Chapter 207: Incomprehensible

Chapter 207: Incomprehensible

“These guys are indeed a bunch of rascals. Regardless of where they are, they cause disturbances and attract everyone’s full attention.”

Starlight illuminated the athlete village as Morgan flipped through the newest magazine within Dragon Breath Academy’s rest area. He couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “It seems like even we have been forgotten. Everyone is just too busy talking about Ayrin and his group of friends.”

“Hu… hu…”

At this same time within the largest room in Golden Stag Academy’s rest area, Rinsyi was panting heavily. He currently was only wearing some light exercise clothes.

His purple hair was completely soaked with a sticky sweat and his face seemed to be abnormally pale. At the same time, however, the yellowish hue within his pupils seemed to have become concentrated to the point of overflowing, causing his eyes to strangely seem as if they were about to melt.

“Body of Vengeance…”

After panting heavily for a couple minutes, Rinsyi suddenly quietly mumbled several words to himself.

His forehead, center of his brows, chest, and lower abdomen abruptly shined with a pale white light as one pale white petal of light after another emerged atop his head.

The pale white light formed an increasingly corporeal image of two terrifyingly large hands carrying an enormous scripture above his body. Each hand was several meters in length.


But right at this moment, the two giant and pale white hands reminiscent of a Death God’s hands abruptly disappeared. The air within the entire room violently trembled.

Rinsyi’s face, which was normally handsome, suddenly became incredibly twisted as an eye-catching trail of fresh blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. In a deep voice, he roared, “Could it be that in the end, these fellows have indeed caused me to feel some pressure… why can I still not succeed!”

“Ayrin, Ferguillo, I’m going to kill you all!”


“Come here Moss, drink another cup!”

“Okay. Drink! Haha, this fruit wine is really good!”

“Come eat another meat skewer.”

“Alright. When we finish eating, let’s go together to the dwarves’ hot springs and take a dip. How about it?”

In a tavern famous for its smoked meats and fruit wine, Moss and a group of muscular boys from Iron Forest Academy were abnormally happy as they hugged each other in a half-drunken stupor.

“This…” Two Breith Trading Company members arrived. From their breathing, they seemed to have just run over after finally locating Moss’s location. However, upon seeing the scene in front of them, befuddled expressions emerged on their faces.

“Haha! Ronald, Fez, the two of you have come again. Come drink with us!” Upon seeing the two Breith Trading Company members walking over, Moss waved at them and then shakily stood up. He laughed loudly as he said, “These days, you guys keep coming to interview me. Since everyone is now so familiar with each other, and considering how much we have helped out your Breith Trading Company with all of the information we give you, don’t you think it is about time you guys return the favor and pay for us?”


At this same moment, Stingham was at a small street cluttered with food stalls not too far away from the tavern Moss was currently at.

He was currently facing a small stall selling desserts. The stall seemed to be very popular with girls, as there were always at least twenty people lined up in front of it and many girls sitting in chairs in the nearby flowerbed eating desserts while talking.

Stingham had already been there for quite a while. He was motionless as he focusedly watched a girl with brown hair.

This brown haired girl seemed to have come from one of the Kingdom of Eiche’s northern schools as her uniform seemed to have been made with the leather and fur of giant beasts. The uniform itself looked very rugged, but the girl wearing it seemed very delicate and quiet, as if she was the kind of shy beauty who would blush if she spoke too loudly.

Stingham felt as if this girl perfectly fit his tastes. He was so charmed that he couldn’t help but gulp from time to time as he watched her.

“For someone as handsome as me, a tender gaze is the best method for expressing my affection. She will absolutely take the initiative to approach me!”

These words repeatedly ran through Stingham’s mind as he stared at the girl with eyes oozing tenderness and love.

“She’s coming! Haha, I’m the most handsome!”

His eyes suddenly enlarged as a pleasant smile of surprise emerged on his face. The brown haired girl must have become aware of his existence a while ago, and now, she had finally built up enough courage. Head lowered, she began walking towards him.

“I’ll give it to you.”

The brown haired girl approached Stingham and then directly gave him the still uneaten dessert in her hands.

“What, you’re giving your dessert to me?! Is this an expression of love?!”

Stingham immediately felt as if he had hit the jackpot as a wave of satisfaction spread through his body.

“What’s your name?!” Stingham excitedly asked as he watched the brown haired girl turn around and being to walk back towards her friends. He had been completely charmed.

“There’s no need to thank me.” Upon hearing Stingham’s shout, the pretty girl turned her head around and somewhat shyly replied, “If you enjoy eating it, then just take it and eat it. I will go buy another.”

