Chapter 208: Details of a Mission Emerge Before the Match

Chapter 208: Details of a Mission Emerge Before the Match

“Teacher Donna, just what are those fellows from Holy Dawn Academy doing?”

In the residence of River Bend Academy, one of the mainstays of River Bend Academy’s team, Alaina, the girl nicknamed “Girl of Flames,” set down the magazines in her hands. She couldn’t resist asking Donna, “If we encountered Golden Stag Academy’s team, we would definitely formulate and enact a specialized and intense training routine before the fight. Do you think that Holy Dawn Academy’s team can still win this without Rinloran and Chris and the the other members in their current states?”

“The outcome of a fight is never decided by simply the level of the participants.” Donna looked at Alaina and the rest of the doubtful River Bend Academy team members as she continued with a smile, “Don’t forget that before this national tournament, Chris, Ayrin, and Rinloran were completely ignored – everyone believed that Holy Dawn Academy’s results would be the same whether they stepped onto the stage or not. Yet in the end, they have made to where they are now. A strong general has no weak soldiers. Carter, Liszt, and their other teachers are all peak existences in the Kingdom of Eiche. Thus, in all honesty, I believe anything can still happen.”


“Come Ivan, cheers!”

“Charlotte, come eat some more cherry tomatoes. They are good for your complexion.”

As if on a vacation, Moss continued to eat and drink. This time, however, he was in a different restaurant and eating with Ivan, Charlotte, and several others from Divine Shield Academy instead of people from Iron Forest Academy.

At this time outside the entrance of a training hall in the athlete village, several burly boys from Iron Forest Academy sat in an organized fashion, as if they were guarding the entrance.

Their expressions were all abnormally ugly and several of them even had cold sweat covering their foreheads.

“Jesus… I suffer an heavy blow every time I witness this guy’s improvement speed. Sometimes I even feel the impulse to give up on becoming a battlemaster.”

As Wilde wiped away some of the beads of sweat on his forehead, he couldn’t help but shake his head an quietly say, “Even boss, with his bloodline and talents, can’t keep up with his improvement speed.”

“There are still four days until the match. Regardless of whether they win or lose against Golden Stag Academy, they will be shocking everyone once again.” Several other boys couldn’t resist any longer and also wiped away their sweat. They sighed deeply.

Within the training hall, both Ayrin and Ferguillo were both drenched in sweat as they stood bent over with their hands on their knees.

“How are you doing, do you still want to continue?” Ferguillo asked upon seeing Ayrin stand up once more.

“Of course. If I am to fight, then I must fight until I can no longer move a single muscle.” Ayrin’s eyes began to burn with fighting spirit once more as he continued, “Otherwise, how can I manage to defeat such a powerful enemy like Rinsyi?”

“Good, then come again.”

Ferguillo took a deep breath as a strange sheen once again emerged in his pink left eye.


In the next second, he and Ayrin turned into two streaks of rapidly moving light. Bursts of light erupted between the two as their arcane energies continuously collided.


“Where did all of these arcane teams come from?”

“Why does it seem like they all suddenly appeared out of nothingness?”

“Did they all race over here just to see the tournament? I feel like there weren’t so many arcane teams in the past years.”

“I don’t know. But I heard that many of these arcane teams are actually from the Kingdom of Doa.”

“Arcane teams from the Kingdom of Doa? No wonder some of them have accents when they speak and are dressed so differently from the arcane teams of our Kingdom of Eiche.”

“Is it because the level of our national tournament has been steadily rising these last few years? Is that why even arcane teams from the Kingdom of Doa are rushing over to watch?”


Atop plaza outside of the the Arena of Fire and Blood, several students wearing the uniform of Dragon Breath Academy conversed with each other out of curiosity whilst observing their surroundings.

Ever since three days ago, the number of arcane teams within Eichemalar had clearly surged.

Now, regardless of where one went, one would be able to see an arcane team which was clearly not made up of students.

Moreover, these arcane teams all wore very unique uniforms. Some wore extremely accessorized and luxurious arcane master clothes reminiscent of palace robes while others wore thick and heavy leather or metal armor and carried around giant metal weapons with exquisite engravings and inscriptions.

A group of four arcane masters wearing palace type attire was currently standing not too far in front of these Dragon Breath Academy students.

This four person arcane team consisted of only males and they all appeared to be about the same age as Ayrin and Moss. Each one of them had their hair up in a ponytail and wore a luxurious dark red arcane master uniform which was decorated in many spots with shells made from slices of crystals and mica. The collars of their uniforms were wide and tall, and covered about half of their faces.

The leader of this arcane team was a round faced boy with golden hair. A faint bluish glow came from the skin over his collarbones, but was hidden by his collar.

As he quietly eavesdropped on the conversation between the Dragon Breath Academy students, a ridiculing sneer emerged on the golden haired boy’s face.

