Chapter 200: Basics against bloodline

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 200: Basics against bloodline

Chris started moving at high speed, suddenly enveloped in wild gusts of wind.

The giant shadow dragon was like a huge hawk chasing after a sparrow, but Chris stayed just a hair out of its reach. Its bites never managed to catch her.

“What Chris is using now is Holy Dawn Academy's Windborne Travel.” In the stands, Dragon Breath's captain Morgan's face became even more solemn. “This is another very ordinary skill. She's only relying on Burden Overload right now, relying on having arcane particles one level higher to stay a little faster than Sarina's shadow dragon's attacks. An ordinary person would never dare to stay on the verge of being hit, yet just a fraction enough to stay safe. This Chris is like the most accurate fighting machine, a machine of extreme precision. She's actually dealing with Sarina merely with the most ordinary of skills... I think I have to reassess my opinion of her.”

“There's no strongest skill, there's only skills used in the most appropriate way, skills used in the most perfect way.” This old saying on Doraster suddenly emerged in Audrey's mind.

“Quite a few terrific people indeed appeared in team Holy Dawn this year,” she couldn't help but whisper to herself.

“Twin Shadows!”

Just then, after raining killing moves on Chris but being pushed back instead by ordinary skills, cold resolve suddenly flashed in Sarina's eyes.

She once again slammed her hands forward. Two astounding beams of arcane particles suddenly disappeared in the air in front of her.


And at the same time, the air opposite the huge shadow dragon chasing after Chris started trembling like a rag fluttering in the wind. Another huge shadow rose from the ground, impressively shaping into an identical shadow dragon.

“Twin Shadows! Sarina can already use the hidden potential of the shadow dragon's bloodline?! She couldn't do that last year, she's actually progressed so much this year!”

“Teacher Carter, what's Twin Shadows?” Ayrin asked Carter while exclamations came from the stands.

“Every kind of true dragon has formidable abilities of their own. For example, the flame dragon's most powerful one is to breathe a sea of fire, the storm dragon's most powerful one is to summon a huge storm. And the most powerful thing about shadow dragons isn't only to hide in the shadows, staying invisible to everyone. They also have the unique ability to clone themselves.”

“Clone themselves?”

“That's right. A shadow dragon can condense its own shadow into another shadow dragon with the same fighting abilities. The higher the level, the longer the cloned shadow dragon will exist. That's why during the War of the Dragons, fighting a shadow dragon was like fighting two shadow dragons by yourself. That's the reason why people were terrified of shadow dragons, as much as they feared dragons like flame dragons, even though their arcane skills don't have the same kind of destructive power.”

“But isn't that an arcane skill? How can an arcane skill clone an identical skill?” Ayrin couldn't help but exclaim.

“It's not a simple arcane skill, but the innate power of her bloodline. This shadow dragon is like her own avatar. Judging from that, her shadow dragon bloodline isn't low-level. No wonder House Tully prepared the seat of a lord for her already. In the future, she'll probably have the ability to turn herself into a shadow dragon in the midst of battle.” Carter looked gravely at the two shadow dragons inside the field, adding, “This Twin Shadows doesn't purely add another dragon, they can even join together to invoke some formidable power.”

“They can even invoke formidable power?”

Ayrin looked at Chris traveling between the two shadow dragons, carried by the wind. He suddenly felt there was something different about Chris.

“It's the shadow dragon's inverted domain!”

“The power of the inverted domain... A special forcefield is created in the surroundings of those two shadow dragons. Gravity is reversed inside this sphere!”

A collective gasp came from the stands.

Quite a few spectators in the stands noticed some clues.

“Reversed gravity? No wonder Chris looks like she has some trouble keeping her balance,” Moss shouted, extremely worried. “In such a reversed gravity, how can Chris still keep her balance, how can she keep fighting?”


But what made the stands erupt in another uproar was, everyone saw Chris stand upside down on her hands without any nonsense. She flashed nonstop, her head down and her feet up in the air.

“She actually stood upside down. This way, it's the same sensation as stepping on the ground you usually get. But standing on her hands requires her hands to replace her feet... She doesn't seem to be having a hard time at all?”

“Amazing!” With the stands in an uproar, the perverted doctor Songat was also totally dumbstruck. “She can be so agile while using her hands like feet. That's my first time seeing someone deal with the reverse gravity field in such a simple way.”

“Too bad, Liszt, why doesn't your female uniform have a skirt? It would be an amazing sight otherwise when she runs upside down.”

