Chapter 210: Old Enemies

Chapter 210: Old Enemies

“Your Holy Dawn Academy seems to have quite a poor relationship with Golden Stag Academy.”

The leading House Eclipsed Moon arcane master spoke in a most respectful tone, albeit with some difficulty as he wasn’t familiar with speaking the Doraster common language, “As our mortal enemies, House Roland, are also backed by House Baratheon, we currently share a common enemy.”

“Are you going to help us train to defeat Golden Stag Academy?” Ayrin excitedly interrupted.

“……” Ivan, Charlotte, and the rest speechlessly exchanged looks.

Ayrin had an incredible sense when it came to fighting, but he was just too senseless when it came to other matters.

The hatred between the two houses had been brewing for countless generations. After all, the lifelong mission of the members of House Eclipsed Moon and House Roland was to kill and retrieve the heads of as many people from the other house as possible. For members of House Eclipsed Moon to appear before them now, their goal was obviously not something as simple as training Holy Dawn Academy to defeat Golden Stag Academy.

“We aren’t here to help you train.”

The leader of the House Eclipsed Moon arcane team immediately shook his head as he stiffly replied, “We hope to make a deal with you.”

“A deal?” Ayrin asked in surprise. “What kind of deal?”

“Megan is the most powerful arcane master of House Roland’s younger generation. As it stands, she has already killed many of my fellow house members. But as a result of all of the times we have fought against her, we are very familiar with the majority of her arcane skills and fighting styles.” An appalling killing intent abruptly spread across the leader’s face. “As long you agree to try and kill her during the match, we are willing to share her weaknesses with you.”

“As long as you kill her, you will become friends of our House Eclipse Moon. From that day on, our hunting grounds and forests will all be open to you. Whenever you come, you will be welcomed by the warriors of our house,” the leading arcane master added as he watched Ayrin.

“Kill her? Help you kill her?” Ayrin’s eyes expanded in shock, “If you know her weaknesses and believe you have methods to deal with her, why are you asking us for help instead killing her yourselves?”

“……” Ayrin’s response immediately caused black lines to emerge on the faces of Charlotte and the others.

According to the laws of the Kingdom of Eiche, it was strictly forbidden for an arcane master to kill another arcane master within the jurisdiction any of the kingdom’s city-states. Only in certain areas where the law didn’t reach was it possible to freely kill arcane masters without fear of being investigated and punished. As for within Eichemalar, where there were so many arcane teams patrolling, it went without saying. Unless one had the skills similar to Lotton, it was impossible to get away with murder. Furthermore, murder was punished extremely harshly, with the most severe punishment being decapitation atop the execution stage.

“Hmm?! We can murder arcane masters in Eichemalar like in our hunting grounds?” the House Eclipsed Moon arcane master blurted. It was clearly also his first time in Eichemalar, and so he wasn’t very familiar with the laws. Ayrin’s words had stupefied him.

“I don’t know.” Ayrin scratched his head in embarrassment, then asked Charlotte, “Charlotte, can you kill your personal enemies within the jurisdiction of Eichemalar?”

“Of course not!” Charlotte exclaimed, her face full of black lines.

“That being said, murder is allowed in the tournament, allowing you to kill Megan.” The male arcane master interjected, releasing a breath of air.

Ayrin embarrassedly scratched his head again as he replied without hesitating, “Even so, I don’t think I can help you kill Megan.”

“Why?” The four House Eclipsed Moon arcane masters were shocked. They had never expected for Ayrin to reject their offer in such a straightforward manner.

“Although Rinsyi and his team are loathsome opponents, they are still arcane masters of our Kingdom of Eiche. As of right now, I just simply want to defeat them. There is no need to go so far as killing,” Ayrin said warmly as he continued without hesitation, “Just because they are my opponents right now doesn’t mean they can’t become my friends in the future. Just like Silver Trout Academy’s Nolan and the others, who are now all my friends.”

“But from what I understand, Rinsyi and his team very much wish to kill you during the tournament,” the House Eclipse Moon arcane master responded. It seemed like he couldn’t understand Ayrin’s thought process as a look of intrigue emerged on his face. “Do you really not wish to kill them?”

“Regardless, I will follow the rules of the tournament and try my best to defeat him. He can try to kill me if he wants. That said, if he tries to kill me in the future on arcane master missions, then I will not be so courteous.” Ayrin shook his head again, “As for Megan, we are still strangers to each other. I haven’t even met her before. How could I rashly promise to kill someone when I don’t even know what kind of person they are? Also, if she truly is your enemy… and someone you believe you have to kill, then you should do it yourselves. Why do you look for someone else? Are you all not brave warriors?”

The four House Eclipsed Moon arcane masters were stunned speechless.

“What you say makes sense.”