“What does this mean?” Stingham suddenly felt as if something was not quite right.

At this moment, upon seeing the odd expression on Stingham’s face, the pretty girl quietly said, “There’s no need to repay me. After all, one portion doesn’t cost that much.”

“What?” Stingham was stupefied as immediately blurted, “You thought I wanted to eat this?”

“Were you not looking at the dessert in her hand and drooling the entire time?” asked one of the pretty girl’s several friends as they strangely looked at Stingham.

“What! Do I look like a beggar who can’t even afford to buy a dessert?!” Stingham nearly fainted as he furiously shouted, “It wasn’t this dessert that I wanted to eat!”

“Let’s go. He might be feeling embarrassed…”

“Indeed. Our actions seemed to have made him feel embarrassed. Just too pitiful, to not even be able to afford a dessert.”

The girls quietly conversed with each other for a moment before smiling apologetically towards Stingham and quickly leaving.

“Don’t leave! It’s not what you think!” Stingham shouted. He felt like crying as he looked at the dessert in his hand, but no tears came out.

“Truly pitiful. This is already the seventh in three days… he hasn’t succeeded even a single time.”

Not too far away, two Breith Trading Company members sympathetically watched Stingham with strange expressions. They couldn’t help but shake their heads for him.


At a place not far from the entrance of the athlete village, a Breith Trading Company member greeted a medical master who had just exited the athlete village.

“Brother, how is it?” the Breith Trading Company member hastily asked.

The medicinal master, who looked about seventy to eighty percent like the Breith Trading Company member, shook his head as they replied, “Based on what I saw during today’s changing of dressings, Rinloran and Chris’s injuries will absolutely not be completely healed before the next round.”

“So if Chris stepped onto the arena, she can only use one arm?” the Breith Trading Company member asked.

“Correct.” The medicinal master confidently shook their head, “Otherwise, I’m afraid that her arm will be completely wasted beyond the point of repair, even if she doesn’t use Dark Destruction Dragon.”


“What? Moss didn’t train today at all again and only ate and drank? And he’s now on his way to the hot springs to soak together with people from Iron Forest Academy?”

“That crazy chatterbox Stingham hasn’t trained at all these last few days, and has instead been wandering the streets and trying to flirt with pretty girls?”

“Rinloran and Chris’s injuries will definitely not be healed before the next fight?”

In the Breith Trading Company, a bewildered expression emerged on the face of the Breith Magazine manager as they listened to the various reports. They couldn’t understand what was happening.

After the quarterfinal drawing ceremony, everyone’s focus had naturally turned towards the battle between Holy Dawn Academy and Golden Stag Academy.

After pulling an opponent like Golden Stag Academy, Holy Dawn Academy had not shown despair, but elation. As the makers of a magazine which specialized in producing hype, the Breith Trading Company naturally wanted to determine why Holy Dawn Academy would react in such a manner.

If they could dig out any first-hand information about some secret training session of Holy Dawn Academy, then the sales of their Breith Magazine would rise to another level.

But the results they had gained after expending so many resources to follow and interview the members of Holy Dawn Academy’s team were just too mind-boggling.

The other academies, including Dragon Breath Academy, all seemed to be too busy training within their own areas to appear in public. However, these people from Holy Dawn Academy seemed to have completely forgotten about the tournament altogether.

Moss didn’t train, and instead spent his days eating and drinking in a very relaxed manner.

Stingham also spent his days completely carefree as he wandered the streets of Eichemalar in search of beautiful girls to flirt with. He failed at least twice every day.

As for Rinloran and Chris, it had been confirmed that they would not be able to fully recover from their injuries before the fight. At most, the two of them would be able to demonstrate half their normal strength.

Meanwhile, the glasses-wearing Belo seemed to be spending every day visiting the various ancient beast museums and beast areas.

Only Ayrin had the possibility of being in the athlete village.

But even if Ayrin had indeed fully recovered and was currently undertaking some special training before the next round, it was only one person. It was impossible for him to take on all of the Golden Stag team by himself.

“Holy Dawn Academy. Just what are they trying to pull?!”

The manager of the Breith Magazine just could not understand what was happening. They couldn’t help but grab their hair and loudly wail in frustration.

“Just what are those fellows doing? Why are they not planning and intensifying their training before the next round?”

A substitute of Golden Stag Academy dressed in casual clothes silently walked a block besides Stingham only to run into a drunken Moss around the corner a moment. They watched as Moss exited the tavern while walking shoulder to shoulder with several people of Iron Forest Academy. It was a completely incomprehensible scene.

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