When he heard Songat's first sentence, Liszt was still smiling a little proudly, but when he heard the latter half, Liszt almost fell down on the ground head first.

“She actually broke my reverse gravity field in such a simple way?”

Just then, a chill rose in Sarina's heart.

She never imagined that someone would use such a simple way to defeat her Twin Shadows' reverse gravity field.

She clearly knew that dodging while standing on her hands as easily as dodging on her feet was the result of her usual foundation exercises reaching an astonishing level.

She'd used a lot of arcane particles to invoke Twin Shadows, while Chris hasn't used all that many arcane particles yet. If this went on, her situation would become more and more perilous.

“It's already been so long. Why can her body still endure Burden Overload?”

From the beginning, she had planned on wasting time as much as she could if she couldn't instantly cause Chris heavy wounds, so that Chris' body couldn't continue enduring the overload. But now, Chris still didn't give off any sign she would collapse.

Just when Sarina was thinking how to proceed next, a green light suddenly flashed in Chris' eyes.

As though her body had been hit by a giant invisible hammer, Sarina stiffened all of a sudden.

“Snake Eye!”

“Chris is going to start her counterattack!”

In the stands, many spectators couldn't stop themselves from standing on their feet.

Snake Eye, it was also an offensive mental-type arcane skill, very easy to learn and very ordinary. But while under the effect of Burden Overload, the present Chris' spiritual strength had clearly been enhanced to an astonishing degree. She'd managed to freeze Sarina just with such an ordinary-level skill.

“Her ability to grasp at any opportunity is too strong.”

“Sarina just happened to be in the middle of thinking what to do next, that's the moment when her spiritual defenses were at their lowest.” Dragon Breath Academy's captain Morgan was among those in the stands who stood up despite themselves.

“Blazing Lotus!”

Chris moved swiftly, propped on her hands. After seizing this opportunity, she'd already neared to within a few meters of Sarina. Her feet suddenly kicked several huge fire lotuses and fired them at Sarina.

“Shadow Absorption!”

Sarina only came to her senses when the flames were almost within reach. With a quick chant, an astounding pulling force erupted between the two shadow dragons. Her body immediately soared in the air at an astounding speed, catapulting at the air above the two shadow dragons' heads.


The Blazing Lotuses seemed about to strike empty air, but just then, Christ hands suddenly erupted with explosive force, and her body shot up as well at an astounding speed.

“Giant Fireball!”

It wasn't only that. A huge fireball almost half as big as her immediately appeared between her hands, shooting at the ground below her.

The impact of this huge fireball caused her speed to even surpass Sarina's flying speed. In the space of a breath, she was already flying side to side with Sarina in the air!

“Here it comes!”

These three words flashed at the same time in the minds of almost everyone from St. Lauren.

Because everyone could clearly tell that, though Chris was entirely suspended in the air, there wasn't any difference in her body coordination compared to being on the ground; her blows still rained like a storm.

“She actually...”

Sarina's face was still calm. A black light immediately surged between her hands, forming two short blades.


But just then, a trace of panic suddenly pierced through Sarina's composure.

Chris' body turned in the air in a way she didn't understand and pasted herself to her back like a piece of cloth, locking her arms and legs with her own arms and legs. And now, before she could do anything, Chris stretched up and ruthlessly smashed her forehead against the back of her head.

With muffled groan, Sarina's brain became dizzy.


The two shadow dragons pounced in their direction. Two huge heads stretched at the same time at Chris and Sarina.

A “Bang!” exploded in the field.

Just when the two huge heads pounced in her direction, she suddenly rose in the air and slammed her elbow on the top of Sarina's head, making a sound that made many people feel numb on the scalp.


The two shadow dragons crashed their heads together into her afterimages, the sound of the impact terrifying.

Chris' figure was falling down.

She was extremely close to the two shadow dragons' heads.

The two shadow dragons didn't seem affected in the least by their heads ramming into each other. They lifted their heads at the same time, waiting for her to fall into their jaws.

“Giant Fireball!”

“Giant Fireball!”

“Giant Fireball!”

On her way down, Chris paid no attention to those two shadow dragons. Instead, she fired three giant fireballs in succession as hard as she could.

“It's over!”

Everyone felt their eyelids twitch all of a sudden.

Three giant fireballs landed in succession on Sarina. At a moment's notice, Chris had even managed to come to an extremely accurate judgment as to where Sarina would be ejected after suffering the impact from each fireball.

Sarina's figure crashed on the ground under the pounding from the three giant fireballs, then bounced up again.


One of the shadow dragons swallowed Chris whole in its mouth.

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