After thinking for several seconds, the leader turned around and left. “We will try to kill her ourselves. However, on this day, you have refused to become friends with my House Eclipsed Moon.”

“Not necessarily.”

Ayrin watched the four withdraw, “Although I didn’t agree to help you kill her, if we are all true brave warriors, we can still be friends.”

“……” Charlotte and the rest felt speechless once more. As for the four House Eclipsed Moon arcane masters, their figures suddenly stopped, as if they had been stunned by Ayrin’s words.


“Even this fellow has come. It seems like quite a few people have been called in from the Demon Corps this time.”

Liszt was leaning against a wall in the back of the Arena of Fire and Blood when he suddenly saw a tall man with short blonde hair who had hidden his hands within his sleeves.

“I wonder if Ayrin can learn his arcane skill.”

As Liszt mumbled to himself, he began walking towards the man with short blonde hair.


The man with short blonde hair and a habit of hiding his hands in his sleeves had just sat down in a corner of the stands when he heard his name shouted from behind him.

Upon hearing the laziness contained within the voice, the man’s brows furrowed as he replied, “Liszt.”

“It has been so long since we last met. I thought you had already died while with the Demon Corps.” Before the blonde-haired man could rise, Liszt had already appeared beside him and sat down.

“Even if you died, I wouldn’t,” the blonde haired man called Leonardo unhappily replied.

“I heard that Deepwood Motte Academy has two strong members this year.” Listz took no offence as he relaxedly laughed, “Your Dragon Breath Academy will not have an easy match today.”

Leonardo snorted as he sneered, “I, personally, will never care about how strong their opponents are. I only came to see this fight to see just how much Morgan and the rest have improved.”

“So you think that there is absolutely no one who can defeat your Dragon Breath team?” Liszt grinned.

“Naturally.” Leonardo replied, his expression as nonchalant as ever.

“You are still just as prideful and arrogant as ever.” Liszt laughed, “You were also like this in the past, but weren’t you still beaten by me until your teammates couldn’t even recognize you?”

“Liszt, don’t think that just because I lost to you in the past means that I cannot defeat you now!” Leonardo angrily exclaimed, his face becoming a purplish red.

“Then let us go out and find a place to practice?” Liszt replied with a smirk, his eyes creasing into crescents.

“Very well! I want to see for myself just how much stronger you have become these last few years!” Leonardo immediately stood up and discontentedly walked out.


Ayrin, along with Charlotte, Ferguillo, Ivan, and the rest, had just arrived at the arena’s entrance when he suddenly heard a familiar voice calling his name.

“Teacher Liszt?”

Ayrin immediately saw Liszt walking towards him alongside a blonde haired man.

“What a coincidence.”

Liszt nonchalantly laughed, then turned to Leonardo and said, “This is my Holy Dawn Academy team’s Ayrin.”

“This is the number one arcane team captain of the famed Demon Corps, Divine Left Hand Leonardo,” Liszt introduced.

“Divine Left Hand Leonardo?! This is him?!” Ivan and the rest were all shocked into a daze. Their eyes became filled with awe and respect as they looked at Leonardo.

“Divine Left Hand. What does that mean? Is he really strong?” Ayrin couldn’t help but ask after he saw everyone’s expression undergo immense changes.

“He was once a celebrity fighter from Dragon Breath Academy’s team… The Demon Corps is the most powerful corps in the northern part of Kingdom of Eiche’s. The battle power of each of its arcane teams are no worse than the battle power of the Office of Special Affair’s arcane teams. Each and every team captain is on the same level as your Teacher Liszt. They are all incredibly powerful monsters…” Charlotte quickly explained by whispering into Ayrin’s ear.

“So strong?” Ayrin’s eyes abruptly brightened as he sized up Leonardo.

“Ayrin, let the others go first to watch the match. You need to come with us. There is a matter.” Liszt stuck out his arms and put his hands behind his head as he lazily stretched.

“I should go with you?” Ayrin, who had been excitedly looking forward to watching the match, was stunned for a moment.

“Liszt, what are you trying to pull?” Leonardo quietly asked as he became vigilant.

“I’m finding someone to help us keep watch and prevent us from being disturbed while we are fighting,” Liszt nonchalantly replied. “It is also to keep others from coming and watching the famous Leonardo get beaten up by me.”

“Liszt, you are too arrogant! Let’s go!”

Leonardo was so enraged his face contorted as he spat a curse and took the initiative to lead.

“Ayrin, I said you are coming to keep watch and prevent us from being disturbed, but I assume you will be secretly watching instead, right?” Liszt covertly winked at Ayrin as he spoke so that only the two of them could hear, “Our fight will be much more worth seeing than the match between Dragon Breath Academy and Deepwood Motte Academy.”

“I understand!”

A bright golden light flashed through Ayrin’s eyes as if he had suddenly seen a giant pile of chicken legs.

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