary magenta colour, but an abnormal dark green.

As his arcane particles flew out, countless dots of light abruptly appeared in the sky above the training room like flies before condensing together to completely cover the training room like a giant wing.

“Invisibility Barrier!”

The white haired arcane master with asymmetrical eyes quietly chanted as he precisely made several movements. A transparent layer of light quickly appeared and enveloped the wing covered room.


“Snook and Armand have both made their moves. It seems like we can start. There is no longer a need for us to hold any scruples.” In the largest stone training room, Liszt nonchalantly smirked as he looked across at Leonardo.

Leonardo coldly grunted, then immediately stuck out his left hand as if beckoning for Liszt to make a move.

“It’s about to start!”

“An arcane master who is on the same level as Teacher Liszt… the level of this fight will be on a completely different level than mine.”

Ayrin was full of excitement as he held his breath and silently peeked out from where he stood at the doorway of the stone training room.

Liszt was not only the strongest arcane master in St. Lauren, but also someone with an extremely high position in the Office of Special Affairs. His strength undoubtedly surpassed the vast majority of the Office of Special Affairs’ arcane team captains.

If Leonardo was truly on the same level as Liszt, then he was about to witness a clash of two true peak level arcane masters for the first time.

“This brat, he has already started watching, did he think that we are arcane masters on the same level as him?” Upon discovering that Ayrin had already come to peek, Liszt didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“Hmph! Did you purposefully bring a student over to try and distract me? I will not fall for such tricks!”

Leonardo and Liszt were on completely different pages.

“Since it’s like this… Liszt, I want to see for myself whether or not your close combat skills have improved after so many years!”

“Arcane Energy: Distortion Field!”

A spark flashed through Leonardo’s eyes as arcane particles began to gather atop his hands, causing them to glow. The arcane particles condensed into numerous diamond shaped sheets before suddenly shooting out into the space in front of Leonardo.

“The power of these arcane particles!”

Ayrin barely managed to keep himself from exclaiming out loud, his eyes abruptly widening from surprise as he watched from his spot by the door.

The sound of space being torn resonated from the condensed sheets of arcane particles. They were formed from only arcane particles, yet they looked to be as heavy as if they had been formed by using Materialization of arcane energy. This once again attested to how shockingly powerful Leonardo’s arcane particles were.


An explosive sound rang through the entire training room as all of the condensed arcane particle sheets abruptly turned into streaks of distorted light, forming a ring.

“I can’t differentiate anything! I am completely unable to see their actions clearly!”

“Tears of the Dark Goddess!”

All Ayrin could see were the streaks of light. He couldn’t even make out Leonardo and Liszt’s figures, much less their current actions. Thus, he subconsciously used Tears of the Dark Goddess.

A sphere of black light emerged from the center of Ayrin’s forehead.

“I can see it!”

“Both sides are temporarily unable to use arcane skills?”

As the scene in front of him became slower, Ayrin became able to barely watch the fight. By this time, Leonardo had already approached Liszt. He formed knife hands and continuously jabbed towards Liszt.

“So strong!”

Ayrin couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cold air.

Even with Tears of the Dark Goddess active, Ayrin could see ten or so Leonardos surrounding Liszt and countless arms striking out.

Liszt was even more shocking. He seemed to have grown hundreds of arms as he stood right where he was and relaxedly blocked each of Leonardo’s strikes. His nonchalant expression hadn’t changed a single bit.


As if a giant monster suddenly howled in the distance, a sound abruptly rang through the room. Leonardo’s body suddenly began to spin as he stopped attacking Liszt with his knife hands. Like a top, Leonardo kept spinning as he flew into the air. Strong, visible currents of wind began to coil around his body and then flew at Liszt’s back.

“What’s wrong, you couldn’t beat me in speed, so you are going to try and compare brute strength?”

Even at a moment like this, Liszt was relaxed enough to speak.

As he spoke, his entire body inexplicably began to shake as muscles and bones across his entire body began to tear and crack.

With his palm, Liszt seemed to gently slap the fiercely spinning Leonardo.

“How can this be happening?!”