“I say you guys… when today’s match between Deepwood Motte Academy and Dragon Breath Academy gets underway… Dragon Breath Academy has always been the strongest amongst all of the academies within the entire Kingdom of Eiche… you guys better watch very carefully… perhaps as we complete our mission this time, they will become our enemies.”

In a very quiet voice, he said some incredibly stern and cold words to his nearby team members.


“What? A real mission? If one wishes to take part, they have to go register right now?”

At this moment, Ayrin’s shocked voice rang through Holy Dawn Academy’s residence within the athlete village.

“Teacher Carter, what kind of mission is it?” Ayrin asked while looking expectantly at Carter.

Today was already the first day of the quarterfinals. Originally, Ayrin had made plans to go watch the match with Charlotte and the others, but Carter had found him before he departed and told him of the possibility of taking on real missions following the national tournament. Ayrin needed to decide now if he wanted to participate. If so, then he would be placed onto the list.

“The missions will be directed against the Evil Dragon followers. Some of the specific details of the missions have not yet been published, but it has already been determined that this operation will be a very large-scale one,” Carter explained while looking at Ayrin.

“A very large-scale operation?” Ayrin looked at Carter in surprise, “You mean there will be a very large number of arcane teams working together?”

“Yes.” Carter nodded, “Of course, the Office of Special Affairs will make sure the entire operation is meticulously planned. They will arrange for countless arcane teams to perform different tasks based on the strength of the team. In the end, however, these are real missions so running into unexpected enemies is always a risk, regardless of what level of mission you are performing. Moreover, with the size of the operation, it is very easy for mishaps to occur. Thus, out of the students who comprise the many academy teams, only those who have shown good performances in this year’s tournament, along with those who have reached the quarterfinals this year, are qualified to register and participate in this operation. But in the end, as the decision remains with the arcane master themselves, they can also decline.”

“Based off of your words, only a small portion of participants who showed extraordinary performances are qualified to participate in this operation?” Ayrin’s eyes brightened.

“Correct. If one receives this invitation from the Office of Special Affairs, it means that they have received the office’s approval. You have already become a preliminary arcane master of the Office of Special Affairs.” Carter looked at Ayrin, then said in a serious manner, “As it stands, as long as you complete a set number of missions in the future, you will become a battlemaster of the Office of Special Affairs like Donna and Liszt.”

“A battlemaster who everyone looks up to and can complete the tasks which are too difficult for others? One who can defeat the most powerful enemies and protect the peace of the continent?” Ayrin’s voice became filled with excitement as he continued, “Isn’t this the kind of arcane master Moss wishes to become?! Of course I will participate in this kind of mission!”

“You brat, do you truly not know the slightest bit fear and dread?” Seeing Ayrin decide to participate in the missions with such excitement and confidence, Carter couldn’t help but slightly shake his head. Even though he was already extremely familiar with Ayrin and his personality, he still couldn’t help but remain speechless at times like this.

“That’s right, Teacher Carter!”

Ayrin seemed to have suddenly thought of something else as he asked excitedly, “Will Chris, Moss, and the others also be participating in these missions?”

“Because you all have entered the quarterfinals, all of you have qualified to participate in these missions. Only, you are the first person I have asked, so I still don’t know about their thoughts on this matter.” Carter looked at Ayrin, then added, “Ferguillo, Ivan, and Charlotte have also gained qualifications due to their exceptional performances during the prior emergency.”

“That’s great! They will definitely decide to participate as well. Because we are all true brave warriors!” Ayrin became even more excited as he punched the air with his fist.

Ayrin’s words caused Carter’s expression to become serious and stern. Carter attentively watched Ayrin, who was flailing his fists in the air, and said to himself, “You are all indeed true brave warriors. Good luck.”


“You all should have also received invitations from the Office of Special Affairs. I presume you all also decided to participate?”

On a street corner not too far from the athlete village, Ferguillo encountered Ivan, Charlotte, and some others. Upon seeing the expressions on Ivan and Charlotte’s faces, Ferguillo calmly asked a single question.

“Of course.”

Ivan nodded. Seeing several other arcane teams in the distance, he added, “The operation this time should be the largest in the last century. It absolutely cannot be passed up on.”

“So many arcane teams from the Kingdom of Doa have come as well…” Ferguillo couldn’t help but say as he too looked at the uniquely clothed arcane teams in the distance.

“We must have discovered the true location of the main encampment of the Evil Dragon followers.” Ivan’s voice was cold as he continued, “Otherwise, it would not require such a large number of arcane teams working in unison. Only, I wonder why the Office of Special Affairs spread the news so quickly.”

“There are two possibilities. Either they didn’t think they could hide it well enough, or they wanted it to be like so they could probe the enemy and test their response through strategic deployments,” Ferguillo calmly said.

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