“How can it contain such strength when it’s not even an arcane skill?!”

At where he stood by the door, Ayrin’s expression completely changed.

A visible explosion could be seen in the air as Liszt’s palm collided with Leonardo’s body.

At the same time, a peculiar shockwave spread through the air, causing the hard stone floor to loudly shatter into countless pieces. Numerous stone fragments rose into the air.

Although Ayrin was quite a distance away from the two, he still felt feelings of weakness, nausea, and vomiting. He felt like his body was about to shatter from the shockwave.

“What an equal confrontation! And what a powerful shockwave!”

Leonardo snorted again. The countless, densely packed streaks of light within the stone training room abruptly disappeared. Afterwards, his figure flickered and he reappeared at a spot about ten meters or so opposite Liszt.

Liszt’s expression was still as carefree and relaxed as ever as the sleeves around Leonardo’s hands suddenly burst into countless fragments.

“Last time, it was close combat which ended in my victory. It seems like you have put a lot of effort into working on your close combat skills these last few years, only it still doesn’t seem like you are able to defeat me in close combat.” Liszt looked at Leonardo and then slightly smirked.

“Cursed Profound Scripture!”

Leonardo ignored Liszt’s words as he began to chant in an abnormally composed manner.

His arms extended horizontally as his entire body slowly rose into the air.

An ancient, rosy-red coloured book about the size of his body appeared above his head.

“What a terrifying energy!”

The moment this giant rose red ancient book appeared, Ayrin immediately felt as if his body and soul had been wrapped in chains. He was completely unable to make any motions. Even the arcane particles in his body felt as if they were no longer under his control as they circulated in his body.

“Warlock Variation!”

At this moment, Leonardo composedly shouted once again.

His body released a rainbow coloured ring of light, filling the entire stone training room.

“This is?”

Ayrin couldn’t help himself as his eyes once again widened to their limits.

In that instant, he could feel the arcane energy radiating from the giant rose-red ancient book suddenly change.

The rose-red ancient book abruptly turned a deep yellow colour as sparks of dark yellow light began to leap out of the book like flames from a fire.

This scene only lasted in Ayrin’s mind for a single moment.

Because in the next moment, the ancient book had transformed into a monstrous being with the upper body of a beautiful female with dark yellow hair and a lower body of an enormous spider.

“The charm and immolation abilities of Arachne!”

The sound and tone of Liszt’s voice suddenly became serious.

The ends of Liszt’s hair had already begun burning as dark yellow flames appeared. However, the ashes produced by his incinerated hair didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, they gathered to form strips of white silk and then quickly wrapped back around his body.

“Divine Blessing: Scatter!”

Liszt continuously made several seals with his hands as a layer of pure green light quickly surged over his body. When about half of his hair had burned away, the dark yellow flames and the strips of white silk on his body both completely disappeared.

“Spirit of the Abyss!”

“Warlock Variation!”

Leonardo’s body continuously flickered in midair as he continued using his skill. Two loud shouts echoed through the room.

From under the ground of the stone room, a giant, dark grey figure slowly made its way out while a dark red line of light appeared. In the next moment, the deep red line of light and the giant, dark grey figure merged with the gradually blurring arachne in midair to form an image of a dark red female whose figure was constantly distorting.

Two small wings emerged from her back. As for her face, it was covered in terrifying dark yellow eyes of varying sizes. Various coloured lights flickered through all of these eyes.

“Just what kind of technique is this?”

“It’s so terrifying!”

Ayrin felt himself get struck by an invisible energy as he was sent flying backwards. He felt an immense tearing pain from his heart and lungs as the taste of blood constantly surged up through his throat.

“Berserk Elemental Ghost!”

Liszt shouted once again as the carefree expression on his face completely disappeared.

“Arcane Replication!”

Countless mottled streaks of light shot out from within Liszt’s two eyes as multicoloured layer of light appeared in front of him from out of nowhere. From within, another “Liszt” almost exactly the same as him emerged to stand in front of him. The only difference was that countless streaks of brilliant, motley light radiated from this “Liszt”.

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